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Friday, November 29, 2013

Make a Choice on your Cashmere Wraps in Winter

When it is winter season, all that you need is a soft, shawl to wrap yourself. However, you want to remain in the latest fashion as well. So,  wear Cashmere Wraps that are solid in beautiful winter colors or with wintery Holiday designs to look stunning! The best part of cashmere wraps is that you can carry these with almost any outfit and flaunt your persona. Whether you are going to office or to a party, a cashmere wrap can simply accentuate your beauty at every place. Additionally, it will keep you warm in winters.

However, if you want to remain warm and retain an elegant look, do not miss wearing a cashmere wrap with matching accessories.

For instance, a red color wrap would represent enthusiasm and make you appear vibrant & energetic. If your cashmere wrap is bright colored, then you can match it with black, gray, or red accessories to look impressive at your office or in a party.

To look different every day, you can keep a collection of cashmere wraps that are unique and attractive. All you can do to ensure you have the best collection is browse the World Wide Web and make the best purchase.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Silk Shawls: Stylize Yourself Differently

Since the ancient era, silk shawls wraps scarves have been the classic trend. These have come a long way now as today you can find some of the most unique designs and patterns that can make your look more happening.

Due to their highly vibrant appeal and soft touch, silk shawls are the must-have choice for youngsters and the elderly. These certainly give a royal feel and make your personality look different from others. So, with these elegant looking shawls, you can always stay ahead in style.

The best part of silk scarves is that these can simply enhance the grace of the simplest of your outfits. Out of all the other fabrics including cashmere, pashmina, cotton, linen, silk scarves are most appreciated by youth as these have a smooth texture that looks quite expensive and gives a good feel.

You can wear silk shawls in almost any style from styles like the head style, neck style, bow-style, to waist-knot style. You can then pair your silk shawl with a matching outfit and accessories.

Silk shawls are easily washable and can give you the look that you might desire in your office, college or at an occasion. In winter, when you simply want to go for a peaceful dinner date, a beautiful cashmere silk shawl can just be your personality signal to catch the eye of your dear one.

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Scarf Fashion Guide [Infographic]

Yours Elegantly presents a wonderful Infographic titled 'The Scarf Fashion Guide' which aims to highlight five different body types of female and pashmina scarf styling tip for each body type.

This Infographic acts as a guide to all scarf or stole lovers who love flaunting their pashminas. It also highlights the best outfits which can be worn with a scarf. The last section of the Infographic provides tips on scarf-outfit pairing.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shop online for Beautiful Unique Shawls and Wraps for Women’s Gifts

When you shop online for seasonal unique shawls and wraps there are innumerable resources available to you. A good picture coupled with product descriptions speaks volumes plus the ability to compare shawls between a couple sites is an option for the very choosy customer.  Best of all you get the best deals online compared to shopping at a boutique or mall store as overheads are low so pricing is very competitive ensuring you a value priced deal in shawls on sale.

I love being in the comfort of my home with my laptop or mobile phone and shop peacefully and calmly for winter wool shawls online especially during the Holiday season when stores are so crowded and the long checkout lines are tedious. Shopping online on the other hand with a cup of coffee by my side is very inviting. I can pick up the phone or email with questions and I generally stick to online sites that are known for good service. A Better Business Bureau Accredited Business is a plus always when shopping online.

The variety of shawls and wraps available online are tremendous so it makes choosing a gift easier. Pages of elegant evening shawls in many seasonal colors, paisley silk pashmina shawls a hot favorite for many women, designer Jamawar winter wool shawls for winter, chiffon silk shawls for spring & summer are available at many online stores in abundance at reasonable pricing.

I have found unique sites book marked for hand crafted shawls -  elegant shawls that are custom made in hundreds of artistic designs to choose from. Handcrafted shawls make unique evening shawls, beautiful wedding shawls and one of a kind Holiday Shawl Gifts. Women love fashion shawls wraps & scarves for gifts as it gives their wardrobe a facelift without creating a huge dent in their pockets.

Buy shawls that make heads turn, look for original  unique shawls  for all seasons on sale so you can have the best choice and yet save big time! Wedding Pashminas rock and they do make unique wedding favors and shawls for bridesmaids in awesome seasonal solid colors. Try it!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Wool Shawls are Available Online in Solid Colors and Designer Weaves from India

Online Wool Shawls and Wraps Sites carry a wide range of beautiful wool shawls in many solid colors for fall winter and spring to wear for day wear or as warm winter wool evening shawls. Most of the wool shawls are made from Sheep wool Merino, Smart Wool which is the best of Merino, Corriedale, Lincoln & Border Leicester. Then there is another assortment of Angora wool, Cashmere wool, Llama wool and Mohair. These are all quality wool that when used to make warm winter wool shawls and wraps the feel and warmth is very superior. Wool shawls depending on the type of wool can be pretty affordable or pricy.

Try to shop online sites that offer quality wool shawls on sale. The thickness or ply of the shawls also determines the degree of warmth. The thicker the ply the better the warmth and plush feel. Wool can be woven which results in a flat soft look that some customers look or wool can be close knit into plush warm winter shawls and scarves.

Beautiful wool shawls from India in Jamawar weaves of designer paisleys big and small or beautiful Indian artisan designs, flowery designs, woven in colorful splendor are very popular worldwide. Unique wool shawls made with skilled craftsmanship are a treasure and make a beautiful gift for women especially for the Holidays.

Buy wool shawls in solid fall winter spring seasonal colors so you have a stock of shawls for all seasons. Bridal wedding and bridesmaids wool shawls are on sale starting $29.99 &  up. The paisley designer shawls reverse into a myraid of colors and  are more expensive as they are artisan made unique designer shawls. One of a kind shawls are ideal for Holiday gifts. Check out unique wool shawls online and save big!

