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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Shawls History, Evolution and Types of Shawls Popular Today

Shawls seem to find their origin in Kashmir. Ladakh homeland of the Pashmina goats is where the Pashmina Changthangi goats produced the fine hair. In the 14th century  Mir Ali Hamadi took some of this goat hair as a gift to King of Kashmir, Sultan Qutabdin and suggested starting a shawl weaving industry using this special soft fine wool. UNESCO pointed out in 2014 that Hamadani was a historical figure that shaped the culture of Kashmir especially the arts and crafts industry which impacted Kashmir’s economy. From Kashmir the knowledge, wealth of many woven products namely Kashmir Shawls were then passed to the world.

Historically, woven shawls in India were worn right from the Indus Valley Civilization a statue of a priest-king in Mohenjo Daro showed a draped shawl. Kashmir shawls were found as early as 3rd century BC – 11th century AD but the actual Pashmina Industry started with ruler Zayn-Ul-Abidin of Jammu and Kashmir who introduced weavers from central Asia. This ruler and Hamadani were great contributors to the flourishing of Pashmina weaving industry. The Pashminas were symbols of status even passed on as dowry during weddings at that time.

Pashmina and Cashmere both come from the Changthangi breed of the Capra Hircus  goat. In some countries the term is used interchangeably often. Pashmina is said to be finer only 12-14 microns in diameter great for shawls whereas cashmere can be 15-19 microns in diameter perfect for fine warm scarves. Originating from Jammu and Kashmir  there was later a surge in Pashmina Industry in Nepal. The pashmina yarn is so fine it was handspun and 100% pure pashmina shawls were made. They were soft, warm, light but very protective and took over the world market. Women loved that they could be light fit into their handbag and yet offer great warmth. Machine made Pashmina later on took over and many yarns could be blended in factories to produce a wide range of shawls for different seasons, different textures, colorful weaves and shades of colors to customize and match a dress for the fashion conscious woman today. Pashmina and silk shawls have become a craze especially as they are more durable and have a sheen for evening shawls that women love. With time women demanded shawls at lower price points so Pashmina seems to have become a brand name. You will see big department stores in the USA, Europe, Middle East sell rayon shawls or viscose shawls under Pashmina brand name. If you want an authentic pashmina try buying one that is made in India, Nepal or Inner Mongolia.

Pashmina production is a time consuming process from collecting goat hair that is shed in spring. It is noteworthy that the goat’s under hair is combed out not sheared. This raw hair  from Changthangi goats was sent to Jammu and Kashmir for weaving process.  The shawl making process of combing, cleaning, spinning , weaving, embroidering involved many skilled weavers and craftsman. At that time the approximate time to make a Pashmina was 180 hours. Now it takes a very short time to machine manufacture them in bulk.

The pashmina product can be a 12” x 64” a scarf, 26” x 76” a shawl or a large cape wrap that is typically at least 30” x 80”. The shawls come with a 3” fringe or some have a half inch eyelash fringe others are fringeless. The shawls are mostly rectangular but there are also square shawls folded and worn as triangular shawls and many other shapes. The embroidered designs, the skillful paisley weaves are marks of a high level of expertise that the weavers had. The Pashminas were very expensive but the longing for pashminas was worldwide not everyone could afford them. Thereafter in 1812 in Paisley Scotland the paisley shawls started with the handloom, in 1820 they became a cottage industry and with the introduction of the jacquard loom they moved into factories to be mass produced in many colors. Now they were priced lower and supply was abundant. This did however dilute the original Pashmina which was a prized possession from Kashmir. It was the increasing demand that was responded to by manufacturers to produce the varieties and blends there are today. Some varieties that are popular are water pashminas, modal shawls, ring shawls,  pure pashminas and silk pashmina so consumers get a great choice.

Today shawls of all kinds are in demand Cashmere Pashmina, wool ,silk, chiffon, lace, net metallic shawls to add a touch of elegance to any dress. Consumers want seasonal shawls. So chiffon silk shawls as well as 70% Pashmina and 30% Silk shawls are popular during spring/summer and the warmer wool shawls are perfect for fall/winter weather. Shawls mostly come from India, Nepal, and Inner Mongolia. India has beautiful paisley shawls and the solid Pashmina from Nepal are so popular worldwide. Inner Mongolia today has highest amount of raw cashmere yarn which is exported to sustain cashmere industries worldwide. Today’s consumer demands a variety of shawls to match the different dress fibers and with a light sheer texture for warm weather shawls and  soft protective warmth for cool weather. There are so many yarns and blends made by manufacturers to satisfy the multitude of demands in texture and price points that consumers want. The consumer demand has dictated supply as the shawl Industry struggles to survive. Craftsman in India still continue to produce works of art and shawl masterpieces.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Shawls: An Attire That Can Never Fade

Shawl was a garment used by ancient Greeks and Indian Maharajas as well as the people of India since centuries. Today shawls wraps and scarves have become an international fashion accessory and rank high in any woman or man’s ward robe. The term “Shawl” denotes a piece of cloth which can be rectangular, square, circular or oblong. In the old days men of importance wore shawls and later women started wearing them and the shawl today has evolved into a thing of beauty and designer elegance. Thanks to women and their love for fashionable scarves and shawls that this item ranks high as one of a woman’s most wanted gifts. Gift your mother a cashmere shawl and watch her smile try a silk scarf gift for your wife or a pashmina wrap for your colleague at work and you will see how deeply those gifts are appreciated.

