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Monday, December 29, 2008

Cashmere Scarf Designer Unique & Affordable at Yours Elegantly

The http://www.yourselegantly.com/ Cashmere Scarf website is popular with Men & Women for its Discounted Designer Cashmere Scarf Collection. Yours Elegantly has a collection of Amazing Men’s Solid Cashmere Scarves and Men’s Plaid Cashmere Scarves as well as Women’s / Ladies Solid Cashmere Scarves and Women’s / Ladies Plaid Cashmere Scarves ranging from $18.00 on Clearance to $39.99 on Sale. This discounted retail pricing is a result of an Up to 70% off Sale with specials like Free Shipping and a Gift Specials that run from time to time too.

The Cashmere Scarf Collection features the Solid Cashmere Scarf available in varied soft and darker colors of Blue, Navy, Grey, Black, Brown, Burgundy, Red, Beige, Purple, Pink, Green, Cream, Camel, Yellow, Wine & more….to the Designer Discounted Plaid Cashmere Scarf Collection in various Colors, Styles of Plaid including the Cashmere Plaid Nova Check Scarf, Cashmere Checks Scarf, Cashmere Checkered Burberry Style Plaid, Scottish Tartan Plaid to Custom Plaid styles designed and made for Yours Elegantly.

The Cashmere Scarf Collection is imported - designed & made in India, Nepal, Italy, Inner Mongolia from manufacturers that specialize in Cashmere Wool and Silk production.

The Cashmere Scarf may be a Pure Cashmere Scarf which is soft and delightful and the Cashmere Blend Scarf is a blend of Cashmere Wool and Silk and is in great demand as it is soft, divine and affordable.

http://www.yourselegantly.com/ specializes in the Retail Discounted Cashmere Scarf area as well as Wholesale Discounted Cashmere Scarf area. Individual Retail Customers enjoy the benefits of personalized excellent customer service, discounted Up to 70% off Sale Pricing & Specials like Free shipping & a Gift Specials that run from time to time. Wholesale Customers who are Retailers Large and Small including Small Home Businesses, Gift Stores on emailing us at sales@yourselegantly.com or calling in at 860-355-4184 get the benefit of below wholesale pricing, low minimums, good resale margins and good service.

Shop for a Cashmere Scarf that is Unique, Designer & Affordable at Yours Elegantly and enjoy the luxury and softness of a Solid /Plaid Cashmere Scarf at a reasonable discounted price so you can save big!

Cashmere Pashmina Wraps are the Trendiest of Women’s Accessories

Gift a ashmere Pashmina Wrap and experience the sheer joy of giving! Imagine the joy when you get gifted a Unique Designer yet Discounted Cashmere Pashmina Wrap from http://www.yourselegantly.com/

At Yours Elegantly we have a wide selection of Cashmere Pashmina Wraps in a full size 30” x 80” and 28” x 76” with 3” fringe. The Solid Cashmere Pashmina Wraps are very popular in singly ply in Black, Brown, Beige, Burgundy and Navy. The 2 ply Cashmere Pashmina Wraps in Black and Burgundy are the fastest sellers at the deeply discounted up to 70% off Sale with Specials like Free Shipping and a Gift Specials that run from time to time.. The Cashmere and Wool Blend 4 ply Cashmere Pashmina Wraps are thick and very warm perfect for those cold winter months. The Designer Paisley Cashmere Pashmina Wraps are one of a kind wraps beautiful in weave, style and feel. Lastly the Ruana Cape Wraps in Checkered Designer Style are the Pinnacle of Women’s Fashion Capes & Wraps and are available in Black, Brown, Wine, Checkered and Flowery Styles. The Elite Cashmere Pashmina Embroidered Shawls are what dreams are made up of for the Cashmere Pashmina crazy Ladies! There is something for everyone. Hence our Cashmere Pashmina Wraps make Unique Discounted Women’s Gifts too.

Available Retail and Wholesale the Cashmere Pashmina Wraps at Yours Elegantly are in demand! Why pay huge retail markups on Cashmere Pashmina Wraps when you can get them close to wholesale pricing without the retail markups. At http://www.yourselegantly.com/
we strive to be Unique yet Affordable. Our products are elegant, unique, rare treasures in the Cashmere Pashmina Accessories category.

We encourage individual customers to buy and save on our Cashmere Pashmina Wraps at up to 70% off with free shipping and a gift Specials that run from time to time.. We encourage Retailers big and small even start up home businesses to buy from us with low minimums at below wholesale pricing and enjoy good resale margins.

