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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Know your shawl yarn and make the right shawl choice online

Women are budget conscious consumers and buying a beautiful unique shawl in a seasonal yarn at the right price is often their goal. Some women are yarn conscious others just want a good looking stylish shawl. Women love unique shawls and scarves and some are willing to pay a higher price and strive to get a yarn like chiffon silk shawls for the warmer seasons and Cashmere Pashmina wool for colder seasons as these are top choices in ladies seasonal accessories. Some women will tell you they want many shawls and scarves for their seasonal wardrobes and will only buy them at an affordable price. Very price conscious consumers do not care about content as long as it looks and feels good. So satisfying all different needs means a store must have a wide selection of shawls and wraps. Most stores whether at the mall or online like to cater to all the customer tastes and needs so the choice is huge. Shopping such stores is easier when you know what you want so you focus on that and get a great deal. This information should make shawl shopping online easier if you know what you are looking for so you can search the right keywords like silk evening shawls, affordable wool shawls, cashmere pashmina wraps. If you know what you want putting some detail in keywords is a good idea like silver evening wrap or 4 ply cashmere shawls.

Silk shawls are popular for spring and summer in the USA and in many countries popular for year round wear. 90% of silk producers are in Asia. If you are looking for a real fine chiffon silk shawl wrap go in for one made in India, China, Japan, Spain, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam & Malaysia. China is the single most  biggest supplier of silk to the world market since many decades. Silk Trading originated in China and Alexander the great took it to Europe. The major silk consuming countries are USA, UK, France, Germany & Switzerland.
Silk shawls are lustrous, luxurious with a lovely drape and resilient. The cultivation of silk worms in order to produce silk is called Sericulture. It involved breeding the silk worms, feeding the larva with mulberry leaves. Then comes destroying  the chrysalis (which would normally come through as a moth) so that it does not break the silk filament. Followed by Filature which involves sorting and softening the cocoons, reeling the filament onto wheels, then comes formation of the silk yarn, degumming for added softness and sheen and finally finishing the silk fabrics with the dye. Left over silk can be spun and this silk is still good if not as superior. The process has not changed over the years. Many manufacturers have starting producing synthetic competitors like nylon, polyester and acetate but silk retains its superiority.

Fine wool shawls are the biggest sellers for the fall season also called autumn and for winter wear.  Fine wool comes in many varieties like Cashmere Pashmina Shawls and Merino wool shawls that are so very popular for their soft, luxurious and protective warmth. Sometimes lamb’s wool and sheep wool can be slightly coarse hence itchy to very sensitive skin. Cashmere Pashmina from the Changthangi mountain goats around Himalayas is super soft, light yet very protective and most are less than 19 microns and are woven to make beautiful shawls. These shawls are pricier especially those under 14 microns. Cashmere Pashmina wool varies in grade from A to D and all of the grades are really fine and good. Buying shawls online is an affordable proposition as overheads are minimal and this will give consumers a far better deal than buying from a department store at the mall.  Enjoy a unique selection of online shawls and wraps.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Women Use Shawls Mostly As Elegant Evening Shawls

Shawls are used for protection and style. Most women will buy shawls for evening wear over their dresses and gowns for coverage over their bare shoulders and in colder seasons for the warmth it gives while enhancing the look of the evening dress with elegance. That combination of comfortable warmth, protection and a stylish appeal to women seems to be a win-win combination.
Some women wear shawls daily,  others use shawls whilst traveling but women consider having evening shawls a necessity. So most women will shop for evening shawls for their evening wardrobe year round.  Gifting an evening shawl is one of the most appreciated gifts as women love shawls to accessorize. Women often buy a dressy shawl, a beautiful unique evening shawl wrap that will match that particular evening dress for a special occasion/event. Some women plan ahead and have evening shawls already stocked in black, ivory white, beige, navy, burgundy red and silver grey so these shawls can be used with almost any outfit in their wardrobe. Having these classic colors in evening shawls makes you feel ready and confident for any occasion.
In a beautiful sleeveless or strappy evening dress most women who want to cover their arms, part of their backs, the tummy or hip area and the shawl gives that beautiful elegant coverage and enhances their evening look.  So getting good coverage from a shawl is important and women know they look sleeker in a shawl wrap.
In fact the Ruana wrap which has coverage in front, back and sides has become very popular. It makes a woman look taller, sleeker and gives a fashionable appearance to a woman of any age group. Besides Ruanas have a mock neckline so when placed over the neck and shoulders they stay in place which is an added comfort and ease of wear advantage. Women’s Wool Ruanas with a touch of shine have become popular as they look like long cape wraps and women love them for that extra coverage and dressy appeal.

