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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Pashmina Look For All Summer Long

The process of making Pashmina products is a long, delicate process. The Pashm wool for Pashmina is derived from a specific type of Capra Hircus mountain goats which differentiates Pashmina wool from others. The warmth and soft light nature of the wool are very comforting. Pashminas give you a cozy and intimate kind of feeling. However, the idea of wearing Pashminas only for the winter season is not true as they are great year round shawls that women appreciate and buy to stock up in seasonal colors.

Summers can also be a good season to wear pashminas in different ways. The 70% Pashmina and 30% silk shawls are silken soft, drape wonderfully and feel like a light cover over your arms and shoulders giving you just that perfect sensation and confidence. Here are some tips by our company which is a US web-based online shawls and wraps store, that can be used to fill your summer wardrobe with pashmina products.

Single Ply / Two Ply Pashmina are Light and Airy

Pashminas are woven in a different number of ply, this means the layer of yarn that will be used to make the product. More the number of ply thicker will be the Pashmina. So instead a thicker pashmina one can choose to buy single ply or 2 ply pashmina for wearing it in the summer.

A Blend of Pashmina and Silk

The other best way to opt for Pashmina for summer and year round use is to use a product that is a combination of both Pashmina wool and Silk.  Silk is a breathable and fiber that adds on to the beauty of Pashmina by giving a sheen, finer drape and divine feel against your skin. Use soft pastels in spring and summer for a lighter brighter look and appeal.

Ivory white Pashmina, cream Pashmina are great for summer wedding shawls. For bridesmaids Shawls and Pashmina wedding Favors use many light color options available which could be best suited for a summer event. As light bright colors reflect the light, you will feel cool and look trendy in your  summer shawls.

Pashmina Scarves

There comes another solution. Pashmina scarves are smaller 12” x 64” and add that lovely completing touch to any outfit. Buy silk pashmina paisley scarves to add a glow and cheery effect to any casual or evening attire. Scarves add instant style to any outfit. The refresh your look instantly.

So buy Pashmina from online sites that will give you quick delivery and great service. Women love Pashmina sale and yes it does make a difference as you can buy a couple colors to enhance your wardrobe. The summer scarves in silken pashmina are more affordable and yet add elegance so try one today.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Showcase Your Elegance With Evening Shawls at Special Occasions

Those who know how to style can practically style up in anything, and yet slay the fashion circle like anything. All it takes for them is a fashion accessory like a shawl and they can give their outfit a twist beyond words.

Evening shawls are the must haves in the North East  and Mid-Western states in the U.S. and especially during the Fall and winter seasons when the need to style and stay warm has to happen simultaneously. These shawls are in various yarns but specifically made out of Cashmere wool which is a woman’s favorite type of warm shawl wrap. Special occasions may come and go and yet, those shawls remain favorites and treasures. That is the reason perhaps that Evening Cashmere Pashmina Shawls are a wonderful gift for women for any occasion or event including the holiday time when cashmere evening shawls are treasured the most.

These shawls come in chiffon, velvet burnt silk, and lace fabrics that spell magnificence too and look classy for any occasion. Many of these shawls come with jacquard weaving and other such intricacies that portray the charisma of a person wearing it.

There are some women who prefer to drape embellished shawls and scarves, and can carry off any such style with elan. This is what makes every person different from the other. Talking of style, many prefer to wear gossamer-light shawls that are plain, elegant and exude an aura of bliss when draped across their shoulder.

Cashmere shawls get their own personality that goes beyond just draping them as a shawl. These shawls ideally come in solid colors and with a three inch free of a half inch eyelash fringe.  Across the USA, all of these styles are in rage and people, who know their fashion sense do not mind trying any of these designs. A new shawl arrival stirs excitement and curiosity to buy it and wear it in its artistic handcrafted elegance.

The Cashmere shawls are a huge hit across India and Nepal and even across the world. These are export-quality shawls sold in The U.S. by stores like Yours Elegantly. The online store has built a business around these dressy and sophisticated shawls that are more than just a fashion accessory. They provide soft warmth, high style and look great as evening shawls that will make you be noticed.

Today, evening shawls do not just mean a length of cloth to cover up the shoulders during an evening out like they did in olden times. These are as fashionable as they can get and various fashion houses worth their weight in gold, know their significance. Today, fashion designers use fascinating designs and intricate weaves that come from the highlands in Himalayan ranges. These shawls are then exported to the U.S.A. and sold online at an affordable price.