The Owner of Yours Elegantly works hard alongwith the team at Yours Elegantly to bring you Fashionable, Designer Quality Cashmere Pashmina Wraps at discounted pricing so you can save big! Besides, the service of Yours Elegantly is personalized and friendly. Yours Elegantly has many Satisfied Cashmere Pashmina Customers as seen in their Customer Testimonials. Shop and experience the difference!

Cashmere Scarves Designer Discounted and In Demand at www.yourselegantly.com

The lure of the Cashmere Scarves has been steady since past few decades. Customers were asked by Yours Elegantly what it was that made the Cashmere Scarves so appealing.

Penny F. from NY said the feel of the soft cashmere is the main reason for her opting for cashmere scarves as opposed to wool scarves. Jessica D. from New Haven CT said that she was totally into the Designer Cashmere Scarves look and style. “I feel fashionable and well dressed when I enter my Manhattan office in a lovely Pink Plaid Cashmere Scarf from Yours Elegantly”. Mark A. from Boyds, MD said for him the Cashmere Scarf showed class and luxury and he added that when priced at a discounted 70% off at http://www.yourselegantly.com/ with the benefit of a gift too he was all for it!

Cashmere Scarves can be Pure Cashmere Scarves, Cashmere Silk Scarves, Cashmere & Wool Scarves and the cost is related to the content of the scarf as also the place of origin. Cashmere Scarves mainly come from Inner Mongolia, India, Nepal, Italy and England. The pricing varies with quality of cashmere, place of origin as labor costs vary too and since the cashmere scarves are mainly imported shipping and customs fees need to be considered too.

Some of the Cashmere Stores have high retail markups. At Yours Elegantly we strive to provide Cashmere Accessories like Cashmere Scarves and Wraps at close to wholesale pricing without the huge retail markups. Through the year we have specials like free shipping and a gift. Our motto is to be “Unique Yet Affordable and to Delight our Customers, not just Please them”.

Yours Elegantly carries a wide selection of Solid Cashmere Scarves in beautiful colors like Beige, Camel, Cream Black, Brown, Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Navy, Purple, Orange, Yellow and Burgundy. Cashmere Scarves are available Retail at up to 70% off and wholesale at special wholesale pricing depending on quantity ordered. Yours Elegantly is glad to help small businesses, Gift Shops, Boutiques add cashmere accessories as a new addition to their business by low minimum requirements and providing Cashmere Scarves at below wholesale pricing so they can enjoy decent margins on resale.

The Designer Plaid Cashmere Scarves like the Designer Plaid Cashmere Scarves& Camel Cashmere Plaid Scarves amongst other Cashmere Plaid Scarves are huge favorites with both Men & Women. The Pink Cashmere Plaid Scarves, Blue Cashmere Plaid Scarves are a huge favorite with the ladies. We get many compliments on the Plaid Cashmere Scarves and they are huge sellers retail and wholesale.

Gina B. of San Jose CA said in her Customer Testimonial:“I shop for Cashmere Scarves at http://www.yourselegantly.com/ because the service is the best and the Scarves are good quality at a very good reasonable price. I recommend this Cashmere Site whole heartedly. There’s such a variety of Cashmere Scarves that I can find a good cashmere scarf gift for anyone on my gift list for Christmas or any other special occasion.”

Pashmina Wraps A Designer Must Have Women’s Accessory

The Pashmina Wrap at http://www.yourselegantly.com/ is a Designer Discounted Pashmina Wrap available in Seasonal Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer Pashmina Colors and Styles on Sale / Clearance at up to 70% off with Specials like Free shipping and a Gift too.

The Pashmina Wrap is a perfect Bridesmaid Gift idea. It could be the Pure Pashmina Wraps that are warmer and hence perfect for Fall and Winter Weddings especially in Winter Colors like a Navy Pashmina, Burgundy Pashmina, Brown Pashmina, Black Pashmina…The Pashmina & Silk Wraps are light and heavenly, great for Spring and Summer Weddings. Pashmina & Silk Wraps are universal in appeal and have a soft heavenly feel that is divine.

The Bridal Wedding & Bridesmaid Pashmina Wraps are designer elegance all the way and very discounted to fit within any Bride’s Budget as we understand at Yours Elegantly how important it is for the Bride to get an Elegant Pashmina Bridesmaid Wrap or Bridesmaid Shawl at an Affordable Price. Our Motto at Yours Elegantly is “Unique Yet Affordable”. The Solid Bridesmaid Pashmina Wraps and the Designer Paisley Pashmina Wraps are top sellers in our Bridal & Bridesmaid Pashmina category.

Yours Elegantly has a wide selection of Solid Pashmina Wraps to choose from and that makes it easy to match the Bridesmaid’s dresses and they make Elegant Discounted Bridesmaid gifts that will be treasured and cherished.