Indian wool shawls rock for their soft warmth and designer paisley flowery jamawar weaves. Jamawar means a weave it is specific to North India and Kashmir. Jamawar Shawls can be handmade or woven. They range from $45 and up depending on complexity of weave the ply or thickness of the shawl and the type of wool used.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Tips for Buying Cashmere Wraps and Shawls

Whether you are a man or a woman you can enjoy the elegance and beauty of pashmina and cashmere scarves and shawls. They are great fashion accessories and worn largely these days by fashion conscious men and women.

Cashmere shawls and wraps make unique Christmas gifts. You can buy them for your man/women to make her feel loved and pampered.

Here are some tips that you may keep in mind when buying Cashmere shawls and wraps.
  • Cashmere scarves are known for their softness and the comfort that they provide. When buying a cashmere shawl, touch it with your hands to ensure that it is soft to touch and feel. If you are buying online, make sure that the seller is genuine and is known for selling authentic scarves and shawls.
  • Original Pashmina scarves are expensive due to the high quality that they possess. However, bear in mind that a hefty price tag doesn’t guaranty high quality. But if you come across cashmere scarves or shawls at unbelievably low price, chances are that it is not genuine.
  • Consider the fiber length when buying pashmina scarves as long length adds durability to the shawl. Then you must find out whether the cashmere scarves are pure or they are combined with other forms of wool. Blended scarves and shawls are not of poor quality. You should know what material you are buying so that you can compare the price and can make the best purchase.
  • Finally, when you are buying Cashmere scarves, do not try to match it with any particular outfit. Keeping the price of these scarves in mind it would be good if you can wear it with many outfits and at various occasions. You must also keep your taste and preference in mind when buying these beautiful and timeless pieces of fashion accessories.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Pashmina Scarves: Wonderful Fashion Accessory for Men!

If you think that pashmina scarves and shawls are only for women, you are absolutely wrong. Even men can enjoy wearing these pure, soft, warm, and beautiful pieces of clothing.

Cashmere scarves and shawls help make a man look stylish and handsome. The scarves are so pure and nice that they can be worn even with the simple clothes to make a unique and impressive style statement.

Cashmere and Pashmina scarves look great. You just can’t go wrong with them. Just make sure that you choose the right shawl or wraps. Do not buy cashmere scarves, shawls, and wraps with very bold and big patterns. Small checks and thin stripes make good choice as these are easy to mix and match with plain formal business suits.

You can also take your Cashmere scarves or shawls and wraps with casual clothes. Take a white or off white shawl with a black leather jacket for that cool look. If you are wearing a long, trench coat in black you may also wear a pashmina scarf in orange or red for making a dramatic appearance at a party.

Since Pashmina and Cashmere scarves are available in so many styles, designs, and colors, you can easily find the scarf to complement your personal style and clothes.  Cashmere scarves make unique Christmas Gifts. Buy one for your man and gift him a wonderful fashion accessory that he would cherish for years to come.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Buy Pink Ribbon Scarves for Breast Cancer Awareness: Show Your Love & Support for the Cancer Survivors

Cashmere scarves, shawls and wraps and other shawls and wraps make women look beautiful, confident, and sophisticated. They are fabulous fashion accessories that are enjoying a lot of popularity amongst women, as well as men too. But do you know that you can wear this beautiful and stylish piece of clothing to show your love and support for the cancer survivors?

You can buy Pink ribbon scarves for breast cancer awareness at Yours Elegantly to show that you care, and love the breast cancer patients. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers. Increasingly large number of women in the UK and the USA and in others parts of the world get breast cancer each year. Patients who are suffering from breast cancer reveal that the disease has a huge impact on their self esteem and confidence. Further, living with breast cancer is difficult as the patients experience a lot of physical pain.

If your friend or family member or someone you know is suffering from breast cancer, you can buy pink ribbon scarves for breast cancer. You can even get the name of that person on the scarves or get the scarves custom made with a logo. As well as buying it for your own self you can also buy these scarves to gift to a loved one who is battling with this deadly disease.

Show your support, love, and care towards the breast cancer survivors by wearing pink ribbon scarves for breast cancer awareness. Your small act can bring a huge difference as part of the funds would be donated to cancer research and welfare organizations.

Pink ribbon scarves-they are not just a piece of fashion accessory!!

Monday, September 30, 2013

14 Styles to Flaunt your Pashmina [Infographic]

Pashmina scarves are a symbol of elegance and charm. Pashmina scarf is generally easy to fit into any wardrobe and can turn an ordinary outfit look sophisticated. The pashmina is such a versatile fashion accessory that you have a variety of ways to wear a pashmina with a multitude of outfits.

Yours Elegantly presents a very interesting Infographic titled "14 Styles to Flaunt your Pashmina" seeks to showcase different styles of Pashmina which can be worn by ladies. These styles complement almost all dresses.

This Infographic covers following points:
  • Pashmina style name
  • Method of wearing Pashmina scarf or shawl
  • Image to showcase the style

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Amazing Facts about Pashmina Shawls

Looking for Pashmina shawls but do not know anything about their history? Well, Pashmina shawls hold some amazing facts. Read on.

The word ‘Pashmina’ has come from the Persian term ‘pashm’ that means wool. The real pashmina wool comes basically from the chanthangi goats of the Himalayas in Nepal. Here, the goats are cultured in a cold weather that has lured them to develop a protective skin and wool for survival.

Unlike the farm goats we know, Changthangi goats are smaller in size but have a higher and thicker quality of wool. The Cashmere fabric also spelled as Kashmir is a material which is widely used at present in the manufacturing process of woolen shawls and other clothing line. The Cashmere yarn is mostly blended with materials such as silk in order to create a softer more durable product.

