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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Wool Shawls: The Winter Style For Every Woman Next Door

At some point in our life, we must have gone under fashion crisis. Probably it’s the season of winter, where we hit the long sweatshirts and pullovers to beat the chills. Winter shawls can bring out the best from your wardrobe in terms of fashion especially if you carry them of in different styles.

Here’s an interesting fact about shawls. The outfit you wear at parties, office meetings and even at casual get-togethers gets a better chance to  noticed when worn with a shawl wrap. So whether you are a star celebrity or just the wonderful woman next door, wool shawls are your best pick to overcome the winter fashion crisis.

Unlike celebrities, the woman next door would be more fond of casual gatherings and small social events. Wool shawls add a chic look to a casual jean T shirt outfit as well as to an evening dress or a career suit. Wrap yourself with warm shawls in style this winter. This not to say summer scarves are unimportant. Scarves are perfect for all seasons and make a woman look attractive and a man look smart! Besides the comfortable feel the style quotient is high too with affordable wool shawls and scarves.

Here’s when Yours Elegantly introduces some unique winter shawls with handcrafted designs for that classy elegance we all want. At this U.S. based online store there are some exquisite shawls to choose from for the cold season. The real beauty of these shawls is behind their simplicity and versatility.

So you can begin to think in terms of different ways of wearing the shawl wrap. Wear it over the shoulders and free flowing in front to show off the dress or keep the shawl closely wrapped like a scarf to make it the focal point. Look up some interesting ways of wearing shawls especially be creative and invent your own style to cover your arms and other trouble areas as shawls will ensure a sleeker look which women love. Reading some fashion tips is never more than a blog or article with so many useful shawl styling tips.

The more you think, the more you shall discover unusual ways to drape a shawl or even two combined for a colorful effect:

  • Blending 2 different shawls: Bring on your 2 best shawls in a good color blend together to give your outfit an out of the box look. Drape one of them in loose hanging manner and tie the other one as neck wrap. Celebrities do that so can you it just needs a good color sense.

  • Traditionally Elegant: A traditional look is another way where you can use a mix up of two different shawls. But this time blend them together, hanging loose over the shoulders allowing to spread a multi-color effect.

  • Pinning a broach: Accessories are there to add an elegant look to the dress. Broaches can be extremely beautiful with a wool shawl around your shoulders. It would do both keeping the drape at place and express the outfit in a stunning style.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Winter Wrap: Creating A Wonderland With Wedding Wraps

We have often been through a struggling situation when it comes to clothes in the fall and winter season. It’s hard to let go of those skinny short skirts and cut-sleeves tops for a more covered fashion. All we want is throw on some light garments and feel free for the rest of the day. We somehow manage to pull the winter season in jackets and pants and sometimes in  sweatshirts. But what about the big wedding day? There is no bride who wants to stay cold nor does she want to cover her dress with a jacket that is not an option. This is when a wonderful thing like a winter wedding wrap comes to the rescue.

A winter shawl is not just a wrap but it is a part of significant ancient history where the royals wore them as a status symbol. But as we moved past the history the shawls took a modern shape and new styles emerged out of them.
  • Wedding Bells With Shawls
If you are having a destination beach wedding in winter in a summery far away place, you might want a shawl wrap for yourself as a bride and for the lovely bridesmaids too. The wedding party must look radiant and feel gorgeous in their finery. Church wedding necessitate  a beautiful wedding shawl wrap in a solid white ivory cream color tone and some brides like the uniqueness of a handcrafted wrap. The versatile beauty of shawls is way beyond just being a cover. The soft and cozy fabric of the shawl brushing against the bride’s body gives a sense of satisfaction and warm soft comfort.
  • Shawls: A gift of love
Shawls can prove to be a very warm gift, both physically as well by way of affection. Moreover, the uncountable number of ways to wear Pashmina wedding favors makes it one of the sensible gifts to be given. Even in the season of summer, you can roam around in  a shawl by lightly draping it around your body. Pashminas are all season shawl delights and range in price from a discounted fashion shawl to a delightful expensive pure pashm wrap. Manufacturers used to in ancient days make pure pashmina wool shawls pricy and worthy of inheritance. Today the consumer demand is for these beautiful pashminas from Nepal and India as well as for budget fashionable designer shawls in paisley colorful elegance made from silk pashmina and other soft blends. Pashmina has today become a consumer brand with wide varieties and varying price points. It is the demand that determines supply.

Starting from the floral designs to regular prints and plain shawls there are tons of varieties for a woman of every age. Thus, go ahead to a retailer and gift every special guest a shawl to brighten-up their day.

