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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Designer Pashmina Shawls and Scarves make Unique Gifts

Have you tried gifting a beautiful woven designer scarf wrap to a woman for any special occasion?  If not, you should try it and watch that ladies face light up in delight. A lot of women love fashionable accessories. Accessories make the best gift ideas as they are easy to gift they are personal but not so personal that it would be awkward. Pashminas light up a woman attire and countenance. They have a magical effect of making a lady look stylish, unique and confident. Women will tell you how much they agree on that.

Pashminas fall under a many classes of Pashmina and you can buy one to suit your budget. For the very special woman in your life be it a wife or mother you could opt in fall and winter for a Pashmina Wool Shawl that is beautiful warm in 4 ply plush thickness. In spring and summer I recommend a silk pashmina in a beautiful seasonal color with or without a design.

In many countries the term Cashmere Pashmina is used interchangeably as the yarn comes from the same Changthangi mountain goat. Because pashmina is blended with silk for an evening sheen and has increased in popularity customers tend to think it is silken and super thin. Yes it is thin inherently so is cashmere in a single ply. Magically the lightness does not compromise warmth which is luxuriously soft and even sensitive skins are not allergic to it. Go with a higher ply to get more plush and some thickness to the shawl.

In the U.S. Canada Australia winters in some regions are super cold some customers want softness and some weight so the 4 ply Cashmere Shawl has become the most wanted winter accessory for women and men. Shawls that are 30” x 80” are in demand with women who want the long extra coverage and men love to use them as long scarves and wrap them around the neck comfortably. 4 ply unisex winter scarves shawls and wraps are must haves especially the  classic beige, grey, black, royal blue, navy, dark purple and ivory cream colors.

In spring I love the 2 ply fairly warm shawls which are warm enough, soft & beautiful in many spring designs and colors. My favorite is pink, silver grey, dark grey, black, camel, blue, green, lilac, coral, blush, dark red, true red, yellow mustard, beige and brown.  In summer I love the art pashminas you will have noticed  department stores in the mall often treated Pashmina as a brand name. Many department stores will sell Pashminas in viscose rayon acrylic and silk blend. Customers have created a demand for these as they want light shawls with a Pashmina brand name in many blends and designs. The price is lower and the light summer airy feel is quite nice. You can pick and choose whether you want a true pashmina from India Nepal & Inner Mongolia or an art pashmina in soft other blends just for a stylish brand statement.
Many online stores love to give good service which lies at the core of a successful online business. So do a phone order to get help matching a shawl to a dress  and at the same time get some fashion advice on latest seasonal trends.

A quick tip when buying a shawl is to keep in mind the season and degree of warmth you want then decide the yarn to go with. Also do keep in mind the type of dress material, how busy it is and the occasion so you can decide if the shawl should be  solid elegance  or an intricate embroidered or hand crafted beauty. Some stores like Yours Elegantly have custom hand crafted Seasonal Designer Pashminas, chiffon silk shawls that they make in a day for you so you can wear an original beautiful evening wrap over a dress or gown. Hand crafted shawls wraps makes the best bridal & bridesmaid shawls. So make a good choice and shop the ethereal beauty of designer Pashminas today. Make a style statement that is really YOU!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cashmere Shawls and Wraps Come in Many Grades and Blends

There are many grades of cashmere that can be used in making winter cashmere shawls most of which are 4 ply so they are plush warmth and woven delights for Holiday gifts.

The higher the grade the finer the yearn. Manufacturers make Grade A (very superior) Grade B (superior) Grade C (very good)  and Grade D (good) quality of cashmere scarves shawls and wraps.  They generally work within the budget of the buyer and use the best grade or grade blends to produce soft luxurious and warm accessories. 

Cashmere comes from the Capra Hircus mountain goat and each goat will have fur of a varying grade. The underbelly fur is the softest. The under fur is of 2 types the outer guard hair and the fine inner hair that are soft,  light, and warm. The world’s largest producer of cashmere goat is China where it is bred in abundance and presently they are estimated at approx. 123 million goats. This cashmere yarn is then woven into beautiful sweaters and accessories like scarves shawls ruana cape wraps. A lot of cashmere pashmina yarn is exported to Nepal /India even though they have a fair share of the Himalayan mountain goats. However in past years the goat population has dwindled necessitating the import of cashmere from China. The Cashmere Pashmina Industry in India and Nepal is still big as skilled weavers / artisans make such a huge variety of solid and designer woven wraps in colorful designs that have caught the eye of fashion designers worldwide.

Cashmere wool therefore is very fine quality light thin 14- 15.5 micron yarn hence being thin and light it is woven into layers or plys for getting the accessories to be more durable, thicker, warmer and plusher. Higher the ply or layer of yarn the better the warmth and feel. Cashmere wool is  very fine wool and superior. The wool is sometimes blended with other yarns to get more durability and weight. Sometimes for evening wear cashmere can be blended with silk so there is a nice evening sheen to the shawls/wraps.

In some countries the term cashmere pashmina is used interchangeably as it comes from the same mountain goat. The silk pashminas are super popular as evening pashminas and they are light, do not itch or cause an allergic reaction even on sensitive skin hence increasingly popular. Silk pashmina shawls wraps and scarves are economical and make beautiful bridal & bridesmaids shawls and the use of Pashminas as wedding favors is very popular.

