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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Where to buy Warm Shawls, Winter Shawls, Fashion Evening Shawls on Sale

This is a question every woman asks herself. Where to buy Warm Shawls, Winter Shawls, Fashion Evening Shawls on Sale? The internet seems a comfortable way to shop at online Shawl sites like Macys, Yours Elegantly, Nordstrom, Forever 21 and more…

Going to the malls and shopping in person is an option that takes time and can fun for some and often be frustrating for others. Besides, the variety of colorful shawls in silk, Pashmina, cashmere, wool and the competitive shawl sales offered online are too good to miss. Using coupon codes to save, getting free shipping sometimes, a free gift and other incentives adds to the appeal of buying a shawl online.
Warm shawls remind me of Soft Wool shawls, Cashmere shawls, Pure Pashmina shawls or Cashmere Pashmina shawls. Shawls Wraps Ruana Cape wraps are such an attractive women’s accessory for fall winter and all through spring. Women know that the outerwear matters in these cool and cold weather seasons. A discounted warm wool shawl is a pleasure especially on sale at sites like YoursElegantly.com that offer email and phone assistance and great service plus a gift with purchase.
A shawl can be a small shawl for the petite more or less almost a long scarf 20” x 64”. A standard shawl is 26” x 72” and Plus Size Wraps for plus size women & tall women are 30” x 80”. If you want all around coverage a Ruana with a neckline for comfort with back, front and side longer coverage is an ideal accessory.
Winter wool shawls, warm fall shawls, warm bridal shawls & warm bridesmaids shawls are in demand for fall weddings and winter weddings. Getting a good sale price and good quality is important. Online sites advertise on Google, Bing, MSN, AOL and on wedding sites to advertize their sales and coupon codes. Yours Elegantly has a 50- 70% off sale and coupon code YE10 gives an additional 10% off that gives the customer a great deal and good service.
Pashmina Shawls and Cashmere Shawls are very popular as are wool Ruana Wraps. Choose what appeals to you, matches your wardrobe and sense of personal style and comfort as well as your budget.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ruana Wrap – Wool Ruana, Cashmere Pashmina Ruana for Fall, Winter & Spring

Every woman loves the easy throw on Ruana Wrap for Fall Winter and Spring wear. No buttons no zips ample length of coverage in front and back as well as sides. The Ruana is considered stylish and many celebrities don Ruana Wraps in amazing solid colors like classic black, burgundy, brown camel also Plaid Ruana Wraps and the en vogue Houndstooth Ruana are very popular.

At http://www.yourselegantly.com/ the 50% -70% off sale on Wool Ruana, Cashmere Pashmina Ruana make them deeply discounted and huge customer favorites. Free gift with purchase along with great phone service at 860-355-4184 or email responses to your queries at sales@yourselegantly.com are a plus when shopping online.

Ruana are often confused with capes. Typically a Ruana Wrap is 54” x 54” plus 3” fringe and it has a neckline so it stays in place and does not slip or move like a rectangular shawl.

Ways to wear a ruana is to just make sure the neckline sits right over your neck and let the front back and sides hand dorn. You can take one front fringe lael and trow it over the opposite shoulder for added warmth and style. Put a broach in the center and make it elegant for evening wear. Reversible ruanas look fabulous when the front if folder to reveal the reverse design – fashionable and casual chic!

Shopping online for a ruana is tricky. Often there is no service or answer to your quesries for long periods making shopping difficult. Sites like Yours Elegantly provide good service, phone/email support, a free gift to appreciate their customers and prompt shipping. Try coupon code YE10 for an addl. 10% off your online purchase so you can save an additional 10% in addition to the 50% - 70% off sale. Feel the difference of online shopping that cares!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Silk Scarves, Wraps Shawls a must have Ladies Fashion Accessories

A collection of silk scarves is what woman want as gifts. Designer silk scarves, silk wraps and silk shawls that are light, beautiful & colorful are in demand at http://www.yourselegantly.com/ . The special: 70% off ob Silk Scarves Shawls & Wraps and a Gift with Purchase has undeniable appeal.

The fashion Pashmina & Silk Shawls start at $9.99 up. The Fashion Scarves are soft, silken and available in many solid colors like Burgundy, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Lavender, Lilac, White, Ivory, Cream, Black, Brown, Navy, Red, Silver Grey & Grey. Wonderful for every woman’s wardrobe these discount yet elegant scarves and wraps make a unique gift for the ladies.

Fashion Scarves, Silk Fashion Scarves, chiffon scarves are a huge spring and summer trend. Women can’t resist the appeal of chiffon for evening shawls and evening wraps.
Pashmina & Silk Scarves Wraps & Shawls from India and Nepal are unique and popular at this online scarf shawl wrap site. Often hand made woven Pashmina & silk scarves in paisley are just what’s needed for a trendy casual yet elegant look.

