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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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Winter Shawls Wraps & Scarves

What does a good Winter Shawl Wrap Scarf Accessory have that makes it special? Definitively warmth, a light soft feel, trendy styling in designer patterns or checks & plaids or even a solid Shawl Wrap & Scarf makes a big statement.

What is the most sought after Winter Accessory? I did some research and came to the conclusion a good Winter Shawl Wrap & Scarf would be the “Cashmere” or “Pashmina” and often a “Cashmere Pashmina” which is a fine blend of both Cashmere and Pashmina wool.

The question then comes to mind why not just a Winter Wool Shawl Wrap & Scarf ? The answer is clear over the years the lure of the Pashmina has taken over the Fashion & Style Industry. “Pashmina” is derived from Persian word “Pashm” meaning “wool”. This Pashmina Wool is a very fine, light yet protective fiber taken from mostly the underbelly of the Himalayan Mountain Goats. The Goats shed their hair and it is then woven by expert weavers into heavenly weaves of Jamawar. The Shawls are often dyed into gorgeous colors and various shades and hues in each color and often come in a Solid Pashmina or even in a shaded or Ombre pashmina. Over the years the Pashmina Industry has grown to meet the demands of the fashion conscious customer and now we have amazing Embroidered Pashmina, Beaded Pashmina, Pashmina Ring Shawl which is so fine it can pass through a finger ring. The light and heavenly soft Pashmina has taken over the Women’s Accessory Market in Shawls, Wraps, Stoles & Scarves. Even Capes, Ruanas and Ponchos in Pashmina and Cashmere are increasingly popular. The thick, stuffy, sometimes itchy feel “Plain Wool” has been quietly replaced by its fierce competitor “Cashmere Pashmina”.

The Pashmina Winter Accessories are in demand and come in varying quality depending on the quality and content of the fiber. Many are used for Bridal Wedding & Bridesmaid Shawls and make one of the finest Bridesmaid Gifts. A good Winter Shawl would be a Cashmere Pashmina known for its soft, light heavenly feel and comfortable luxurious protection unlike the thick itchy feel of Wool Shawls. These range from a wholesale price of close to $30 to hefty thousands.

Online Winter Shawls Scarves Sites like Neiman Marcus and Gucci are known for their high quality & high priced Winter Accessories as they have huge overheads to cover and then there are the Unique Store like Yours Elegantly that bring the individual customer discounted 70% off pricing that is close to wholesale pricing on the Winter Shawls & Scarves straight from manufacturers from the land of Pashmina namely India & Nepal. Added Incentives like free shipping and a gift have make sites like Yours Elegantly extremely popular in the U.S. market and Internationally. They are excellent suppliers of wholesale Cashmere Pashmina Winter Shawls & Scarves at below wholesale pricing too. We scoured the internet for other sites that are unique and found Sherpa Scarf quite appealing in its products and price point.

Women want the Eternal Pashmina and the Eternal Cashmere Shawl and Scarf as a gift for any occasion. Many are passionate Pashmina Cashmere Collectors. Conclusion is The Cashmere Pashmina Shawl & Scarf is the Winter Shawl & Scarf of the Modern era and will continue to be so for generations to come. Many families pass on their Cashmere Pashmina Shawls & Scarves down the generations and these are treated as prized possessions for their value and other ties & sentiments they carry with them.

So remember a good cashmere pashmina is a good investment but does not necessarily have to be an extremely expensive investment as the online stores have good competitive deals for the fashionable & discerning customer.

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