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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pashmina Shawl Craze in NY, PA, NJ, MA, CA, TX, VA, IL

Is the Pashmina Shawl a Fashion Statement or a Necessity in states in the U.S. like NY, PA, NJ, MA, CA, TX, VA, IL.

Customer Opinion:
My name is Mary Daniels and I like in New York, NY and I have to admit that I do like the Pashmina Shawl for its trendy yet elegant look and it is perfect for NY weather so it serves a dual purpose. I like shopping at Yours Elegantly because they have the Designer Pashmina & Silk Shawls as well as Pure Pashmina & Cashmere Pashmina Shawls I like and often can’t find in other stores at a reasonable price.Mary Daniels NewYork, NY

My name is Ria Das and I live in Chicago IL and I love the Pashmina Shawl as for me it is a year round accessory. I love to wear it over my career suits, over jeans, over my saree, for wedding, Evening Wear, Formal Parties and even when relaxing at Home watching TV or taking a Flight & Traveling for Work or a Vacation. A Pashmina Shawl is a Pure Necessity for me, maybe even a Pashmina Craze or Habit now since years that I have loved, enjoyed & indulged in. Indulging in the Exquisite Pashmina Shawls at http://www.yourselegantly.com/ is easy as they are so beautiful and so affordable.Rita Das, Chicago, IL
The Pashmina Shawl evokes images of elegance, style and class. Each Pashmina Shawl at http://www.yourselegantly.com/ is a masterpiece of heavenly weaves in Solid Pashmina or Designer Pashmina. You can buy a Bridal & Bridesmaid Pashmina Shawl or an Evening Pashmina Shawl or even an Elegant Paisley Pashmina & Silk Shawl at Up to 70% off Discount Sale Pricing with a Gift and often Free Shipping at Yours Elegantly whose motto is “Unique Yet Affordable.”

Our Customers love the Pure Pashmina made from Pashmina Wool ( mainly the underfur of the Himalayan mountain goat called Pashm in Persian) as it is light soft and protective for Fall & Winter wear. Hence The Pure Pashmina Solid Shawls are great as Fall Pashmina and Winter Pashmina Shawls. The Cashmere Pashmina too has a luxurious feel and adequate warmth and Cashmere Pashmina are perfect too as Fall Shawls and Winter Shawls. Many of the Pure Pashmina & Cashmere Pashmina come in Designer Flowery or Paisley Pashmina Weaves that lend charm to the shawl. A huge customer Favorite is the Embroidered Pure Pashmina and Embroidered Cashmere Pashmina Shawl. These Embroidered Evening Pashmina are popular as Women’s Evening Wraps especially in Black, Cream, Dark Brown, Burgundy and Turquoise.

A Spring Pashmina and Summer Pashmina favorites with our Customers are the Pashmina & Silk Shawls. Typically a 70% Pashmina & 30% Silk combination makes the Pashmina Silk Blend Shawls have an undeniable appeal as the feel is heavenly soft, silken and divine. The sheen and luster of the Pashmina & Silk Shawl is elegant and classy all the way. Very Light, softly silken, delightfully elegant in Solid Pashmina & Silk, Designer Paisley Pashmina & Silk these Spring & Summer Pashmina are great for all year round wear as a full Pashmina Shawl Wrap around your shoulders or a long Pashmina Scarf with your Spring Fall Winter Coat.

The Pashmina can be a beautiful Cape Ruana Style that is very popular in NY, CT, VA, NJ, NC, MI, TX, FL, NM, GA, AL, AZ, NV where it is cool and the Ruana is a trendy & functional Women’s Accessory to put on and take off with ease and style.

The trend in Pashmina is now towards the Shaded Ombre Pashmina that look designer elegance all the way. The Pashmina Ring Shawl Stole Wrap is a classic an all time favorite crème de la crème of all Pashmina. It is said to be so fine it can pass through a wedding ring. The Ring Pashmina is fine very thin and light mostly Pure Pashmina or even a Pashmina & Silk that is a must have year round Woman’s Accessory.

