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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Pashmina Shawls Of Pashmina Wool – Synonym Of Softness And Warmth

One of the most popular and modish as well as chic finery of the recent times is “Pashmina Shawl”. Pashmina has been adorning the beauty of a large number of women since the past decades to make them look more attractive and gorgeous.
Pashmina Shawl, Pashmina, has been termed so, as it is made out of the wool from the Pashmina goat in the Himalayas. The term originated in persia from pashm for wool.  It has overruled and replaced the weighty and bulky coats and jackets with its varied colors, designs, soft texture and multiple sizes for getting warmth from the freezing cold. Silk Pashmina are worn in spring and summer especially as evening shawls as the silk gives it that sheen and evening elegance.

It is a “feather in your cap” as it augments your personality:

The impression of a person wearing a Pashmina shawl, Pashmina, reflects and creates altogether a different aura. A classy effect that no other shawl can produce.

As it is versatile and virtually weightless, the person wearing it stands out in the crowd it is refined elegance at its best!

It can be worn over any outfit year round in spring, summer, fall and winter.

Its uses are manifold as it can be used as a travel wrap on a plane for a pillow or a blanket or during the cool summer nights as a light evening wrap.

As the Pashmina shawl, Pashmina is a style statement for the fashionistas, it looks beautiful to be worn to the office as a wrap, as a scarf over a winter jackets and as a sarong at the beach.

To add to the next level of style quotient it can be used in various ways as under

It can be worn as a headscarf as they are lighter than the normal shawls and keeps you warm. If the weather is chilly, you could just drape it around your shoulders too.

You could also flaunt your shawl by securing the ends together in front of your chest in a loose tie in order to keep it from sliding off thereby leaving your hands free at the office or an event to get things done.

By folding it into half and wrapping it around the neck by bringing the loose ends of the shawl through the hoop at the ends and pulling them over for a warm scarf fit, could give an upscale snug look. The ends could either be left hanging in front of you or could be tucked into the jacket or coat.

However, as far as cleaning/washing of the pashmina shawl is concerned, it normally requires to be dry cleaned, but hand wash in a light detergent or mild shampoo like Dove is advisable with light ironing or steaming. In short, Pashmina shawls are very easy to handle. The colorful Pashminas can be tried out with different outfits and can be carried in your handbag easily or can be hung on the side of the bag by putting a knot. We suggest always leaving one at the office, one in the car and a travel Pashmina is a necessity.

Last but not the least, Pashmina wool shawl is a treasure. It is is the most important accessory in demand with the women who cannot get enough of it. So buy them online on sale and stock up on seasonal pashmina shawls.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Shawl A Beautiful Women’s Accessory For All Seasons

A shawl is a beautiful all season accessory for women that is very much in demand for the coverage, style and beauty it adds to any outfit. Women realize the value of a shawl, the sheer elegance it adds to an evening dress. Many women wear shawls as long scarves in spring and summer and as wraps for warmth in winter. A light silk pashmina shawl is ideal for year round wear hence its popularity as a beautiful gift for a woman of any age. It has classic chic appeal!

Women in big cities wear scarves during the day and especially for evening wear. The weather can be nippy in NY during spring and summer so a shawl is almost a necessity. A beautiful necessity so women love to stock up on solid shawls in many seasonal trendy colors. Some women have a passion for a colorful paisley shawl with that touch of India elegance. The paisley design originated from the Moghul empire in India and evolved to an intricate paisley flowery masterpiece as seen in many of the Jamawar wool shawls today.

What is the advantage of a Shawl?
  • Light coverage in spring and summer and luxurious warmth in fall and winter.
  • A cover for your arms which a lot of women over 40 find reassuring.
  • Some big size shawls and Ruana wraps also cover the hips and give all around coverage for a sleek stylish look.
  • A shawl adds beauty and  elegance to an evening dress.
  • Lifts up a pair of casual jeans and shirt to a stylish style statement.
  • Bridal shawls and wraps are great for church weddings, outdoor beach weddings and enhance the bridal dress.
  • Bridesmaids shawls make the best gifts that will be cherished for the special bridesmaids.
  • A shawl is a necessity and a luxurious accessory at the same time.
  • Women love a unique handcrafted shawl gift for its creative artistry.
  • Pashmina wedding favors are so enchanting and affordable they make the wedding memorable.
  • A chiffon shawl with its sheer appeal, a silk shawl for its divine feel and a luxurious soft cashmere pashmina are examples of a distinctive shawl to buy online especially on sale as they have year round universal appeal. Try one today! 