Shawls can be made from many yarns and fabrics the most popular by season being Cashmere Pashmina wool for cold fall and winter time and Chiffon Silk for spring and summer time. Cotton scarves, pure silk shawls, velvet shawl wrap are so delicate and beautiful for evening wear. Depending on the dress, the type of occasion you can buy shawls online on sale at store like Yours Elegantly in USA, Xalando in U.K. Glam Wrap in Australia known for their unique variety and dedicated customer service. When shopping online women are astute and look for shawl sales, decent service, a site that is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business and one that has everything as a one stop shop.

A Shawl is an alluring add on to any summer casual dress or a beautiful evening gown. Teens love scarves wraps too for casual wear and glittering silver shawls for prom wear. There is that special unique touch that a beautiful shawl gives to a dress and women love to wear them in varying ways to either emphasize the shawl and make it a focal point to uplift a simple dress and freshen their look or they use it as a light off shoulder wrap for just a slight hint of cover in chiffon shawl elegance.

Buy shawls online individual customers can buy one or more on retail and resellers, promotional companies, event planner and Golf Clubs can buy wholesale shawls at deep discounts. The solid shawls, Pashmina wraps are great for wedding favors as is the latest trend in wedding favors. Women love Pashmina Cashmere because it is soft light and very protective besides it is hypoallergenic. Can’t go wrong with that for any skin type. Hence its appeal to women of all ages. Men welcome the soft luxurious warmth of cashmere. So since the olden time the shawl has held its value and is a beautiful accessory and gift for anyone for the Holidays, Birthday gift or wedding gift. Try it!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Elegance Of An Evening Shawl For Your Artistic Style

Women love to receive compliments, especially on the way they dress. Having good fashion sense is what every woman desires. Whether you are getting ready for a daily look, heading to the office or going to a classy party, the most important thing is your attire. A good outfit paired with right accessories can steal the show. For the spring, summer, fall or winter, you have the best companion i.e an evening shawl which can be paired with your beautiful dress.

Women think that shawls are a big fashion statement. A beautiful embroidered or paisley pashmina gives your dress a very classy look. It is a stylish addition to your outfit and most preferably worn for slight coverage of the arms, shoulders giving a warm comfort and stylish elegance. Wearing a shawl adds spice to your simplest dress and becomes and an addition of elegance to your classy evening dress /gown.

You can either drape the shawl around your neck and let the extra fabric drape around your back or put a classy shawl pin. What’s unique about these shawls is that they can be a DIY scarf as well. By folding it around the neck multiple times your scarf wrap is simply beautiful and protective.

Women who long to wear a party dress but also want to protect themselves from the cold can use a beautiful shawl instead of a coat to keep the classy look as well feel the soft warmth of a shawl.

Evening shawls and other varieties of Pashmina, silk, and chiffon shawls have been part of certain cultures since ancient times. Land of shawls especially Cashmere Pashmina are India, Nepal, and Inner Mongolia mainly.

BBB accredited stores will get you’re your online shawl purchase delivered to you on a timely basis, at a reasonable price and with good service. Today online web-based stores carry the widest variety of shawls to dazzle your senses.

Yours Elegantly  a U.S. based shawl site has a wide range of fashion attires to offer to start from tunic tops to amazing shawls and wraps. The shopping experience will leave you content and amazed.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Spread Wedding Favors This Season With Pashmina's Latest Collection

Pashminas have become a statement of style all around the globe. You will find people going crazy over the shawls because of their beautiful drape and soft pashmina yearn that woman love. The delicate pashmina gives you a sense of satisfaction and feeling of security. Thus they can easily form part of any occasion, whether it a regular day, an evening party or as pashmina wedding favors.

Pashminas are woven from wool which is harvested from a special goat in the Himalayan range of Kashmir named “Carpus Hircus”. Pashm is shedded every year in spring and approximately 80-170 grams is derived from each goat. The amount of wool harvested every year is not enough to make a whole pashmina shawl or scarf and hence today many manufacturers make a blend of Pashmina and silk shawls which is advantageous as it adds to durability gives it some sheen and makes beautiful evening shawls for your evening dresses and gowns. The pashmina wool shawl is warm soft and classy for cool to cold weather. The higher the ply or yearn layers the thicker it gets and more plush and soft.