The White Pashmina Silk Wrap and The Cream Paisley Pashmina Silk Wrap are perfect Bridal Pashmina Wraps. There is a nice selection of Pashmina wraps for the Bride. The Wedding Pashmina Wraps are beautiful masterpieces. Some of the Pashmina Wraps are Shaded Pashminas, Embroidered Pashminas, designed and made by skilled artisans in India and Nepal especially for Yours Elegantly. Buy our Pashmina Wraps on Sale at Up To 70% off and Save Big!

Pashmina Wraps evokes many emotions and memories. The Pashmina Wrap is considered to be one of the most sought after Gifts for Women. The Pashmina Wrap leaves a lasting impression and the memory of a Pashmina Gift Wrap is a treasured forever memory.

Retail and Wholesale Pashmina Wraps are available at Yours Elegantly. We give our Individual Retail Customers the benefit of a close to wholesale price on the Pashmina Wraps. Plus Free shipping and a gift. We assist Retailers/Resellers big and small by providing them Solid and Designer Pashmina Wraps at below wholesale pricing with low minimums to ensure a decent resale margin. So come experience quality service and the Beauty of a Pashmina Wrap at deep discounts at Yours Elegantly.
Customer Testimonial:I bought 6 Silver Grey Pashmina Bridal Wedding & Bridesmaid Wraps from http://www.yourselegantly.com/ and get excellent phone service and assistance. The Pashminas arrived in CA within 4 days with free shipping and a gift. The Bridesmaid loved the soft silky feeling of the Pashmina Silk Wraps and they cost me just $19.99 each. I recommend this site highly.Jamie R. Santa Barbara CA

I received the Cream fully embroidered Pure Pashmina Wrap for $65.00 yesterday and wore it to a reception dinner in the evening. I can’t event count the number of compliments I got. I gave everyone the Yours Elegantly site address. I am totally crazy about your Pashminas. Thank you for the necklace gift too.Francis D. NY

Men’s Cashmere Scarves - Solid and Plaid at Yours Elegantly

Brian D. our biggest Cashmere Scarves Customer from New York, NY says it all –
“ I spent time searching the Internet for an affordable yet quality Men’s Cashmere Scarf I would like to keep for years and enjoy right from the cool fall season all through the cold winter and into spring too. In NY a good Cashmere Scarf is a necessity!

I bought a couple Cashmere Scarves from 3 different sites to test quality at various price points. Promptly returned the cashmere scarves to 2 sites and kept 2 Cashmere Scarves that I bought from http://www.yourselegantly.com/ - the Black Plaid Cashmere Scarf discounted to a sale price of $29.99 was awesome, soft and stylish too. The Solid Dark Brown Cashmere Scarf at $29.99 was a great color match with my winter coat and was just perfect. No shipping costs and I got a gift - a Navy bandana. I was bowled over with this site and then my wife Stacy got hooked on their Cashmere Scarves & Wraps for ladies that came in such a wide range. I shop this site all the time even for Cashmere Gifts. I buy the gifts and Yours Elegantly ships them free and adds a gift of their own – Awesome!!! The service is quick, professional and courteous. I also did a phone order and it took all of 4 minutes. I read they are involved with various Welfare Organizations and I applaud that. Yours Elegantly is great for Men’s Cashmere Scarves in Solid and Plaid.”

Pashminas that are elegant, unique and affordable.

You can buy Pashminas from any store but we at http://www.yourselegantly.com/ go through great lengths to get Pashminas from The Land Of Pashminas namely India and Nepal from the factory direct to offer them to our customers at deep discounts.

Looking for Elegant Pashminas in Solid or Designer Weaves at Up To 70% off pricing which is close to wholesale pricing without the retail markups plus Free Shipping and a Gift – look no further Yours Elegantly has a big selection of Solid Pashminas and Designer Pashminas that are unique, affordable and make lovely gifts for women.

We are known at Yours Elegantly for our personalized customer service which is a rare treat these days according to our customers who call in for advice on matching a pashmina with a dress or just wanting to place a quick phone order and comment on how great it feels to speak to a friendly well informed live service representative.

So shop our Pashmina Site http://www.yourselegantly.com/ with confidence and enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home and enjoy the wide Pashmina selection – Solid Pashminas, Designer Pashminas, Bridal, Wedding &Bridesmaid Pashminas, Cashmere Pashminas, Pashmina & Silk, Pure Silk Evening Shawls, Embroidered & Beaded Pashminas, Shaded or Ombre Pashminas at discounted pricing with free shipping and a gift. Experience the difference!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What is an Indian Tunic Kurti?