The Pashmina today has literally become a brand name and there are all kinds of fashionable pashminas in the market  in bamboo rayon viscose and acrylic which are cheaper than the Silk Pashminas. You can get such a variety to fit your budget.  If you want a pure pashmina cashmere shawl it is pricier starts at $34.99 without huge retail markups for a budget shawl which is soft and warm.  If the grade of yarn is higher and shawl wrap bigger in size and higher in ply expect a price of over $50.00 at the least.

So enjoy the beauty of warm soft fine wool shawls in cashmere pashmina beauty and elegance online at stores like www.yourselegantly.com that offer discounted retail and wholesale shawls and wraps / winter scarves in an array of beautiful colors. Known for its good service and handcrafted artistry  you can experience a unique enjoyable shopping experience.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Silk Evening Wrap: Elegance at Its Best

Whether it’s a house warming party or family lunch, irrespective of types of occasion, a silk evening wrap makes an ideal choice to accentuate your look. You can accessorize almost all types of attire with a beautiful evening silk wrap and win the heart of everyone around.

What are Your Options?

Thanks to their incessant demand, there is wide a variety of wraps available in the market. The choices include:
  • Chiffon
  • Pashmina 
  • Silk 
  • Viscose 
  • Acrylic
  • Netted metallic
The best part about these shiny, dressy wraps is that they can be draped in numerous ways. To learn different ways of wearing them, you can search the web and go through the options shared by various fashion enthusiasts. This will help you keep abreast of the latest style of draping wraps, shawls, and scarves.

Where to Buy?

Though you can buy a silk evening wrap from a local store, it is recommended to shop online to get a huge choice and a good deal on silk evening shawls and wraps.  Some online sellers offer premium wraps at discounted prices, promising exceptional convenience and value for money. In addition, buying a silk wrap online is an ideal way to go, as you get to choose from a plethora of options. Unlike physical stores that offer limited collections, the online market gives you an extensive array of choices.

Leading online fashion stores offer a wide array of exquisite wraps, in various fabric and design options, to suit different tastes and budgets. However, when shopping, make sure that you select a credible seller known to offer premium quality products at reasonable prices. The best way to identify the credibility of a seller is to read the testimonials posted on their website. These testimonials speak volumes about their reliability and quality of their products.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

What is it about a Black Wool Ruana that Makes it so Popular With Women

The beautiful  warmth of a Wool Ruana is enticing to women and black being the biggest seller for accessories makes the black wool ruana wrap a must have for most women who want a wrap that matches most of their wardrobe. Black Ruanas suit women of all age groups, all hair colors and skins tones. They suit blondes, brunettes, the light skinned and the tanned and black is so elegant that most women shop black dresses and accessories most of the time.

Women like the wool ruana to be soft and warm, often times heavy and reversible ruanas . Maybe black on one side and grey on the other or burgundy & black. Some women especially older women are used to having long thick & wide coverage all around so the wool ruana is in much demand. Wool is also pretty affordable and wool wraps make the best Holiday Gifts and gifts for any winter occasion or event.

These days the fine soft light wool from the Himalayan mountain goat namely cashmere pashmina  has become in demand as younger women appreciate a light yet protective ladies cape wrap. As you probably know the fine yarn is very light, woven in plys or layers and is crème de la crème of wool.  A Cashmere Ruana is pricier and women love the plush soft warmth.

No matter what the wool be it sheep wool, lamb’s wool. angora, merino, cashmere pashmina… reversible ruanas make  unique gifts for women for any special occasion or event. Women love evening ruana wraps with shine so they can look stylish and yet feel warm and comfortable in their evening dresses. They look beautiful on tall women and on petite women for day and evening wear.  The young ladies love the stylish elegance and the older women love the long length coverage and warmth. Universal appeal!

You can make a ruana wrap at home . Take two huge 4 ply winter shawls 30” x 80” and put them together to make at home a long and wide ruana. Awesome and easy! Women love to lounge in their ruana at home, they are must haves for travel especially on flights and on vacation. They make a style statement and women love that comfort and style combination. Lastly ruanas have no buttons or zippers so they are easy to drape on as they even have a mock neckline to stay in place and all around coverage is very appealing in fall, winter and all through spring. Try one today you may get addicted to Wool Ruanas.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Buy a Pashmina Shawl: Rejuvenate Your Wardrobe Collection

Winter is here and many of you might be digging into your last year’s winter collection. This year, bring life to your collection by adding fashionable pashmina shawls, and face the cold and chill of the winter with elegance. If you like to pamper yourself with glamorous clothing, then pashmina shawls and scarves make the perfect choice. In addition, pashmina shawls also make a great option to get that luxurious warm we all desire in the fall and winter cold weather.

 Why Buy Pashmina?

Pashmina is famous for its rich texture, light weight, exceptional warmth, soft feel and stunning appeal. Since time immemorial, Pashmina has been considered a highly luxurious fabric and hallmark of comfort, elegance and quality. It is special cashmere wool extracted from a particular breed of goat, native to India. Commonly known as ‘Changthangi’, these goats are found in the Himalayan region of India and Nepal and produce high quality wool.

