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Monday, August 18, 2014

Why are Cashmere Pashmina Shawls from Nepal in Demand For Evening Shawls

The shawls & wraps made from cashmere wool in Nepal are a cut above in their softness and quality.  Plus weavers in Nepal are meticulous so weaves are beautiful and perfect. The Shawl Industry in Nepal is based on ethical standards and you get what you pay for. The cashmere / pashmina yarn is in short supply and often it is obtained from Inner Mongolia which exports it to Nepal. This is great because the cashmere yarn is soft and top quality and the expertise of weavers from Nepal then produces an evening shawl that is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. The shawl making process is artistic and painstakingly well done by the expert weavers and artisans in Nepal on a disciplined and ethical basis.

Solid Nepal Shawls with perfect pashmina cashmere weaves is a sight to behold. The designer paisley shawls are designer stylish and the shawl is impeccable in quality. Getting that perfect weave from India and other countries is hard. Hence customers in USA Australia Canada and U.K. love impeccable pashminas and cashmere wraps from Nepal.

Sure Nepal Cashmere Pashminas are pricier but they are worth the extra price due to a perfect product and soft divine feel of the shawls. Silk Pashmina or Silk Cashmere Shawls are light so good for spring/summer evening wear with your dresses/gowns. You can buy discount cashmere evening shawls and upscale grade A cashmere wraps depending on your budget. Stores online carry a wide variety of warm winter wool shawls for weddings, bridesmaids shawls and wedding favors to suit all budgets and tastes in style, size and warmth of the shawl. Want to buy a very warm shawl with some thickness then buy a winter shawl with at least a 4 ply.

Try some cashmere wool shawls in black burgundy navy purple silver ivory & white now these are staple must have shawl colors hence they make great unique gifts for that special woman. I love Nepal Cashmere scarves too in many vibrant colors and even soft shades over my fall and winter coat. Woven shawls are beautiful, flat in look and drape well too. Solid knit shawls are super plush in feel and have that plush look we love. Take your pick from a wide selection of heavenly unique shawls at YE. Shop the rare finds and look beautiful.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Thick Warm Shawls for Fall and Winter are 3 ply & 4 ply Cashmere Pashmina Wool

Wool is a natural yarn from various animals that is woven into plys or layers of yarn to increase the thickness and weight of accessories like scarves shawls and wraps. Animals like sheep lamb goats shed their fur or it may be sheared and woven into scarves shawls and wraps for women & men.

There are special Himalayan mountain goats in Kashmir and Nepal mainly called “Changthangi” whose fur is shed and collected - this fur is ultra light soft yet warm that is great for cashmere pashmina shawls. This fur in single ply is super thin yet warm less than 19 microns. Hence it is woven into 2 ply or 2 layered shawls for spring/summer wear, 3 ply shawls for fall and the thicker 4 ply warm shawls for cold winters.

Shawl is word derived from Persian word “shal” it meant a certain class of woven fabric. The Kashmir artisans has unsurpassed expertise in making shawls. The shawl making handicraft in Kashmir starts with collecting or harvesting the pashmina cashmere underfur from the Himalayan mountain goat mainly in spring. It sticks to bushes when shed and is collected. The traditional shawl making process includes, pre-spinning, spinning, weaving & finishing process.

In pre- spinning, the fur is collected, harvested, combed, sorted from impurities and undergoes a gluing process to make it durable. The Kashmir shawl – Pashmina Industry initiated when experts from Turkistan came to Kashmir to teach the shawl weavers & artisans the shawl making trade. Thereafter, Kashmir shawl handicrafts flourished and the Pashmina Shawl from Kashmir is considered soft as gold or Pashm - persian word for wool that is very soft as gold.

The Capra Hircus Pashmina goat is native to India and so Indian Pashminas are very popular today worldwide for their soft feel and luxurious light beauty. The pashmina wool catches dyes easily and has become a fashion must have accessory worldwide. The habitat of the pashmina goat has spread across the mountainous regions of Central Asia into China Tibet Inner Mongolia Russia Afghanistan Turkey and Iran which are also all top quality shawl manufacturers.

There are many types of shawls and ways to wear the shawl. Women love Shawls & warm winter scarves they share a love for the Shawl that is age old and true. Yours Elegantly endeavors to bring unique shawls in many solid colors and shades for all seasons . Wear cape wraps ruanas shawls scarves warm soft and protective for all occasions like weddings, bridesmaids shawls, Pashmina Wedding Favors, Unique gifts for Birthdays, The Holiday Season, Corporate Gifts, Shawls for Golfing Events in varying fibers and yarns with embroidered even hand crafted artistry at affordable pricing. You can buy retail or wholesale. Enjoy great service an added bonus at YE a brand customers love.

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