Offering wedding favors  - gifts to the guests has become a part of the tradition and also it is one of the best ways to make your wedding more memorable. And if you have gifted your guest something very humble and useful that stays in their mind for a long time you have made your mark. So deciding a perfect wedding favor becomes one important aspect of your wedding. Modern-day brides have become advanced in coming up with wedding favor ideas. With the ongoing craze for a pashmina, they can serve to be the best wedding gift, making it look richer and more elegant.

Yours elegantly a US web-based online store of ladies fashion that has all that you have been looking for. You will find the best shawl varieties especially high-quality pashminas for you as well as your wedding guests. For those looking for budget shawls there are shawls for all budgets too that you can buy retail and wholesale. The service is tops and phone orders welcome.

Do remember Pashminas come in varieties such as shawls, scarfs which can easily be paired with any day outfit. There are heavy embroidered shawls suited for evening or wedding dresses and scarves can be pulled off with almost any attire. But how does a pashmina form to be a worthy gift? Let’s take a look at the possibilities.

The designs are not inclusive and the fine artists from the land of Kashmir and Nepal keep introducing new ideas to form a beautiful pashmina product. Paisley in Scotland started manufacturing bulk jacquard paisleys at an affordable price so Pashmina has now become a household name.
  • It is the best companion for the winter season. A pashmina shawl woven in 3 or 4 ply gives the right amount of thickness and soft warmth.
  • The bold choice of colors gives both scarves and shawls an elegant look which can be worn to any party with an evening gown or with a wedding dress.
  • A pashmina will last for many years as they have long-term durability and the beauty does not fade easily.
  • You can pair up pashmina stoles and scarves with any attire whether its a weekend outing or while going to office.
  • They are not just a winter fashion statement but can also be your fashion style for spring, summer and the fall season.
Shop today exclusively at the BBB accredited online store where many of the products are handpicked from their origins. Others are picked up from liquidation sales of companies and are overstocks available at a reasonable price. Goal is to bring a wide choice of designs, paisley shawls, handcrafted, hand painted unique shawls, embroidered pashmina and more so there is something for everyone’s needs.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Latest Trends in Shawls Especially Pashmina in USA

Shawls are a woman’s most favorite accessory since ancient times and its lure has stood the test of time . Women are creatures of comfort and ease of wear  they love shawls because you can drape them on over the shoulders and easily drape them off and put them in your handbag.  Pashmina has become a fashion trend.

The word refers to lightweight Pashmina wool found in the Himalayan regions where the mountain goat are sheared not killed for their under -hair.  It is a Nepal handicraft that is appreciated worldwide. The world shawl market is swamped with shawls of all types from lace, net metallic, velvet shawls to chiffon silk shawls and wraps. The reason for such a variety is that women need shawls as a light cover for different seasons and occasions. 

Almost 400 years ago, the royal Maharajas in India used to have  Kashmir handspun Pashmina shawls made in paisley designs and exquisite embroidered designs.  Thereafter, the shawl Industry especially for paisley Pashmina took off in Paisley Scotland where they were mechanically mass produced and sold at a much lower price. The shawls were so affordable to general masses that sales sky rocketed. Today Cashmere Pashmina in some regions like India is an interchangeable term.  With time the Pashmina and silk shawl took over the shawls wrap market. To get the shawl to be more durable silk is added and this 70% Pashmina and 30% silk Shawl has become super popular and is very much more affordable to an average consumer compared to the pure Pashmina shawls made of Pashm wool only.  Consumers get to decide what type of shawl they want depending on their yarn needs, degree of warmth they want, occasion and style they desire.  Handcrafted shawls, unique embroidered shawls are expensive due to the intensive labor involved in making them.

Today Nepal tries hard to retain its pure Pashmina industry even though the Himalayan mountain goat numbers are dwindling. Inner Mongolia is currently the largest exporter of the raw material since they have begun to mass breed these goats. Manufacturers in many parts of the world have started using Pashmina as a brand name to market their products wider. Consumers who want many stylish shawls and a reasonable price opt for these fashion shawls that have a fine texture. . If you want an authentic Pashmina the price is higher but worth the investment. If you are a woman who loves shawls you have to decide your choice and preference as the shawl market is flooded with a huge variety of shawls. Another shawl worth buying are silk shawls in solid colors for their light sheer lustrous beauty.

Designers at Yours Elegantly located in CT USA handcraft /hand paint unique seasonal shawl designs on all types of shawls like the silk shawls for summer, warm shawls for winter wear. The handcrafted designs like dragonflies, flowery designs, exquisite vines, butterflies are summer motifs and the designer scrolls and Holiday winter designs are winter motifs that are popular with women looking for unique shawl finds.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Pashmina Look For All Summer Long

The process of making Pashmina products is a long, delicate process. The Pashm wool for Pashmina is derived from a specific type of Capra Hircus mountain goats which differentiates Pashmina wool from others. The warmth and soft light nature of the wool are very comforting. Pashminas give you a cozy and intimate kind of feeling. However, the idea of wearing Pashminas only for the winter season is not true as they are great year round shawls that women appreciate and buy to stock up in seasonal colors.