Evening shawls are seasonal and in spring and summer women love the netted shiny shawls, the sheer chiffon wraps, the embellished shawls with crystals, sequins, handcrafted beauty. Silk Pashmina Shawls in spring pastels and vivid summer colors are so in demand due to their silken feel and excellent drape. The shawls used by women in fall and winter are warmer wool shawls. There are different types of wool shawls in the market and women who want warmth gravitate to those shawls. There are alpaca, merino, cashmere pashmina wool shawl options and women look for a balance of comfort, style and budget when making their decisions.

To view a wide collection of elegant evening shawls click here.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Shawl Wrap Shopping Guide for Women

Women often need help on choosing the right shawl wrap for their evening dress that is also suitable for the season. Here is a miniature shawl shopping guide for women:

Women shop for Silk Shawls during spring and summer and prefer Cashmere Pashmina Shawls and Wraps in fall and winter. The reason is Silk is cool sheer and airy for hot summer days and cashmere pashmina wool adds warmth and soft comfort for the colder seasons.
 A pure Cashmere Pashmina wool shawl wrap would be very warm yet not too heavy like sheep wool as that yarn by its inherent nature is light and protective. Women are creatures of comfort and style and the look of silk with its sheen for evening wear is very alluring for women so a shawl with a good blend of cashmere pashmina fine wool and some silk ensures an evening dressy look and a fair degree of warmth. So depending on the type of look you want to achieve and keeping in mind the season for the degree of warmth you want you can make that shawl decision wisely.

In a nutshell here are some tips for your seasonal evening shawls:

Go with Cashmere Pashmina  Wool Shawls for the cold winter season.  Once it starts getting cold a pashmina wool shawl or a cashmere pashmina which is just finer quality wool from a special Himalaya mountain goat namely the Capra Hircus is the way to go to get soft warmth and protection. Wool shawls rock for the colder seasons no matter what the wool.  In cold fall and winter time solid dark colors and paisley wool shawls are so much in demand.  A paisley Pashmina  over your winter coat gives you that trendy chic winter  appeal. Buy Pashmina wool shawls for your Holiday gifts.

Silk shawls are beautiful for summer and the sheer light airy feel of silk on a hot summer day or for evening wear is welcoming and beautiful in look and style. Also, netted shawls, lace shawls, chiffon silk, burnt silk shawls are ideal for spring/ summer  shawls. Solid colors in pastel shades and vibrant tones look fabulous in these seasons. This is also wedding season so silk pashmina shawls are beautiful for your bridal & bridesmaids shawls. Pashminas make beautiful wedding favors for the guests and makes the occasion a memorable one.

Following these simple tips will guide you in finding the best seasonal shawls for women and save you time and effort in making a good choice.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Unique Holiday Gifts a Woman Really Wants

  • A cashmere scarf – why? This is because cashmere scarves look great, have thick soft warmth and if you can buy cashmere scarves on sale for Holiday gifts it is sure to make the recipient happy as it is a unisex gift that is unique and useful.

  • A Paisley Warm Winter Shawl – why? This is because women love shawls to give them added warmth  and coverage. Paisley winter shawls in jamawar weaves make ideal gifts for women as they are colorful and beautifully woven by expert weavers with reversible splendor. They reverse into totally different colorful designer weaves in paisley and flowery unique designs that any woman is sure to cherish.  

  • A Wool Ruana Wrap - why? This is because Ruana Wraps are like long and wide shawls with all around long coverage a mock neckline so it stays in place.  Ruanas give a woman that miraculous slimming effect hence it is a gift with universal appeal.  Ease of wear of draping it over the shoulders with mock V neckline holding it in place and a middle split fashionable look, the wool ruana cape wrap for women  enhances  the overall appearance of a woman’s casual / evening look. 

  • Unique Evening Bags Clutch Purses – why? Women love to go out and party and a woman wants a distinctive appeal each time. An evening bag / clutch purse is a necessity for her and a unique one adds to her beauty and elegance. Women don’t like repeating their purses and hence a clutch purse gift is treasured. Must have evening clutch purse colors are black, silver gold, burgundy, pewter and red. That completes her evening wardrobe.

  • Crystal Necklace Set – why? Crystal Necklaces & Earrings add that beautiful dazzle to a simple or ornate dress to make the evening outfit complete in every way. Crystal bracelets are much beloved as a gift. A simple classy crystal single line bracelet or a multiline crystal bracelet gift makes a shimmering uplifting difference and women love to look beautiful at special events and occasions. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Cashmere Shawls Wraps for Women’s Gifts

Cashmere shawls / wraps make unique women’s gifts for any occasion including weddings, anniversaries,  birthdays, thanks giving and the holidays. The soft warmth of cashmere shawls of any grade is luring and women love to accessorize. Prices range widely depending on the quality,  whether it is 100% cashmere, the blend with silk which some women love and the type of hand work it may have like kani embroidery or hand crafting in seasonal motifs. There are some really distinctive Cashmere Pashmina from Nepal and India woven in colorful weaves and paisley flowery designer artistry.

