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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Cashmere Shawl: A Universal Styling Accessory For Women

Nowadays, new fashion trend arises with new and unique clothes as well as accessories through big fashion brands but there is no match with the classic cashmere items. Products like cashmere shawls, wraps, scarves look beautiful with any outfit in fall winter and spring season. Handwoven or machine made these shawls are intricately woven in many seasonal colors and in different shades to suit your unique evening shawl needs. Cashmere shawls are embroidered by expert craftsmen who have years of experience in weaving and the aari and other types of embroidery. Each shawl will give a beautiful as well as luxury touch to your personality.
Most of the accessories are beautiful and elegant. If you want to impress when you walk in a party or any other occasion wear a gorgeous cashmere wrap and make head’s turn. One of the best-known accessories are cashmere shawls and they make beautiful gifts. Buy them at an affordable sale price online as online shawl sites have low overheads.

For every woman out there, Yours Elegantly provides many varieties of cashmere scarves shawls with the latest designs and colors on wholesale/retail price. Not only this, a free surprise gift will also be delivered with your ordered product which will make you happy.

Down below are few points to keep in mind when you buy from Yours Elegantly.

Nepal’s Ivory cashmere shawl
It’s a beautiful Nepal's traditional cashmere shawl which is in ivory color. This cashmere shawl is very soft and gives warm comfort. You will look gorgeous matching it with any primary outfit.

Silver Grey Nepal Cashmere Shawl
This soft and warm cashmere shawl is available in vibrant silver grey color which will suit every casual attire of yours. At Yours Elegantly it is available at reasonable rates.

Wholesale 3 ply cashmere shawls
12 pieces are available in the whole cashmere shawls which are in different colors and shades. You can choose which color you want. These 12 pieces are available at a deeply discounted price.

YE offers amazing customer service and prompt delivery from CT USA and your order ships with a free gift. You can order from YE’s US web-based online store. Shop the huge cashmere shawl sale and stock up on Holiday Gifts.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Winter Shawls for Weddings Retail and Wholesale

Brides love a white cashmere wedding shawl, an ivory white wedding bridal wrap and 2 ply warm affordable shawls for the bridesmaids on sale so they can be warm and cozy. There are a multitude of colors to choose from for wedding shawls and bridesmaids shawls in the 2 ply 3 ply and 4 ply warmth. As the ply increases the warmth gets more luxurious and plush. The 2 ply shawls are not thin they have some good weight and warmth and that is why they are so popular at the sale price they are on at Yours Elegantly.

Product #7084
You can buy warm winter wool shawls retail and in bulk for resale – boutiques love Yours Elegantly for wholesale shawls as do promotional companies, golf clubs, corporations looking for cashmere scarves as corporate gifts or wholesale Pashminas. Retailers and resellers especially small businesses love to bulk shawls as the dedicated customer service is good and all orders ship from CT. So buy your wholesale bulk shawls and scarves, cashmere pashmina wool silk all kinds of seasonal shawls, wholesale cashmere scarves, warm pashminas at deep discounts at this site and get friendly assistance, prompt delivery from CT and a small gift with your order. International customers can get affordable deals and quick delivery via DHL or USPS.

Pashmina wedding favors are the trend to make it a wedding to cherish and remember. Pashmina silk shawls, fashion discount pashminas, 2 ply warm shawls are the best wedding favors you can buy one or in bulk as the guests can take a shawl home appropriate in color and warmth to the season and have a memory to cherish forever. A BBB accredited business. You can email sales@yourselegantly.com for help or call in at 860-355-4184 so you get prompt help and move ahead with your individual or bulk Holiday gifts orders without any stress and be well taken care of by an online shawls and scarves site that cares.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

How To Wear Your Cashmere Scarves

Men and women can wear cashmere scarves in similar styles as these unisex warm winter scarves have a smart look any which way. They lend protection, warmth and a classy stylish look to your casual day wear, look great with your career attire and as beautiful evening scarves. These cashmere scarves in solid colors, plaid / paisley designs have universal appeal.

First two styles of wearing cashmere scarves are super simple. The over the shoulder free flowing look is option 1 followed by an overlap in the front center as shown in option 2. Option 3 involves one long side being taken around the neck and back to be brought back in front on the other side for added warmth. Option 4 is like option one a drape over the shoulders taking one end over the opposite shoulder. Very easy to wear options depending on the degree of warmth you want. Try one of these four options on different occasions for added style and comfort.

Shop the cashmere scarves on clearance sale at Yours Elegantly and get 50% -70% off pricing, enjoy the overstocks as they make unique gifts for women and men.

You will get a gift with every purchase and retail orders over $50.00 ship free with standard shipping in the USA.

