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Friday, December 21, 2012

Cashmere Shawl Pashmina Shawls the top Pick for Unique Gifts for Women

Yours Elegantly sold thousands of Cashmere Pashmina Shawls for the Holiday Season and is convinced that a beautiful warm Cashmere Shawl makes a unique women's gift for any occasion or event.

Men love Cashmere Scarves in solid and plaid designer weaves from India & Nepal among other countires. Soft warm 4 ply cashmere wool scarves are the talk of the town in winter at $29.99 lowest clearance price of the season on overstocks.

The Pashmina Scarf with paisley weaves and reversible to look like 2 scarves at one sale price is a huge attraction at Yours Elegantly for women who want unique beautiful scarves.

The Cashmere Pashmina Shawls come in ply or layers of yearn. Buy a higher ply and get more plush soft warmth from the winter shawls in amazing solid colors. The Cashmere shawls, Pashmina shawls are made from delightful soft wool that will make you wanna cuddle up and feel protected whilst looking stylish at the same time.

The shawl sale going on now makes it the perfect time to buy & save big! Get beautiful winter shawls, fall spring and summer shawls up to 70% off mon sale and a customer appreciation gift too. A Better Business Bureau Accredited Business makes this an ideal online Pashmina shawls & wraps site to shop and enjoy a pleasant shopping experience.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cashmere Pashmina Bridal Wedding & Bridesmaids Shawls & Wraps

Beautiful Discounted Cashmere Pashmina shawls are available at Yours Elegantly an online Shawls & Scarves site in many shades of a color to match your dresses and gowns.

Designer white wedding shawls, bridesmaids shawls starting at $14.99 up is a no miss deal as the silk pashmina shawls are divine in feel and drape beautifully available in colors to dazzle your senses. Cashmere Pashminas are warm, soft, beautiful & affordable on sale at Yours Elegantly, A Better Business Bureau Accredited Business.

Hand painted custom fall / winter wedding shawls are original custom made bridal shawls just for you at an affordable sale price. A site that Celebrities love and women from all walks of life gravitate to as the shawls have ethereal beauty and en vogue styling in keeping with latest scarf wrap trends.

Shop the difference when you shop the site for a white bridal shawl, an Ivory white wedding wrap, bridesmaid shawls in many colors and shades, Pashminas as wedding favors, wedding shower gifts, Pashmina & Silk….

Part of proceeds are donated to cancer research / Women and Children’s welfare organizations details of which can be found in the About Us section. Shop the Faux fur Wraps & Shawls, Shiny Dressy Silver Evening Shawls, Gold Evening Wraps, Navy Cashmere Shawls, Grey Ruana Cape Wraps and Black Cashmere Pashmina that are on sale - beautiful, elegant & very affordable.

The Cashmere Scarves and Pashmina Wraps make unique Wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, corporate gifts and are available in many solid colors, plaid cashmere scarves for men women, striped winter scarves, check scarves, and amazing warm evening wraps are plentiful at this unique wedding bridal & bridesmaids shawls & wraps site.

Embroidered Pashmina Shawls, unique Hand Painted Shawls, make affordable beautiful gifts for that special woman in your life. Cashmere Pashmina Gifts are unique gifts to treasure.

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Where to Buy Cashmere Scarves Online

We all need help shopping for cashmere scarves online as there are innumerable sites. Start by using search engines like Google  & Bing to search for cashmere scarves specific to your needs so you find the right cahsmere scarf site that fits your needs in  terms of color of the scarf, price point, quality and service. Serch with keywords that are specific like Black cashmere scarf, plaid cashmere scarf,  mens cashmere scarves, designer cashmere scarf or long cashmere scarf.

The cashmere scarf is a sign of luxury and en vogue appeal plus comfort and warmth. It  is "The Gift Idea" for women & men for the Holidays this 2012. Cashmere scarves are loved by men and women and the unisex Solid Cashmere Scarves in  seasonal colors appeal to all tastes. The Plaid Cashmere Scarves are designer elegant and have a niche appeal to certain people with a certain classic plaid scarf style.

Cashmere Scarves are much preferred to wool scarves as they are soft warm luxurious warmth and shopping for  designer cashmere scarves on the internet can be a challenge with millions of sites and all kinds of service or the lack thereof.