Friday, May 5, 2017

An Evening Wrap To Cover Your Arms Looks Beautiful

An Evening wrap looks beautiful over a chiffon evening dress in all seasons. Women seem to like that light cover over their arms. Most evening dresses seem to be made from a chiffon silk fabric with an off shoulder or strappy look.  In spring matching that dress with a sheer chiffon evening wrap is ideal. In the cooler seasons keeping warm is key so a cashmere shawl is called for to ensure that warmth.

Product 4307
Evening wraps are more than just a beautiful fashion statement. They give coverage in areas that women seek a light cover like the arms and in some cases the hips too. Ruana wraps are long and give women a stylish slim look so women of all sizes love them.

When trying to match an evening wrap to a dressy evening outfit in color remember it does not necessarily have to be a perfect match. A shade darker is beautiful or even a shade or more lighter is good depending on whether you want to look striking or  light and bright for the occasion. If the dress is solid you can go in for a stunning silver evening wrap with embellishment or a gold wrap shawl to match the other accessories like the shoes, bag and jewelry. In case of a navy a two tone paisley inlaid shawl is an easy match and looks classy too.  A velvet burnt silk wrap is universally loved and makes a wonderful gift for women.

Not all women have a stock of colorful, beautiful yet affordable evening wraps. Buying one online on sale is a great idea especially since online stores carry an amazing choice of solid colors and designer patterns. Gift a handcrafted evening wrap as it is a unique and thoughtful gift for women who are choosy and like distinctive gifts. Net evening shawls, lace wraps add just that right beauty to any outfit making it more appealing and feminine. Keep a couple shawls and wraps for the different seasons in the in season trendy colors and yarns suited to that season. It is true women love chiffon silk for spring and summers wraps and wool especially Cashmere Pashmina for fall and winter wraps. Fall and winter shawls can be dark, vibrant and full of soft plush warmth. A black fine wool shawl is ideal. You can try a cashmere or pashmina if you prefer a lighter shawl in weight but with a high warmth potential. That is why it is very popular worldwide. There are paisley flowery designer wool Jamawar shawls from India sold online in the USA that are craved by women who have seen these treasures before. The reversible designs,  multitude of colors and artistry in weaving is amazing. Try one today!
Product 3523

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Gift Shawls Cotton Tops Jewelry & Evening Bags as Gifts for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time of year to appreciate that beautiful woman – your mother with a gift that she will cherish. Ranking high on a woman’s gift list are shawls and wraps. As years go by Mothers love to be enveloped in the soft warmth of a Cashmere wrap, a long ruana cape, or a silk pashmina shawl. Every woman should have a silver, gold, red, navy, beinge, ivory white evening wrap in her closet. In many states 3 seasons of the year are cool or cold. Mother’s love the plush soft coverage of cashmere scarves it would be a gift she will love. Crystal jewelry perhaps a silver evening clutch would be such a treat too.

Yours Elegantly has an amazing choice of chiffon scarves, velvet burnt silk wraps, embellished evening wear shawls and net mettalic wraps to uplift any woman’s wardrobe. Buy some fashion scarves and make your mother smile on her big day. Celebrate her with flowers but they perish so a single rose with a shawl scarf gift of love would leave a lasting impression of your thoughtfulness. Cotton tops are a woman’s favorite. The cotton tunics are sized by the amarican size chart and they are made from quality cotton in XS to 4X. So shop this unique online site and place an online order which is easy or call in at 860-355-4184 and get excellent customer service. Get the gift wrapped and shipped promptly from CT USA. Orders over $50.00 shipped in USA get free shipping so now is the time to shop and get a free gift with your order.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Women Have A Wide Choice in Shawls from Cashmere Pashmina to Silk Shawls