Pashmina products are ideal for those who want to keep their body warm without having to carry bulky woolen clothing. The wool is fine and delicate that to this very day, some Pashminas are still hand-woven by skilled artisans. That explains the exclusivity of Pashmina products that go equally well with both casual and formal clothing.

Where to Buy?

If you are looking to buy warm soft  pashmina shawls, online stores make a good option. Various online stores offer a wide selection of pashmina shawls and scarves in an assortment of color and design options. Due its rarity and high value, pashmina shawls and scarves are in huge demand, and thus, you can easily find a credible online retailer offering fine quality pashmina products.

Factors to Consider

A pashmina shawl is ideal to ward off the winter chill; however, while buying a pashmina shawl or scarf, it is important to ensure that the color you select suits your complexion and accentuates your look. Keep in mind seasonal colors for the Pashminas so you look in style and elegant. You can drape pashmina wrap or shawl around a classic evening gown for formal wear, or even pair it with casual attire for a street chic look.

In addition, true pashmina shawls and scarves are 100% cashmere. One of the best ways to identify a genuine pashmina shawl or scarf is through a ring test. The pashmina wool is so soft and thin that it can easily pass through a small circumference of a ring. These days many Pashmina and silk blends are available as the demand for them is so high. The silk pashmina are popular for evening shawls as the silk adds to durability and gives that evening shiny dressy look women love. When  shopping online, you  we suggest you refer to the buyer reviews available on the seller’s website to get an idea about the quality of the products and customer service.


Pashmina shawls and scarves are available in a range of colors and designs. Irrespective of the type of ensemble, pashmina shawls and scarves look good with almost every type of clothing. When you buy Pashmina Shawl or scarf, you add life and grace to your look!

Exquisite Evening Shawls to Stand Out from the Crowd!

Not all of us are blessed with that perfect figure, and sometimes, it feels that our clothes are doing no good to our body. Well ladies, if you too are sailing in the same boat, then here is a solution; there is one thing that is sure to flatter your body with a sleeker look. The solution is evening shawls. Surprisingly, most women believe that shawls are to be worn only during winter, which is simply untrue. In addition to woolen shawls, you can also find a wide variety of options made for summer.

Buy Evening Shawls Online: Invest in Timeless Elegance

If you are planning to buy evening shawls, it is advisable to shop from an online store. You can easily find a wide selection of options online without having to bear the hassles of the traditional way of shopping. Moreover, many online providers offer premium shawls at discounted prices, so that money is the least of your concerns while shopping.  Shop for seasonal evening shawls chiffon silks for spring and summer and beautiful cashmere pashmina silk for fall and winter shawls. Seasonal shawl colors will match your seasonal wardrobe and make you look classy and elegant.

Wearing Shawls to Enhance Your Charm

Once you have bought evening shawls of your choice, you can team them up with different types of attires, both casual and formal. You can also try draping them in different styles around your body to get rid of monotony in your dressing. Irrespective of your body type, evening shawls are sure to make you look super stylish and draw the attention of the people around you. Make a fashion statement with your choice of shawls in seasonal splendor.

Those who are not a big fan of shawls must try at least one pashmina or paisley shawl this winter and notice the difference. By carrying an exquisite shawl, you can easily create your own style statement. In addition, shawls make awesome gifts that are sure to be appreciated by the recipients.  Gift a unique handcrafted shawl for the Holidays as a birthday gift even a wedding & bridesmaids gift.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Why do Shawls make perfectly unique Gifts for Women for the Holidays?

Every woman in the U.S. would love to be gifted a warm cashmere shawl as she is cold in winter - so having a warm winter shawl that is luxuriously soft makes an excellent gift idea for Holiday Gifts.

Women love to know they can get a sweet deal or a bargain on thick and soft warm shawls when they shop for other women on their Holiday list so Yours Elegantly understands that  hence they have a huge collection of one of a kind shawls up to 70% off and they give a small appreciation gift too as they care. A win win situation!

Shawls look elegant for day wear, at the office, for travel on vacations and for evening wraps. An artsy shawl gives a facelift to your winter wardrobe. Many women who want to freshen up their winter wardrobe don’t waste tons of money on new outfits rather they would prefer elegant capes wraps and shawls. There are many women who will avoid coats and jackets due to the hassly buttons and zippers and wear a wide long really warm wool ruana wrap. It has a neckline to stay in place and gives long all around very wide coverage for extra comfort and style. Best of all this ruana wrap makes for an elegant sleeker look so which woman would not like that, right?

 Designers at YE suggest 2-3  ply shawls for fall and plus thick 4 ply cashmere shawls for winter shawls for winter weddings, warm plush winter colors in evening shawls add beauty to your existing wardrobe at a fraction of the price.

Women look getting compliments so the designer paisley warm wool reversible shawls are very popular. It’s like having two unique shawls at one low price as they reverse into a magnificent shawl each side being unique in that one shawl. Amazing craftsmanship and weving expertise in these Indian shawls in soft warm wool sold from CT USA and to top that flat rate shipping gives you many shawls at one low price.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Designer Winter Shawls Cape Wraps - A Feast for Your Eyes for Holiday Gifts

The warm winter shawls in colorful designer weaves are a feast for the eyes and hence make excellent unique Holiday gifts for your family and friends. Want to stay within your budget and give a classy gift that will be cherished try the cashmere pashminas – fine wool at its best!