Hints to shop a good winter scarves site is to look for a site that carries a huge variety of cashmere scarves so there is plenty to choose from, reasonable pricing for the quality, & good service. An internet site for winter scarves that will pick up the phone and answer queries, do phone orders, answer emails is a rare find these days. Good after sales service means that the company is a cut above & genuinely cares about their customers.
Yours Elegantly cashmere scarf store offers you a fine selection os cashmere scarves in solid colors & plaid designer cashmere scarves in many trendy scarf styles at 50% -70% off pricing and a customer appreciation gift. A Better Business Bureau Accredited Business, Yours Elegantly is a one stop shop for all your scarves shawls ruana cape wrap needs for this winter and for the Holidays. Unique Hand Crafted Scarves & Shawls abound at this site. Original unique shawls & scarves that are a masterpiece in creativity & style. Shop & save big!
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

My favorite Fall Shawls in Cashmere Pashmina are Orange Rust Green Purple Red and Gold Tones

My favorite Fall Shawls in Cashmere Pashmina are Orange Rust Green Purple Red and Gold Tones. I picture fall foliage and want all those colors in my collection of colorful fall shawls. Fall Shawls need to be soft warm cashmere shawls in 2 ply 3 ply and 4 ply depending on what region in the U.S. I live in. I love Pure Pashmina woll shawls even winter wool shawls that are thick and preferably reversible.
Fall shawls can be flat and woven or plush and soft knit cashmere shawls. The soft luxury cashmere shawls at Yours Elegantly are a great buy at $44.99

The cold weather - warm winter wool shawls I love are often colorful Pure Pashminas with paisley weaves warm winter wool shawls from India and Nepal. I love unique hand crafted shawls, embroidered wraps, embellished wool shawls with unique designing and elegance. The 50% - 70% off sale at www.yourselegantly.com makes the winter shawls & wraps, ruana cape wraps a steal! Stock up for women’s designer shawls, elegant unique fall winter evening shawls, bridal wedding and bridesmaids wraps for winter in advance.
Experience pleasant phone customer at 860-355-4184 or place orders online at www.yourselegantly.com hailed by local newspapers as Yours Elegantly the business that makes a difference! A business that sets new shopping trends – experience it for yourself – shop thousands of hsawls, many colors and shades of a color to suit your needs for any seasonal shawls & wraps.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Shop Cashmere Shawls Wraps Online in many Colors & Designer Styles

 Buy Cashmere Shawls warm fall winter shawls and wraps online -unique beautiful shawls that come in many solid colors to complete your wardrobe and keep you luxuriously protected, beautiful and stylish.

Buy hand crafted, embroidered, hand painted, designer shawls in Cashmere, Pashmina Wool in solid colors like the must have Black Shawl, Beige Cashmere Wrap, Navy Pashmina Shawl, Silver Evening Wrap, White Pashmina Wedding Shawl online and save big as the competition online makes the variety of shawl offerings, the quality & pricing better for online consumers retail and wholesale.

Online Shawl sites like Yours Elegantly who do Retail and Wholesale Cashmere Pashmina Silk Shawls and Wraps know the importance of keeping a wide variety of Shawls, in many shades of a color for Evening Shawls for all Seasons, Bridal and Bridesmaids Shawls as well as Pashmina Wedding Favors on Sale. Good service is a top priority ! Up to 70% off Sale &  Gift Special!

Discover the beauty of Soft Cashmere shawls. Buy Women’s Winter Shawls in Cashmere Pashmina in designer jamawar weaves and enjoy warmth and style. This site provides shawls at up to 70% off on sale plus a customer appreciation gift. Part of proceeds are donated to Welfare organizations. Enjoy personalized phone service & enjoy a good shopping experience.

Ruana Wraps for fall winter & spring are ideal for women on the go who want comfort, ease of wear and like the full coverage and sleek look the ruana wool wraps provide. Made from soft cashmere pashmina, the Ruanas are a stylish trendy women’s accessory for fall winter and spring at $44.99.

The Wool Evening Shawls are Pashmina wool or Cashmere Pashmina even wool and other blends handcrafted unique shawls & wraps made for you in colors and custom designs of your choice. There is a wide variety of elegant evening shawls for any season to choose from – original works of art for you!