A Tunic or Kurti which is Indian for Tunic is a comfortable loose hip covering tunic top in cotton, chiffon, linen, georgette or silk. Kurtis Tunics are mostly with long sleeves. The Spring and Summer Tunic Kurti is often in short sleeves or even sleeve less in cotton voile or 100% pure organic cotton.

The Designer Fashion Industry loves enticing & trendy designer styles so the Indian Tunic Kurti is often embellished and embroidered with elegance and style in keeping with latest Indian Fashion & Style dictated often by Bollywood - which is the Indian Movie Industry. Yours Elegantly a leading Tunic Kurti Retailer & Wholesaler keeps Designer Tunics from XS to 4X in accordance with the latest fashion trends. The Plus Tunic Kurti Fashion Industry is the fasted growing Industry as the Craze for the Indian Tunic Kurti has taken over the Fashion Industry and is here to stay.

The Indian Tunic Kurti Craze has spread all over the world. We have top designers working on Kurti masterpieces for movie stars and runway models. The average person also loves the Indian Kurti as it represents designer style fashion & comfort which is a perfect combination for a clothing item. The Tunic Kurti is here to stay as the Fashion Industry comes up with new tunic styles to keep the consumers riveted to this awesome clothing. Some Traditional Classic Tunic Kurtis are always welcome like the “Indian Lucknow Chikan Cotton Tunic Kurti with Hand Embroidery”. This Cotton Embroidered Tunic is the ultimate in comfort and style available at a discounted price of $24.00 at http://www.yourselegantly.com/

Evening Tunics Dressy Tunics are the rage for the fashion conscious consumer. The slim and the plus size women all want this comfortable tunic – the ever popular Indian Tunic Kurti.
We at http://www.yourselegantly.com/ are Retail and Wholesale Tunic Kurti Suppliers. There is an up to 70% off sale on the Indian Tunics Kurtis at Yours Elegantly plus free shipping and a gift for our individual customers. You may contact us at 860-355-4184 or sales@yourselegantly.com. Retailers and Resellers may make Wholesale queries for below wholesale pricing on our tunics kurtis via email.

Pashmina and More Pashmina is what Women want!

Ask a Woman what her favorite dream gift would be and without a second thought most likely the answer would be a gorgeous “Pashmina”. No surprises here but The Pashmina has been one of the Best Gifts for Women since the last few decades.

No wonder The Pashmina Industry works hard in keeping up with the demand for Pashmina and coming up with Unique Pashmina like the Shaded Pashmina or Ombre Pashmina, the Elegant Embroidered Pashmina, the Designer Paisley Pashmina and the Eternal Solid Pashmina.

The Solid Pashmina come in pastel colors perfect as Spring Pashmina & Summer Pashmina like the Blue Pashmina, Pink Pashmina, Cream Pashmina, Peach Pashmina, Beige Pashmina, Green Pashmina, Lilac Pashmina and the vibrant brilliant color Fall Pashmina & Winter Pashmina like the Silver Grey Pashmina, Black, Pashmina, Navy Pashmina, Brown Pashmina, Orange Pashmina, Burgundy Pashmina, Red Pashmina, Purple Pashmina and more…

The Designer Pashmina especially in weaves of Jamawar and Paisley Designs with a combination of amazing colors, shading, beaded work, embroidery, Swarovski crystals and hand painting has taken the Clothing & Accessories Fashion Industry to a whole new level.

The Pashmina is underfur of the Himalayan mountain goat and is derived from the Persian word “Pashm” or “wool”. The goat shed the underfur and it is woven into heavenly shawls, wraps and scarves that drive women crazy. The “How to wear a Pashmina” Section of Yours Elegantly is informative and interesting demonstrating the various styles in which to tie the Pashmina Scarf, Shawl &Wrap.

Many customers are willing to pay a hefty price for the Pashmina. Most stores have huge overheads so the resale margins are very high. At Yours Elegantly we keep our overheads as low as possible, buy directly from source that is from the factories in the Land of the Pashmina mainly India and Nepal and attempt to give our customers Discount Pashmina at affordable discounted sale pricing.
Buy from http://www.yourselegantly.com/ and enjoy our wide selection of Pashmina at up to 70% off with Free Shipping and a Gift too! Most of all enjoy our great service and save big on your Pashmina purchase for yourself or as a gift!

