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Monday, October 27, 2014

Designer Winter Shawls Cape Wraps - A Feast for Your Eyes for Holiday Gifts

The warm winter shawls in colorful designer weaves are a feast for the eyes and hence make excellent unique Holiday gifts for your family and friends. Want to stay within your budget and give a classy gift that will be cherished try the cashmere pashminas – fine wool at its best!

Buy shawls that have intricate weaves that will bedazzle you and in soft warmth that will keep you comfortably warm and stylish for fall winter and all thru spring season. Cold weather means soft warm shawls in many colors and beautiful woven wrap masterpieces from India Kashmir & Nepal.

A myriad of colors, designs from paisleys to flowers even abstract designs abound at Yours Elegantly a store for unique affordable winter wool shawls on sale so you can stock up on Holiday gifts. The shawls are a cut above in their designing and the service at this site is dedicated and friendly. Phone orders can be done do get all items ready in shopping cart with your credit card details ready so the reps can do a quick phone order. You will be amazed at how efficiently run this business is as they care.

The Indian designer wool scarves too come in many colors and designer weaves. Artisans make unique pieces and their skill and designing and weaving expertise is apparent in these unique shawls and scarves.

Best of all are the winter wedding shawls and hand crafted wraps for those who you wish to gift something truly beautiful and one of a kind for the Holidays. The winter wrap collection is extraordinary in variety and designing.

Women love warm ruana cape wraps and they  are must haves. Designers say once you have one you will love the comfort and ease of throwing one on and pulling it off with no hassly buttons and zips that you will get addicted to them. A good addiction as wool ruanas for women look stylish, have a neckline so they don’t slide like shawls and they have all around long and wide coverage – plus a slimming effect too. Which woman wouldn’t like that!

Solid Warm Shawls A Necessity for Women on the Go

If you are busy career woman or a mother on the go having a stock of solid warm shawls is a must for your wardrobe. Try keeping one black warm shawl in the car for emergencies or just incase a decent day turns cool or cold. Leave a winter wool designer shawl on the couch as a throw so when watching Ty you can cuddle in it and be comfortable and when it lays on the couch it will enhance your home d├ęcor.

I love warm shawls in wool. Fine wool from the Himalayan mountain goat is called Cashmere pashmina wool. It is lovely in that it is fine soft yet protective. It is more pricy but there are grades A B C D of which A is most superior. The other grades are lovely and the shawls get more affordable. By its nature this yarn is very soft and warm yet not bulky like sheep wool. You can get affordable warm shawls $34.99 and up in this yarn online and some companies go out of their way to pass savings on to their long term customers.

When shopping online buy a classic black wool shawl, a navy, silver grey / dark grey which ever suits you more, a beige cashmere wrap and a cream or white pure pashmina. Have at least 1-2 of these shawls in classic colors so they match with many outfits. Black is a sure must have shawl for every woman. Beige matches many outfits in brown family, cream family, and you can contrast colors to look stunning. Wear shawls in styles that suit you and the occasion.

Most warm shawls are a standard size which is 25” x 68” plus 3” fringe bigger ones are 28” x 76” and the extra-large come 30” x 80”. Depending on your height and coverage you want buy the correct size. Those who want all around long and wide coverage must buy soft wool ruana wraps. They have length almost to knee all around and look like a long stylish cape. They have a casual look and the designer ones look perfect for evening wear.

I love warm shawls from India, Kashmir, Nepal and Inner Mongolia. The largest availability of cashmere pashmina is in Inner Mongolia and India. Nepal makes the most heavenly shawls and the workman ship in weave and design s great but the cashmere is being imported into Neal from Inner Mongolia. Shawls from Inner Mongolia are plush and warm. Indian shawls have that artistic mix of colors and designer unique weaves that are a rare find. Shop for warm shawls on sale and save big! Online sites do try to give good service and take phone orders for those who prefer that. Shop www.yourselegantly.com for designer one of a kind winter shawls and wraps. You will be amazed!