Majestic and classy are the metallic silver or sheer lace shawls that spell style and make your outfit look even more attractive. While draping chiffon silk evening shawls, all that you have to remember is to know the best way to drape it for that particular outfit. Besides that, if you also know a few styles of draping them, then it could lead you launching a new fashion trend.

That is why today, people do not mind looking around for evening shawls that are elegant, and outstanding in true terms while adding leverage to your fashionable clothes on a cool evening date.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Cotton Tunic Tops - An Attire for Elegance

In summer, if there is a fabric that is on everyone’s favorite list, it has to be cotton. The natural fabric cotton has been around for a long time, and it is only logical for that to happen too. The fabric is light to wear and easy to maintain - the two prerogatives that the modern generation of people prefers. Whether it is for formal wear, festive wear, or even for casual wear, cotton can look gracious in any occasion. Cotton is also one of the top choices for tunic tops and tops in summer season since they are light and comfortable to wear.

Every person has his or her own style, and they like to portray that through their attire. Whether it is by wearing bold colors or by going for subtle designs, everyone has a choice with regards to clothes. 

As for the clothing options that are in the market right now, tunic tops are definitely the in-thing. The reason for that is its flexibility in being beautiful when  paired with any bottom. Its versatility is the reason it has withstood so many generations of a fashion wave. 

A thing about cotton tops is its elegance. The designs on cotton tops vary from delicate threadwork to detailed embroidery. These tops are in fashion in Asia, Australia, Europe and U.S.A. Many stores in the U.S. also display them for their customers. These tunics have the artistry of weavers and designers in Asia, such expertise in designing that they carry forward their legacy in art across the countries.

Tunic Tops are a worldwide favorite for their cool cotton comfort and sleek look they give women. They look great with casual pants, jeans, shorts, skirt and also as a swim cover up. A typical feature that attracts people to wear comfortable cotton tunics is its functionality. It gets easy to slip neckline, which sometimes can range from round to sweetheart to V-Neck and more. The hip covering sleek coverage that cool cotton tunics give for women is a comfort they crave. The designs are simple to embellished for casual and dressy evening wear. These tops are styled with the woman’s size in mind. For women who wear large to 4X  plus size tunics, they give a very flattering look concealing trouble spots beautifully. You get a slightly loose fit which is very attractive and flowy for summer. The tunic tops from Yours Elegantly come in various sizes too and it is easy to shop for them online by checking out their size chart. This will be helpful too when one is checking a top for someone else as a unique gift for that woman. The store is known for dedicated customer service, phone orders if you prefer that to placing the order online and quick answer to emails which all customers appreciate.

Depending on users’ style preference, they can opt for the length of tops, and if they are wearing it over pants or shorts, they can buy hip covering or long tunic tops whatever they like as there is such a wide selection of tunics. Tunics work well for all body types especially pear-shaped bodies, then nothing would work better than these tunic tops. 

Cotton tunics are a must-have for those who are in the humid states and who wish to wear something light wherever they go out. Yours Elegantly has cotton and silk tunics that come in various styles and are available at deep discounts for tunic shoppers in the U.S. and worldwide. All order ship from CT with a gift. 
Since this summer, it feels hotter than usual. Try to wear something light and what is better than airy light cotton tunic tops?

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Pick the Right Silk Pashmina Shawl with Varied Color Combinations for a Great Evening Party

A great evening calls for a lovely attire with a matching shawl or scarf to make the woman stand out at a party. Nothing can be greater than adorning a Silk Pashmina Shawl that provides an elegant touch to women. Pashmina is in style due to a number of reasons such as warmth, softness, and its unique paisley designs. Embroidered Pashminas are always sought after for a unique women’s gift for any season or occasion. It is noteworthy that Pashmina wedding favors are an ideal way to make a wedding memorable.

Grab a Matching Silk Pashmina

Pashmina evening party shawls are available in various color combinations at many online stores. However, the company Yours Elegantly is a one-stop-shop for all types of Pashmina shawls. Women can buy Paisley shawls, Solid shawls, Designer or Shiny Shawls, Embroidered or Handcrafted shawls. This US-based online store sells Silk Pashmina Shawl in nearly all colors and sizes. One can opt for any solid colors, paisley designs, handcrafted pashmina online or place a phone order with the friendly staff. This is a BBB Accredited Business.

