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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wrap Up Your Style with Pashmina and Cashmere Shawls

A fashionable Pashmina shawl or wrap is one of the best accessories in the market for both men and women. A woman wearing Pashmina scarves looks very confident and beautiful along with elegant and stylish. They can wear them with different ways of knotting or wrapping.

Yours Elegantly  presents a very informational Infographic titled "Wrap-Up-Your-Style-with-Pashminas-Cashmere Shawls" aims at showcasing the big picture about Wraps , with particular reference to Pashmina. This informative infographic can act as a single source of information for anyone wanting to understand the details about Pashmina - The Emperor of Wraps. 

This Infographic also demonstrates the different types of shawls by materials, patterns and origin.

Accessorizing Your Pashmina Scarf: Get a New Look

You have purchased a perfect pashmina scarf, but you are confused about what exactly would look with it and how can you wrap it around you. Pashmina scarf is generally easy to fit into any wardrobe and can turn an ordinary outfit look sophisticated.

Here are a few simple tips to accessorize your pashmina scarf correctly and get a stylish look.
  • Look in your wardrobe collection.  Focus on outfits in solid colors with simple or classic lines. Wearing a scarf to anything that is already eye-catching will not add much to your new look.
  • If you are wearing a sheath dress, wrap a pashmina scarf around your arms. This look can be unique and attractive and perfect for chilly night parties. Pashmina scarf is an ideal option when you simply need something extra to cover your arms and look stylish at the same time.
  • If your pashmina scarf is bright colored, matching it with a gray, black, or royal blue dress can certainly make you look impressive at your office or in a party. You can also complete your attire with compatible footwear and bold accessories.
  • You can introduce your pashmina scarf into your casual wear as well. Choose dark-shaded jeans with a solid-colored tunic top and wrap the pashmina around your neck. Keep changing colors of your pashmina scarf. This is a great way to look different every day at work.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Facts about Pashminas

The term word 'pashmina' came into the Western fashion in the early 1990s and has become one of the most misleading terms in the accessories industry.

The term 'pashmina' had been in usage for decades in the Himalayan regions including Kashmir(India), Laddakh (India), and Nepal to define a fine fabric, hand-woven from cashmere and widely used to make shawls, wraps and even saris. The pashmina fabric used to be quite expensive and generally only worn by the wealthy people. It was also formed as a part of a bride's trousseau in all these regions

Today, scarves are referred as ‘pashminas' and are made in a plethora of fabrics from fine wool to viscose. Pashmina has a number of hidden facts. Let’s reveal some of them:

•    The pashmina wool is used to make Pashmina wraps and shawls.
•    Pashmina trading is banned in America.
•    The word Pashmina has literally come from 'Pashm' in Persian that means silk and soft.
•    The wool is either woven on a wheel spinner or a hand-made machine.
•    It takes nearly 10 days to spin around approximately 10gms of spun wool.
•    Pashmina is ironed with steam to achieve a refined and shinier look.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Gifting a Cashmere Ruana Wrap on Parent’s Day

Parent's day is a special occasion when you get an opportunity to honor your parents who play a significant role in your life. The day is widely celebrated in the U.S to give honor and respect to parents for their role in upbringing their children. On this occasion, you can express your love by gifting something different yet useful.  Mothers are always adorable for their children. So, you can gift something that she can adore and use preserve for generations. Although, there are a number of gift options available over the web, going with Cashmere Ruana wraps is a unique and wonderful option for gifting on Parent’s Day.

A bold colored, soft in touch, royal in look, great to wear, 100% cashmere ruana wrap will keep your mother feel warm and cozy. It can be wrapped around the shoulders with a matching tunic top and accessories. Cashmere ruana makes a perfect gift for Parent’s Day as the fabric is highly versatile and gives the same comfort even after preserving it for several years.

You can choose a black cashmere ruana wrap that would appear pretty with any outfit. A plain black cashmere wrap can be worn in several ways to enhance the appeal of the complete attire. It can also be fastened with a brooch.

So, when you want to express your bond with your parents in the most unique way, gifting a cashmere ruana wrap is just the right option.

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