Although, the Cashmere Pashmina shawls have been used as protective accessories against the cold weather, still Kashmir is popularly known as the original innovator of this massive variety of shawls. It was originally Emperor Akbar of Mughal who introduced a huge change with the actual design and style of the traditional clothing apparel. Since he was astounded by how the four fold shawl appears when being worn against the waist or shoulder, he then motivated the weavers in working on new designs and styles in folding this type of traditional shawl. This undefined interest of Emperor Akbar led to the innovation of fabulous styles of wearing the Pashmina shawls and scarves with and without folds.

After that, the Mughal emperor Akbar was motivated to undertake the city of Asteh situated in Punjab, the city was then considered as the focal location of shawl-making hence giving the Emperor the best idea of bringing out their abilities for producing more well-designed and premier quality of shawls as well as wraps.

In the present time, Pashmina shawls have become the latest fashion trend as these can be adorned with almost any outfit.  Their soft feel gives comfort and a sophisticated look to the wearer. If you are wondering how to upgrade your wardrobe collection then look for beautiful Pashmina shawls and wraps. These are available in a vast variety of colors and patterns to meet your diverse needs.

Hurry and take advantage of the huge discounts on premium Pashminas from reputable stores offering pashmina wool and pashmina silk shawls.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

What Colors is your Cashmere Wrap?

Are you looking for cashmere wraps to complement different attires? Cashmere wraps are amongst the most popular accessories for women and  can be used with any casual outfit or as evening wraps over a dress or gown. However, each color has a unique meaning that can enhance your personality. Let us have a brief look at some of the popular colors in cashmere wraps:

If you want to look stylish and make a fashion statement that shows beauty and confidence in who you are then a purple cashmere wrap is a must have addition to your wardrobe. Wrap a beautiful purple cashmere shawl wrap around your shoulders and look dynamic like never before.

If you want to enhance your love relationship, you can go for a red color cashmere wrap that can be worn in many stylish ways - tied around the waist, neck or head. A red warm evening wrap looks stunning.

Wear an orange cashmere wrap for fall as seasonal cashmere wraps are a must have for each season so you are always trendy and fashionable. Since brown color reflects genuineness and integrity, you can choose to wear a dark brown cashmere wrap and flaunt your persona with this elegant clothing piece. Complement it with a tunic top or kurti and leave a lasting impression on everyone around you.

When you want sophistication with elegance, cashmere wraps are the clothing to go for.

Friday, August 23, 2013

How to care for your Cashmere Shawls, Wraps & Scarves

Lets reveal some facts about How to care for your Cashmere Shawls, Wraps and Scarves:
  • Dry clean or hand-wash your cashmere shawl wrap scarf. It is best to use a gentle, wool-friendly detergent. Cashmere shawls & scarves are  crème de la crème of all wool winter scarves & wraps so they are very fine thin & soft hence they need special handling and care to last for you.
  • After the gentle washing, pat dry your cashmere scarf shawl wrap in a towel to absorb moisture. Do this for both sides until most of the moisture is out.
  • Gently shake your scarf wrap and then lay it flat to dry; preferably use a towel rack or even a flat table. Turn over once if possible that avoids wrinkles and creases.
  • Always fold cashmere scarves and store them in clean drawers or hang them on scarf hangers. I recommend folding the scarves in a cotton or muslin cloth for extra care when storing them but that is not absolutely necessary.  Cedar blocks will help keep your cashmere scarves & shawls in good condition for a long time and I highly recommend using them.
Wear your Cashmere shawls and wraps with care to ensure the luxurious shawls do not get stuck in hooks of your jewelry or a dress zipper. Cashmere shawls are a luxury every woman should have and treasure. You can put a gentle perfume in the air and swirl around but do not apply this directly on the cashmere accessories. Chemicals are not good for your cashmere treasures. If there is a crease iron on gentle wool setting or steam lightly. I also recommend a light cloth between the iron and cashmere shawl for added care if you think it is necessary.  Never add starch before ironing it will ruin the cashmere.

If it snows or rains, dry the cashmere just as mentioned above. Washing cashmere scarves after many wears is a good idea as washing it too often will not enhance durability. We all want to enjoy our cashmere purchases for a long time especially if they are gifts for a special occasion from a loved one or a dear friend. If there is a food stain or any stains better to give it for professional dry cleaning. Let the experts use their expertise to dry clean and remove the stain effectively yet appropriately. Use the above care instructions for caring for your winter wool shawls & wraps. Read blogs and articles on how to care for your pure cashmere scarf shawl wrap to be a well - informed purchaser or user of beautiful cashmere.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

All about Silk Shawls and Wraps

Silk shawls have been in demand for a long time now. These hold such a charm that never can never fade with time. In the present day world, silk shawls have become a popular accessory for every fashion conscious woman. The vibrant appeal and soft touch in silk shawls is what makes these fashion clothing favorite among youngsters as well as the elder generation.

The best part of silk shawls is that these can add grace even to a simple outfit. Amongst other popular fabrics such as pashmina, cotton, cashmere, linen, silk shawls are most appreciated by youth due to their smooth texture.

You can wear silk shawls in a myriad of styles such as a neck scarf, a head scarf, and waist scarf. These also look good with tunics, tops, and kurtis.

Silk shawls look fabulous when wrapped around the neck and add to the beauty of any wardrobe at any kind of party venue. Known for versatility, silk shawls give a wonderful, cozy feeling that further adds to a feminine charm. To get a trendy look in every outfit, introduce silk shawls to your wardrobe collection.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wrap Up Your Style with Pashmina and Cashmere Shawls

A fashionable Pashmina shawl or wrap is one of the best accessories in the market for both men and women. A woman wearing Pashmina scarves looks very confident and beautiful along with elegant and stylish. They can wear them with different ways of knotting or wrapping.