Online Shopping for Cheap yet Quality Pashmina Evening Wraps

It’s crazy when you have to be at a party in the evening and you’ve spent a bomb on a lovely elegant dress and suddenly realize you need an evening wrap. Looking for an elegant dressy Evening Wrap / Evening Shawl especially a beautiful Pashmina Evening Wrap on a budget can be time consuming. Most Pashmina Stores & Department Stores have huge retail mark ups but not Yours Elegantly.

The Team at http://www.yourselegantly.com/ understands this dilemma. Yours Elegantly specializes in Evening Wraps, Women’s Evening Shawls, Pashmina Evening Wraps at deep discounts – Up To 70% off plus Free Shipping and a Gift too.

The Evening Wraps are appropriate to the season. In Fall & Winter Yours Elegantly has amazing Elegant Cashmere Pashmina Evening Wraps, Cashmere Evening Wraps, Pure Pashmina Evening wraps that have added warmth to them. Beautiful weaves in the Cashmere Pashmina with gorgeous winter colors like Black, Brown, Burgundy, Navy, Grey, Cream, Red are combined to produce Elegant Winter Evening Wraps that will make heads turn. Rest assured these Evening wraps at Yours Elegantly are deeply discounted without the retail markups.

The Evening Wraps especially the Pashmina & Silk Evening Wraps for Spring & Summer or the Pure Silk Evening Scarves & Wraps are lighter, in beautiful Spring and Summer soft pastel colors. For those of you that like lively colors the Evening Spring & Summer Wraps are available in vibrant Green, Blue, Beige, Pink, Lavender, Cream, White, Yellow & Peach. Deeply discounted these Spring & Summer Dressy Wraps for Evening Wear are Unique, to quality but very affordable at discount pricing.
The Women’s Fashion Pashmina Shawls & Wraps come in Solid as well as beautiful Paisley or Flowery Weaves made by the skilled artisans in India and Nepal primarily. Yours Elegantly goes through a lot of effort to negotiate the best price, come up with new designs and keep up with latest fashion trends. Yours Elegantly has affiliations with decent manufacturers with fair labor practices and provides the Cashmere Pashmina & Silk Accessories directly to the customers Retail and Wholesale. There are no intermediaries most of the time and that keeps the cost down. Yours Elegantly does not have huge retail mark ups as the goal is to provide Unique Cashmere Pashmina Products at low affordable pricing for everyone.

The added incentives of shopping for beautiful Dressy Evening Formal Wraps at http://www.yourselegantly.com/ is not just low pricing for top quality cashmere pashmina but the benefit of exceptional personalized service plus free shipping within the U.S. and a gift too with purchase.

New arrivals are added weekly to keep the Evening Shawls and Wraps selection up to date and trendy. Lots of choice in Evening Wraps makes it easy to find an Evening Pashmina for anyone. Shop now at http://www.yourselegantly.com/ and experience the ease and pleasure of shopping online at an Exceptional Cashmere Pashmina Store.

Do you want Women’s Tunic Tops & Dressy Tops that are Slimming, Trendy and affordable?

Do you want Women’s Tops, Plus Size Tunic Tops, Plus Designer Tops and Plus Size Kurtis that are affordable & will make you feel confident, sleek and trendy? Try the Discounted Tunic Tops in Plus Sizes from http://www.yourselegantly.com/

Enjoy the wide selection of Women’s Fashion Tops, Plus Size Cotton Tunics and Plus Dressy Tops at discount pricing so you can afford an elegant evening top at a fraction of boutique and department store prices. Experience the designer elegance & designer fashions of amazing Indian Tunics or Kurtis with beautiful embellishment/embroidery a product of years of expertise & skills. Look slimmer and fashionably elegant in the Designer Dress Tops or Casual Cotton Plus Tunics without making a big dent in your wallet.

The motto at Yours Elegantly is “Unique Yet Affordable”. The Beautiful Casual Plus Tops and Designer Women’s Tops are all on Sale at Up To 70% off with Free Shipping and a Gift with purchase.
Shop from the comfort of your home online at http://www.yourselegantly.com/ or call in your order at 860-355-4184 or email your order to sales@yourselegantly.com

Yours Elegantly is located in New Milford CT but has representatives in all major cities in the U.S. like NY, NJ, PA, TX, CA, FL, VA, NC and more… International Orders are also welcome.

Hurry! Buy and experience the ease of online shopping and quality service that Yours Elegantly is so well known for. Besides the Quality Women’s Tops, Yours Elegantly carries an Elegant Collection of Accessories like Shawls, Wraps, Scarves namely Cashmere Pashmina, Bridal & Bridesmaid Shawls, Silk Scarves and Wraps, Discount Designer & Gem Stone Jewelry, Cotton Totes, Designer Hand Bags & Dressy Evening Bags, with Free Shipping & a Gift.

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