Buy shawls that have intricate weaves that will bedazzle you and in soft warmth that will keep you comfortably warm and stylish for fall winter and all thru spring season. Cold weather means soft warm shawls in many colors and beautiful woven wrap masterpieces from India Kashmir & Nepal.

A myriad of colors, designs from paisleys to flowers even abstract designs abound at Yours Elegantly a store for unique affordable winter wool shawls on sale so you can stock up on Holiday gifts. The shawls are a cut above in their designing and the service at this site is dedicated and friendly. Phone orders can be done do get all items ready in shopping cart with your credit card details ready so the reps can do a quick phone order. You will be amazed at how efficiently run this business is as they care.

The Indian designer wool scarves too come in many colors and designer weaves. Artisans make unique pieces and their skill and designing and weaving expertise is apparent in these unique shawls and scarves.

Best of all are the winter wedding shawls and hand crafted wraps for those who you wish to gift something truly beautiful and one of a kind for the Holidays. The winter wrap collection is extraordinary in variety and designing.

Women love warm ruana cape wraps and they  are must haves. Designers say once you have one you will love the comfort and ease of throwing one on and pulling it off with no hassly buttons and zips that you will get addicted to them. A good addiction as wool ruanas for women look stylish, have a neckline so they don’t slide like shawls and they have all around long and wide coverage – plus a slimming effect too. Which woman wouldn’t like that!

Solid Warm Shawls A Necessity for Women on the Go

If you are busy career woman or a mother on the go having a stock of solid warm shawls is a must for your wardrobe. Try keeping one black warm shawl in the car for emergencies or just incase a decent day turns cool or cold. Leave a winter wool designer shawl on the couch as a throw so when watching Ty you can cuddle in it and be comfortable and when it lays on the couch it will enhance your home décor.

I love warm shawls in wool. Fine wool from the Himalayan mountain goat is called Cashmere pashmina wool. It is lovely in that it is fine soft yet protective. It is more pricy but there are grades A B C D of which A is most superior. The other grades are lovely and the shawls get more affordable. By its nature this yarn is very soft and warm yet not bulky like sheep wool. You can get affordable warm shawls $34.99 and up in this yarn online and some companies go out of their way to pass savings on to their long term customers.

When shopping online buy a classic black wool shawl, a navy, silver grey / dark grey which ever suits you more, a beige cashmere wrap and a cream or white pure pashmina. Have at least 1-2 of these shawls in classic colors so they match with many outfits. Black is a sure must have shawl for every woman. Beige matches many outfits in brown family, cream family, and you can contrast colors to look stunning. Wear shawls in styles that suit you and the occasion.

Most warm shawls are a standard size which is 25” x 68” plus 3” fringe bigger ones are 28” x 76” and the extra-large come 30” x 80”. Depending on your height and coverage you want buy the correct size. Those who want all around long and wide coverage must buy soft wool ruana wraps. They have length almost to knee all around and look like a long stylish cape. They have a casual look and the designer ones look perfect for evening wear.

I love warm shawls from India, Kashmir, Nepal and Inner Mongolia. The largest availability of cashmere pashmina is in Inner Mongolia and India. Nepal makes the most heavenly shawls and the workman ship in weave and design s great but the cashmere is being imported into Neal from Inner Mongolia. Shawls from Inner Mongolia are plush and warm. Indian shawls have that artistic mix of colors and designer unique weaves that are a rare find. Shop for warm shawls on sale and save big! Online sites do try to give good service and take phone orders for those who prefer that. Shop www.yourselegantly.com for designer one of a kind winter shawls and wraps. You will be amazed!

Silk Evening Wrap: Perfect for Every Occasion

The way you dress up speaks volumes about your sartorial choices, giving a sneak peek into your personality. Therefore, you need to choose your clothes wisely. Wearing a beautiful dress clubbed with a perfect pair of shoes and a hint of jewelry completes the look for most women. We, however, have a little fixture here that is sure to accentuate your look – evening silk wraps.

Silk is known for its richness and elegance. Thus, it is no wonder that silk wraps an ideal choice for almost every type of attire. A silk wrap paired with an evening gown makes you look classy and sensual at the same time – a meticulous blend that is usually difficult to achieve. In this write-up, you will read about some of the silk wraps available in the market.

Types of Silk Wraps

Silk wraps have become a dear choice of many fashion buffs. As a result, the fashion arena is now rife with innumerable silk wraps, suitable for virtually every type of attire. Some of the types of silk wraps are listed below. Let’s take a look.

Plain Silk Pashmina

Whether you wish to pair a wrap for day wear or evening wear, this yellow plain silk pashmina is an ideal option. A perfect buy for a prom, family get-togethers, as well as wedding, this wrap also makes a unique gift for your friends and family. 

The yellow color of this wrap is so rich in hue and sheen that it will definitely mesmerise you with its allure. Besides, you can wear it with many outfits too.

Silk Pashmina with Motif and Sprays

This light yellow silk pashmina wrap with motif and sprays is a unique combination of class and elegance. Suitable for almost every occasion especially family dinners and official parties, this wrap is a must-have for your wardrobe.