For bulk wholesale cashmere scarves see our wholesale shawls and scarves section or email sales@yourselegantly.com Phone orders are always welcome at 860-355-4184

Yours Elegantly has a goal to provide you with a wide selection of evening scarves, warm winter wraps in solid colors and unique designs so you can look unique at an affordable sale price. Buy all your Holiday Gifts from here and we can send them to you or recipient with an extra gift from us because YE cares! Shop the difference!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Know The Perfect Season to Buy Ruana Cape Wraps

Every woman loves to wear accessories no matter the season as it looks trendy and upbeat. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a spring, summer, fall or winter season. But sometimes it gets difficult to choose what to add to your attire. Ruana cape wraps are the perfect gift for any occasion/event. These wraps can be worn in any season for wide coverage and style. Yours Elegantly presents you the best ruana cape wraps as an accessory for ladies of every age group. Whether it’s a formal dress or casual outfit, ruana cape wraps suits every woman of any size, body type and ensures a sleeker look because of its long and wide coverage.
In summer for beach weddings, these Winter Shawls or wraps will look beautiful, sheer and flowing in their chiffon silk elegance. Basically, ruana cape wraps are made up of cotton and silk which are very lightweight and give an airy as well as comfortable feel. At the time of any occasion, they can be used in different ways as they add a special touch to every event and make your time a quality one. They are not only meant for the style but also to make you feel comfortable. Ruana cape wraps are very much popular for their beautiful designs and color that are available in many retail/wholesale stores. In fall and winter wool ruana are popular for added warmth and extended coverage.

Some of you might not be familiar with a ruana. Ruana is long full-size cape wrap which is used to cover hands from shoulders. Usually, women love the ruana look especially for the longer length one with unique designs and seasonal colors. This accessory is a must for women as it enhances their beauty. You don’t need to find these quality-full accessories here and there, it just a single click at YE and you will find the huge collection of these ruana cape wraps for yourself and also for your loved ones.

Yours Elegantly is the US-web based online store which is offering a great deal on ruana cape wraps, winter shawls, wool shawls, Cashmere Scarves. Different designs and colors are there to choose from and it is a BBB accredited business so you can shop with ease as the products and service will most likely be good.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Get The Best Deal On Men’s Cashmere Scarves

Cashmere scarves for men are the best accessory for the cool fall and cold winter season. You can wear them casual or as a formal scarf at any special occasion or corporate event too. At home or at an office, while going for shopping or for a walk, this accessory is the best for every place. Cashmere scarves are unisex for men and women.  They suit everyone and every age person. Yours Elegantly carries a great collection of men’s cashmere scarves in different solid colors. Men cashmere scarves in black, navy, grey, beige, burgundy, wine olive green and dark green are the most popular. Women love their cashmere scarves in pink, blue, green, lilac, purple, burgundy red, ivory white to add a special touch to their winter wear.
This beautiful accessory gives a luxurious look enhancing your style and keeping you warm at the same time. Black, dark grey, medium grey, light grey, wine, tan, camel, white, ivory, cream, dark green, olive, navy, wine, burgundy, and red are the popular unisex colors in which these cashmere scarves are available. For the buyer in U.S, it is easy to purchase as Yours Elegantly is a CT based business with prompt shipping and dedicated customer service. East coast areas will get the products fast when ordering from this CT based business. Areas in Midwest and in south as well as on west coast are assured timely delivery as this business works hard towards customer satisfaction. Domestic U.S. customers wholesale and retail individual buyers get products in a few days though it is advisable to choose the shipping option that is appropriate especially if you need orders in 1-2 days. Retail orders over $50.00 get free shipping all customers get a token gift as this online shawl site cares.

These soft warm cashmere scarves are very well made and make beautiful winter scarves and Holiday gifts. They give a perfect level of warmth so you are not overly hot and uncomfortable. It is known to be a perfect gift for any occasion or corporate gift idea too. Buy them retail and wholesale at Yours Elegantly. Start planning and list out your favorite colors to buy these amazing cashmere scarves.

Stock up for elegant affordable Holiday gifts. Buy cashmere shawls scarves on sale from this retail/Wholesale US web based online store and YE will ship the shawls wraps and scarves to you with a gift. Your order can be shipped directly to the recipient with an extra gift from YE. Choose your favorite colors from the wide variety of cashmere scarves at Yours Elegantly today.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Trendy Collection : Cashmere Scarves In Elegant Colors

What is a Fashion scarf? How is it not quite the same as some other scarf? Well ladies see design scarves as "occasional scarves that are in vogue". A few ladies wear light design scarves for spring and summer and warm thicker 4 ply scarves in fall and winter to keep warm. A few ladies couldn't care less for a particular material and henceforth will use to the pursuit term "fashion scarves" to discover stylish scarves that are chic for that specific season. Henceforth you will discover an assortment of scarves in strong and printed magnificence, woven scarves, paisley scarves in a wide range of yarns as well. On the off chance that a lady needs a particular sort of scarf like a pashmina scarf she will enter that inquiry term to purchase Pashminas on the US web-based. So fashion scarves is a more broad term ladies utilize when they don't have a particular sort as a main priority.
Fashion scarves for spring and summer are light, sheer, shiny and delightful in chiffon silk, lace, net metallic beauty for evening scarves and wraps. In winter the wool scarves are popular for their plush warmth and a few ladies cherish beautiful affordable cashmere scarves.