Women have a wide choice when buying shawls online or at department stores at the mall. From wool shawls to silk wraps there is plenty of colorful designs and yarns to choose from depending on the season, degree of warmth needed and budget. Fine Cashmere Pashmina are very popular worldwide. Cashmere Pashmina in some countries is a term that is used interchangeably as the shawls come from the same yarn that is the cashmere goats called “Changthangi” in the Kashmir Region – the yarn is very fine in diameter. There are some pashmina that are so fine they can pass through a ring  hence called “ring shawls”. Women in the U.S. Canada, U.K., Australia somehow find these shawls too thin for the cold wintertime so they opt for them in 4 ply so they get slightly more thicker and plusher. Today with women setting the trend and demand for the shawls and wraps there are many “ply” or layers of yarn used to make the shawls - single ply being very thin like tissue, 2 ply shawls are slightly thicker great for spring and summer wear, 3 ply are warmer for fall or autumn and 4 ply cashmere shawls are perfect for winter.
Product #1395
Wool can be of different types like sheep wool, lamb wool and the fine Cashmere Pashmina which is very beautiful, light and soft. Most women with sensitive skin can still wear these shawls without being allergic. The shawl can be  loose handspun or tightly woven. They come in many solid colors dyed in metal free dyes and can also be woven in designs or embroidered upon in paisley or flowery workmanship that is often handcrafted. The demand for the embroidered pashmina is so great that a lot of times to keep up with the demand the shawls are machine embroidered. The “Aarie” embroidery technique is the most beautiful and uses fine chain stitches in multi colored silk threads depicting “nature motifs” and looks amazing. This classic timeless craftsmanship started in India in the 12th century. The embroidery using this technique is very fine and delicate. Kashmir used to be and is still popular for world’s best shawls including Pashminas and to date has amazing embroidered wraps that are real masterpieces of woven and embroidered beauty.

The authentic Pashmina shawls come from Nepal, India and Inner Mongolia. The cashmere goats in Nepal are dwindling so Nepal too oftentimes relies on the cashmere raw yarn coming in from Inner Mongolia that rear the cashmere goats in plentiful for this purpose and have a thriving cashmere Industry. Nepal has expertise in this area and the Pashmina Cashmere Industry is struggling to survive. Manufacturers are producing pure cashmere shawls, cashmere silk shawls and many grades of them too. Also these days consumers are sometimes treating Pashmina as a brand name. Women today find the authentic Pashmina expensive - they can afford a few for special occasions but for stocking up in different colors for all the seasons and for gifts they want to buy more affordable shawls. The trend seems to be towards silk blends. The sheen and easy drape are appealing.

The paisley silk pashmina from Scotland became very popular as it was mass produced in this paisley design. This design also called “boteh” design in India that originated from the moghul empire time period in India and at one point these paisley shawls were exclusive and expensive. Today you can get paisley shawls and wraps for any budget high and low as manufacturer’s are making shawls to suit the demand. The Pashmina silk blends which are relatively inexpensive seem to have caught the fancy of women looking for mid - priced shawls.   Now it seems Pashmina has become a household name. Women want inexpensive shawls as the logic behind this is that not every woman can afford a shawl that is pricey especially for daily wear or an informal evening get together. Depending on their budget woman can shop many yarns that are more affordable like satin shawls, lace net wraps, silk shawls, wool shawls in solid and paisley flowery weaves.
Product #1386
So depending on a consumer’s needs for a casual inexpensive shawl or a special occasion wedding wrap there is so much choice in the worldwide online shawl wrap market. It is consumers that have made manufacturers make all kinds of shawls in soft warmth of Pashm wool for the cold seasons and silk pashmina shawls with sheen for warm seasons especially for evening wear. There are even artificial pashminas available at department stores and at the mall in rayon, bamboo, viscose which are light and like a pashmina but not using the pashm yarn. Some women care to buy authentic pashmina from Nepal, India and Inner Mongolia which are available in USA and worldwide. Other women just want a shawl that gives light coverage with a fine drape and are not particular of the yarn used. Women also love pure silk shawls, lace shawls, velvet wraps, net metallic evening wraps and embellished mesh shawls. The shawl market has handcrafted unique shawls with artistic hand painting and exclusivity. With so much choice women love online shopping for shawls from the comfort of their home with delivery to their door. Shopping at department stores  and malls does get tedious with crowds and long lines especially when shopping for a special event like prom, weddings and the Holidays. So relax and enjoy the wide variety of shawls available online and experience quality customer service.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Origination Story of Indian Tunics