These shawls are made from Pashmina wool ideal for the cool fall and cold winter season. The 70% Pashmina and 30% silk shawls are perfect for spring and summer especially as evening shawls and bridal wedding and bridesmaids shawls. They are available in many qualities, sizes, designs and workmanship  to suit your budget. Many are high quality material since they are imported Cashmere Pashmina Shawls. They are hand-woven with wool derived from the Cashmere goat, found in the upper northern hilly areas of India and Nepal. One can feel the softness of Pashmina shawls just by touching them.

The problem in Choosing the Right Color - Let Us Help You!

If you are facing a problem in choosing the right color combination of Silk Pashmina Shawl with your outfit then simply reach out to customer service. Yours Elegantly strives to assist customers match a lovely shawl to their bridal and evening attire. The staff are available over the phone or by email to help the customers to choose the right color & style of Pashmina Shawl for their party outfit. Women customers can send a picture by email of their party outfit and the company’s customer care representatives many of who are designers for the shawls will get back with a perfect color combination.

Pashmina Shawls available at the online store are affordable within one’s budget as there is a constant sale going on. The reason being this is an online wholesale and retail store. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for our customers. The Pashmina are woven into 2 ply, 3 ply & 4 ply shawls so you can get the degree of protection you desire.

If you want Pashmina Shawl for a summer party then a light silk pashmina is ideal. In case, you are attending an outdoor wedding or function in the colder areas or during winter then 3 ply or 4 ply shawls are a better choice. This is because they provide utmost warmth but still soft on your skin.

The Silk Pashmina Shawl makes a perfect wearable accessory with the western outfits whether it is a prom party, wedding or a corporate function. It makes women look beautiful as soon as they drape the shawl and completes the evening look. The most promising thing about this Shawl is its soft texture, which is very different from ordinary shawls. A quality Silk Pashmina is a must have in every wardrobe. You can catch everyone’s attention while you move through the party. Buy Pashmina Shawls at the best prices from Yours Elegantly and get a gift with every purchase. They also offer free standard shipping on the orders $50.00 and up  in the US.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

For Mother's Day Buy Shawls As Beautiful Gifts to Treasure

A shawl suggests comfort, affection and a feeling of being  cherished, hence it makes a beautiful gift also a unique one for any special occasion including a special Mother’s Day Gift. You can buy a cashmere shawl, a pashmina in solid colors or paisley inlaid design, a lace chiffon silk shawl wrap is unique for evening wear and not to forget a velvet wrap that may be just what she needs.

Shawls come in many sizes, with or without fringe, some have handcrafted seasonal designs, some shawls with crystals are so delicate and beautiful so buy them on sale. Shawls Wraps with embroidery cost a bit more than the regular woven ones but are such a rare find so stock up when you see them in stock.  A warm shawl can be woven 2 ply, 3 ply or 4 ply as ply increases so does the warmth and the price is higher too. A knit shawl  looks like a cardigan wrap so the soft luxury shawl collection at Yours Elegantly is ideal. The focus is that with a shawl as a gift for any woman it is sure to be appreciated and bring a smile to her face. Women crave shawls and wraps as they are great for evening wear, for travel and while relaxing at home a shawl acts like a throw, adding a stylish touch to the d├ęcor of the family room as well.

Now with summer on the way Pashmina be it scarves shawls wraps and beach cover ups / sarongs are popular and so versatile.  Buy them on sale and stock up for unique women’s gifts. Men if you have difficulty deciding on a shawl gift call 860-355-4184 for assistance the kindhearted staff at Yours Elegantly will promptly assist you find a good shawl  gift for that special woman. Women you are welcome to email pictures of your dress and our designers can respond with some shawl choices so you get a shawl wrap that is a great compliment to your outfit. Remember you don’t have to get a shawl in exact same color tone of the dress especially some colors like navy are tricky. So go with a dark navy and lighter color tone inlaid design that will bring the ensemble together in a stylish way.