Strong fashion scarves are an absolute necessity have for ladies to upgrade your closet it doesn't make a difference the season or age or event. Exemplary hues in women scarves are an unquestionable requirement so buy  - ivory white, beige, silver,  dark grey, dark green, black brown, orange, purple, burgundy red, light pink, blue, green and turquoise.

The handcrafted shawls and scarves for ladies have refined paisley designs, scrolls, vines, motifs that are seasonal in beauty and style. Handcrafted shawls with elegant winter snowflakes – are best sellers for Holiday scarves and gifts.

The handmade occasional design scarves are a specialty niche market and stores like Yours Elegantly have regular high quality scarves and wraps that are wonderful and truly unique. These make one of a kind gifts for any event particularly wedding and bridesmaids shawls that are certain to be treasured. Cashmere scarves make great wedding favors and affordable corporate bulk gifts. Golf clubs buy cashmere scarves for gifts for guests at their golf events. Leaves a lasting impression.

Look at silk adorned evening scarves and wraps, beautiful scarves with or without fringe in solids and designer elegance to inspire your all season closet at a small amount of the cost. Scarves uplift your wardrobe at a fraction of the price. Ladies buy excellent scarves marked down on sale as they cherish good deals. Wear fashion scarves in many styles and look astounding.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

How to Decide Whether to Buy Cashmere Scarves or Wool Scarves for Winter Wear?

Some consumers debate between the decision to buy cashmere scarves and the option to buy wool scarves and often are confused if they possibly are the same or similar. Most customers have not much of an idea of what cashmere yarn is and how it differs from merino sheep wool yarn for example. Many questions on warmth texture, quality, durability and price come to mind so let’s discuss this for a little clarity.
Product #1763
Origin difference: Cashmere yarn comes from the Capra Hircus Himalayan mountain cashmere goats and merino wool comes from sheep that originated in Portugal and Spain but today abound in Australia and New Zealand. So one is Himalayan cashmere goat hair the other from merino sheep to be accurate. The texture of both these hair are different in many ways and similar in some. They both are a form of wool though cashmere is considered far superior.

The similarity in both yarn is that they are considered very soft and fine in quality.

Hair Yield in a year:  A mountain Cashmere goat gives only 4 ounces of cashmere yarn a year but the merino sheep have to be sheared once a year no matter to prevent issues and they do give much more hair and therefore cashmere is more exclusive and expensive in comparison.

Cleaning and Care: Cashmere being more finer needs handwashing in cool water and no spot cleaning as it affects the yarn adversely. Merino wool can be washed in hot and cold water with spot cleaning never causing issues. This is because merino wool in comparison is sturdier.

Pricing: Luxurious cashmere depending on the grade is much more pricy and merino is more affordable and reasonably priced.

Use of the wool: Merino wool can be used in any clothing nothing is barred, great for clothing , accessories, undergarments, socks, caps, sports garments, it is excellent at keeping the body heat without overheating. Cashmere wool provides better insulation in that though light in weight it is 7-8 times warmer. Its warmth is luxurious and plush when made in to 4 ply shawls and scarves.

Distinctiveness: Clothing and accessories such as cashmere scarves, cashmere shawls wraps have the high distinctive advantage of being very breathable, lightweight with great insulation benefits. Merino wool has the advantage of absorbing the moisture and drying it superfast hence it is often used in ski wear and other winter sports wear clothing. It also contains natural lanolin which is great for its antibacterial properties. The main distinction of the lofty cashmere yarn is its crimp and the higher the crimp the better it can be spun into soft heavenly yarn that has flexibility Cashmere yarn also comes in 3 natural colors which merino yarn does not have. It comes in white, brown and grey whereas merino has to be dyed to the color needed. Of course cashmere wool too takes dyes in many colors and shades which is another advantage for it.

Durability: Merino wool is far more durable it is easy to take on the dye, it is odor absorbent, it is resistant to sun’s UV rays and very durable compared to cashmere. Having said that cashmere has the ability to adjust to high humidity levels in the air and that gives it superiority as it can be used in any climate. It is super soft light and plush and consumers men and women crave for the fine feel of cashmere there is good warmth but never an over heated feeling. The lure of cashmere around the sensitive neck and shoulder areas for cashmere scarves and women’s cashmere shawls is undeniably strong - it is what men and women crave for in their gift list.

Conclusion: Cashmere wool is considered crème de la crème of all winter wool scarves by most people and commands a higher price as it has many advantages even though it is not as durable as merino wool. One does have to remember Merino has so many plus points that it is one of the most popular wools used in any type of clothing/ accessories without restrictions. It is hugely popular and reasonably priced. Cashmere seems to be the luxury yarn that many opt for as they fall in love with it once they wear it. They love its flexibility in particular. Finally do bear in mind there are grades of yarn and plys of yarn that are used to make shawls and wraps. A higher grade or quality of yarn commands a slightly higher price. A ply is a layer of yarn so a 2 ply shawl is warm a 3 ply warmer and a 4 ply is plush warmth that is ideal for winters. Buy your cashmere shawls wraps and scarves on sale online where you will find amazing variety and magnificent colors and designs in scarf wraps to cherish.

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