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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Designer Pashmina Shawls and Scarves make Unique Gifts

Have you tried gifting a beautiful woven designer scarf wrap to a woman for any special occasion?  If not, you should try it and watch that ladies face light up in delight. A lot of women love fashionable accessories. Accessories make the best gift ideas as they are easy to gift they are personal but not so personal that it would be awkward. Pashminas light up a woman attire and countenance. They have a magical effect of making a lady look stylish, unique and confident. Women will tell you how much they agree on that.

Pashminas fall under a many classes of Pashmina and you can buy one to suit your budget. For the very special woman in your life be it a wife or mother you could opt in fall and winter for a Pashmina Wool Shawl that is beautiful warm in 4 ply plush thickness. In spring and summer I recommend a silk pashmina in a beautiful seasonal color with or without a design.

In many countries the term Cashmere Pashmina is used interchangeably as the yarn comes from the same Changthangi mountain goat. Because pashmina is blended with silk for an evening sheen and has increased in popularity customers tend to think it is silken and super thin. Yes it is thin inherently so is cashmere in a single ply. Magically the lightness does not compromise warmth which is luxuriously soft and even sensitive skins are not allergic to it. Go with a higher ply to get more plush and some thickness to the shawl.

In the U.S. Canada Australia winters in some regions are super cold some customers want softness and some weight so the 4 ply Cashmere Shawl has become the most wanted winter accessory for women and men. Shawls that are 30” x 80” are in demand with women who want the long extra coverage and men love to use them as long scarves and wrap them around the neck comfortably. 4 ply unisex winter scarves shawls and wraps are must haves especially the  classic beige, grey, black, royal blue, navy, dark purple and ivory cream colors.

In spring I love the 2 ply fairly warm shawls which are warm enough, soft & beautiful in many spring designs and colors. My favorite is pink, silver grey, dark grey, black, camel, blue, green, lilac, coral, blush, dark red, true red, yellow mustard, beige and brown.  In summer I love the art pashminas you will have noticed  department stores in the mall often treated Pashmina as a brand name. Many department stores will sell Pashminas in viscose rayon acrylic and silk blend. Customers have created a demand for these as they want light shawls with a Pashmina brand name in many blends and designs. The price is lower and the light summer airy feel is quite nice. You can pick and choose whether you want a true pashmina from India Nepal & Inner Mongolia or an art pashmina in soft other blends just for a stylish brand statement.
Many online stores love to give good service which lies at the core of a successful online business. So do a phone order to get help matching a shawl to a dress  and at the same time get some fashion advice on latest seasonal trends.

A quick tip when buying a shawl is to keep in mind the season and degree of warmth you want then decide the yarn to go with. Also do keep in mind the type of dress material, how busy it is and the occasion so you can decide if the shawl should be  solid elegance  or an intricate embroidered or hand crafted beauty. Some stores like Yours Elegantly have custom hand crafted Seasonal Designer Pashminas, chiffon silk shawls that they make in a day for you so you can wear an original beautiful evening wrap over a dress or gown. Hand crafted shawls wraps makes the best bridal & bridesmaid shawls. So make a good choice and shop the ethereal beauty of designer Pashminas today. Make a style statement that is really YOU!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cashmere Shawls and Wraps Come in Many Grades and Blends

There are many grades of cashmere that can be used in making winter cashmere shawls most of which are 4 ply so they are plush warmth and woven delights for Holiday gifts.

The higher the grade the finer the yearn. Manufacturers make Grade A (very superior) Grade B (superior) Grade C (very good)  and Grade D (good) quality of cashmere scarves shawls and wraps.  They generally work within the budget of the buyer and use the best grade or grade blends to produce soft luxurious and warm accessories. 

Cashmere comes from the Capra Hircus mountain goat and each goat will have fur of a varying grade. The underbelly fur is the softest. The under fur is of 2 types the outer guard hair and the fine inner hair that are soft,  light, and warm. The world’s largest producer of cashmere goat is China where it is bred in abundance and presently they are estimated at approx. 123 million goats. This cashmere yarn is then woven into beautiful sweaters and accessories like scarves shawls ruana cape wraps. A lot of cashmere pashmina yarn is exported to Nepal /India even though they have a fair share of the Himalayan mountain goats. However in past years the goat population has dwindled necessitating the import of cashmere from China. The Cashmere Pashmina Industry in India and Nepal is still big as skilled weavers / artisans make such a huge variety of solid and designer woven wraps in colorful designs that have caught the eye of fashion designers worldwide.

Cashmere wool therefore is very fine quality light thin 14- 15.5 micron yarn hence being thin and light it is woven into layers or plys for getting the accessories to be more durable, thicker, warmer and plusher. Higher the ply or layer of yarn the better the warmth and feel. Cashmere wool is  very fine wool and superior. The wool is sometimes blended with other yarns to get more durability and weight. Sometimes for evening wear cashmere can be blended with silk so there is a nice evening sheen to the shawls/wraps.

In some countries the term cashmere pashmina is used interchangeably as it comes from the same mountain goat. The silk pashminas are super popular as evening pashminas and they are light, do not itch or cause an allergic reaction even on sensitive skin hence increasingly popular. Silk pashmina shawls wraps and scarves are economical and make beautiful bridal & bridesmaids shawls and the use of Pashminas as wedding favors is very popular.

The Pashmina today has literally become a brand name and there are all kinds of fashionable pashminas in the market  in bamboo rayon viscose and acrylic which are cheaper than the Silk Pashminas. You can get such a variety to fit your budget.  If you want a pure pashmina cashmere shawl it is pricier starts at $34.99 without huge retail markups for a budget shawl which is soft and warm.  If the grade of yarn is higher and shawl wrap bigger in size and higher in ply expect a price of over $50.00 at the least.

So enjoy the beauty of warm soft fine wool shawls in cashmere pashmina beauty and elegance online at stores like www.yourselegantly.com that offer discounted retail and wholesale shawls and wraps / winter scarves in an array of beautiful colors. Known for its good service and handcrafted artistry  you can experience a unique enjoyable shopping experience.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Silk Evening Wrap: Elegance at Its Best

Whether it’s a house warming party or family lunch, irrespective of types of occasion, a silk evening wrap makes an ideal choice to accentuate your look. You can accessorize almost all types of attire with a beautiful evening silk wrap and win the heart of everyone around.

What are Your Options?

Thanks to their incessant demand, there is wide a variety of wraps available in the market. The choices include:
  • Chiffon
  • Pashmina 
  • Silk 
  • Viscose 
  • Acrylic
  • Netted metallic
The best part about these shiny, dressy wraps is that they can be draped in numerous ways. To learn different ways of wearing them, you can search the web and go through the options shared by various fashion enthusiasts. This will help you keep abreast of the latest style of draping wraps, shawls, and scarves.

Where to Buy?

Though you can buy a silk evening wrap from a local store, it is recommended to shop online to get a huge choice and a good deal on silk evening shawls and wraps.  Some online sellers offer premium wraps at discounted prices, promising exceptional convenience and value for money. In addition, buying a silk wrap online is an ideal way to go, as you get to choose from a plethora of options. Unlike physical stores that offer limited collections, the online market gives you an extensive array of choices.

Leading online fashion stores offer a wide array of exquisite wraps, in various fabric and design options, to suit different tastes and budgets. However, when shopping, make sure that you select a credible seller known to offer premium quality products at reasonable prices. The best way to identify the credibility of a seller is to read the testimonials posted on their website. These testimonials speak volumes about their reliability and quality of their products.

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