Summers can also be a good season to wear pashminas in different ways. The 70% Pashmina and 30% silk shawls are silken soft, drape wonderfully and feel like a light cover over your arms and shoulders giving you just that perfect sensation and confidence. Here are some tips by our company which is a US web-based online shawls and wraps store, that can be used to fill your summer wardrobe with pashmina products.

Single Ply / Two Ply Pashmina are Light and Airy

Pashminas are woven in a different number of ply, this means the layer of yarn that will be used to make the product. More the number of ply thicker will be the Pashmina. So instead a thicker pashmina one can choose to buy single ply or 2 ply pashmina for wearing it in the summer.

A Blend of Pashmina and Silk

The other best way to opt for Pashmina for summer and year round use is to use a product that is a combination of both Pashmina wool and Silk.  Silk is a breathable and fiber that adds on to the beauty of Pashmina by giving a sheen, finer drape and divine feel against your skin. Use soft pastels in spring and summer for a lighter brighter look and appeal.

Ivory white Pashmina, cream Pashmina are great for summer wedding shawls. For bridesmaids Shawls and Pashmina wedding Favors use many light color options available which could be best suited for a summer event. As light bright colors reflect the light, you will feel cool and look trendy in your  summer shawls.

Pashmina Scarves

There comes another solution. Pashmina scarves are smaller 12” x 64” and add that lovely completing touch to any outfit. Buy silk pashmina paisley scarves to add a glow and cheery effect to any casual or evening attire. Scarves add instant style to any outfit. The refresh your look instantly.

So buy Pashmina from online sites that will give you quick delivery and great service. Women love Pashmina sale and yes it does make a difference as you can buy a couple colors to enhance your wardrobe. The summer scarves in silken pashmina are more affordable and yet add elegance so try one today.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Showcase Your Elegance With Evening Shawls at Special Occasions

Those who know how to style can practically style up in anything, and yet slay the fashion circle like anything. All it takes for them is a fashion accessory like a shawl and they can give their outfit a twist beyond words.

Evening shawls are the must haves in the North East  and Mid-Western states in the U.S. and especially during the Fall and winter seasons when the need to style and stay warm has to happen simultaneously. These shawls are in various yarns but specifically made out of Cashmere wool which is a woman’s favorite type of warm shawl wrap. Special occasions may come and go and yet, those shawls remain favorites and treasures. That is the reason perhaps that Evening Cashmere Pashmina Shawls are a wonderful gift for women for any occasion or event including the holiday time when cashmere evening shawls are treasured the most.

These shawls come in chiffon, velvet burnt silk, and lace fabrics that spell magnificence too and look classy for any occasion. Many of these shawls come with jacquard weaving and other such intricacies that portray the charisma of a person wearing it.

There are some women who prefer to drape embellished shawls and scarves, and can carry off any such style with elan. This is what makes every person different from the other. Talking of style, many prefer to wear gossamer-light shawls that are plain, elegant and exude an aura of bliss when draped across their shoulder.

Cashmere shawls get their own personality that goes beyond just draping them as a shawl. These shawls ideally come in solid colors and with a three inch free of a half inch eyelash fringe.  Across the USA, all of these styles are in rage and people, who know their fashion sense do not mind trying any of these designs. A new shawl arrival stirs excitement and curiosity to buy it and wear it in its artistic handcrafted elegance.

The Cashmere shawls are a huge hit across India and Nepal and even across the world. These are export-quality shawls sold in The U.S. by stores like Yours Elegantly. The online store has built a business around these dressy and sophisticated shawls that are more than just a fashion accessory. They provide soft warmth, high style and look great as evening shawls that will make you be noticed.

Today, evening shawls do not just mean a length of cloth to cover up the shoulders during an evening out like they did in olden times. These are as fashionable as they can get and various fashion houses worth their weight in gold, know their significance. Today, fashion designers use fascinating designs and intricate weaves that come from the highlands in Himalayan ranges. These shawls are then exported to the U.S.A. and sold online at an affordable price.

Majestic and classy are the metallic silver or sheer lace shawls that spell style and make your outfit look even more attractive. While draping chiffon silk evening shawls, all that you have to remember is to know the best way to drape it for that particular outfit. Besides that, if you also know a few styles of draping them, then it could lead you launching a new fashion trend.

That is why today, people do not mind looking around for evening shawls that are elegant, and outstanding in true terms while adding leverage to your fashionable clothes on a cool evening date.

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