Enjoy Silk fashion scarves and wraps at http://www.yourselegantly.com/ at up to 70% off and a gift. Enjoy personalized phone service at 860-355-4184 and a caring customer service experience when you email them at sales@yourselegantly.com. Part of sales proceeds donated to Women and Children’s Welfare Associations and to Cancer Research.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Designer Scarves from Yours Elegantly are heavenly beautiful and discounted.

I have shopped at this amazing Designer Scarves online site and enjoyed the up to 70% off sale pricing plus a gift which is a year round special.

I love the wide selection of designer scarves they have in a range of awesome seasonal colors and styles. The Designer Scarves are made from Pashmina Wool, Pashmina & Silk Scarves, Chiffon Scarves, Pure Silk Designer Scarves, Evening Scarves and my very hot favorite Hand Painted Designer Silk Scarves.
I actually fell in love with the designer scarves from Yours Elegantly 2 years ago when I was shopping for a Designer Bridal Scarf Shawl Wrap. I landed up with the most beautiful Custom Hand Painted Designer Scarf Wrap with all over hand painting – lovely rose buds all over with a leafy vine look. It was amazing!!! A Bridal shawl to keep for a lifetime!

The wonderful staff at http://www.yourselegantly.com/ are overly caring and courteous and if you don’t want to place a web order it takes 2 minutes to do a phone order at 860-355-4184. The gifts they send with your order are a nice touch to show they care about their customers. Kudos!!! A charitable and caring business that is involved in contributing for the welfare and upliftment of women and children worldwide. Shop this site and enjoy the unique treasures.
Lynda N. BC Canada

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Evening Shawl Wrap Scarf, Formal Shawl for Women

If there is one women’s accessory that every woman needs to have- it is an Evening Shawl Wrap Scarf / Formal Shawl in these classic colors namely Black, Ivory, White, Silver, Gold, Beige & Red. Discounted Designer Evening Shawls/Scarves from $9.99 to $55.00 at http://www.yourselegantly.com/ in Designer Pure Silk Shawls, Pashmina, Pashmina & Silk and Cashmere Shawls are amazing on sale up to 70% off with a gift with purchase.

The Silk Chiffon Organza Pashmina Cashmere Evening Shawls Wraps & Scarves in amazing solid colors, inlaid designs, embellished and embroidered weaves lend a touch of class and elegance. There is an evening shawl for everyone at Yours Elegantly as the Evening Shawl Scarf Wrap Collection is vast, varied & exquisite.

You can get a Discounted Custom Hand Painted Shawl done from $39.99 up. Try the Silver Dragonflies Hand Painted Shawl or the Spring Butterflies Shawl and the year round favorite Flowery Hand Painted Shawl.

Yours Elegantly brings unique products from all over the world for their customers at affordable pricing. Part of sales proceeds are donated to several women’s and children’s welfare associations and for cancer research. The Sales Reps are known for their courteous and professional demeanor. Phone orders are taken expeditiously at 860-355-4184, email orders at sales@yourselegantly.com and online at http://www.yourselegantly.com/ Coupon code SMC10 gives you extra 10% off the already existing sales and clearance evening shawls. Enjoy a great shopping experience!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter Spring Summer & Fall Scarves and Wraps Sale

Looking for affordable Winter Spring Summer & Fall Scarves and Wraps on Sale at up to 70% off plus a gift shop then shop http://www.yourselegantly.com/ and shop the unbelievable Cashmere Pashmina Wool & Silk Accessory Bargains.

The Cashmere Sale is captivating with the beautiful solid color cashmere scarves and designer cashmere wraps capes and ruana. Solid Cashmere Scarves and Plaid Cashmere Scarves from Yours Elegantly make unique gifts for any occasion or event. Perfect Discounted yet luxury corporate gifts too.
The Pashmina Scarves/Wraps in a wide array of Solid Colors are Seasonal Pashmina which are perfect for wedding favors, bridal and bridesmaid gifts and at the deep discounted sale price the solid Pure Pashmina and Paisley Pashmina & Silk Shawls are a no miss deal.

Customer Comment:
The Cashmere Pashmina Clearance Sale going on at Yours Elegantly is just what I need for my gift shopping as I am visiting friends and family in Singapore. They love the quality of the Pashmina Wraps from Yours Elegantly. I have used this site for most of my gift shopping as the recipients have always been pleased with the gorgeous shawls and scarves. Cindie T. Tucson, AZ

Customer Comment:
The Pashmina Wedding Favors I bought 2 months back for my Fall wedding were so beautiful and I would recommend Yours Elegantly to all the brides to be out there as you will love the Pashmina quality, pricing and service at this site http://www.yourselegantly.com/
Lilli C. Fresno, CA

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