Silk Bridal Wrap

As the name suggests, this silk bridal wrap is an elegant fixture for a beautiful bridal look. Due to its sheen look and soft texture, this wrap makes an exclusive bridal shawl. The wrap exudes luxury and style and is available at a discounted price. 

White Elegant Silk Blend Wrap Radiance Elegant Silk Blend Wrap

White is a staple color that goes well with every color. When draped in style, this silk blend wrap is sure to add to the appeal of your attire. It’s a quick match for any type of look, whether it’s for a wedding party or casual outing. 

Fall is here and winter is round the corner, and thus, it’s time for you to revamp your wardrobe with some of these beautiful, gorgeous and elegant silk wraps. It is recommended that you buy silk wraps online, as going the virtual way will let you save both time and money. However, always buy a silk evening wrap from a credible provider that is known to provide high quality products. Read the customer reviews posted on the website of the seller before making the final selection. In addition, before you place your order, make sure that the seller delivers in your location.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Brief Guide to Buy Quality Pashmina Shawls Online

Are you ready to welcome winter with style and elegance? If your answer is a “yes”, have you considered adding pashmina shawl to your shopping list? If not, then you are definitely missing out on a great option. A beautifully crafted pashmina shawl is a must-have in your winter collection. Pashmina shawls, scarves and wraps give your winter style a warm and luxurious touch, and go well with almost every type of dressing.

What is Pashmina?

Pashmina wool, obtained from the pashmina goat native to Kashmir, India, is known to provide great warmth. Pashmina makes an ideal woolen fabric for a variety of clothing, as it is exceptionally lightweight.

How to Finding a Genuine Pashmina Shawl Provider

If you are planning to buy a pashmina shawl, make sure that you buy it from a credible source, as many sellers offer bamboo pashmina shawls. Sometimes it becomes difficult to differentiate between that and a quality pashmina, but choosing a reputed seller will make shopping fun and easy. Here the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Conduct a Web Search

It is advisable to buy a pashmina shawl from an online provider, as it saves you ample time and makes it easy for you to ascertain the credibility of the provider. Start with a web search and visit the website of each provider that shows up in the first couple of pages of the search results.

Step 2: Compare Products and Prices

Comparing products and prices will give you an idea about the standard price range of a pashmina shawl, scarf or wrap. Some online providers offer pashmina shawl at discounted prices, and therefore, purchasing a pashmina shawl from them will definitely help you save some money.

Step 3: Read Customer Reviews

It is important to read customer reviews posted on the website of the provider before you make the purchase. Reading customer reviews gives you a fair idea about the customer service of the provider as well as the quality of the product.

By following these simple steps, you can buy a beautifully designed pashmina shawl and add on extra zing to your winter style!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How to Shop For Evening Shawls And Wraps For All Seasons

We all know women love shawls and wraps and some of us are addicted to seasonal fashion scarves and wear them year round. It is true that scarves and wraps give that finishing touch of elegance to any evening outfit.

Here are some guidelines in choosing an evening  shawl wrap appropriate for the season in yarn, degree of warmth and protection & craftsmanship . Most importantly women not only have to keep the season and seasonal colors in mind but also have to ensure the evening wrap is a good compliment to the dress they intend to wear it with in terms of style and texture. That’s a task so designers at Yours Elegantly give you some guidelines to make evening shawl shopping easy and pleasurable.

Start with the dress and keep in mind the season at the same time. For spring and summer try light chiffon shawls, silk scarves and embellished evening shawls. They have transparence and your skin showing through as the wrap drapes over your neck and shoulders looks alluring. These are wraps for just lightly covering your shoulders and arms for style and elegance. Some chiffon wraps have crystal elegance or a hand painted flowery vine or dragonflies … many designs to choose from and customize with colors. Another good evening wrap /prom wrap is the metallic netted evening shawls or even light net triangle wraps. The key is to find the look you are aiming for.

If you do not want a transparent airy wrap try a silk pashmina which is silken light and drapes beautiful over an evening dress. The silk gives it enough of a sheen to look beautiful with your evening dress. Solid shawls can be used with a dress that is pretty busy and adorned with beads and sequins. If the  dress is simple elegance make the shawl a focal point by choosing a designer shawl with flowery vines, hand crafted designs or an embroidered shawl to dress up the outfit for the occasion. In summer wear pastels and light colors in ivory cream, coral, lilac, lavender, blue, pink, cream, & soft green. Bear in mind you can always buy a shawl to match the shoes, bag and jewelry so having a silver and gold shawl is a must.

In cooler fall and cold winter season we recommend wool shawls and wraps. Solids are must haves to complete any wardrobe. Leave one wool shawl or cashmere wrap in the car to give some luxurious warmth and style to your outfit.

There are many options for warm shawls and choose a ply or layer of yarn in shawl to suit the degree of warmth you want. In early fall 2 ply warm shawls are adequate. When deep into fall and at beginning of winter a 3 ply warm shawl is great and in cold winter weather I would personally opt for a 4 ply winter wool shawl. Fine wool that comes from Himalayan Mountain goat is soft cashmere pashmina and it is light but luxuriously warm. Women have a passion for Pashmina wool shawls and cashmere shawls and wraps. When woven in Nepal into 3-4 ply shawls and scarves the Cashmere accessories are soft and very warm.  Stock up for winter shawls as they make unique thanksgiving and Holiday gifts.

