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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pashmina Shawls- When you Want to Look Simply Gorgeous

Do you wish to look stunning and gorgeous on your first dinner date? Well, if you want to go for a look that you can easily carry then a pashmina shawl is the perfect option for you. Pashmina shawls come in a wide variety of patterns, colors and styles you have ever imagined. This can make your shopping experience even more joyful.
Fashion accessories are a nice addition to your stylish pashmina shawl when you want to get an elegant look. You can choose to wear simple and light jewelry of your choice to complete a perfect attire. With the right matching of accessories you can easily impress your loved one with your own style statement.

Pashmina shawls are worn by most women at every occasion whether small or big. These ensure elegance with comfort. Now when online shopping is booming up, you can find a beautiful collection of pashmina shawls at reasonable prices on the internet.

Simply browse a few well known stores offering pashmina shawls, cashmere shawls, or silk shawls. Look for stores that also offer fashion accessories to accentuate your beauty. Comparing the prices of each store is also advisable to bring the best piece of pashmina shawl home.

When looking simply gorgeous is on your mind, look no further than wearing pashmina shawls matching with your outfit for the day.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Wrap Your Shawl Like Greta Garbo

There are beautiful ways to wear a shawl but one of the best ways is going with Greta Garbo's style.
Garbo wore a long fringed shawl in the 1926 movie 'The Temptress'. In the movie, Greta wears a long, elegant shawl wrapped around her shoulders perfectly pinned at one place. She carried the shawl so well that it added to her extraordinary beauty and turned her into a popular international star.

Wrapping the shawl like Greta Garbo
First, spread the shawl fully open. Fold the corners of the shawl about 2 inches so it will hang toward the inside, facing your back. Try to place the folded edge on the top side of the middle of your neck so that both sides hang down in equal lengths. Try to keep the fringe hang straight. This is the classic Greta Garbo style to wear a long shawl for any occasion.

These days cashmere and pashmina shawl are leading the fashion. The pure fabrics and soft touch gives profound comfort to body. In addition, the variety of cashmere and pashmina shawls you can find at recognized online stores is sure to define your fashion statement.

So what's making you wait till now? Buy the one matching with your wardrobe and get that Garbo look. 

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