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Thursday, August 29, 2013

What Colors is your Cashmere Wrap?

Are you looking for cashmere wraps to complement different attires? Cashmere wraps are amongst the most popular accessories for women and  can be used with any casual outfit or as evening wraps over a dress or gown. However, each color has a unique meaning that can enhance your personality. Let us have a brief look at some of the popular colors in cashmere wraps:

If you want to look stylish and make a fashion statement that shows beauty and confidence in who you are then a purple cashmere wrap is a must have addition to your wardrobe. Wrap a beautiful purple cashmere shawl wrap around your shoulders and look dynamic like never before.

If you want to enhance your love relationship, you can go for a red color cashmere wrap that can be worn in many stylish ways - tied around the waist, neck or head. A red warm evening wrap looks stunning.

Wear an orange cashmere wrap for fall as seasonal cashmere wraps are a must have for each season so you are always trendy and fashionable. Since brown color reflects genuineness and integrity, you can choose to wear a dark brown cashmere wrap and flaunt your persona with this elegant clothing piece. Complement it with a tunic top or kurti and leave a lasting impression on everyone around you.

When you want sophistication with elegance, cashmere wraps are the clothing to go for.

Friday, August 23, 2013

How to care for your Cashmere Shawls, Wraps & Scarves

Lets reveal some facts about How to care for your Cashmere Shawls, Wraps and Scarves:
  • Dry clean or hand-wash your cashmere shawl wrap scarf. It is best to use a gentle, wool-friendly detergent. Cashmere shawls & scarves are  crème de la crème of all wool winter scarves & wraps so they are very fine thin & soft hence they need special handling and care to last for you.
  • After the gentle washing, pat dry your cashmere scarf shawl wrap in a towel to absorb moisture. Do this for both sides until most of the moisture is out.
  • Gently shake your scarf wrap and then lay it flat to dry; preferably use a towel rack or even a flat table. Turn over once if possible that avoids wrinkles and creases.
  • Always fold cashmere scarves and store them in clean drawers or hang them on scarf hangers. I recommend folding the scarves in a cotton or muslin cloth for extra care when storing them but that is not absolutely necessary.  Cedar blocks will help keep your cashmere scarves & shawls in good condition for a long time and I highly recommend using them.
Wear your Cashmere shawls and wraps with care to ensure the luxurious shawls do not get stuck in hooks of your jewelry or a dress zipper. Cashmere shawls are a luxury every woman should have and treasure. You can put a gentle perfume in the air and swirl around but do not apply this directly on the cashmere accessories. Chemicals are not good for your cashmere treasures. If there is a crease iron on gentle wool setting or steam lightly. I also recommend a light cloth between the iron and cashmere shawl for added care if you think it is necessary.  Never add starch before ironing it will ruin the cashmere.

If it snows or rains, dry the cashmere just as mentioned above. Washing cashmere scarves after many wears is a good idea as washing it too often will not enhance durability. We all want to enjoy our cashmere purchases for a long time especially if they are gifts for a special occasion from a loved one or a dear friend. If there is a food stain or any stains better to give it for professional dry cleaning. Let the experts use their expertise to dry clean and remove the stain effectively yet appropriately. Use the above care instructions for caring for your winter wool shawls & wraps. Read blogs and articles on how to care for your pure cashmere scarf shawl wrap to be a well - informed purchaser or user of beautiful cashmere.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

All about Silk Shawls and Wraps

Silk shawls have been in demand for a long time now. These hold such a charm that never can never fade with time. In the present day world, silk shawls have become a popular accessory for every fashion conscious woman. The vibrant appeal and soft touch in silk shawls is what makes these fashion clothing favorite among youngsters as well as the elder generation.

The best part of silk shawls is that these can add grace even to a simple outfit. Amongst other popular fabrics such as pashmina, cotton, cashmere, linen, silk shawls are most appreciated by youth due to their smooth texture.

You can wear silk shawls in a myriad of styles such as a neck scarf, a head scarf, and waist scarf. These also look good with tunics, tops, and kurtis.

Silk shawls look fabulous when wrapped around the neck and add to the beauty of any wardrobe at any kind of party venue. Known for versatility, silk shawls give a wonderful, cozy feeling that further adds to a feminine charm. To get a trendy look in every outfit, introduce silk shawls to your wardrobe collection.

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