The finest piece of the shawl in its radiant unique beauty with good service and fast delivery can only be obtained from a BBB accredited store. So, if you are thinking to buy one for yourself or gift a shawl for the Holidays make sure you have the right place in your mind to shop at so you can choose from an amazing variety of shawls so you are likely to easily search by color online and find something suitable easily. Shop with Yours Elegantly to get a good memorable experience and buy shawls wraps as well as crystal necklace sets for brides and bridesmaids at a very discounted price.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Balancing Fashion And Simplicity With Indian Tunic Tops

Tunic tops are a never-ending fashion statement that has gone through major changes for centuries. Although it was originally part of Indian culture and Greek Culture the Tunic Tops for Women have come a fashion trend that has no boundaries and can spread its wings across all countries. Indian tunics are one of the most elegant garments that gives a sense of satisfaction as well comfort level along with being fashionable.

Over the years these tunics have been part of the western fashion industry and people are loving the style and comfort it offers. It is because of this quality that people wear them more preferably in spring or summer season. Many cotton tunics make great swim/beach cover ups. Along with marking its presence globally, the tunic tops have blended to adopt some western influences which have made the style even more interesting. You can see a mix of both India and Western fashion in the color, fabric, and pattern of the garment.

At Yours Elegantly there is a wide collection of such cotton tunic tops which are a delight for your wardrobe. The US web-based online stores has discounted rates running around the year as it is an endeavor on their part to create designs and cuts in tunic tops to make women happy customers. The styles in tunic tops can be vivid and pleasing, some of the necklines that Indian weavers use to create vary from v-necks, nehru collar, sweetheart necklines to boat necks and high necks. Some with ornate embellishment for evening wear others with a light touch of embroidery for casual summer cotton tunics. 

Amidst these fashion trends, people have also observed tunics to be quite simple and profoundly elegant that can be paired with a number of bottonwears starting from leggings, jeans to skirts and palazzos.
  • Prints and Patterns
One of the most fascinating thing about tunics is that they have been experimented in a different number of patterns and prints. Outgrowing all those designs there was print “Ikat”. They are known to be one of the most trendiest fashion prints of all time and surprisingly one of the ongoing trends around the whole globe.

The cross-cultural mix of designs has made the retailers all around the globe to couture the customers with the Indo-western outfits. Originally speaking of this trend, then it is a dyeing technique found by the Indian weavers where the warp goes through resist dyeing and threads are bundled together to be designed in the desired pattern.

Here the dyeing method is what sets apart Ikat tunics and only because of that, these designs are quite popular worldwide. The designers work on the garment playfully and with unique blend of prints and colors a aesthetic design emerges.
  • Tunic Tops: Formal or Informal?
Though it might be evident at first look that tunic tops are easy going with beachwear, a day out in the city during summer or any other informal gathering. But there is more to this, one can also make blend it to become formal wear. For example. Along tunic top accessorized with a smart belt can be paired with a leather bag for a classy office look. And for occasions like a high-style party, an evening embellished tunic dress can be worn with some designer jewelry.


Shopping with YoursElegantly online will be a pleasant experience and you will find variety of tunics and tops at one place. Starting from the printed and plain Indian tunic tops, leggings to accessories like earrings, bracelets etc. Shop with today and get your styled revamped.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Affordable Tunic Tops: Go Ethnic, Go Gorgeous

The fashion of western culture has taken many shifts by inspiring itself from the gorgeous trends of different countries. One such style is the cotton tunic tops for women  that are a blessing from the land of India. These tunics are traditionally known as Kurtis and are considered to be an ethnic dress worn on auspicious occasion. But these loose fitting and natural breathable comfortable women’s tops have turned into a style icon across the globe.  

The design of tunic tops is made to be versatile for any occasion and every weather. A simple piece of clothing reaching the shoulder and the hips can be paired with denim jeans, skirt or leggings. The ethnicity of the dress is so elegant that even the simplest of all tops looks beautiful. The craze for tunics has evolved over the years and today it happens to be one of the loved fashion outfits. Even though their style has changed with time it will be a popular trend for many more years to come as it combines the benefit of style and comfort.

Among these tops, the style of short tunics in form of ethnic short Indian Kurtis has become an ideal choice for all the women. Even the short styles are offered in different variations easily available at retail or US based online stores. The trends in Kurtis is towards cotton Indian Kurti tunics in many colors and designs. Hip covering tunics are best sellers as women feel confident and beautiful in tunics that make them look slimmer and sleeker effectively covering any trouble areas. Long tunics with leggings or jeans are a fashion statement and women in urban areas especially fashion conscious seem to love them more.

Some patterns which are ruling the market of fashion and style like long sleeve cotton Tunics tops with a touch of embroidery for a delicate elegant finish. It is noteworthy that cotton tops are breathable and thus prove to be a better companion for summer than any other dress style.

With a BBB accredited store you can shop the best variety of tunic tops for women offered in soft cotton, georgette, french crepe, artistic silk and many more. Tunics can be your essential winter partner too especially with long sleeves. The southern and western states in USA wear tunic tops year round.