Silk Evening Wrap: Perfect for Every Occasion

The way you dress up speaks volumes about your sartorial choices, giving a sneak peek into your personality. Therefore, you need to choose your clothes wisely. Wearing a beautiful dress clubbed with a perfect pair of shoes and a hint of jewelry completes the look for most women. We, however, have a little fixture here that is sure to accentuate your look – evening silk wraps.

Silk is known for its richness and elegance. Thus, it is no wonder that silk wraps an ideal choice for almost every type of attire. A silk wrap paired with an evening gown makes you look classy and sensual at the same time – a meticulous blend that is usually difficult to achieve. In this write-up, you will read about some of the silk wraps available in the market.

Types of Silk Wraps

Silk wraps have become a dear choice of many fashion buffs. As a result, the fashion arena is now rife with innumerable silk wraps, suitable for virtually every type of attire. Some of the types of silk wraps are listed below. Let’s take a look.

Plain Silk Pashmina

Whether you wish to pair a wrap for day wear or evening wear, this yellow plain silk pashmina is an ideal option. A perfect buy for a prom, family get-togethers, as well as wedding, this wrap also makes a unique gift for your friends and family. 

The yellow color of this wrap is so rich in hue and sheen that it will definitely mesmerise you with its allure. Besides, you can wear it with many outfits too.

Silk Pashmina with Motif and Sprays

This light yellow silk pashmina wrap with motif and sprays is a unique combination of class and elegance. Suitable for almost every occasion especially family dinners and official parties, this wrap is a must-have for your wardrobe.

Silk Bridal Wrap

As the name suggests, this silk bridal wrap is an elegant fixture for a beautiful bridal look. Due to its sheen look and soft texture, this wrap makes an exclusive bridal shawl. The wrap exudes luxury and style and is available at a discounted price. 

White Elegant Silk Blend Wrap Radiance Elegant Silk Blend Wrap

White is a staple color that goes well with every color. When draped in style, this silk blend wrap is sure to add to the appeal of your attire. It’s a quick match for any type of look, whether it’s for a wedding party or casual outing. 

Fall is here and winter is round the corner, and thus, it’s time for you to revamp your wardrobe with some of these beautiful, gorgeous and elegant silk wraps. It is recommended that you buy silk wraps online, as going the virtual way will let you save both time and money. However, always buy a silk evening wrap from a credible provider that is known to provide high quality products. Read the customer reviews posted on the website of the seller before making the final selection. In addition, before you place your order, make sure that the seller delivers in your location.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Brief Guide to Buy Quality Pashmina Shawls Online

Are you ready to welcome winter with style and elegance? If your answer is a “yes”, have you considered adding pashmina shawl to your shopping list? If not, then you are definitely missing out on a great option. A beautifully crafted pashmina shawl is a must-have in your winter collection. Pashmina shawls, scarves and wraps give your winter style a warm and luxurious touch, and go well with almost every type of dressing.

What is Pashmina?

Pashmina wool, obtained from the pashmina goat native to Kashmir, India, is known to provide great warmth. Pashmina makes an ideal woolen fabric for a variety of clothing, as it is exceptionally lightweight.

How to Finding a Genuine Pashmina Shawl Provider

If you are planning to buy a pashmina shawl, make sure that you buy it from a credible source, as many sellers offer bamboo pashmina shawls. Sometimes it becomes difficult to differentiate between that and a quality pashmina, but choosing a reputed seller will make shopping fun and easy. Here the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Conduct a Web Search

It is advisable to buy a pashmina shawl from an online provider, as it saves you ample time and makes it easy for you to ascertain the credibility of the provider. Start with a web search and visit the website of each provider that shows up in the first couple of pages of the search results.

Step 2: Compare Products and Prices

Comparing products and prices will give you an idea about the standard price range of a pashmina shawl, scarf or wrap. Some online providers offer pashmina shawl at discounted prices, and therefore, purchasing a pashmina shawl from them will definitely help you save some money.

Step 3: Read Customer Reviews

It is important to read customer reviews posted on the website of the provider before you make the purchase. Reading customer reviews gives you a fair idea about the customer service of the provider as well as the quality of the product.

By following these simple steps, you can buy a beautifully designed pashmina shawl and add on extra zing to your winter style!

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