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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ruana Wrap – Wool Ruana, Cashmere Pashmina Ruana for Fall, Winter & Spring

Every woman loves the easy throw on Ruana Wrap for Fall Winter and Spring wear. No buttons no zips ample length of coverage in front and back as well as sides. The Ruana is considered stylish and many celebrities don Ruana Wraps in amazing solid colors like classic black, burgundy, brown camel also Plaid Ruana Wraps and the en vogue Houndstooth Ruana are very popular.

At http://www.yourselegantly.com/ the 50% -70% off sale on Wool Ruana, Cashmere Pashmina Ruana make them deeply discounted and huge customer favorites. Free gift with purchase along with great phone service at 860-355-4184 or email responses to your queries at sales@yourselegantly.com are a plus when shopping online.

Ruana are often confused with capes. Typically a Ruana Wrap is 54” x 54” plus 3” fringe and it has a neckline so it stays in place and does not slip or move like a rectangular shawl.

Ways to wear a ruana is to just make sure the neckline sits right over your neck and let the front back and sides hand dorn. You can take one front fringe lael and trow it over the opposite shoulder for added warmth and style. Put a broach in the center and make it elegant for evening wear. Reversible ruanas look fabulous when the front if folder to reveal the reverse design – fashionable and casual chic!

Shopping online for a ruana is tricky. Often there is no service or answer to your quesries for long periods making shopping difficult. Sites like Yours Elegantly provide good service, phone/email support, a free gift to appreciate their customers and prompt shipping. Try coupon code YE10 for an addl. 10% off your online purchase so you can save an additional 10% in addition to the 50% - 70% off sale. Feel the difference of online shopping that cares!


designerfashion said...

Come Fall all I can think about is shopping for good priced Cashmere Pashmina Wraps. As it gets colder I love to dress up my outfits with a nice Cashmere Pashmina to keep warm and elegant looking. Not only are the prices very reasonable but I can buy multiple wraps and not feel overwhelmed. So when the Holidays come I will be sure to send all my friend these Cashmere Pashmina Wraps and Ruanas as gifts.

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