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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How to Shop For Evening Shawls And Wraps For All Seasons

We all know women love shawls and wraps and some of us are addicted to seasonal fashion scarves and wear them year round. It is true that scarves and wraps give that finishing touch of elegance to any evening outfit.

Here are some guidelines in choosing an evening  shawl wrap appropriate for the season in yarn, degree of warmth and protection & craftsmanship . Most importantly women not only have to keep the season and seasonal colors in mind but also have to ensure the evening wrap is a good compliment to the dress they intend to wear it with in terms of style and texture. That’s a task so designers at Yours Elegantly give you some guidelines to make evening shawl shopping easy and pleasurable.

Start with the dress and keep in mind the season at the same time. For spring and summer try light chiffon shawls, silk scarves and embellished evening shawls. They have transparence and your skin showing through as the wrap drapes over your neck and shoulders looks alluring. These are wraps for just lightly covering your shoulders and arms for style and elegance. Some chiffon wraps have crystal elegance or a hand painted flowery vine or dragonflies … many designs to choose from and customize with colors. Another good evening wrap /prom wrap is the metallic netted evening shawls or even light net triangle wraps. The key is to find the look you are aiming for.

If you do not want a transparent airy wrap try a silk pashmina which is silken light and drapes beautiful over an evening dress. The silk gives it enough of a sheen to look beautiful with your evening dress. Solid shawls can be used with a dress that is pretty busy and adorned with beads and sequins. If the  dress is simple elegance make the shawl a focal point by choosing a designer shawl with flowery vines, hand crafted designs or an embroidered shawl to dress up the outfit for the occasion. In summer wear pastels and light colors in ivory cream, coral, lilac, lavender, blue, pink, cream, & soft green. Bear in mind you can always buy a shawl to match the shoes, bag and jewelry so having a silver and gold shawl is a must.

In cooler fall and cold winter season we recommend wool shawls and wraps. Solids are must haves to complete any wardrobe. Leave one wool shawl or cashmere wrap in the car to give some luxurious warmth and style to your outfit.

There are many options for warm shawls and choose a ply or layer of yarn in shawl to suit the degree of warmth you want. In early fall 2 ply warm shawls are adequate. When deep into fall and at beginning of winter a 3 ply warm shawl is great and in cold winter weather I would personally opt for a 4 ply winter wool shawl. Fine wool that comes from Himalayan Mountain goat is soft cashmere pashmina and it is light but luxuriously warm. Women have a passion for Pashmina wool shawls and cashmere shawls and wraps. When woven in Nepal into 3-4 ply shawls and scarves the Cashmere accessories are soft and very warm.  Stock up for winter shawls as they make unique thanksgiving and Holiday gifts.

My favorite are the India woven designer full size shawls and they reverse into splendid colors on reverse making you feel like you have two shawls at that one sale price.  The designer colorful paisley wool shawls are a cut above in their designing and woven artistry. They are usually one of a kind made for Yours Elegantly. That way you get a unique original no one else has! You can choose from deep dark navy, grey, burgundy red, orange, dark green and black. Often the designer wool shawls have a blend of colors making them artistic must haves!

For women who love excellence and rare finds the warm shawls that have handcrafted snowflakes and vines and motifs often even custom made for you at YE are must haves at the up to 70% off sale price and a gift special. YE brand of shawls are unique elegant and beautiful for your evening wear needs. Experience a great shopping experience with their good service and wide array of shawls to suit any taste.

Thank You for Shopping with www.YoursElegantly.com !

Monday, September 22, 2014

Women love accessories that are elegant and unique

Now that we are into Fall and weather is cold enough to be winter we women are already shopping for warm winter wool shawls.

Being a fashion designer for Yours Elegantly I recommend women have enough of solid winter wool shawls in classic colors like cream, grey, navy, camel, dark purple and black colors. This will give your wardrobe a huge boost and you will always be ready for fall and winter shawls to match almost any evening outfit.

For women who love designer shawls with elegant touches of silver or gold sparkles or a designer motif or a beautiful vine and flowery elegance do shop for the hand crafted warm shawls that can be made for you in a day or two. Each piece is unique so no one else has a shawl like yours.  Customers love the hand crafted shawls and wraps as they can customize colors and often send them as unique gifts for Bridesmaids, Birthday gifts, Wedding /Anniversary gifts or even Thanksgiving / Christmas Holiday gifts.

The Indian designer woven shawls in beautiful artsy weaves are warm and reversible. One of the customers at YE called to say  “I really feel like I have 2 evening shawls as the reverse is so different in color.” That is true the reversible designer shawls are unique on both sides with different colors clearly shown online making them a best buy.

Lastly, I suggest warm ruana wraps in grey ivory black some women can carry off a colorful ruana which are popular in CA and FL particularly. Warm wool ruanas are like big and long cape wraps with a neckline and wide all around coverage great for the petite, tall and plus sizes too. Ruanas have a special place in my heart as they have ease of wear no buttons/zippers and I love that.

So have a good shopping experience and stock up for the Holiday season in advance at these sale prices that will assure you a good deal on accessories for women. For men shop the solid cashmere scarves at just $29.99 and make that special man a gift to cherish.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Pink Shawls are Must Haves for Women this October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Scarves and Handcrafted Pink Shawls with a pink Ribbon abound at Yours Elegantly an online site whose owner has been a two time young Breast Cancer Survivor. Part of sales proceeds are donated towards Cancer Research and to Women and Children’s Welfare Organizations listed in the About us section of the online unique shawl and wraps for women site.
Get a solid pink scarf or full size shawl with an artsy pink ribbon or some other design of your choice and take a stand for your fight against Breast Cancer. Our mothers, wives, sisters, friends, neighbors  and female colleagues at work  are precious to us and one in 5 women battles this terrible disease.  Increasing Funding for cancer research is critical to fighting Breast Cancer . Shop the pink ribbon selection of shawls at YE a brand name that exudes unique elegance and beauty.  Wear the shawl with grace and style as it is sure to enhance your wardrobe.

There are many handcrafted shawls to choose from with flowers, motifs, dragonflies, pink ribbon elegance so take your pick in pink, hot pink, coral, ivory, navy, black, beige, gold & silver  or any color of your choice. Look unique and elegant in a fashion shawl that expresses the real you and what you stand for!

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