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Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Love Affair With Chiffon Silk Scarves for that Light Sheer Silken Look

In warmer seasons like spring and summer the attraction to buy Chiffon Silk shawl is strong. It’s like a love affair with sheer light chiffon shawls and wraps in many beautiful colors. The pastels look beautiful for the warmer weather and keep you feeling airy and cool. The vibrant colors add that touch of womanly appeal to any casual or dressy outfit.

My love affair with chiffon shawls started in India when I was shopping the textile market for shawls and wraps that were not warm and heavy but rather light and cool. Seeing the street stores and vendors displaying the colorful chiffon silk scarves and wraps in all their splendor and tourists draping these in varying styles and posing in front of big mirrors was mesmerizing. Soon I was caught in this shopping charade and it became a reality on a daily basis. I could not get enough of the affordable solid chiffon scarves their light silken feel was divine against my skin and they made my simple jeans and shirt outfit look so stylish and amazing.

One day I wore a black silk long dress and went shopping once again to the same textile market and realized that the simple black dress took a facelift with the designer chiffon scarves with inlaid paisley / floral designs. Some were unicolor some scarves were two tone and others a myriad of pastel and dark colors blended in perfect harmony. Being a fashion designer those shawls took over my senses and I was in love and shopped for the most amazing silk shawls unique and silken in their designer appeal.

The ombre /shaded chiffon scarves  look great with a casual attire and the solid chiffon scarves and wraps look perfect with an evening dress or gown. I bought chiffon scarves 18” x 64” fringeless and delicate. I stocked up my wardrobe with bigger size shawls 24” x 72” that looked great on me as long flowing scarves and in evenings as a pleasant dainty sheer wrap to cover my shoulders. Best of all were the large chiffon wraps that I draped over the opposite shoulder to make it stay securely often I wore them as a sheer ruana wrap held together in center with a pretty shawl pin /broach. I got so many compliments.

Now it’s been years since that love affair with chiffon silk scarves shawls and wraps started and even to date I have a section in my wardrobe with beautiful spring shawls and scarves to add that touch of class to my casual and dressy outfits. I guess it is an affair that is everlasting for me. Try it and you will be hooked too as the silk scarves have that beautiful tantalizing appeal and really give a facelift to your spring and summer clothes.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Paisley Shawls Rock In Soft Pashmina & Silk Blend

There is something very appealing about inlaid paisley shawls that women seem to love. Paisleys is a pattern that originated in India and you will find amazing paisleys in jamawar weaves made by shawls and wraps manufacturers in India. The pashmina & silk blend is amazingly silken soft with a lovely sheen making the shawl look divinely beautiful and drape wonderfully too. Lots of advantages to a silk pashmina it is my personal favorite for spring summer and part of fall. I even wear it as a winter scarf as the divine feel around my neck is so beautiful.

Paisley Pashminas can be unitone which means in one shade of a color or they come in enticing pastel/or vibrant colorful weaves.  As a fashion designer I feel paisley shawls look great with a simple solid color dress or a solid color gown or pant suit. Be it for casual or evening wear, the paisley scarf wrap is very attractive and becomes the focal point of the outfit.  So if you have an outfit that has a touch of crystal or is basic lift it up with a paisley shawl. Buy silk paisley shawls and wraps in beautiful seasonal colors.

The two tone paisley scarves for women feature paisleys in a two tone color blend like a  lighter and darker color tone of the same color- Like lilac and purple paisleys.  I love paisley shawls in a  two color combination like green and gold… they are unique, attractive and very stylish for day and evening wear.

Yours Elegantly has designers and artists on their staff that can hand craft amazing silver and gold accenting on paisley shawls or add a designer scroll border adding elegance and beauty to the shawl. This hand crafted wrap is an original with their unique artistry.  It is unique shawls on sale that make amazing gifts for any special occasion/event like weddings, bridesmaids shawls, wedding favors, birthdays, Christmas gifts & more…

Paisley shawls can also have a light touch of embroidery which enhances its already stylish appeal. I love paisley shawls with a touch of Swarovski crystals – my favorite beyond a doubt. So if you are looking for a shawl wrap with that special essence of colorful elegance try a paisley silk pashmina today.

Tips For When To Buy A Fashion Scarf, Women’s Evening Shawl or Ruana Cape Wrap

Women love accessories especially evening shawls, spring & summer scarves, or fall warm ruana cape wraps. Sometimes the decision on whether an evening scarf will lend that touch of class to a dress or a silk wrap would lend that perfect shoulder coverage and light silken sheen for a special occasion or event can be baffling. Some women prefer the longer and wider coverage of a soft warm ruana in cool spring or chilly fall and winter weather. The formal cape wrap is a treasure of an accessory for women of all age groups especially the more mature women looking for formal elegance and wider coverage.