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why Buy Cashmere Pashmina what’s so special about Pashmina over wool

The latest Cashmere Pashmina Shawls Wraps Ruana craze is gaining momentum worldwide. What is it that women and men love about Cashmere Pashmina even Pashmina Wool shawls/scarves over just winter wool shawls/scarves? The answer I believe lies in the feel, the warmth, the quality of the Cashmere Pashmina Yarn used in the Shawl Wrap Scarf and most of all in the lightness of Cashmere Pashmina Yarn which does not make it less protective. No one likes a heavy cumbersome wool shawl if they can pay a little more and get a light Cashmere Pashmina that is comfortable and luxurious to wear.

Pashmina yarn is very thin a natural fiber that is about 19 microns that is thinner than your hair. It is shed by Himalayan Mountain Goats and then collected and often hand woven into beautiful woven Cashmere Pashmina Shawls. Cashmere can be the cashmere from under belly or other parts of the goat. So there are many grades of cashmere and shawls are woven in many plys to add to thickness plushmess and warmth.

The 4 ply cashmere pashmina is ideal for cold winters. Ply is a layer of woven yarn 4 ply 4 layers makes it soft and plush. The 2 ply shawls are thin but beautiful and in the cashmere market place often combined with silk for light evening shawls. Same with pashminas! The 70% pashmina & 30% silk is a perfect blend for light silk pashminas with that beautiful soft silken feel and cost effective too for consumers for evening shawls or even day shawls for spring summer fall and winter. The pashmina & silk shawl has year round appeal and is very popular as it is affordable with a lovely sheen and great for an evening pashmina.Pashmina is the magical yarn for todays fashionable women worldwide.

Wool on the other hand has strong loyalty from customers that love a heavier warmth. Cashmere Pashmina is just crème de la crème of wool shawls. Fashion designers worldwide love the soft plush lightweight advantage of Cashmere Pashmina. Manufacturers cater to all budgets and blends like pashmina silk, cashmere & wool, Cashmere silk wraps, Pure Pashmina shawls. Pashmina is now a huge Brand statement too. It is just the way the Fashion Designers and manufacturers want it to increase the popularity of the shawls by creating a brand image for it. In essence the beauty of the Pashmina is eternal be it budget or upscale. The viscose acrylic do not fall into this category they are synthetic fibers. Being an informed customer helps. Enjoying a pashmina for its lovely color, feel, texture no matter what the budget is a pleasure! We know everyone has varying budgets but the same keen desire to possess a Cashmere Pashmina. Store like Yours Elegantly make this possible.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Embroidered shawls make a beautiful fashion statement for women worldwide

Embroidered shawls make a beautiful fashion statement for women worldwide as they have that touch of class and elegance for day and evening shawls. Women love shawls in many seasonal colors and styles but most of all they want a unique fashionable beautiful embroidered shawl that tickles their senses and makes them dizzy with desire to have that perfect handcrafted evening shawl wrap with amazing embroidery all over. Embroidered shawls are unique and skilled artisans in India and Nepal work their magic in amazing weaves and embroidered designs to make masterpieces in shawls. Women love Indian Embroidered Shawls as the artistic expertise exudes charm and beauty.

Pashminas are classy shawls and are elegant beautiful fashionable shawls for women with good taste. Silk Pashminas with embroidery rock at online shawl sites that are known for their beautiful embroidered shawls. The key is to find a site with unique shawls, designer shawls so when searching Google Yahoo Bing search engines use the right keyword to get the exact products you want. Mention key words like Shawls for women, embroidered shawls & wraps, unique shawls, designer pashmina shawls, beautiful black evening shawl, evening shawl for women, that will take you to relevant sites carrying shawls that may work for you. The search for shawls online is vast, time consuming , takes a lot of effort and patience. Hence learning how to find a shawl online that is beautiful for evening wear or finding specific colors like a silver evening shawl or gold evening wrap or black embroidered shawl, means using those long tail keywords to get the right products. The right color shade and right price point.

Embroidered shawls from Kashmir with Aari embroidery, beaded shawls, Zadozi artwork are colorful and crème de la crème of shawls. Indian shawls with embroidery can be wool embroidered shawls, embroidered cashmere shawls, cashmere pashmina, silk evening shawls and sites like Yours Elegantly are examples of online sites that have such a variety coupled with good service that you will find an evening shawl wrap for yourself or a shawl gift for your wedding party or even a unique shawl as a gift for that special woman in your life.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Why are shawls now so popular with women in the U.S. Canada, U.K. & Australia

The question often comes to mind that shawls are an integral part of women’s accessories worldwide be it the Cashmere Pashmina Shawls, Chiffon Silk Evening Wraps. Currently a Shawls & Wraps trend is on the rise in the U.S. Canada, U.K. & Australia.