Evening Pashmina Shawl, Formal Pashmina Shawl , Bridal Wedding & Bridesmaid Pashmina Shawl are all elegant Pashmina Shawls available at http://www.yourselegantly.com/ in Solid, Paisleys, Designer Weaves, Embroidered Masterpieces in an array of Pastel Colors for Spring & Summer Bridal & Bridesmaid Pashmina Shawls like Blue, Green, Pink, Ivory Cream, White, Beige, Silver Grey, Lavender, Lilac, Yellow as well as Fall & Winter Bridal & Bridesmaid Pashmina Shawls in colors like Orange, Rust, Purple, Cappuccino Brown, Navy Blue, Grey, Black, Burgundy, Red & more…

Enjoy the excellent service up to 70% off Sale discount pricing and a gift with purchase at http://www.yourselegantly.com/

Women’s Cotton Tunic Tops a Safe Haven for Plus Size Women

I am amazed at the Discounted Cotton Tunic Tops in all sizes from XS to Plus Sizes at http://www.yourselegantly.com/ They provide a safe haven for plus women who seek comfort and style at an affordable price.

My name is Hanna Shaw and I live in Boston, MA in a family with majority Women (mostly Plus Size Women) and we love the comfort of Cotton Tunic Tops especially from Yours Elegantly as they are from India.

I have traveled to India and the Cotton Tunics popularly called Kurtis - Indian Tunics are just the best as they are soft and comfortable for Spring & Summer Wear. Though I wear my Plus Size Tunics in Fall and Winter too, Tunics are extremely popular in Spring and summer be it at the Beach as Swim Cover Ups, Casual Cotton Tunic Tops are a must have for Day and Evening Wear. Throw on a lovely Spring & Summer Pashmina & Silk Shawl on the Cotton Tunic and the outfit is casual chic. Perfect ensemble for all sizes but especially for us beautiful Plus Size Women. A long tunic with long sleeves in cotton, soft and flowing with a spring & summer wrap or shawl is just picture perfect for Plus Sizes!

I can’t live without Cotton Tunic Tops. I consider Cotton Tunics Life a Safe Haven for Plus Women!!! It makes us feel good in quality breathable cotton tunics and look great with the right amount of hip cover up and the slightly loose or flowing styling on Cotton Tunics or Kurtis gives a slimming effect which we love.

Most of us Plus Women are willing to spend a fortune for Comfort and Style on Plus Clothing especially comfortable Plus Tunics & Plus Size Tops but at luckily for us at http://www.yourselegantly.com/ the lovely Discounted Tunic Tops in Cotton are just $29.99 with a free gift too. They also have free shipping specials couple times a year.

This site I read is involved in many charitable projects and kudos to them on that!

I had the pleasure of meeting the owner at a fundraiser I attended during my business trip toWhite Plains, NY and the conversation we had has stayed ingrained in my head. Shere from Yours Elegantly said to me, “ We at Yours Elegantly strive to be Unique yet Affordable as far as our Cotton Tunic Tops, Dressy Evening Plus Tops, Cashmere Pashmina Silk Accessories and Gifts are concerned. We have many Tunic Tops and Designer Tops custom designed and tailored especially for Yours Elegantly. We supply to many boutiques in CT, NY, NJ, PA, TX, FL, GA, MI, IN, MD, WA, NC, VA hence focus on making quality, unique and elegant cotton tunics is our goal. Machine washable, hand embroidered Cotton Tunics (also called Kurtis in India) are what our customers in all sizes crave in Spring & Summer in pastel colors and also in Fall in more darker vibrant colors especially at our discounted sale pricing.”

The Cotton Tunic Tops are up to 70% off at Yours Elegantly and are a huge favorite at the close to wholesale pricing, without the retail markups. If you want to get a unique tunic to cherish at an affordable price shop at Yours Elegantly. Besides the one of a kind Affordable Casual Cotton Tunics focus on excellence in customer service which is personalized and pleasant is another bonus when you shop online at this Unique Tunic Top store http://www.yourselegantly.com/

Article co-written, edited and submitted by Kaitlin Hester

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