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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why Buy Cashmere Pashmina what’s so special about Pashmina over wool

The latest Cashmere Pashmina Shawls Wraps Ruana craze is gaining momentum worldwide. What is it that women and men love about Cashmere Pashmina even Pashmina Wool shawls/scarves over just winter wool shawls/scarves? The answer I believe lies in the feel, the warmth, the quality of the Cashmere Pashmina Yarn used in the Shawl Wrap Scarf and most of all in the lightness of Cashmere Pashmina Yarn which does not make it less protective. No one likes a heavy cumbersome wool shawl if they can pay a little more and get a light Cashmere Pashmina that is comfortable and luxurious to wear.

Pashmina yarn is very thin a natural fiber that is about 19 microns that is thinner than your hair. It is shed by Himalayan Mountain Goats and then collected and often hand woven into beautiful woven Cashmere Pashmina Shawls. Cashmere can be the cashmere from under belly or other parts of the goat. So there are many grades of cashmere and shawls are woven in many plys to add to thickness plushmess and warmth.

The 4 ply cashmere pashmina is ideal for cold winters. Ply is a layer of woven yarn 4 ply 4 layers makes it soft and plush. The 2 ply shawls are thin but beautiful and in the cashmere market place often combined with silk for light evening shawls. Same with pashminas! The 70% pashmina & 30% silk is a perfect blend for light silk pashminas with that beautiful soft silken feel and cost effective too for consumers for evening shawls or even day shawls for spring summer fall and winter. The pashmina & silk shawl has year round appeal and is very popular as it is affordable with a lovely sheen and great for an evening pashmina.Pashmina is the magical yarn for todays fashionable women worldwide.

Wool on the other hand has strong loyalty from customers that love a heavier warmth. Cashmere Pashmina is just crème de la crème of wool shawls. Fashion designers worldwide love the soft plush lightweight advantage of Cashmere Pashmina. Manufacturers cater to all budgets and blends like pashmina silk, cashmere & wool, Cashmere silk wraps, Pure Pashmina shawls. Pashmina is now a huge Brand statement too. It is just the way the Fashion Designers and manufacturers want it to increase the popularity of the shawls by creating a brand image for it. In essence the beauty of the Pashmina is eternal be it budget or upscale. The viscose acrylic do not fall into this category they are synthetic fibers. Being an informed customer helps. Enjoying a pashmina for its lovely color, feel, texture no matter what the budget is a pleasure! We know everyone has varying budgets but the same keen desire to possess a Cashmere Pashmina. Store like Yours Elegantly make this possible.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Embroidered shawls make a beautiful fashion statement for women worldwide

Embroidered shawls make a beautiful fashion statement for women worldwide as they have that touch of class and elegance for day and evening shawls. Women love shawls in many seasonal colors and styles but most of all they want a unique fashionable beautiful embroidered shawl that tickles their senses and makes them dizzy with desire to have that perfect handcrafted evening shawl wrap with amazing embroidery all over. Embroidered shawls are unique and skilled artisans in India and Nepal work their magic in amazing weaves and embroidered designs to make masterpieces in shawls. Women love Indian Embroidered Shawls as the artistic expertise exudes charm and beauty.

Pashminas are classy shawls and are elegant beautiful fashionable shawls for women with good taste. Silk Pashminas with embroidery rock at online shawl sites that are known for their beautiful embroidered shawls. The key is to find a site with unique shawls, designer shawls so when searching Google Yahoo Bing search engines use the right keyword to get the exact products you want. Mention key words like Shawls for women, embroidered shawls & wraps, unique shawls, designer pashmina shawls, beautiful black evening shawl, evening shawl for women, that will take you to relevant sites carrying shawls that may work for you. The search for shawls online is vast, time consuming , takes a lot of effort and patience. Hence learning how to find a shawl online that is beautiful for evening wear or finding specific colors like a silver evening shawl or gold evening wrap or black embroidered shawl, means using those long tail keywords to get the right products. The right color shade and right price point.

Embroidered shawls from Kashmir with Aari embroidery, beaded shawls, Zadozi artwork are colorful and crème de la crème of shawls. Indian shawls with embroidery can be wool embroidered shawls, embroidered cashmere shawls, cashmere pashmina, silk evening shawls and sites like Yours Elegantly are examples of online sites that have such a variety coupled with good service that you will find an evening shawl wrap for yourself or a shawl gift for your wedding party or even a unique shawl as a gift for that special woman in your life.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Why are shawls now so popular with women in the U.S. Canada, U.K. & Australia

The question often comes to mind that shawls are an integral part of women’s accessories worldwide be it the Cashmere Pashmina Shawls, Chiffon Silk Evening Wraps. Currently a Shawls & Wraps trend is on the rise in the U.S. Canada, U.K. & Australia.

 The reasons for the increase in shawls wraps scarves trend may be varied but customer feedback from the returning customers online at Yours Elegantly leans towards the following reasons:

Customer Comments / Testimonials:

I love the shawls at Yours Elegantly as I am a plus size woman and the large size shawls 30” x 80” and the ruana wraps for all seasons makes me look stylish and gives me that coverage I need. I feel more confident and look sleek in the designer and unique shawls from Yours Elegantly.
Diane R. IL

Thank you for always taking a phone order for me as I am always rushed and  the unique hand painted shawls your artists make are a cut above. I love the dragonflies shawl and the butterflies wrap in silver. I have recommended your site to many as you have unique shawls & scarves.
Elaine P. FL

Shere, the ruana wrap I received in the diamond pattern is awesome. Nice long length with all cover coverage and the feel is warm and soft. My mother too bought the same warm ruana in purple. Your service is tops!
Jennifer L. MI

The wedding & bridesmaids wraps at your site are great. I needed specific colors and your Pashmina wedding favors worked well in terms of color and budget. Thanks for the gift. Always good doing business with you.
Kaitlin T. WA

I was looking for 4 ply cashmere shawls in black and Ivory. When I stumbles on your site on google I was very happy to see the variety and affordable pricing. I received my wrap last week and wore it to a dinner party and enjoyed the warmth and beauty. Thank you. Do add me to your email list for updates on new arrivals and any coupon codes.
Clara S. TX

The cashmere scarves for men you carry at Yours Elegantly are pretty good for the reasonable pricing. After our initial order for a black cashmere scarf for me we confidently placed an order for 6 plaid cashmere scarves for our sons. MN has a cold winter and cashmere scarves are perfect for the season. Prompt delivery and good service is what your store makes us come back for more. Thank you.
David E. WI

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