Yours Elegantly  presents a very informational Infographic titled "Wrap-Up-Your-Style-with-Pashminas-Cashmere Shawls" aims at showcasing the big picture about Wraps , with particular reference to Pashmina. This informative infographic can act as a single source of information for anyone wanting to understand the details about Pashmina - The Emperor of Wraps. 

This Infographic also demonstrates the different types of shawls by materials, patterns and origin.

Accessorizing Your Pashmina Scarf: Get a New Look

You have purchased a perfect pashmina scarf, but you are confused about what exactly would look with it and how can you wrap it around you. Pashmina scarf is generally easy to fit into any wardrobe and can turn an ordinary outfit look sophisticated.

Here are a few simple tips to accessorize your pashmina scarf correctly and get a stylish look.
  • Look in your wardrobe collection.  Focus on outfits in solid colors with simple or classic lines. Wearing a scarf to anything that is already eye-catching will not add much to your new look.
  • If you are wearing a sheath dress, wrap a pashmina scarf around your arms. This look can be unique and attractive and perfect for chilly night parties. Pashmina scarf is an ideal option when you simply need something extra to cover your arms and look stylish at the same time.
  • If your pashmina scarf is bright colored, matching it with a gray, black, or royal blue dress can certainly make you look impressive at your office or in a party. You can also complete your attire with compatible footwear and bold accessories.
  • You can introduce your pashmina scarf into your casual wear as well. Choose dark-shaded jeans with a solid-colored tunic top and wrap the pashmina around your neck. Keep changing colors of your pashmina scarf. This is a great way to look different every day at work.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Facts about Pashminas

The term word 'pashmina' came into the Western fashion in the early 1990s and has become one of the most misleading terms in the accessories industry.

The term 'pashmina' had been in usage for decades in the Himalayan regions including Kashmir(India), Laddakh (India), and Nepal to define a fine fabric, hand-woven from cashmere and widely used to make shawls, wraps and even saris. The pashmina fabric used to be quite expensive and generally only worn by the wealthy people. It was also formed as a part of a bride's trousseau in all these regions

Today, scarves are referred as ‘pashminas' and are made in a plethora of fabrics from fine wool to viscose. Pashmina has a number of hidden facts. Let’s reveal some of them:

•    The pashmina wool is used to make Pashmina wraps and shawls.
•    Pashmina trading is banned in America.
•    The word Pashmina has literally come from 'Pashm' in Persian that means silk and soft.
•    The wool is either woven on a wheel spinner or a hand-made machine.
•    It takes nearly 10 days to spin around approximately 10gms of spun wool.
•    Pashmina is ironed with steam to achieve a refined and shinier look.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Gifting a Cashmere Ruana Wrap on Parent’s Day

Parent's day is a special occasion when you get an opportunity to honor your parents who play a significant role in your life. The day is widely celebrated in the U.S to give honor and respect to parents for their role in upbringing their children. On this occasion, you can express your love by gifting something different yet useful.  Mothers are always adorable for their children. So, you can gift something that she can adore and use preserve for generations. Although, there are a number of gift options available over the web, going with Cashmere Ruana wraps is a unique and wonderful option for gifting on Parent’s Day.

A bold colored, soft in touch, royal in look, great to wear, 100% cashmere ruana wrap will keep your mother feel warm and cozy. It can be wrapped around the shoulders with a matching tunic top and accessories. Cashmere ruana makes a perfect gift for Parent’s Day as the fabric is highly versatile and gives the same comfort even after preserving it for several years.

You can choose a black cashmere ruana wrap that would appear pretty with any outfit. A plain black cashmere wrap can be worn in several ways to enhance the appeal of the complete attire. It can also be fastened with a brooch.

So, when you want to express your bond with your parents in the most unique way, gifting a cashmere ruana wrap is just the right option.

Friday, June 28, 2013

History of Pashmina's tells the story of Shawls

History of Pashmina tells the story of Shawls. Pashmina, from the Persian word for wool, is popularly known in the West as cashmere wool.

Have a look at excellent video which describes the History of Pashminas.

Tips For Finding A Genuine Cashmere Shawl/Scarf

A Cashmere shawl epitomises luxury and style. It looks elegant and stylish and makes the wearer stand out in the crowd. If you are planning to buy a cashmere shawl for yourself or to gift it to someone special, use the tips shared below to assure yourself of genuine and authentic cashmere shawl or scarf.
  • Genuine cashmere scarves and shawls are very soft to touch and feel. You must stroke cashmere shawl or scarf against your cheek to see how it feels. If you feel any sort of irritation, chances are that it is not 100% genuine.
  • Cashmere shawls and scarves are extremely light in weight. Take them in your hand when you are out to buy them. If it doesn’t feel light it is probably not authentic.
  • Despite its light weight, genuine cashmere scarves are very warm and cosy. Even if its freezing outside, you can stay warm by covering up yourself in a genuine pashmina scarf. Before you buy a pashmina scarf, drape it around yourself and see if it feels warm or not.
  • Genuine cashmere and pashmina doesn’t include any silk blend. Those that contain silk are cheaper and their sellers inform about the same to the buyers. If you come across a cheap pashmina scarf, check the label. It is unlikely to be 100% cashmere.
  • If a pashmina scarf or shawl shines too much, it could be because of the presence of silk or may be other artificial fabrics. Ask the manufacturer why it is shining so much and whether or not it is 100% pure and genuine cashmere.
  • To assure yourself of genuine cashmere scarf, you must always make your purchase from a genuine and reputable supplier. It would be good to check the reviews about the supplier in case you are buying cashmere shawls and scarves online.
Buy a genuine cashmere shawl and take pride in owning a piece of timeless fashion accessory.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Cashmere Scarves and Shawls Make an Elegant Gift For Your Father

Amazing Men's Cashmere Scarves
Father’s day is here and if you are looking for a gift to thank your father for all that he has done for you, you may consider buying cashmere scarves and shawls.