 The reasons for the increase in shawls wraps scarves trend may be varied but customer feedback from the returning customers online at Yours Elegantly leans towards the following reasons:

Customer Comments / Testimonials:

I love the shawls at Yours Elegantly as I am a plus size woman and the large size shawls 30” x 80” and the ruana wraps for all seasons makes me look stylish and gives me that coverage I need. I feel more confident and look sleek in the designer and unique shawls from Yours Elegantly.
Diane R. IL

Thank you for always taking a phone order for me as I am always rushed and  the unique hand painted shawls your artists make are a cut above. I love the dragonflies shawl and the butterflies wrap in silver. I have recommended your site to many as you have unique shawls & scarves.
Elaine P. FL

Shere, the ruana wrap I received in the diamond pattern is awesome. Nice long length with all cover coverage and the feel is warm and soft. My mother too bought the same warm ruana in purple. Your service is tops!
Jennifer L. MI

The wedding & bridesmaids wraps at your site are great. I needed specific colors and your Pashmina wedding favors worked well in terms of color and budget. Thanks for the gift. Always good doing business with you.
Kaitlin T. WA

I was looking for 4 ply cashmere shawls in black and Ivory. When I stumbles on your site on google I was very happy to see the variety and affordable pricing. I received my wrap last week and wore it to a dinner party and enjoyed the warmth and beauty. Thank you. Do add me to your email list for updates on new arrivals and any coupon codes.
Clara S. TX

The cashmere scarves for men you carry at Yours Elegantly are pretty good for the reasonable pricing. After our initial order for a black cashmere scarf for me we confidently placed an order for 6 plaid cashmere scarves for our sons. MN has a cold winter and cashmere scarves are perfect for the season. Prompt delivery and good service is what your store makes us come back for more. Thank you.
David E. WI

Friday, June 15, 2012

Unique Gifts Shawls Tunics Crystal Jewelry & Handbags for Women

Yours Elegantly is a Trend Setting Shawls & Wraps web based business that has grown over the years due to strong customer support and its unique line of original designer unique shawls, hand painted silk scarves wraps, wedding shawls & bridesmaids wraps that are one of a kind in their unique elegance.

Besides shawls for women, Cashmere scarves for women & men - this online gift site has something for every woman. Designer evening tunics, cotton tunics & tops, Indian Tunics Kurtis that are embroidered / embellished, machine washable & wrinkle resistant quality cotton Indian tops in XS to 4X. The sizing is per American size chart and customers love the loose flow of the cotton tunics and the slimming cut of the designer tops. The tunics for women in plus sizes are beautiful and stylish in embellished/ embroidered designing, fabric and style of cut. Affordable sarongs, swim coverups, beach tunics abound at Yours Elegantly from $11.99 up.

The Designer Evening Purse Clutch with Crystals come in beautiful colors in silver, gold, black, navy, brown and pewter. Best of all is the unique affordable designer jewelry and crystal bridal jewelry and bridesmaids crystal necklace sets. Buy wedding bridal & bridesmaids shawls up to 70% off on sale plus a gift.

Pashmina Silk Shawls make unique gifts for the wedding party & asPashmina Wedding Favors. Leave them in a basket or draped over the guest chairs and a wedding becomes an event to remember. Ask for bulk pricing & save big!

Cashmere Shawls, Cashmere Scarves makes unique gifts for women for fall winter and spring. The women’s shawls in Cashmere Pashmina are soft warm 2 ply, 3 ply and 4 ply. A ply is a layer of yarn. Thicker the ply the softer, more plush and warmer the shawl gets. Winter shawls, Winter scarves in many colors abound at Yours Elegantly at up to 70% off and a gift. Hailed by the local CT Newspapers in New Milford and Danbury as Aladdin’s Cave of Treasures - A giving Business - A Business that makes a difference - Yours Elegantly strives to make a difference by bringing you the widest most unique selection of shawls & wraps, tunics, designer jewelry & handbags. There is something for everyone and the pricing is affordable, the quality good and customer service a pleasure to experience.

