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Friday, January 31, 2014

Silk Shawls - When You Want to Look Different

Are you crazy about silk shawls? These have been the choice of people from the  Roman period. Yes, the silk shawls never lost their charm and are to date, very popular among women. It is their soft touch and warm appeal that entices the viewer. On top of that, silk shawls are the only pieces of women clothing that add an extremely elegant touch and accentuate the overall attire of a woman.

These luxurious pieces of women clothing can be expensive but there are some reputable online stores today offering a splendid variety of real silk shawls at prices customers can afford.

Amongst all the other fabrics including cotton, pashmina, silk and linen, silk scarves are the most acknowledged pieces that are the choice of every young and mature woman. The smooth texture makes these silk shawls even more appealing to wear over a dress or gown to parties, special occasions and events.

If you are a college student you can also carry silk scarves in variety of styles such as neck scarves, head scarves, and waist scarves and more to pair them with your casual jeans attire.

Silk scarves look perfect in winter and can be regularly worn with different outfits to achieve a sophisticated look. Earlier, Romans wore shawls and scarves as 'palla' to achieve a royal look. Today, no matter whether you are a young college going girl or a lady in her late fifties or eighties, there is no limit to what silk shawls can do when you wear them with any outfit of your choice. 

If you really want to look different and dress elegantly then do not overlook the variety of silk shawls and scarves available in plenty at well-known online stores. Online shopping will give you a great option to explore the latest colors, patterns, designs in silk shawls that you can further match with stunning accessories.

There is no point in waiting any longer. Simply hit the best online stores and bring home the most exquisite pieces of silk shawls.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Exploring the Variety in Women Clothing

Are you a fashion conscious woman? Well, there are myriad of styles and designs available for women's clothing in the market. However, the latest trend that is catching the interest of most women is tunics, tunic tops and pashmina shawls. Let us understand why. These comfortable pieces of clothing allure women of all body types and sizes.  Any woman can wear a tunic of her favorite color, style and cut and look beautiful, confident and stylish.

Tunics give good coverage and a sleek look and enhance the image of women. Women with thin figure can wear tunics to accentuate their beauty as these tunics very well highlight slimness. Plus size women look simply amazing in tunic tops as the flowing style, hip covering length work to make them more beautiful and attractive.

Besides tunics, tunic tops are also nice pieces of clothing when it comes to staying in the latest fashion. Tunic tops can be worn with leggings or jeans. If you are a working woman, you can give yourself a new look with a bright yet sophisticated color of tunic top paired with matching accessories.

Tunics are well worn in summers and yes, if you want to accentuate that look even more, then wrapping yourself with a pashmina scarf can add value to it. Pashmina scarves are available in a great variety of patterns and designs to match every choice and need of women.

Whether you want to dress up for a party, a casual outing with friends, dinner, or office, you can count on the stunning variety of tunics that can be complimented with pashmina scarves and matching accessories.

When you want to look different, there is no better way than making this clothing your top choice.

You can explore a splendid variety of women tunics, tunic tops, pashmina shawls, cashmere shawls at well-known online stores. At these stores, you can easily look for your size of tunics and colors of shawls that can be matched with them and place your order. Online stores give you a great opportunity to stay in trend from the comfort of your couch.

When it comes to choosing the colors of tunics, tunic tops or pashmina shawls, keeping in mind the season, your skin tones, hair color, latest trends, and the style that suits you best.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nothing says I love you on Valentine’s better than Cashmere Scarves / Ruana Wraps

Nothing says I love you better than luxurious cashmere scarves in beautiful burgundy, red, black, ivory, white, purple, beige, camel…. Think about it your loved one looking at the beautiful cashmere scarf shawl wrap and knowing how much you care to get such a unique special Valentine Gift for her or him. Cashmere scarves are unisex long soft and a must have for the fall winter and spring.

A Ruana is a beautiful full coverage cape wrap with a V neckline to keep it in place. The two open ends in middle can be used to wear it in any way you like. Long all around coverage gives a sleek stylish appearance and good protection. A garment that spells ultimate style and comfort hence women love it. A warm wool cashmere pashmina ruana wrap is an ultimate gift idea for women.

If you have not tried a ruana try one today you will get hooked on to it.  As you know a cape wrap is usually hip covering with all around wide coverage.  A Ruana is much bigger in length and width.  Ruanas have a V neckline to hold them in place so they do not slide off I love that! They are popular with women in of all sizes and all ages as they have universal appeal.  Plus size women love Ruanas as they are very stylish and attractive with full coverage which is what is the best part of a ruana.

Cashmere is very fine special wool and Nepal is known for its Cashmere Pashmina Industry. The quality of the cashmere wool is tops and the beauty is it is not heavy but light yet very luxuriously warm. Inner Mongolia is the largest producer of cashmere yarn and it exports it to countries worldwide. Cashmere is crème de la crème of all wool. Weavers in Nepal hand spin the cashmere wool into accessories like cashmere scarves, wraps, capes, ponchos, blankets & throws, sweaters, socks and gloves. The cashmere Industries  are now mechanized as demand for cashmere has grown so much and supply needs to catch up with ever increasing demand for cashmere goods.

There are grades of cashmere wool grade A,B, C, & D. No matter the grade the cashmere wool is the best and most popular for fashion clothing & accessories. Nepal cashmere scarves/shawls/wraps are popular because of the top quality of cashmere and fine workmanship. Cashmere is often blended with silk to make lustrous shawls and scarves. The silk adds extra durability to this fine yarn and also gives a sheen to it. Scarves & Wraps are often made from Cashmere & Wool blend for added weight for women who like their accessories to have some weight on their shoulders. The wool can be sheep wool /lambs wool  …. and makes the accessory of cashmere and wool blend more affordable without compromising the luxurious feel and warmth. For spring, cashmere can be blended with viscose for a light weight slightly warm scarf wrap or cardigan. Cashmere yarn is beautiful, soft, and luxurious hence cashmere scarves wraps ruanas make luxurious gifts for any special occasion or event like Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Christmas Holiday Season, and Corporate Gifts,  …. Gift one today!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Don’t Be Shy Be Creative When Wearing Evening Pashmina Shawls and Wraps

There are many ways to wear Pashminas to make the shawls look beautiful depending on the shawl design, the occasion, your evening dress or gown and your body type. Pashminas have universal appeal as they ensure comfort & style and women love that winning combination.

If the Evening Shawl is a silk pashmina or a warm wool pashmina wrap that is solid then drape it over the shoulders and pull one end over the opposite shoulder for added comfort & style for day and evening wear.

If the shawl has a border design you want that border to be the focal point so drape the shawl over both shoulders and let the right and left fringe ends hand loose or make a center knot to hold the shawl in place yet showing off the border design  beautifully.

If the shawl has an all over paisley design or flowery design then you can wear the shawl in any way as paisley shawls would stand out in any style.

Remember with a light chiffon silk dress a silk pashmina shawl is a good choice for year round wear. With a warmer wool dress a wool pashmina is a great choice in fall & winter.

Also wear the shawl depending on your body type – what parts of your body do you wish to accentuate and what parts you would like covered. Women of all body types love Pashminas as they give beautiful coverage, soft warmth, comfort, style and elegance. Don’t be shy be creative when wearing Pashminas.

You can invent your own style to wear your shawls and wraps. Remember to be versatile, en vogue, original and inventive when deciding the style of your shawl each time. I like this unique style where you drape the shawl over the shoulders and then with 2 loose fringe ends that are hanging in front pull them behind your back and tie a knot it will give you a bolero cape wrap shrug look. Enjoy yourself and let the creative instinct take over.

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