Contrary to the common belief that cashmere scarves and shawls are meant for women only, men too can wear them. In fact, a lot of men choose to wear pashmina and cashmere scarves with both formal and informal attire.

Soft to touch and feel and warm and comfortable to wear, pashmina scarves are truly attractive and genuine. Pashmina scarves are simply elegant and this perhaps accounts for their immense popularity amongst men. Men unlike women prefer to look simple and sober. Needless to say, when draped all over or when tied around one’s neck, an embroidered pashmina scarf or the one that’s printed all over, adds a touch of subtle elegance and style to a man’s personality.

This Father’s Day, gift your father a pashmina scarf or a cashmere shawl. Available in so many designs and shades, you won’t face any difficulty in finding the perfect shawl or scarf for your loving father.

A timeless gift, your father would treasure the pashmina scarf for years to come.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pashmina Scarves: Elegantly Beautiful Fashion Accessory For One & All!

Whether you are a man or a woman, a pashmina scarf is an elegant and beautiful fashion accessory that you must have in your wardrobe.

Pashmina scarves are a symbol of elegance and grace. They look elegant, yet trendy and can be worn on almost every occasion. Whether you are going to a formal event such as a wedding or an engagement party or to an informal party or casual lunch or for shopping, you can wear pashmina scarf to add a designer touch to your persona.

The best thing about the pashmina scarves and shawls is that they can be worn with most styles and types of clothing. Women can wear them with dresses, pants, jeans, and even traditional clothing. Likewise, men can wear a pashmina scarf with business suits, as well as with formal pants and shirts. A pashmina scarf can also be tied around the neck when wearing casual attire.

The versatility of pashmina scarves and shawls has added to their growing popularity all over the world. If you can not afford to have several pieces of pashmina scarves and shawls, you may buy a basic black or white coloured scarf which would go with most dresses.

Just wrap your pashmina scarf all over or tie it around your neck or take it over your shoulders and arms for transforming your look and appearance. A genuine pashmina shawl would not only keep you warm, but would also add volumes to your personality.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Cashmere Scarves: Use Them To Look Stylish All Year Round!

If you had bought expensive and exquisite cashmere scarves, don’t pack them away. They are not just for winters. In fact, you can wear your cashmere scarves in summers and spring too to add a touch of sophistication and style to your personality.

People usually wear cashmere scarves during winters to feel elegantly warm and cosy. But woven cashmere is light and can be comfortably worn during spring and summers. Rather than wrapping it all around yourself, you can tie your woven cashmere scarf around your neck for that chic and stylish look.

Likewise, silk cashmere scarves too can be worn during hot weather. If you are wearing a pair of jeans and a strapless top, you can drape the silk scarf to add a lot of interest to your plain and boring look. Your silk scarf would make you look hot and glamorous without turning up the heat.

Cashmere scarves and shawls come in an array of weaves, styles, textures, and colours. Wear a plain scarf with a printed summer dress to make subtle style statement or go bold with bright and vibrant cashmere scarves and shawls.

All those of you who have packed your cashmere shawls and scarves, take them out. Look smart and stylish this spring and summers in your cashmere scarves. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tips to Tie a Pashmina Scarf

Do you love pashmina wrap or scarves but do not really know how to tie them? A pashmina scarf is basically a length of fabric that is made from cashmere wool. Pashmina cashmere was first created in Kashmir centuries ago. Pashmina scarves are still in fashion and have become one of the popular women's clothing accessories.

If you want to look gorgeous at your workplace or at every party, follow the simple tips to tie a pashmina shawl:
  • Drape over the back of your shoulders and neck keeping the ends of the shawl over your arms. For a gorgeous look tie the ends of the shawl together around your back. 
  • Fold the pashmina shawl in two halves, drape around your neck and pull the end of the scarf through the halfway loop to give a stylish look. 
  • You can wrap the pashmina shawl twice around your neck, leaving it fairly loose, and tie an elegant   knot with the ends of the shawl. 
  • Let your pashmina shawl spread out fully and simply lay it across your front.
  • Spread the shawl around your hips and tie a knot on the sides.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Top Tips to Clean your Precious Pashmina Shawl

Pashmina is a delicate fabric that gives a luxurious feel to the skin. Mostly, pashmina shawl is a blend of 70 percent pashmina and 30 percent silk. However, some shawls are made using 50 percent pashmina and 50 percent silk. Since pashmina is a delicate fabric, it is important to  take  care of it with proper cleaning.

Here are a few tips how you can clean your pashmina shawl:
  • Fill a tub with lukewarm water along with some shampoo. Let the shampoo dissolve in the water.
  • Gently hand wash the shawl.
  • Rinse the shawl with conditioner to make it softer.
  • Squeeze the pashmina delicately to remove any excess water. Do not stretch the fabric much.
  • Let the shawl to dry of.  Keep it away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat.
  • When dry, use a cool iron to press the pashmina fabric. You may also consider putting a damp cloth between the iron and the fabric.
  • Fold the shawl and preserve it inside a polythene bag. This will protect the pashmina shawl from sunlight, dampness, dust and moths.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Different Types of Shawls for Women

Shawls are an outstanding way to style to any outfit, be it casual or formal. These can be found in a wide assortment of colors and popular fabrics such as cotton, silk and linen. Many times, shawls are worn as stole, draped around the shoulders or even head wrapped. Best alternative to accessorize any women's outfit, every shawl gives a unique look when it is worn perfectly.

Let us have a look at some of the popular types of women shawls:

Cashmere Shawls:
Cashmere shawls are beautiful and are often compared with pashmina shawls. These basically come from the same type of goat. However, the only difference is the fineness of the wool in both the fabrics.  However, cashmere fabric incorporates its own charm and has a soft touch that gives complete comfort and pleasure to women's senses.