My favorite are the India woven designer full size shawls and they reverse into splendid colors on reverse making you feel like you have two shawls at that one sale price.  The designer colorful paisley wool shawls are a cut above in their designing and woven artistry. They are usually one of a kind made for Yours Elegantly. That way you get a unique original no one else has! You can choose from deep dark navy, grey, burgundy red, orange, dark green and black. Often the designer wool shawls have a blend of colors making them artistic must haves!

For women who love excellence and rare finds the warm shawls that have handcrafted snowflakes and vines and motifs often even custom made for you at YE are must haves at the up to 70% off sale price and a gift special. YE brand of shawls are unique elegant and beautiful for your evening wear needs. Experience a great shopping experience with their good service and wide array of shawls to suit any taste.

Thank You for Shopping with www.YoursElegantly.com !

Monday, September 22, 2014

Women love accessories that are elegant and unique

Now that we are into Fall and weather is cold enough to be winter we women are already shopping for warm winter wool shawls.

Being a fashion designer for Yours Elegantly I recommend women have enough of solid winter wool shawls in classic colors like cream, grey, navy, camel, dark purple and black colors. This will give your wardrobe a huge boost and you will always be ready for fall and winter shawls to match almost any evening outfit.

For women who love designer shawls with elegant touches of silver or gold sparkles or a designer motif or a beautiful vine and flowery elegance do shop for the hand crafted warm shawls that can be made for you in a day or two. Each piece is unique so no one else has a shawl like yours.  Customers love the hand crafted shawls and wraps as they can customize colors and often send them as unique gifts for Bridesmaids, Birthday gifts, Wedding /Anniversary gifts or even Thanksgiving / Christmas Holiday gifts.

The Indian designer woven shawls in beautiful artsy weaves are warm and reversible. One of the customers at YE called to say  “I really feel like I have 2 evening shawls as the reverse is so different in color.” That is true the reversible designer shawls are unique on both sides with different colors clearly shown online making them a best buy.

Lastly, I suggest warm ruana wraps in grey ivory black some women can carry off a colorful ruana which are popular in CA and FL particularly. Warm wool ruanas are like big and long cape wraps with a neckline and wide all around coverage great for the petite, tall and plus sizes too. Ruanas have a special place in my heart as they have ease of wear no buttons/zippers and I love that.

So have a good shopping experience and stock up for the Holiday season in advance at these sale prices that will assure you a good deal on accessories for women. For men shop the solid cashmere scarves at just $29.99 and make that special man a gift to cherish.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Pink Shawls are Must Haves for Women this October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Scarves and Handcrafted Pink Shawls with a pink Ribbon abound at Yours Elegantly an online site whose owner has been a two time young Breast Cancer Survivor. Part of sales proceeds are donated towards Cancer Research and to Women and Children’s Welfare Organizations listed in the About us section of the online unique shawl and wraps for women site.
Get a solid pink scarf or full size shawl with an artsy pink ribbon or some other design of your choice and take a stand for your fight against Breast Cancer. Our mothers, wives, sisters, friends, neighbors  and female colleagues at work  are precious to us and one in 5 women battles this terrible disease.  Increasing Funding for cancer research is critical to fighting Breast Cancer . Shop the pink ribbon selection of shawls at YE a brand name that exudes unique elegance and beauty.  Wear the shawl with grace and style as it is sure to enhance your wardrobe.

There are many handcrafted shawls to choose from with flowers, motifs, dragonflies, pink ribbon elegance so take your pick in pink, hot pink, coral, ivory, navy, black, beige, gold & silver  or any color of your choice. Look unique and elegant in a fashion shawl that expresses the real you and what you stand for!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Why are Cashmere Pashmina Shawls from Nepal in Demand For Evening Shawls

The shawls & wraps made from cashmere wool in Nepal are a cut above in their softness and quality.  Plus weavers in Nepal are meticulous so weaves are beautiful and perfect. The Shawl Industry in Nepal is based on ethical standards and you get what you pay for. The cashmere / pashmina yarn is in short supply and often it is obtained from Inner Mongolia which exports it to Nepal. This is great because the cashmere yarn is soft and top quality and the expertise of weavers from Nepal then produces an evening shawl that is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. The shawl making process is artistic and painstakingly well done by the expert weavers and artisans in Nepal on a disciplined and ethical basis.

Solid Nepal Shawls with perfect pashmina cashmere weaves is a sight to behold. The designer paisley shawls are designer stylish and the shawl is impeccable in quality. Getting that perfect weave from India and other countries is hard. Hence customers in USA Australia Canada and U.K. love impeccable pashminas and cashmere wraps from Nepal.

Sure Nepal Cashmere Pashminas are pricier but they are worth the extra price due to a perfect product and soft divine feel of the shawls. Silk Pashmina or Silk Cashmere Shawls are light so good for spring/summer evening wear with your dresses/gowns. You can buy discount cashmere evening shawls and upscale grade A cashmere wraps depending on your budget. Stores online carry a wide variety of warm winter wool shawls for weddings, bridesmaids shawls and wedding favors to suit all budgets and tastes in style, size and warmth of the shawl. Want to buy a very warm shawl with some thickness then buy a winter shawl with at least a 4 ply.