Stock up on colorful soft cashmere shawls and look beautiful in fall, winter and spring as they are going to be needed especially in the bitterly cold Midwest and North Eastern states. States like NC, VA, TX, FL, CA that have cool weather in winter also need the warmth of these beautiful warm shawls which sometimes suffice instead of a winter coat or jacket. Cashmere scarves makes perfect gift for men and women as they are unisex. A women’s ruana cape wrap is ideal for the wide coverage and its stay in place advantage.
A very good price for a standard size 2 ply cashmere shawl is an affordable $39.99 range - online sites can keep pricing low and push volume. Their overheads are super low but retail brick and mortar stores automatically have high overheads and this price is a rare clearance - end of season treat to just move inventory. A higher 3 to 4 ply cashmere shawls would be in the $70.00 range and something with hand embroidery could range higher. Some women will buy a $500 cashmere shawl from a designer store and wear it for special occasions for brand recognition and they will also have a couple affordable cashmere wraps for winter wear.
Some women will pay a high price for a thick warm 4 ply cashmere shawl without hesitation and others will hunt clearance cashmere shawl bargains to get lowest price almost close to cost. The lucky few will get them and this is how some women will get super bargains on Holiday shawl gifts. Most stores have a clearance section with hidden treasures be sure to check them out.

Cashmere is wool of very fine quality from the special Capra Hircus mountain goats. Sheep wool and lamb’s wool is more affordable, heavier and not as fine as cashmere wool. Cashmere is light yet protective and sheep wool is heavy and super warm. Women love to choose shawls for winter depending on degree of warmth they need, the budget they set and the style and workmanship they want.
A white cashmere wedding wrap makes the bride & bridesmaids look beautiful and feel luxuriously warm and classy. A winter cashmere wrap is a must have for every woman’s closet. It ranks very high on a woman’s gift list so gift one today. A distinctive gift leaves a memorable impression. Buy retail and wholesale cashmere scarves shawls and wraps online as online stores have stepped up the competition and the service is getting good too.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Do Cashmere Scarves / Shawls make Unique Gifts for Women & Men?

Women love cashmere scarves /shawls for their soft warmth and classic trendy appeal. Women naturally gravitate to any accessory that is luxurious and soft like a cashmere scarf in seasonal colors and plaid /paisley designs. The question is do men love cashmere scarves as much? The answer is most men are practical and love cashmere scarves for a cold winter day for the protection they give mainly. Men in cities know the importance of a good scarf to ward off the winter chill.

There are some stylish men who wear scarves as they like a scarf look. Some men are inherently just the scarf wearing type and others are not. However to ward off the chilly cold air in fall, winter and spring men in big cities that have to take the subway or walk as in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit, Los Angeles, Austin, Charlotte, Baltimore, Denver, DC have started appreciating the luxurious warmth and soft feel of a cashmere men’s scarf in solid colors and plaid designs. Men in urban cities and Metropolis see the difference in warmth and comfort with a cashmere scarf on a cold day and keep a collection of warm scarves that go with their winter coat. So the conclusion is some men will wear cashmere scarves for style some as a necessity.

Cashmere scarves solid and plaid grow on us as they feel so divine and the warmth is perfect not stifling. Try a cashmere scarf gift for men and women this Holiday season it is sure to be a unique gift to give for any occasion or event. Today the trend is towards cashmere scarves for the men at weddings – this trend has picked up and become very popular.

Women crave unique accessories and cashmere scarf manufacturers now mass produce these delicate warm scarves in unique color shades /tones not seen before. There are so many colorful warm winter scarves to choose from that a customer is enthralled by the range and designs. Striped winter scarves, gradient warm scarves, plaid winter scarves have a classy appeal. Wool winter scarves are eternally in demand there are varieties of wool qualities, ply and texture so choose the one that fits your needs and budget. It is important to realize that cashmere pashmina is very fine warm wool from Himalayan mountain goat and mountain goats of Inner Mongolia which is largest producer of cashmere yarn today.

A standard size cashmere shawl is about 24” x 70” a larger size ranges about 30” x  80” some shawls are fringed at usually 3” others have a half inch eyelash fringe and some winter shawls come fringeless. The solid color large shawls are beloved by women for added warmth and coverage especially for travel and on vacation - these travel cashmere wraps are must haves.

