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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to Buy A Warm Shawl/Ruana Cape Wrap for Fall & Winter

There are so many different types of shawls available online that choosing a soft warm appropriate to the occasion shawl for fall and winter needs some guidelines. If you follow these simple steps you will make an informed decision that gives you a shawl that is perfect for the cool weather and suited to the occasion.

In fall depending on where you are the weather can be cool to cold. If you are in or around the NE where fall can turn pretty cold wear a 3 ply cashmere shawl.  A pure pashmina in a thicker 3 ply is perfect too.  A ply is a layer of yarn so for good protection a 3 ply is needed as cashmere pashmina yarn s super thin and light in a 3 ply woven shawl it gives adequate protection.

If you are on west coast or in south a 2 ply cashmere shawl is perfect as the weather is cool and bracing. Now the mid westerners can go with a 4 ply cashmere shawl as fall is very cold and temperatures are really low.

Also if you are an older woman and want a thick warm shawl go with a 4 ply cashmere shawl – classic colors like Ivory white, black, beige, camel, navy, dark purple, royal blue, burgundy are must haves for the cold season. Warm shawls from India Nepal Inner Mongolia England all are comparable in their soft luxurious warmth and beautiful  weaves.

For winter the staff at YE recommend a 4 ply thick winter shawl - thick warm and long at 30” x 80” plus fringe the warm thick long shawls are luxurious and beautiful.

In VA, NC, GA, FL, CA and FL a warm wool ruana cape wrap is a must have. They have an open neckline to keep the cape in place and you can drape the left side over the right shoulder to get a more covered classic look. Ruanas are so popular with women that they come in solid colors and designer weaves. Generally they are a 3 / 4 ply so the warmth is amazing.  Ruana Wraps also give all round coverage front, back and side length makes them very popular with plus size women who love them as they assure a sleeker stylish look.

Wearing a faux fur cape wrap for winter weddings is beautiful and will keep you warm and looking classy. Faux fur wraps in white black & silver grey are very chic and en vogue. Brides love a white faux fur wedding wrap.

For women who like a colorful paisley warm shawl should buy the Indian jamawar designer shawls in soft wool – they are a must have for  unique designer warm coverage. The artistry in the designer weaves is breathtaking. Generally a 3 ply the warmth from the Indian Wool shawls is adequate for fall and winter wear.

Last but not the least if you are wearing a coat or jacket in fall / winter buy 3 ply cashmere scarves or winter wool paisley scarves  to cover your neck and feel warm and beautiful.  Having a fall and winter wardrobe with many beautiful scarves and wraps will enhance your look and keep you warm and in good health for winter.

Yours Elegantly is an online affordable winter scarves and shawls site that has a wide variety of winter accessories at reasonable pricing to keep you warm and help you stock up for Holiday shawl gifts. It’s motto is “Unique Yet Affordable”. A Free gift with Purchase as YE cares for their customers. Experience the good service or do a phone order at 860-355-4184 or get prompt answers to your emails at
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Monday, July 14, 2014

How to Choose a Wedding Shawl Depending on the Season

In Western Cultures Wedding Shawls are generally white, ivory or cream depending on the wedding dress / gown.  In some Eastern /Asian cultures red is considered lucky and auspicious and the wedding shawl is red.

The main thing to remember when buying a wedding shawl is to try to get a yarn or fiber that will look good with the type of wedding dress you have. Some dresses with lace accents look great with a white lace shawl. Others may look great with an ivory white chiffon shawl, an embellished beaded wrap, or a sheer white shawl with crystals. Still others need a simple white solid silk shawl or white cashmere wrap depending on the season. So as you can see there are many yarns and fibers to choose from.

You want to make sure as a bride you are stylish yet comfortable and in spring with the cool spring air a 2 ply light cashmere shawl or even a silk pashmina white shawl would look and feel great.

In summer a light airy white wedding chiffon shawl maybe beautiful or an embellished sheer white bridal wrap. Summer weddings are often beach weddings so cotton shawls, viscose wraps, light silk chiffon is ideal.

In fall it is much cooler so a pashmina wool white bridal shawl or a 3 ply ivory cashmere shawl cape wrap would be protective and elegant.

For the cold NE & Midwest winters in the USA I highly recommend a 4 ply cashmere pashmina. Cashmere shawls for winter are ideal as they are soft plush warm and luxurious.

Designer wedding shawls can be embroidered or have some delicate silvery handcrafting a scroll, vine, motif in customized colors can be made for you by designers at  online shawl sites like www.yourselegantly.com

Brides love the wedding shawls to be unique and a shawl they will treasure and use later too.

It is important to take the  time to browse sites online with appropriate keywords like beautiful white wedding shawl, white wedding pashmina shawl, white cashmere wrap 4 ply, white silk chiffon shawl or even white bolero shrug or white cape wrap for wedding. Using the appropriate keywords is the first step to getting meaningful results when shopping online at Google or Bing.

Calling in sometimes to check on availability or to do a phone order assures you of good customer service. If you wish to get a hand crafted shawl in a design you like online but with colors of your choice emailing is a great idea so you can specify the details of your request. A quick response is a big positive that the site has dedicated customer service.

Finally buy from a shawl from an online site that is a  Better Business Bureau Accredited Business - it will have a BBB blue & white logo – strict standards have to be met for this so it will ensure you  a good safe shopping experience.

Sometimes shopping a site with one low flat rate shipping is good so you can buy more than one shawl to take your pick, after all it is your wedding shawl - something you want to stand out and make you look and feel gorgeous. Use these tips for shopping for wedding shawls and have a good shopping experience!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Online Retail / Wholesale Shawls Wraps Wedding Favors & Corporate Gifts

Individual customers love to buy unique shawls online at affordable pricing without the huge markups as seen in mall stores. Yours Elegantly specializes in elegant fashion shawls Cashmere Pashmina & silk scarves and wraps to tickle your senses that also make the best unique gifts for women and men.

On the wholesale side the wholesale shawls silk pashmina shawls scarves are reduced in pricing considerably when you buy in bulk for wedding favors. Customer feedback has shown Pashminas are unique affordable wedding favors that brighten the bridal occasion with that rare ethereal beauty. Drape the shawls on the chairs or put them in a basket around so wedding guests can pick and choose a color.

 Yours Elegantly is known for its excellence in customer service. Quick answers to customer calls and emails at sales@yourselegantly.com, help matching shawls to dresses, efficient friendly phone orders at 860-355-4184. Placing online orders at www.yourselegantly.com is quick and easy too. Enjoy a free gift with purchase as YE cares for its customers. Buy from a brand name- YE that you love for unique accessories!

Yours Elegantly specializes in Retail and Wholesale for Pashmina  Shawls, Cashmere Scarves, chiffon silk scarves, netted shawls for wedding bridal & bridesmaids for all seasons.

Bridal stores, retailers, small boutiques, golf clubs buy unique shawls from YE and enjoy a great shopping experience. Try it and save big!

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