Known for its commitment to customer service this site is dedicated in providing efficient and pleasant service, phone orders are taken at 860-355-4184 and the email sales@yourselegantly.com is a good recourse to get help with matching shawls to bridesmaid’s dresses or getting a custom hand painted bridal shawl or evening wrap made. Shop the difference!

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Tunics Indian Tunic Called Kurtis a Fashion Statement for Women Worldwide

Women love tunics especially Indian Tunics called Kurtis in India that are embroidered / embellished to freshen up their wardrobe. Do you want to freshen up your wardrobe? Try Cotton tunics kurtis for spring and summer tunics from this online site that has designers on their team to design tunic tops / kurtis and to design their shawls & scarves to match.

Fashion Designer all over the world concur on the opinion that Indian Designer Kurtis Tunics are en vogue now since a decade and are here to stay. The Tunic Kurti is widely popular in the U.S.A. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, U.K. Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway….Women’s tunics are very popular due to the perfect combination of style combined with comfort. They combine the advantages of fashion and comfort that women seem to love in an outfit.

Trendy tunics make you feel confident. Casual summer cotton kurtis tunics are extremely versatile in summer as beach tunics or swim cover ups. They look great in the evening as evening tunics. Women love to use Pashminas as sarongs as they are versatile. Use the pashmina as a sarong or swim coverup at the beach during the day and wear it as an evening wrap for dinner. Wear it over a cotton summer tunic and look beautiful and radiate casual spring summer elegance & stylish appeal.

Tunics from India are called Indian Kurtis. India has amazing embellished tunics that the Indian artisans make with expertise and skill. The dressy evening Indian Designer tunics are seen on Bollywood films and captured the attention of fashion designers worldwide. Indian Kurtis are available in cotton, French crepe, chiffon, silk, voice, georgette and linen. These kurtis are sure to make you look beautiful and feel comfortable yet stylish. . They add a touch of class to your wardrobe as Indian tunics are not mundane pieces of clothing rather the tunics are unique and designer in appeal at Yours Elegantly, Tunics Elite and Fashionista Tunics…. .

Tunics are known to flatter your body type. Women love clothes that flatter their body type. Tunics Kurtis suit ladies of all sizes XS to 5X. They can be worn to work, parties, dinners and whilst traveling or vacationing. Wear tunics with leggings, trousers, jeans, shorts or skirts, it will make you look trendy and beautiful.

Heavenly embroidered tunics make a woman look classy. Embellished tunics are perfect as evening dressy formal tunics. The right cut and fit can make a woman look extremely beautiful. The Internet is the best place to shop for women’s tunic tops and kurtis if you can find a site with a wide selection of tunics and great service.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Unique Gifts for women – Shawls Wraps, Tunics, Crystal Necklace Sets & Evening Purse Clutch

A One Stop Shop for Unique Gifts for Women is Yours Elegantly an online shawls & unique gifts site that has the widest selection of beautiful shawls wraps, designer tunics XS to 4X in cotton, chiffon…. Embellished evening tunics, embroidered cotton summer tops discounted up to 70% off & a customer appreciation gift with purchase.

Looking for unique gifts for women is a hard task online….. this unique gift store online site which prides itself on unique products from all over the world deeply discounted on sale has it all beautiful crystal necklace sets that make beautiful affordable bridesmaids gifts, amazing evening handbags purses clutch with crystal accents to make you look beautiful for an evening out or any special occasion or event.

The shawls are fashionable & unique about 300 shades of colors, solid shawls in chiffon silk cashmere pashmina & pure silk will dazzle your senses. Pashmina is the under fur of the Himalayan mountain goat and has become a fashion statement for women. Pashminas come in designer paisley, flowery weaves and look elegant and classy. Buy one of a kind original custom hand painted shawls affordable at $40.00 & up.

Tunic tops from Yours Elegantly are top quality cotton tunics with light artistic beautiful embroidery. The ease of care machine wash and the wrinkle resistant quality of the tunics makes the customers come back for more of the seasonal cotton tops in glorious colors.

The embroidered tunics, dressy evening tunic tops are a cut above. Women love the classy fit, fashionable styling to give that sleek look and comfortable feel.

Best of all is the affordable designer jewelry on sale – designer necklace sets, designer bracelets and designer earrings in silver tone with unique stones and designer accenting. The discount Murano jewelry for spring and summer is a must have for yourself and as a unique gift idea. The beautiful Crystal jewelry on sale features crystal necklace sets for brides & bridesmaids - a best buy!