Fringed shawls are more popular and men like the added length the fringe gives to the overall look as they wear them as long scarves. Women and Men these days go in for long wide cashmere shawls and wear them as long scarves the added length and width make the tall look good and sophisticated. Cashmere shawls are unisex in solid colors and men buy them for that longer length and width in 4 ply thick warmth. Women love to buy cashmere wraps in standard size for the office and sometimes long wide wraps for travel – women wear cashmere wraps in different styles and depending on their height, the degree of protection they want and the occasion or style they want to wear a shawl makes the final deciding factor of what type of shawl to go in for.

2 Ply cashmere shawls are beautiful and warm 3 and 4 ply get plusher and warmer for winter wear. Cahsmere is light inherently so if the layers go up it still is not overly heavy or cumbersome. Shop the cashmere sale and save 50% to 70% and get a free gift at YoursElegantly.com best of all you get answers to questions and phone orders are welcomed. Known for its huge range of winter shawls and wraps at deep discounts online stores such as this pass savings on to their customers. Shopping online for shawls is fun and easy. Avoiding the long checkout lines at malls during the Holiday season is great. Shop shawl online in Cashmere wool and save time, money and effort.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Retail Wholesale Shawls and Scarves for Unique Gifts for Women & Men

Every woman is a big shopper at heart looking for unique gifts for the women in the family, relatives and friends when a special occasion/event comes up including affordable Holiday shawl gifts. Women use search engines like Google and Bing and search with appropriate keywords like black evening shawl, unique shawls for Holiday gifts, warm winter wool wrap, white wedding Pashmina shawl, white cotton tunic top that are specific to their needs. Such searches will yield better results. Women are bargain hunters so a good discount matters especially when buying many gifts during the Holidays or when she is shopping corporate gifts in bulk for her employer. Then search terms like affordable Pashmina shawls, discount cashmere scarves, Pashmina shawls as wedding favors, bridal wedding & bridesmaid’s shawls on sale, clearance shawls and wraps are good search terms in order to avail of a discounted sale price.

Women also love social media as a help to shop and find unique online shawls and wraps. They go on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and these days there is a craze for Pinterest when shopping online for unique shawls and wraps. Pictures speak louder than words and the pinning is so helpful and informative. Women love social media and use it to their advantage.  Online gift stores do have the advantage of low overheads so they can pass savings on to the customer. The resale margin is not so high as in a high end department store or a designer store. Women are astute and realize that plus the comfort of shopping at home or from the office when on lunch is enormous.

Women need shawls sometimes one beautiful black evening shawl for a special occasion. At other times they are assisting their daughter with her wedding and need to buy bridal and bridesmaid’s shawls and Pashmina as wedding favors for all the guests. They love to shop a one stop shop where they can get retail and wholesale shawls and scarves. Beautiful seasonal shawls in pastels and vibrant colors for spring summer fall and winter. Unique handcrafted wedding shawls, evening wraps for that special event. Bulk shawls at deep discounts for wedding favors with good service and timely delivery. Men love cashmere scarves so they make good gifts for weddings and other events and special occasions plus they are a must have accessory in winter hence the perfect Holiday gift for men. The overall experience counts so online shoppers tend to book mark sites that care to give good service, do phone orders and assist them all the way.The above information should help you in shopping online and getting a fulfilling experience for beautiful shawls every woman desires and smart winter wool scarves the men so love.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Women’s Shawls for Dresses

Every woman loves accessories and ranking high on her list of favorite accessories are shawls and scarves. Women have a passion for soft heavenly scarves around their neck in beautiful colors for all seasons. It sure makes a style statement and most women are innately stylish.

If you are looking to buy women’s shawls for your dresses do choose silk pashmina shawls for good weather seasons like spring/summer and for the colder fall and winter seasons we suggest a cashmere Pashmina wool shawl with soft warmth and 2-4 ply. The ply determines warmth thickness and degree of protection you will get. Higher the ply or yarn layers higher the warmth and plush protection from that winter wrap.
Match your shawl to your evening dress in a stylish way. You do not have to have a shawl that is exactly the dress color. A shade or two darker, lighter or a contrasting color works attractively. Also another way is to match the accessories like a gold shawl with gold shoes and a gold bag works wonders.  If you have a busy dress buy a solid shawl in one of the colors in the dress you wish to highlight. A gradient shaded shawl looks casual chic too. If the dress is plain you can contrast colors to uplift it, add a shawl pin /broach or wear a paisley shawl with inlaid beauty. Designer woven colorful Indian cashmere pashmina are in demand for a unique touch.