Try some cashmere wool shawls in black burgundy navy purple silver ivory & white now these are staple must have shawl colors hence they make great unique gifts for that special woman. I love Nepal Cashmere scarves too in many vibrant colors and even soft shades over my fall and winter coat. Woven shawls are beautiful, flat in look and drape well too. Solid knit shawls are super plush in feel and have that plush look we love. Take your pick from a wide selection of heavenly unique shawls at YE. Shop the rare finds and look beautiful.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Thick Warm Shawls for Fall and Winter are 3 ply & 4 ply Cashmere Pashmina Wool

Wool is a natural yarn from various animals that is woven into plys or layers of yarn to increase the thickness and weight of accessories like scarves shawls and wraps. Animals like sheep lamb goats shed their fur or it may be sheared and woven into scarves shawls and wraps for women & men.

There are special Himalayan mountain goats in Kashmir and Nepal mainly called “Changthangi” whose fur is shed and collected - this fur is ultra light soft yet warm that is great for cashmere pashmina shawls. This fur in single ply is super thin yet warm less than 19 microns. Hence it is woven into 2 ply or 2 layered shawls for spring/summer wear, 3 ply shawls for fall and the thicker 4 ply warm shawls for cold winters.

Shawl is word derived from Persian word “shal” it meant a certain class of woven fabric. The Kashmir artisans has unsurpassed expertise in making shawls. The shawl making handicraft in Kashmir starts with collecting or harvesting the pashmina cashmere underfur from the Himalayan mountain goat mainly in spring. It sticks to bushes when shed and is collected. The traditional shawl making process includes, pre-spinning, spinning, weaving & finishing process.

In pre- spinning, the fur is collected, harvested, combed, sorted from impurities and undergoes a gluing process to make it durable. The Kashmir shawl – Pashmina Industry initiated when experts from Turkistan came to Kashmir to teach the shawl weavers & artisans the shawl making trade. Thereafter, Kashmir shawl handicrafts flourished and the Pashmina Shawl from Kashmir is considered soft as gold or Pashm - persian word for wool that is very soft as gold.

The Capra Hircus Pashmina goat is native to India and so Indian Pashminas are very popular today worldwide for their soft feel and luxurious light beauty. The pashmina wool catches dyes easily and has become a fashion must have accessory worldwide. The habitat of the pashmina goat has spread across the mountainous regions of Central Asia into China Tibet Inner Mongolia Russia Afghanistan Turkey and Iran which are also all top quality shawl manufacturers.

There are many types of shawls and ways to wear the shawl. Women love Shawls & warm winter scarves they share a love for the Shawl that is age old and true. Yours Elegantly endeavors to bring unique shawls in many solid colors and shades for all seasons . Wear cape wraps ruanas shawls scarves warm soft and protective for all occasions like weddings, bridesmaids shawls, Pashmina Wedding Favors, Unique gifts for Birthdays, The Holiday Season, Corporate Gifts, Shawls for Golfing Events in varying fibers and yarns with embroidered even hand crafted artistry at affordable pricing. You can buy retail or wholesale. Enjoy great service an added bonus at YE a brand customers love.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to Buy A Warm Shawl/Ruana Cape Wrap for Fall & Winter

There are so many different types of shawls available online that choosing a soft warm appropriate to the occasion shawl for fall and winter needs some guidelines. If you follow these simple steps you will make an informed decision that gives you a shawl that is perfect for the cool weather and suited to the occasion.

In fall depending on where you are the weather can be cool to cold. If you are in or around the NE where fall can turn pretty cold wear a 3 ply cashmere shawl.  A pure pashmina in a thicker 3 ply is perfect too.  A ply is a layer of yarn so for good protection a 3 ply is needed as cashmere pashmina yarn s super thin and light in a 3 ply woven shawl it gives adequate protection.

If you are on west coast or in south a 2 ply cashmere shawl is perfect as the weather is cool and bracing. Now the mid westerners can go with a 4 ply cashmere shawl as fall is very cold and temperatures are really low.

Also if you are an older woman and want a thick warm shawl go with a 4 ply cashmere shawl – classic colors like Ivory white, black, beige, camel, navy, dark purple, royal blue, burgundy are must haves for the cold season. Warm shawls from India Nepal Inner Mongolia England all are comparable in their soft luxurious warmth and beautiful  weaves.

For winter the staff at YE recommend a 4 ply thick winter shawl - thick warm and long at 30” x 80” plus fringe the warm thick long shawls are luxurious and beautiful.

In VA, NC, GA, FL, CA and FL a warm wool ruana cape wrap is a must have. They have an open neckline to keep the cape in place and you can drape the left side over the right shoulder to get a more covered classic look. Ruanas are so popular with women that they come in solid colors and designer weaves. Generally they are a 3 / 4 ply so the warmth is amazing.  Ruana Wraps also give all round coverage front, back and side length makes them very popular with plus size women who love them as they assure a sleeker stylish look.