Last but of great importance to women is an evening bag purse clutch with crystal accenting for evening bags. Discounted unique designer evening purse clutch in silver, gold, navy, red, brown are must haves for a complete wardrobe for all women.

Shop this discount designer unique gift store online and look beautiful in tunics, add a shawl to match some silver crystal jewelry and a silver evening purse clutch and watch as heads turn to admire an ensemble that is amazing in its elegance, style and universal appeal. Shop now at www.yourselegantly.com and save big. Get good service at 860-355-4184 or email for matching shawls to dresses assistance at sales@yourselegantly.com Part of proceeds are donated to welfare organizations. Shop & experience a new shopping trend as hailed by CT newspapers on this business.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bridal Wedding & Bridesmaids Shawls In Many Colors

Brides feel relieved when they have bought a beautiful ivory white bridal shawl wrap and bridesmaids shawls. Then there is a tremendous sense of relief that the bridal gown and wedding shawl part of the bridal shopping is done.


A bridal shawl often is a focal point in the bridal attire and brides do cherish that shawl forever especially the sentimental brides. I put my wedding shawl to good use and enjoyed it thoroughly yet today after 20 years it is still a treasured part of my wardrobe. That's what I mean when I say a bridal shawl is always treasured and cherished.

Yours Elegantly an online bridal shawl and wedding shawl site has hundreds of colors to choose from in wedding shawls. They have solid shawls in Ivory and white bridal wraps staring at $16.00 up Some of the exquisite beautiful hand painted designer shawls are so unique and one of a kind like a bridal shawl should be. The unique designer wedding shawls & wraps range from $40 up wards.

My favorite wedding shawl from this site is the White Bridal Pashmina, the Ivory Pashmina silk wrap, the Top of the line Pashminas, the inlaid white shawl wrap, and the unique wedding shawls that you can customize.

Their motto is Unique yet Affordable in wedding shawls gifts and wedding favors. They provide value pricing, unbelievable bridal wedding & bridesmaids gifts, Pashmina as wedding favors with dedicated customer service and help with matching shawls to dresses making the bride very happy and stress free.

Yours Elegantly strives to delight their customers. Brides shop their shawls & wraps, bridal jewelry especially the crystal necklace sets, designer crystal earrings, designer crystal bracelets and bridal purses and bridesmaids bags purse and clutch with crystal available in the classic, silver, white, gold, brown, red, and navy to match the gowns and dresses to perfection.

Rememeber the rule of thumb is not to match anything tone on tone to the outfit. The shawls should be a good compliment to the gowns and dresses and pull the entire ensemble together beautifully. Have trouble finding that particular shade of the color go with ivory or silver or beige or a slight contrast that looks beautiful with the dress. Buy a shaded shawl, an embellished wrap, a two tone inlaid paisley wrap so you can look unique and beautiful. Yours elegantly will match the swatch you send to shawls with reccomendations for the bridesmaids shawls if you need it.Email them at sales@yourselegantly.com or call in for a friendly staff memeber to answer your queries at 860-355-4184.

Try shopping the difference! Experience good service, unique bridal & bridesmaids shawls and enjoy a pleasurable shopping experience.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shawls Pashmina The Most Wanted Women's Accessory.

Pashmina, Pashmina shawls are a must have woman’s accessory gaining popularity on an increasing level. Yours Elegantly has an upscale line of shawls and fashion scarves to accent any outfit, casual or dressy for your seasonal needs. Many options are available to accessorize your fashionable wardrobe, and the shawl is the ideal way to accent any look. Shop Yours Elegantly for all your Pashminas in many beautiful spring summer winter and fall colors and designs.

Yes, evening Shawls do exude elegance and class. When you picture these, your thoughts automatically turns to celebrities out on the red carpet or fashion models in Milan and Paris. The fact is the majority of shawls being worn today are worn by people like us that wear them at work, to an event, a day at the mall or even over a bikini as a swim coverup. I keep one in my car to accent any casual outfit or to take with me on a flight as a travel shawl. A shawl is the most versatile women’s accessory.

Evening Pashmina Shawls exude luxury no matter the occasion. I believe every woman must have five classic colors in evening shawls & wraps. A Black Pashmina, a burgundy red Pashmina, an ivory white shawl, a silver grey pashmina & a dark brown pashmina. Pashmina is sure to complete your wardrobe.