Tunic tops and tunic dresses are one such fashion that makes everything look gorgeous. This ethnic style has its own way of conveying beauty. Don’t believe me? There are a number of street fashion shows where celebrities and models are seen walking down the ramp in tunic tops and dresses. The feeling of comfort and fashion can be seen clearly on their face. It’s not just the style or pattern but the elegance of tunics that makes a woman look gorgeous.

The exclusive fashionable women’s tunics can be grabbed from none other than Yours Elegantly where we offer tunics are offered for sale in huge variety of fabrics,patterns and colors. Customers can buy affordable tunic tops and save whilst stocking up for themselves and for gifts. Sizing is per American Size Chart so there is no worry on fit and tunics especially flowy cotton tunics are so en vogue.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Shawls: Re-Discovering The Royal Fashion In The Modern World

Talking about the cashmere shawls, the quality of the yarn is that one feature which differentiates it from the rest of the yarns. Popularly known as “Pashmina” derived from the word “Pashm” this fabric originates from the cold lands of Nepal and Kashmir. The significance of the name Cashmere is derived from the Indian pronunciation of “Kashmir”. Since the time of royal reign, the pashminas have been with us, delivering an excellent piece of fashion to the royal families back then and is prominent even today as a popular women’s fashion shawl.

Being one of the finest discoveries in terms of fabric, the pashmina used to be very expensive. With time hand spun pashmina became machine made and mass production of the paisley shawls in Scotland made the price very affordable. Some products are made using a blend of Pashmina and silk fabrics which has become super popular for dressy evening shawls due to the sheen and lovely drape they give on an evening dress or gown.

With the ancient times gone long back when a Cashmere Pashmina was a fashion shawl just for royalty now the trend of wearing it as a travel wrap, casual day shawl and evening wrap has made it a household name. Countries like Australia, UK, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand also produce fine cashmere shawls which have a more modern approach toward these shawls.

Talking about the modern approach today shawls are easily worn with any outfit over  jeans and a top, a stylish evening gown, to the office, to the beach or any get together with friends. And another quality of these pashminas is that they are unisex, so they can be worn by both men and woman. The color of your dress will decide the type of cashmere shawl you should choose. For a regular day at office opt for the light-colored shawl and your evening gown will look good with a heavy embroidered bold pashmina shawl.

The online store Yours Elegantly features many shawls made from cashmere some of which are made for this store, others handpicked or imported from different countries. Along with it, there are other pashmina products like scarves and stoles that will add elegance to any outfit. They make beautiful gifts for women. The men love cashmere scarves to keep protected in winter and look smart. Great service is a plus at any online site.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Shawls: Another Way To Define Fashion

For years shawls have been an elegant part of every women’s wardrobe. The value of shawls is recognized internationally as it is not just a style statement or a necessity at times for a light cover to enhance your look and protect you too in cold seasons. While we talk about shawls, how can we forget the most loved yarn i.e cashmere shawls? They come from a very far place and hold the significance of ancient time.

The significance of the shawl was limited to coverage in India. But the western culture adapted them in a different manner, allowing them to be a styling feature rather than being just a cover for the body. The fine embroidered work and bold colors of the shawl do justice to your outfit. Today, not only women but even men are found with cashmere shawls, it is of no shock that a shawl can also look good on a man. In certain cultures men have been wearing them for decades. Pairing the right kind of shawl with a casual t-shirt and jeans might do well for a fashionable outfit. At the present time women are shawl crazy especially for handcrafted evening shawls, Pashminas, cashmere wraps for winter.

When we talk about women’s fashion there are endless ways in which you can put the pashmina shawl into use. This fashionable warm pashmina wool shawl is best when you want to protect yourself from the chilly weather. Well, certainly not limited to cold weather these beautiful Pashmina and silk wraps can be your part of your fashion even in spring, summer and fall. All you need to do choose the right ply or weight and color for the season.

Women can drape them along with their evening dress or on any normal day with casual attire. You can also wear them as a long scarf,  wear a white shawl with your wedding dress or even at the beach as a cover up such is the versatility of a shawl. At times you don’t even need a new dress which is a big investment you can buy a shawls to make the dress look refreshing and trendy.

Dark colors seem to glorify in pictures and hence they can help you look extra beautiful in photographs. With all the abilities to make both a man and women look their best, how can anyone deny that shawls are a necessary enhancing part of your wardrobe when you want to define fashion.