Water Shawls:
These shawls also have emerged as a new variety for fashion conscious women. These are made from Pashminas or blend silk. However, these come in dyed and woven forms that makes them appear appealing. Since these are dyed, water shawls have different colors on each side. Extremely soft to  touch, water shawls look shiny and women can wear these shawls with tunics and matching accessories such as earrings, necklace and clutch.

Find the latest collection of women shawls at reputable online stores and look gorgeous than ever before.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pashmina Shawls- When you Want to Look Simply Gorgeous

Do you wish to look stunning and gorgeous on your first dinner date? Well, if you want to go for a look that you can easily carry then a pashmina shawl is the perfect option for you. Pashmina shawls come in a wide variety of patterns, colors and styles you have ever imagined. This can make your shopping experience even more joyful.
Fashion accessories are a nice addition to your stylish pashmina shawl when you want to get an elegant look. You can choose to wear simple and light jewelry of your choice to complete a perfect attire. With the right matching of accessories you can easily impress your loved one with your own style statement.

Pashmina shawls are worn by most women at every occasion whether small or big. These ensure elegance with comfort. Now when online shopping is booming up, you can find a beautiful collection of pashmina shawls at reasonable prices on the internet.

Simply browse a few well known stores offering pashmina shawls, cashmere shawls, or silk shawls. Look for stores that also offer fashion accessories to accentuate your beauty. Comparing the prices of each store is also advisable to bring the best piece of pashmina shawl home.

When looking simply gorgeous is on your mind, look no further than wearing pashmina shawls matching with your outfit for the day.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Wrap Your Shawl Like Greta Garbo

There are beautiful ways to wear a shawl but one of the best ways is going with Greta Garbo's style.
Garbo wore a long fringed shawl in the 1926 movie 'The Temptress'. In the movie, Greta wears a long, elegant shawl wrapped around her shoulders perfectly pinned at one place. She carried the shawl so well that it added to her extraordinary beauty and turned her into a popular international star.

Wrapping the shawl like Greta Garbo
First, spread the shawl fully open. Fold the corners of the shawl about 2 inches so it will hang toward the inside, facing your back. Try to place the folded edge on the top side of the middle of your neck so that both sides hang down in equal lengths. Try to keep the fringe hang straight. This is the classic Greta Garbo style to wear a long shawl for any occasion.

These days cashmere and pashmina shawl are leading the fashion. The pure fabrics and soft touch gives profound comfort to body. In addition, the variety of cashmere and pashmina shawls you can find at recognized online stores is sure to define your fashion statement.

So what's making you wait till now? Buy the one matching with your wardrobe and get that Garbo look. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Shawls- The Different Variety

Cashmere Shawls:
Cashmere shawls are very beautiful and their beauty is different from that of Pashmina.  Some people believe that Cashmere shawls are exactly the same as Pashmina but it is not the fact.

Pashmina and Cashmere both come from the same type of goat. However, the difference arises from the fineness of the wool. Pashmina is 19-21 microns whereas Cashmere is 15-20 microns. Pashmina is so fine that it can be both produced and woven by hand. Both have different grades so you can feel the difference between both the fabrics after you wrap it around your shoulders.

Water Shawls:
Water shawls have also evolved as new product in the market and are made from a Pashmina or blend silk. However, these are dyed and woven in a different way that makes them unique in appeal.

Water shawls have a different color on each side. These are extremely soft to touch and are much shinier than conventional Pashmina shawls. You can carry water shawls with suits, saris, jeans and kurtis. Available in dazzling colors, you can really add a difference to your wardrobe by wearing water shawls.

Look exclusive with the different variety of shawls!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

What is a Real Pashmina?

A real Pashmina is manufactured in India - Kashmir or Nepal. It can be 100% Pashmina, 80% Pashmina/20% silk or 70% Pashmina/ 30%. If it is pure Pashmina, it must not have any sheen at all. Hold it up to see whether there is shine on both sides. If there is shine- it has silk in it. Remember that 100% Pashmina actually appears less impressive on first glance than those blended with silk but it is more valuable. Silk is basically used to make the garment more wearable, durable and long-lasting. So, you just need to remember- ‘the more shine it has, the more silk it has.’ Pashmina can also be blended with lesser grade of cashmere or even other wools.

Pashmina shawls are widely in fashion and are available in awe-inspiring designs and patterns. You can wrap an embroidered Pashmina shawl on a plain color kurti and match up with beautiful accessories. These shawls never go out of fashion and remain the choice of youngsters as well as elder women. The reason is their uniqueness of the fabric and an unmatched variety of designs.

If a party is on your mind, choose the best Pashmina shawl to complement your dress and flaunt style.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Pashmina Wraps- Wrap Yourself in Fashion

What is Pashmina?

Pashmina is typically high-quality Cashmere wool and is obtained from the undercoat of a particular-type of goat that lives high in the hills of the state of Kashmir. The Cashmere is collected and hand-spun into garments.
How to wear a traditional Pashmina?

Don’t be anxious while deciding on how to wear a Pashmina. Just wear in a way that makes you most comfortable. However, the traditional style is to open the shawl completely, throw it behind the shoulders just as you wear a jacket before putting it on and then move it off to the centre. So one side of the shawl will be shorter than the other. Put the shorter side on your left shoulder and put the longer side across your right shoulder. This will create a flattering, draped effect. If you will keep one side longer, it will not fall off from your shoulders and you can even pin it up with a small safety pin to secure it in place.