There are several different ways that you can wear Pashmina shawls. Experiment with a style that suits you and serves the purpose. In winter be sure your Pure Pashmina Wool Shawl covers your neck area and protects you from the cold. During the summer wear the shawl over your shoulder and let it flow loosely so your neck is open and the flowing style shows off the beautiful flowery spring summer Pashmina designs. One of the most popular ways to wear these shawls & scarves is by wearing a summer shawl wrap scarf with jeans and a tank top.

Shawls do not even have to be reserved for just wearing. They look great as a throw in the family room sofa. Choose the right yarn and the ply or layer that detaermines thickness and warmth according to the season you need the shawl for. Also, choosing a shawl made of soft Cashmere Pashmina yarn will actually help your skin. Wool shawls may be itchy to some skin types. Pashmina Silk Shawls feel divinely soft against your skin and have a beautiful drape and flow.Most of all they are perfect for year round wear.

A great time of year to wear a glittering silver shawl, gold evening wrap, black evening shawl wrap is prom and springtime. Proms are a great place to highlight the perfect dress. Pashminas, chiffon shawls, silk evening wraps help you accentuate the prom dress or evening gown with beauty and elegance. An Evening shawl is quite possibly one of the greatest fashion accessories that you can possess. Yours Elegantly has beautiful shawls and fashion scarves to highlight any wardrobe. The wide variety of shawls & wraps available are worn by celebrities, bought by individual customers from the U.S. Canada, Australia, U.K. Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Middle East & Singapore.

The Pashminas have universal appeal to all tastes and choices in shawls and the fashion shawls make unique gifts for women. The shawl is the perfect way to freshen any look. Look to Yours Elegantly for beautiful, elegant, classy shawls & wraps.
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Spring Scarves & Summer Scarves Latest Styles Online

I am crazy about Spring Scarves and Summer Scarves especially shopping online for casual and dressy scarves & wraps that shout "SPRING". The pastels hues of spring scarves in tango orange this years hot 2012 color for spring is my hot fave. For fashion scarves, I think pink, lilac purple, yellow, blue, fuschia, silver grey, ivory, & peach spring fashion scarves in chiffon silk are the way to go.

Shop online use key words like unique shawls, designer scarves, fashion shawls & scarves, designer evening wraps, pashmina & silk scarf, pashmina wraps, buy pashminas. Correct keywords help you get to the right online sites selling that product. Looking for silk shawls or affordable silk shawls use those keywords.

When you find an appealing shawls & scarves site see if they have contact details call in and do an occasional phone order to test their service. Shopping at online site that don't give good customer service could lead to a bad shopping experience. Read testimonials and reviews for the site and then bookmark it for the future once you have had a pleasant shopping experience.

Beautiful fashion scarves with inlaid designing in classic paisley designs from India and Nepal have captured the market. My favorite Silk Scarves & shawls are solids in pastel springy colors as well as flowery vine silk designer scarves that remind me of warm beautiful Italian vistas.

Spring fashion scarves must be light airy and give that cool pleasant feel of a lovely spring summer day. They should transport you to a beautiful place and make you feel alive, beautiful and in style with lastest trends. En Vogue scarves & wraps at Yours Elegantly make for beautiful scarves & wraps at affordable sale pricing.

Chiffon shawls make for beautiful spring shawls as they are light sheer and if you choose seasonal colors to make your wardrobe season appropriate you will watch heads turn at the office on when you are wearing a chiffon scarf for the evening, Another hot seller this spring are netted mettalic wraps. silver netted wrap or gold netted wrap. Mettalic netted wraps are totally in and Yours Elegantly carries them in awesome colors.

Love an online site or a couple good scarf wrap sites, spread the word by mouth listen to what others say about sites they have shopped online as good experiences count. Read articles and blogs and constantly look for online good shopping tips. Hope these tips help make your online designer scarves shopping experience a delightful one.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shop for Ladies Wraps Womens Cashmere Pashmina Silk Cotton Shawls Scarves

Ladies Wraps in designer fashionable colors for the different seasons are a must have accessory according to the Fashion Designers at this unique online scarves & wraps site called Yours Elegantly.

The Lead Designer is of the opinion that womens fashion wraps should be a major part of any woman's wardrobe. This site has designer scarves wraps shawls for everyone in hundreds of designer colors in keeping with fashion shawls wraps scarf trends.