Wearing a faux fur cape wrap for winter weddings is beautiful and will keep you warm and looking classy. Faux fur wraps in white black & silver grey are very chic and en vogue. Brides love a white faux fur wedding wrap.

For women who like a colorful paisley warm shawl should buy the Indian jamawar designer shawls in soft wool – they are a must have for  unique designer warm coverage. The artistry in the designer weaves is breathtaking. Generally a 3 ply the warmth from the Indian Wool shawls is adequate for fall and winter wear.

Last but not the least if you are wearing a coat or jacket in fall / winter buy 3 ply cashmere scarves or winter wool paisley scarves  to cover your neck and feel warm and beautiful.  Having a fall and winter wardrobe with many beautiful scarves and wraps will enhance your look and keep you warm and in good health for winter.

Yours Elegantly is an online affordable winter scarves and shawls site that has a wide variety of winter accessories at reasonable pricing to keep you warm and help you stock up for Holiday shawl gifts. It’s motto is “Unique Yet Affordable”. A Free gift with Purchase as YE cares for their customers. Experience the good service or do a phone order at 860-355-4184 or get prompt answers to your emails at
sales@yourselegantly.com Shop the difference!

Monday, July 14, 2014

How to Choose a Wedding Shawl Depending on the Season

In Western Cultures Wedding Shawls are generally white, ivory or cream depending on the wedding dress / gown.  In some Eastern /Asian cultures red is considered lucky and auspicious and the wedding shawl is red.

The main thing to remember when buying a wedding shawl is to try to get a yarn or fiber that will look good with the type of wedding dress you have. Some dresses with lace accents look great with a white lace shawl. Others may look great with an ivory white chiffon shawl, an embellished beaded wrap, or a sheer white shawl with crystals. Still others need a simple white solid silk shawl or white cashmere wrap depending on the season. So as you can see there are many yarns and fibers to choose from.

You want to make sure as a bride you are stylish yet comfortable and in spring with the cool spring air a 2 ply light cashmere shawl or even a silk pashmina white shawl would look and feel great.

In summer a light airy white wedding chiffon shawl maybe beautiful or an embellished sheer white bridal wrap. Summer weddings are often beach weddings so cotton shawls, viscose wraps, light silk chiffon is ideal.

In fall it is much cooler so a pashmina wool white bridal shawl or a 3 ply ivory cashmere shawl cape wrap would be protective and elegant.

For the cold NE & Midwest winters in the USA I highly recommend a 4 ply cashmere pashmina. Cashmere shawls for winter are ideal as they are soft plush warm and luxurious.

Designer wedding shawls can be embroidered or have some delicate silvery handcrafting a scroll, vine, motif in customized colors can be made for you by designers at  online shawl sites like www.yourselegantly.com

Brides love the wedding shawls to be unique and a shawl they will treasure and use later too.

It is important to take the  time to browse sites online with appropriate keywords like beautiful white wedding shawl, white wedding pashmina shawl, white cashmere wrap 4 ply, white silk chiffon shawl or even white bolero shrug or white cape wrap for wedding. Using the appropriate keywords is the first step to getting meaningful results when shopping online at Google or Bing.

Calling in sometimes to check on availability or to do a phone order assures you of good customer service. If you wish to get a hand crafted shawl in a design you like online but with colors of your choice emailing is a great idea so you can specify the details of your request. A quick response is a big positive that the site has dedicated customer service.

Finally buy from a shawl from an online site that is a  Better Business Bureau Accredited Business - it will have a BBB blue & white logo – strict standards have to be met for this so it will ensure you  a good safe shopping experience.

Sometimes shopping a site with one low flat rate shipping is good so you can buy more than one shawl to take your pick, after all it is your wedding shawl - something you want to stand out and make you look and feel gorgeous. Use these tips for shopping for wedding shawls and have a good shopping experience!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Online Retail / Wholesale Shawls Wraps Wedding Favors & Corporate Gifts

Individual customers love to buy unique shawls online at affordable pricing without the huge markups as seen in mall stores. Yours Elegantly specializes in elegant fashion shawls Cashmere Pashmina & silk scarves and wraps to tickle your senses that also make the best unique gifts for women and men.

On the wholesale side the wholesale shawls silk pashmina shawls scarves are reduced in pricing considerably when you buy in bulk for wedding favors. Customer feedback has shown Pashminas are unique affordable wedding favors that brighten the bridal occasion with that rare ethereal beauty. Drape the shawls on the chairs or put them in a basket around so wedding guests can pick and choose a color.

 Yours Elegantly is known for its excellence in customer service. Quick answers to customer calls and emails at sales@yourselegantly.com, help matching shawls to dresses, efficient friendly phone orders at 860-355-4184. Placing online orders at www.yourselegantly.com is quick and easy too. Enjoy a free gift with purchase as YE cares for its customers. Buy from a brand name- YE that you love for unique accessories!

Yours Elegantly specializes in Retail and Wholesale for Pashmina  Shawls, Cashmere Scarves, chiffon silk scarves, netted shawls for wedding bridal & bridesmaids for all seasons.

Bridal stores, retailers, small boutiques, golf clubs buy unique shawls from YE and enjoy a great shopping experience. Try it and save big!

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