You can also find other ways to wear Pashmina shawls over the World Wide Web. Wrap your Pashmina in the most fashionable way!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Some Useful Tips for Buying Pashmina Shawls

A Pashmina shawl is a one-of-its-kind fashion accessory and you must have at least one in your wardrobe. It is soft and heavenly to touch and feel and classy to wear. You can add loads to your personality by wearing a Pashmina silk shawl with your casual outfit or formal attire. If you are buying Pashmina scarves for the first time ever, here are some useful tips to help you make the right buying decision.

Genuine Pashmina scarves and shawls are very light in weight and extremely soft to touch. It is believed that you can pull a full length authentic Pashmina shawl through an average sized ring. So, if you can, just try it out when out to buy one.

Pure Pashmina shawl looks exquisite, but it's not durable because the fibers are so fine that the weave usually gets loose and opens up. You must therefore look for Pashmina shawls and scarves that have some silk blended into them. A silk blend Pashmina scarf or shawl enhances the durability and sheen of the Pashmina wool.

The beauty of Pashmina shawls lies in the intricate handwork and detailing that goes in to its making. From spinning and weaving to embroidering, everything is done by hand. This perhaps is the reason why Pashmina shawls and scarves are so expensive to buy. If you want to own a real, luxurious piece, be prepared to spend a little. Though you can get good deals online on Cashmere shawls and scarves, if you get them at unbelievably low prices, there are chances that it is not 100% genuine.

Make an informed decision and you would have a royal fashion accessory that you can cherish for years.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Pashmina Scarves: A Beautiful Valentine’s Day Gift!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. If you have yet not bought the Valentine’ Day gift for the special woman in your life, you must buy it right away. This year, consider Pashmina scarves for her.

The gift for your love should be really special and warm. It should convey her, your deep and true love. Pashmina scarves are one of the softest and the warmest gifts. Your lady love would love to receive such a beautiful and warm gift from you.

Pashmina shawls are made from Pashmina which is the finest cashmere wool. Pashmina is very soft to touch and feel and provides a lot of warmth and coziness to the wearer. These shawls are the perfect fashion accessory for all occasions and are loved by almost every woman. One can wear the Pashmina shawl and wrap with casual, as well as formal attire for looking chic and stylish.

As Pashmina scarves are available in several designs and blends, you won’t find it difficult to choose the right Valentine’s Day gift for her. Depending on her taste and personal preference, you may buy her a plaid Cashmere shawl or the Jacquard shawl with paisley design on it. There are crafted and embroidered Pashmina shawls as well in solid colors and pastel shades.

Buy a beautiful Pashmina wrap to send your message of love to your beloved.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Indian Tunic Kurtis Are A Must Have As Spring & Summer Tunics

Women love Indian Tunics popularly called “Kurtis” in India that have been popularized by Fashion Designers and Celebrities worldwide. Bollywood Films have portrayed the Indian tunics in their embellished embroidered beauty on beautiful actresses like Aishwarya Rai making every fashionable woman want to attain that look especially for evening formal tunics.

Try some Cotton Tunics, womens cotton kurtis in their embroidered / embellished splendor to freshen up your spring summer wardrobe. The cotton from India is soft machine washable and the top quality designer tunics are wrinkle free too. Indian designer tunics kurtis in many seasonal colors and all sizes from XS to 5X at Yours Elegantly on sale are a best buy!

Plus size women’s tunics are very popular due to the perfect combination of style combined with soft cotton tunic comfort. They combine the advantages of haute couture, fashion and comfort that women seem to love in an outfit.

Casual summer cotton kurtis tunics are extremely versatile and can be used as beach tunics / swim coverups. The designer kurtis look formal and beautiful for evening tunic top. Wear the tunics with pants, leggings or a flowy skirt and look en vogue and beautiful like the Bollywood actresses.

Tunics from India are called Indian Kurtis. India is known for its expertise in its craftsmanship as the weavers are talented and well trained in their art. Embellished tunics with beads, crystals, touch of embroidery are available in cotton, french crepe, chiffon, silk, voice, georgette and linen. There is so much to choose from online so find a site that gives you good service and trendy tunics.

Tunics are known to flatter your body type. The flowy cut the neckline and strategic embellishment will make you feel stylish and streamline your body tye to look slim and sleek. Plus size women love tunic tops for these reasons. Even the Petite and Misses sizes love Tunics Kurtis. They can be worn to work, whilst traveling or vacationing, to parties & formal dinners. Add a Pashmina to a tunic and make it more formal and elegant. A pair of pearls on Indian gem stone earrings would add to that glomous touch and make the ensemble more beautiful.

Heavenly embroidered tunics make a woman look classy. The Internet is the best place to shop for women’s tunic tops and kurtis if you can find a site with a wide selection of tunics and great service. Yours Elegantly endeavors to be just that! Shop the tunics in all sizes from XS to 5X in various fabrics and designs including long tunics to be worn with leggings and save big!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Tips for Buying a Cashmere Wrap

A cashmere wrap is expensive than most other shawls and wraps but it definitely is worth investing in. It’s one such fashion accessory that doesn’t go out of date. Cashmere wraps are versatile and practical. They can be put to the maximum use and can be worn anytime and anywhere. But how to choose the right scarves and wraps? How to assure yourself of genuine Pashmina scarves?

If you are out to buy Cashmere wraps, you must first read the labels to be sure that it is a hundred percent cashmere and not just a wool blend. Wool blends would cost you less than high quality, pure Cashmere.
Check out how the wrap is made. It is advisable to buy a scarf whose knit is tightly woven together. The tighter the weave of the cashmere, the better and warmer it would be. Cashmere wraps that are thicker give more warmth than those that are not as thick. Also, such wraps are sturdier and long lasting.

Cashmere shawls come in many colors. You may buy a Plaid cashmere scarf in grey, brown, black, or cream color as such colors are versatile and go with most outfits. If you wish to make a bold and striking appearance, you must buy shawls in brighter colors such as red, blue, magenta, and alike as they can transform any simple outfit and can add loads to your personality.