The Indian Tunics also called “Kurta Kurti” originated in India and is now a worldwide favorite tunic top for men and women. In ancient times in India the scholarly folks, the political leaders mostly men wore them coupled with a shawl for a distinguished look. At that time it was made from cotton or linen, long in length and simple solid colors like khaki brown, cream, or white were used.  Later silk tunics got popular and women started wearing them for day and dressy evening occasions. Women love fashionable outfits and so the tunic style kept changing to suit the needs of women wanting them for casual wear and also for dressy evening tops.
Indian Tunics evolved from a simple long top to an elaborate dressy evening wear fashion item. With time the tunic evolution reached its peak  it turned into a fashion statement and top fashion designers worldwide were taken by it. A lot of the Hollywood films followed the tunic Kurti style from Bollywood movies in India. Celebrities to this day love the artsy flair, loose comfort and high style of the Indian tunic.

Today tunics are very popular with women and plus sizes love the hip covering or knee length with a loose flowing  style that makes a beautiful curvy woman look and feel gorgeous. Well it is no wonder that women love Indian tunics. Petites like it just as much so the tunic is known to be a top that originated in India that has universal appeal with women of all shapes and sizes.  Most of the Indian Kurtis have artisan quality embroidery / embellishment and designs for day and evening wear.

The long tunics got paired with tight pants called Churidars and became a “Salwar suit” with a long scarf called dupatta to complete the outfit.

The tunic dress became very popular with the hippie movement in 1960’s and the tunic dress was embraced and popularized. The Bohemian and free flowing tunic dress with a strappy look, short sleeves was the trend and it is not surprising that it remains en vogue today too.

Cotton tunic tops have become the fastest selling tunic as cotton is a breathable, light cool summer fabric and in the heat it is just ideal. Cotton beach tunics are so beautiful and comfortable and women gravitate to them.

Women today love to shop for online tunic tops on sale as they are interested in stocking up with quality Indian cotton tunics. Women in the U.S. love to shop from a tunic site online that ships from within the USA to get prompt delivery and great service. The tunics sized by the American size chart work well and women can buy with confidence. Women in Canada, U.K. Australia love Indian tunics just as much and give them for unique gifts that are sure to be appreciated for any occasion. Yoga studios love to buy bulk cotton tunics and yoga scarves / shawls. Online sites like Yours Elegantly provide retail and wholesale tunic tops, India cotton Kurtis and Pashmina shawls on sale. Hurry stock up on unique beautiful pieces that will tickle your senses.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Women Like a One Stop Shop Online for Shawls, Tunic tops, Jewelry and Evening Bags

Women love to buy shawls online as they have become a year round necessity and look amazing over an evening dress as well as for casual seasonal day wear.  Adding some evening shawls, fashion scarves, a beautiful crystal necklace set, a silver /gold evening bag to your existing wardrobe will give it that perfect lift and complete it. Another item women today love for its stylish comfortable look is the Tunic Top. Indian tunics also called Tunic Kurtis are mega popular and any department store you go to will have them in many colors and designs. The best way to shop for tunic tops on sale is online as you will get huge savings, an amazing variety and often free shipping or discounts with coupon codes. No checkout lines and dealing with crowds -  an easy shopping experience is what online shopping is all about.
If you are looking to gift a woman something she will find gorgeous and useful then buy shawls online and choose from chiffon silk shawls, lace wraps, net metallic shawls that are chic and trendy for spring / summer wear. Cashmere Pashmina Wool Shawls are great for cooler and cold weather in fall / winter. Every woman loves seasonal shawls and wraps. Some women are all about Pashmina shawls others love fashion scarves and some have never worn these accessories and it’s time they start with the unique gift you give them. These affordable shawl gifts can start at $10.00  and go upwards to $50 or $100.00 depending on what yarn and how much craftsmanship is involved. If you want to stock up on affordable bulk shawls then do so online and save a lot. Women love them!

Many women find themselves at a loss when they wear an evening dress and realize they don’t have a good necklace set or a bag to match. So a gift of some silver tone crystal jewelry or a silver evening bag goes a long way. Silver and gold are accessory colors that are a necessity for any woman’s wardrobe no matter her age.

Buy scarves on sale and save as online sites have competitive pricing, a huge variety for all types of tastes and seasonal colors, styles and types of scarves that will make you instantly look upbeat and trendy. Want to cover your back, shoulders and arms for that sleek effect that shawls and wraps provide buy one and watch how confident and beautiful you feel in it. A one stop shop site like YoursElegantly is what women love for convenience and savings.

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