Amazing shawls in unique designs from all over the world are by Yours Elegantly an online web-based store in the U.S. Beautiful Pashminas, embellished evening shawls, chiffon silk wraps, velvet, lace, net metallic shawls abound at this treasure cove. Being a BBB accredited store the you can be assured of top service, quick delivery and a good shopping experience.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Shawls History, Evolution and Types of Shawls Popular Today

Shawls seem to find their origin in Kashmir. Ladakh homeland of the Pashmina goats is where the Pashmina Changthangi goats produced the fine hair. In the 14th century  Mir Ali Hamadi took some of this goat hair as a gift to King of Kashmir, Sultan Qutabdin and suggested starting a shawl weaving industry using this special soft fine wool. UNESCO pointed out in 2014 that Hamadani was a historical figure that shaped the culture of Kashmir especially the arts and crafts industry which impacted Kashmir’s economy. From Kashmir the knowledge, wealth of many woven products namely Kashmir Shawls were then passed to the world.

Historically, woven shawls in India were worn right from the Indus Valley Civilization a statue of a priest-king in Mohenjo Daro showed a draped shawl. Kashmir shawls were found as early as 3rd century BC – 11th century AD but the actual Pashmina Industry started with ruler Zayn-Ul-Abidin of Jammu and Kashmir who introduced weavers from central Asia. This ruler and Hamadani were great contributors to the flourishing of Pashmina weaving industry. The Pashminas were symbols of status even passed on as dowry during weddings at that time.

Pashmina and Cashmere both come from the Changthangi breed of the Capra Hircus  goat. In some countries the term is used interchangeably often. Pashmina is said to be finer only 12-14 microns in diameter great for shawls whereas cashmere can be 15-19 microns in diameter perfect for fine warm scarves. Originating from Jammu and Kashmir  there was later a surge in Pashmina Industry in Nepal. The pashmina yarn is so fine it was handspun and 100% pure pashmina shawls were made. They were soft, warm, light but very protective and took over the world market. Women loved that they could be light fit into their handbag and yet offer great warmth. Machine made Pashmina later on took over and many yarns could be blended in factories to produce a wide range of shawls for different seasons, different textures, colorful weaves and shades of colors to customize and match a dress for the fashion conscious woman today. Pashmina and silk shawls have become a craze especially as they are more durable and have a sheen for evening shawls that women love. With time women demanded shawls at lower price points so Pashmina seems to have become a brand name. You will see big department stores in the USA, Europe, Middle East sell rayon shawls or viscose shawls under Pashmina brand name. If you want an authentic pashmina try buying one that is made in India, Nepal or Inner Mongolia.

Pashmina production is a time consuming process from collecting goat hair that is shed in spring. It is noteworthy that the goat’s under hair is combed out not sheared. This raw hair  from Changthangi goats was sent to Jammu and Kashmir for weaving process.  The shawl making process of combing, cleaning, spinning , weaving, embroidering involved many skilled weavers and craftsman. At that time the approximate time to make a Pashmina was 180 hours. Now it takes a very short time to machine manufacture them in bulk.

The pashmina product can be a 12” x 64” a scarf, 26” x 76” a shawl or a large cape wrap that is typically at least 30” x 80”. The shawls come with a 3” fringe or some have a half inch eyelash fringe others are fringeless. The shawls are mostly rectangular but there are also square shawls folded and worn as triangular shawls and many other shapes. The embroidered designs, the skillful paisley weaves are marks of a high level of expertise that the weavers had. The Pashminas were very expensive but the longing for pashminas was worldwide not everyone could afford them. Thereafter in 1812 in Paisley Scotland the paisley shawls started with the handloom, in 1820 they became a cottage industry and with the introduction of the jacquard loom they moved into factories to be mass produced in many colors. Now they were priced lower and supply was abundant. This did however dilute the original Pashmina which was a prized possession from Kashmir. It was the increasing demand that was responded to by manufacturers to produce the varieties and blends there are today. Some varieties that are popular are water pashminas, modal shawls, ring shawls,  pure pashminas and silk pashmina so consumers get a great choice.

Today shawls of all kinds are in demand Cashmere Pashmina, wool ,silk, chiffon, lace, net metallic shawls to add a touch of elegance to any dress. Consumers want seasonal shawls. So chiffon silk shawls as well as 70% Pashmina and 30% Silk shawls are popular during spring/summer and the warmer wool shawls are perfect for fall/winter weather. Shawls mostly come from India, Nepal, and Inner Mongolia. India has beautiful paisley shawls and the solid Pashmina from Nepal are so popular worldwide. Inner Mongolia today has highest amount of raw cashmere yarn which is exported to sustain cashmere industries worldwide. Today’s consumer demands a variety of shawls to match the different dress fibers and with a light sheer texture for warm weather shawls and  soft protective warmth for cool weather. There are so many yarns and blends made by manufacturers to satisfy the multitude of demands in texture and price points that consumers want. The consumer demand has dictated supply as the shawl Industry struggles to survive. Craftsman in India still continue to produce works of art and shawl masterpieces.

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