If you wish to enjoy the best deals on cashmere wraps, you must shop around. Check out the price of men’s cashmere scarves and Pashmina scarves at different stores and compare the price to assure yourself of the best bargain.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Men’s Cashmere Scarves: Fashion Accessory with a Difference!

When one talks about men’s fashion, the things that come to mind are clothing, shoes, belts, ties, and cufflinks. Men’s cashmere scarves are their fashion accessories that are unique and worth considering. 

Cashmere scarves and shawls combine practicality with style. They are very warm and keep men warm during extremely cold weather. Men can wear cashmere wrap or Pashmina scarves with a jacket, coat, or sweater. Cashmere shawls go with almost every piece of men’s clothing. By choosing the correct style and color of Cashmere wrap, men can look stylish and classy. 

Cashmere scarves for men come in all sorts of shades and hues. There are various shades to choose from, such as blue, red, yellow, brown, beige, black, white, cream, and many more. Men can easily find the Ruana wrap or cashmere wrap that best complements their shirt and trousers.  

Men generally avoid buying shiny and shimmering shawls and wraps. They prefer styles and design patterns that are a little understated and subdued for making an elegant style statement.

As far as patterns are concerned, men’s Pashmina scarves and shawls too come in several design patterns, it is however advisable to buy the ones that do not have very large patterns. Thin strips and small checks are ideal for men. Since fashion is all about personal taste and preference, one can always be experimental and try out things that look good on one rather than going by hard and fast rules.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pashmina Scarves: Stylish Fashion Accessories for Women!

Fashion accessories are a must for women who want to look stylish and attractive. Designer shoes, ladies handbags, glasses, watch, perfumes, and make up add loads to a woman’s persona and help enhance her feminine beauty and charm. There is one more fashion accessory that is quite stylish and beautiful Pashmina scarves. 

Women, as well as men across the world wear Pashmina scarves and shawls to make elegant and sophisticated style statement. Pashmina is the finest cashmere wool and is very light and soft to feel. It is very warm when compared to other wool products.

Cashmere shawls, wraps and Pashmina scarves come in a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns. From bold to light shades, as well as plain and embroidered shawls, there is something for every taste and preference.

The best thing about cashmere shawls is that they can be worn as an accessory with all types of clothes. You can wear it with a plain business suit to dress up for a formal event or when going out for shopping or to meet friends, you can simply pair your Ruana wrap with a casual shirt and a pair of jeans. You would look trendy and chic!

When going to a dinner party or any formal occasion, a Pashmina shawl looks luxurious and adds that oomph factor to the wearer’s personality. Cashmere shawls and wraps add unparalleled grace and charm to one’s outfit and win one accolades for such a superior sense of dressing and fashion.

You can drape your Plaid Cashmere Scarf round your shoulders or round your neck or lower arms. You can even tie it around your waist like a belt. There are several ways you can wear your Pashmina scarves to look stunning and impressive.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cashmere Shawls and Wraps: The Perfect Gift for That Someone Special!

If you are looking for a gift for that someone one special to wish her happy birthday or to propose her or simply tell her how much you love her, you must look for a special gift. Perfumes, clothes, and handbags are usual gifts. If you wish to make her feel glad and want your gift to be genuinely appreciated, you must gift her cashmere shawls and wraps.

Cashmere shawls and wraps are one of the finest and indeed the softest types of shawls and wraps. Cashmere wool is one of the warmest wools too and is perfect to be worn during cold and chilly seasons. You can give a cashmere wrap or Pashmina scarves on Christmas, New Year, or on birthdays, wedding anniversary, and other special occasions.

These shawls and scarves are very warm and cosy and are practical for those chilly evenings and outings. The best thing about cashmere shawls is that they look very graceful and can be worn with casual, as well as formal wear.

These scarves and shawls come in various blends, colors, and designs. You may buy a plaid cashmere scarf or faux Fur shawl or wrap in bold colors. Since these shawls come in various sizes and price range, buying one for your lady should not be a problem at all.  You may check out Pashmina Scarves and Cashmere Shawls over the Internet to enjoy stunning collection of beautiful and genuine Pashmina shawls and wraps.

Buy a cashmere wrap or Ruana Wrap for your lady, and give her a gift for the lifetime.

Men’s cashmere scarves and cashmere wraps are also available. You may buy them for yourself too if you wish to look elegant and stylish.

Monday, January 7, 2013

How to Wear a Pashmina How to tie a Pashmina

1. Drape the Pashmina over the shoulders like a shawl. Holding a narrow end of the scarf in each hand, pull the scarf toward the middle of the body and tie it in the middle.

2.Use the Pashmina as a draped piece. Instead of placing the accessory around the shoulders, let the ends loosely fall over the inner crook of the elbow. This look is wonderful for evening and cocktail wear.

3.Try a simple loop for daily wear. Rest the Pashmina Scarf on the back of the neck, and let the ends hang over the chest. One end should be a bit lower than the other. Take the lower-hanging end and wind it around the neck, bringing it back down to lie flat. Adjust for symmetry to taste.

Enjoy many other styles: Tie the Pashmina into a noose style. Fold the Pashmina in half widthwise to create a loop. Take the folded scarf and rest it against the neck at the scarf's halfway point, holding the loop in one hand and the loose ends in the other. Reach through the loop and grab the loose ends, pulling them through. Arrange the fabric to suit.

Be versatile and wear your Pashmina Shawls Wraps in a style that suits the occasion. An off shoulder look for Evening Pashmina shawls is always beautiful and stylish. Wear your Pashmina Wrap with a knot in the center style for office wear for convenience. Wear your shawl in a manner that shows the beauty of the Pashmina, the designer embroidery or beautiful hand painting or even just a simple pattern in a manner that makes it the focal point of the outfit.

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