As a fashion designer here are some tips on choosing your seasonal scarf /shawl /cape wrap:

If you wear a fashion scarf with a spring or summer dress it will give you a touch of casual chic beauty.  I recommend women keep many fashion scarves in their closets for spring wear. Fashion scarves be it the  long ones or the square neck scarves or even the  triangle scarf wraps would be great for a casual spring /summer outdoor party. Now for a formal wedding I recommend wearing a glittering dressy  evening shawl or a silver / gold chiffon wrap with crystals as it adds beauty and style to the evening dress befitting the occasion.

In summer the beach weddings could do with chiffon scarves & wraps or cotton shawls even long sheer colorful poly scarves, silk pashminas that are light, airy and casual yet fashionable. Solid Silk Pashmina Shawls in my opinion make the best wedding favors. They add that special magical quality to a wedding and many times the guests are dancing in their colorful beautiful shawls adding an ethereal beauty to the occasion – makes it a event to remember.

In fall with cooler weather the long Ruana wraps are a must have. The long, wide coverage and soft warm beauty of the wool cape wrap with a middle slit and a neckline to keep it in place in soft  wool be it cashmere pashmina or a blend makes the Women’s Ruana  Wrap for  fall must have accessory for every woman’s stylish wardrobe. 

Some women who are not familiar with a Ruana – it is a longer split in middle cape wrap with full wide coverage. So instead of being hip length like a woman’s cape it is long almost knee length. Women in general love the Ruana look. Plus size womene specially  love the Ruana for its added coverage, longer length, good flow and its sleek look.  Medium to tall woman look great in a large Ruana cape wrap. The petite would carry off a shorter cape wrap better . Having said that the petites too have a fondness for the comfort and style of a long wool  Ruana. It can be worn during the day as a casual accessory or as an evening wrap. Ruanas for women can be in solid colors with or without fringe or in designer weaves. The ruffled Ruana wrap is ever so popular as it looks very appealing on a woman no matter what her age. Teenagers love casual Ruanas and mature women crave the comfort and beauty of a long cape wrap. So this accessory is a must have for any woman’s wardrobe.  The ease of wear of just draping it over the shoulders and it stays in place perfectly due to a V neckline is amazing. Plus the stylish look and most importantly the comfort from its enveloping wide coverage and sleek look it gives makes it almost a must have necessity for women on the go and those who want to lounge in it at home.

 In winter I strongly recommend the large full size winter wool shawls and wraps in a 3 ply or 4 ply. Ply being a layer of yarn - the soft warm thick winter shawls that are generally large in size and very luxuriously warm would be my accessory pick for cold weather.

The decision as to whether to wear a fashion scarf or a formal evening shawl or a women’s cape wrap depends on the dress, the occasion, the degree of protection you seek, the coverage you want and the occasion. Wear what you feel you can carry off well so you can look confident and beautiful in your choice of accessory.

Friday, May 2, 2014

What is the Best Evening Shawl To Buy For Cool Spring And Warm Summers

Spring is cool on many days sometimes rainy and sometimes warm that makes the shawl wrap decision for your evening dress / gown a little tricky. In my opinion in spring a 2 -3 ply cashmere shawl wrap is fine if you are the kind of woman who feels the chill instantly. If you would rather have just a light cover over your shoulders wear a silk pashmina shawl as its light protection and silken feel is going to be perfect for you.

In summer with the heat a sheer airy light chiffon shawl wrap in my opinion is beautiful for evening wear. Try a silk shawl in summer pastels. Dark colors absorb the heat and some women like that so you can then wear a vibrant purple red green and look amazing. Chiffon shawls no matter what the color are really enticing sheer and light so any color really works.

Cotton shawls, rayon netted shawls are a must have. I love the glittering silver netted shawl and gold netted metallic shawls. Netted shawls are light and shiny they look very lovely for a woman who is young, mature or even an older woman. They have that special touch of elegance and style that has universal appeal. So wear netted metallic dressy shawls with a hint of shine in any pastel or radiant color to suit your evening dresses and gowns.

Crochet shawls, lace shawls, burnt silk embellished shawls are dressy and help lift up a simple dress or outfit. Women these days like simple elegance and many will wear a lovely simple black dress or purple gown and dress that up with an embellished evening wrap. Love that!

If the dress is busy use a solid shawl or a delicate embroidered shawl wrap and that works wonders for a spring /summer occasion or event.  Embroidered shawls come in cashmere pashmina soft warmth and also in silken pashmina blend. Every woman should have an embroidered shawl as part of her stylish wardrobe it adds that enchanting quality to any outfit.

Fashion scarves light airy colorful for spring and summer worn in different styles in soft pastels or  jewel tone radiance are a good addition to your wardrobe and make affordable gifts for family and friends. Shop online and save big as the competition keeps prices low with huge sales and service. Shop a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business and you will be ensured a pleasant shopping experience. Many sites allow phone orders especially if you have difficulty placing a web order. All these conveniences make shopping online quick and simple – most of all you avoid the traffic and crowds at stores. Today mobile phones make online shopping possible anywhere - so that is a huge bonus too. So have some coffee and enjoy your shawls and wraps shopping online today from the comfort of your home or office.

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