A Better Business Bureau Accredited Business, Yours Elegantly is the place to get unique shawls in a wide variety. Women love evening shawls for any occasion and for daily wear. It makes the perfect gift!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Buy Beautiful Ruana Wraps that stay in place

Beautiful Ruana Wraps that stay in place for warmth, so ideal for spring but also come in handy in fall and winter as warm cape wraps or long scarves. Women that are very tall love Ruanas Wraps - it has become a huge fashion statement and petite women have developed a strong liking to them too. They love to wear them for their length and wide coverage as it enhances the silhouette for a classy chic look.

The V cut at the neckline keeps the Ruana wrap in place with all round wonderful coverage and you can wear it with the middle split in front or drape one side over the opposite shoulder for a snug look. Ruffled Ruana Wraps are so in style and are classics really. Women don’t tire of them for some reason. The fringed ones are longer, wider, warmer and hot favorites for the cold weather.

The warm wool Ruanas are a good value as women love them to lounge in them indoors, great for travel wraps and on vacation. They look formal and stylish at the office and beautiful for day and evening wear! So versatile that women crave a wrap like this as a gift! Try one today you will want more than one women’s cape wrap for the cold seasons.  Buy a sheer chiffon Ruana for spring/summer wear so you can look amazing in this beach coverup.

They do resemble kimono wraps in some ways an accessory that spells ultimate comfort for spring and summer. Velvet burnt silk Ruana wrap are so elegant for evening wraps and women find them a worthwhile buy for many seasons. The style is great, coverage fantastic, the burnt silk embossed designing artsy and finally women do attain that sleeker look too which they love! Try one today buy from online sites like Yours Elegantly and enjoy evening wraps on sale plus a gift with purchase. Order $50.00 & up ship free in USA and international shipping is affordable and fast. A Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with amazing service!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Most Elegant And Comfortable Evening Shawls For Fall Winter and Spring

Women and Men are crazy about Warm Wool Shawls and Scarves. Silk scarves and Cashmere evening shawls are the latest trend. Nowadays unique designs in scarves and shawls are available so you can look very different and gorgeous. Women like having an evening shawl like no other. Cashmere and Pashmina shawls have created a rave with the ongoing wedding seasons. People prefer to wear Scarves and Shawls for all seasons and especially with their evening dresses so unique shawls, evening wraps with that classy beautiful handcrafting made for you are what women want.

Cashmere Wraps are heavenly in comfort and are very soft. Cashmere Pashminas comes in many different colors of orange, rust green, purple, red, and gold tones. Warm winter wool shawls are often colorful, pure pashminas with paisley weaves are from India and Nepal. The solid colors of cashmere evening shawls complete your wardrobe and keep you luxuriously beautiful, stylish and protected. The wool for these shawls is originally produced in Ladakh region of Indian Administered Jammu & Kashmir by producers who are known as Changpa. These Shawls are mainly known for their warmth and softness. We provide you different types of cashmere shawls on our US Web-Based Online Store.

Some women like silk cashmere shawls, as silk makes the shawls even more lovely in feel and touch and its great for spring time and fall which is cool as these not quite as warm as the cashmere wool shawls that are ideal in 4 ply for winter when its super cold. Beautiful and elegant shawls and wrap in seasonal colors help you stay on trend. Paisley Cashmere Pashmina Shawls from India are trendsetters and have enriched women’s outerwear collection. They are all available retail and wholesale online and stores like Yours Elegantly set a high degree of importance on caring about the customers, the staff help with matching shawls with dresses and the prompt delivery from within the U.S. is a plus point.

Some countries like India use the term cashmere pashmina in an interchangeable manner as it comes from the same mountain Changthangi goats. The silk cashmere pashminas are the most popular ones as evening pashminas and they are light in weight, hypo-allergenic so any skin type can wear it and very comfortable. The demand for these cashmere shawls is most in wedding seasons especially at a sale price online where customarily shawls are more affordable.

There are many different grades of cashmere that can be used in making beautiful evening shawls. Higher the grade finer the yarn. Manufacturers make it in four different grades, Grade A, Grade B, Grade C, and Grade D. Grade A is the most superior. The evening shawls have literally become a fashion trend and all kinds of fashionable Cashmere Pashminas Shawls are now available in the market. Shop online for warm evening shawls and save whilst stocking up to uplift your wardrobe. Buy cashmere wedding shawls, warm wool bridesmaid wraps and cashmere scarves for men to make the occasion delightful and memorable in every way. Shawls are popular as wedding favors pashmina wedding favors are the way to go and many corporations love Cashmere Pashminas for corporate gifts.

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