The silk designer scarves the chiffon wraps are a must have for any woman's spring wardrobe. Amazing pastel color scarves for spring and summer and deep vibrant color fashion scarves for fall and winter.

Cotton scarves shawls & wraps are cool airy and a must have for any woman's summer wardrobe. Often I have used my long scarf or wrap as a sarong at the beach. Tie the scarves in different styles for each season and buy reversible shawls and wraps so you can feel like you have 2 scarves / wraps at one reasonable price.

Ladies Silk wraps are a hot favorite of mine for any season. They have that je ne sais quoi appeal. I am drawn to silk scarves and wraps. The light siken divine feel, drape and colors make my senses tingle.

Every woman has a love affair with Pashmina & silk wraps. Try one and you will understand. Yours Elegantly has one of the widest selection of scarves & wraps and they are well known in the USA as they are based in CT. Also known worldwide for their designer scarves that are so unique and can be custom made this site has captured the attention of artists, designers, TV media and celebrities worldwide. Yet all customers mean something to them they send a small appreciation gift with every purchase. Try shopping the difference now.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shawls Pashmina colorful Pashmina & Silk Shawl Wrap Scarf for Fashionable Women

Shawls are a trendy accessory especially the Pashmina which is a hot favorite for women in the U.S. according to Yours Elegantly an online fashion shawls site that specializes in Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarves. They are available in Pashmina Silk Shawls, Pashmina Wool Shawls, Solid Pashminas, Designer Pashmina Shawls Wraps in many colors and many shades of a color perfect for wedding, bridal & bridesmaids shawls.

A fashion shawl wrap scarf makes a huge fashion statement to give that touch of class to any woman's wardrobe for any season be it spring scarves, summer scarves fall wraps & winter shawls.

Pashmina can be a seasonal Pashmina with a silk blend for spring & summer and a Cashmere Pashmina for fall and winter. Pashmina is the underfur of the himalayan mountain goat and the goat sheds its hair which is woven in amazing weaves to produce a light yet protective divine shawls called a Pashmina shawl.

It is essentially pashmina wool just a lot better than plain wool as Pashmina is light weight not cumbersome, warm soft protective and can be found in different ply or layers of yarn that deternines the thickness of the shawl. Single ply Pashmina and 2 ply Pashmina shawls are good for states that have cool fall winter spring season like VA, WV, NC, SC, GA, TN, K, AL, TX, MS, Fl, CA, Az, NM, OK and AR and the warmer 3 ply Pashmina and 4 Ply Pashmina shawls are good for the colder winter states in the U.S. like those on East Coast NY, NJ, CT, MD, MA, PA, ME, VT, RI and in midwest like IA, MN, MO, IL, MI, WI, ND, SD, OH, IN and also MT, WA, ID, WY, NV, UT and CO.

A Pashmina & Silk Shawl Wrap Scarf in seasonal colors and seasonal designs like flowers dragonflies and butterflies shawls are ideal for spring and summer in pastel colors. The Vibrant dark fall and winter colors like black brown purple orange, dark green grey are perfect for fall and winter Pashminas. Holiday Pashmina shawls in red green and gold are beautiful designer shawls that make affordable unique Holiday gifts.

Cashmere Pashmina ruana wraps are like shawls but stay in place due to a neckline and have wider coverage for women who want a sleeker look and an easy throw on and take off ability. A ruana cape wrap stays in place without zippers and buttons. The ruana is a must have for every woman's wardrobe. A wool ruana is a comfortable stylish cape wrap that becomes addictive once you've tried one.

Yours Elegantly is a unique shawl wrap scarf Pashmina Cahsmere Silk Site that takes customer service to a new level and gives a free gift for customer appreciation with every order and donates part of proceeds to Welfare Organizations. Try the difference and shop Pashminas at this site online at www.yourselegantly.com or over the phone at 860-355-4184.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chiffon Shawls Silk Shawls from Yours Elegantly make Affordable Spring Shawls & Summer Scarves.

Women's shawls & scarves favorites are Chiffon Shawls, Silk Shawls because they make Beautiful Affordable Spring Shawls & Summer Scarves especially if they are on sale up to 70% off at an affordable online site like Yours Elegantly. Women love to buy classy scarves, silver evening wraps, black evening shawls, gold shawls, spring fashion scarves that are value priced from sites that are known to provide good service.

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