Women’s shawls come in seasonal pastels and vibrant dark color tones for all your in season trendy scarf needs. Wear a shawl as a long scarf as a wrap and look unique and fashionable for daily wear. Evening shawls lend that classy formal touch to your evening dresses and make them look classier and en vogue. Shawls are magical in transforming a simple dress to a more formal elegant outfit.

Women love shawls as gifts that is why brides choose bridesmaids shawls that the girls will treasure and get a lot of use too. Pashmina Wedding favors have become so popular as they lend beauty when draped over the chairs and give an enchanting touch to the wedding. Shawls are a unique women’s gift for the Holidays and any special occasion/event.

Buy shawls and wraps as well as the bigger, longer and wider Ruana cape wraps from YoursElegantly.com as the variety for all seasons and 300 shades of colors is sure to enthrall you. There are silk shawls, velvet shawls, lace and netted mettalic shawls, evening wraps in cashmere pashmina splendor in solid, paisley weaves and embroidered/handcrafted elegance. Women love unique wedding shawls and there are so many unique bridal & bridesmaid shawls and wraps for all seasons. Shop seasonal shawls for women for all your needs today as the sale is full of savings. Get great service as the site staff loves to help customers match shawls and take phone orders. Shop the difference!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Useful Information on Shawl Scarves Origin and Pashmina Shawls

The first shawl was worn in Assyrian times – it was called “shal” and from there its use moved to the Middle East. Males wore shawls too at the time as they still do in parts of India.  A Shawl used to be cloth loosely worn to cover the shoulders or head of men and women in ancient days. A fine example is the finely woven Orenburg shawl which was akin in softness and fineness to the famous Shahtoosh which is now banned. A scarf is a smaller piece of cloth generally 12” x 64” intended to cover the neck area or head area.

The shawl usually woven is shaped in a rectangle most practical for coverage, or square, triangle, circular or oblong. It was and is even today generally sized at 26” x 72” with 3” fringe. The larger shawls for added coverage and warmth are generally 30” x 80” with 3” fringe. Shawls can have a 0.5” eyelash fringe or can be fringeless. The cloth is dyed to make seasonal colored shawls and wraps that women all over the world love. Depending on the weather women and men too in some parts of the world still wear shawls and scarves for warmth protection and style.

Kashmir in India was considered the textile capital of the world and shawls were hand woven  in Pashmina splendor with aari embroidery and intricate hand work. The ancient Kanikar shawls depicted trees, flower blossoms, mango shaped paisleys mostly nature in its intricate beauty. The Dourukha Kashmiri shawl was a woven masterpiece at the time.

Years later the “Naksha” in Persia akin to Jacquard loom popularized shawls with flowery paisley motifs & creepers and the ladies in France and UK were wearing these beautiful shawls by 1700’s. In 1803 the Kashmiri Needlework production was set to produce more shawls in higher quantities to meet the increasing demand of the shawls worldwide. Kashmir enjoyed exclusivity but with advent of Jacquard loom in Paisley Scotland the paisley shawls were mass produced in Europe and Kashmir lost its exclusivity.

The word Pashmina has Persian origin meaning  ‘Pashm’ or wool.  Soft Pashmina wool comes from the Chanthangi goats found in the high altitude of the Himalayan mountain range in Nepal. Here, the goats thrive in a severely cold environment and have developed a protective skin and special soft fine wool in their underfur which is then surrounded by slightly coarser fur/wool for their survival. This soft underfur of the Himalayan mountain goat when it is shed is the softest cashmere pashmina which is used by the cashmere weavers to hand weave shawls and wraps.

Light Silk Pashmina Shawls are ideal for spring & summer and the beginning of the cooler seasons. In colder part of fall & winter the Cashmere Pashmina wool shawl is preferred for its light weight but highly protective soft warmth. The shawls are made in a single layer on one ply or 2 layers or 2 ply and the 3-4 ply makes the shawls warmer, thicker  & plusher for cold winter shawls and cape wraps.

Some sites online have a niche market for handcrafted shawls in shimmery beauty, with seasonal motifs and scrolls for your bridal bridesmaid shawls, and unique evening shawls for your evening dresses and gowns. Nothing says I care more than an original shawl made for you in 1-2 days that can be customized in design and colors and ships from the USA. They make elegant unique  Holiday shawl gifts to treasure.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What are my Shawl Options for Fall and Winter

Online there are many shawls and wraps available in different yarns, woven, knit, crochet, in varying ply and weight and degree of warmth and softness so it is hard to decide what shawl is best for the season.  Fall is rather cool and late fall gets colder so I would start with at least a 2 ply warm shawl. Ply being a layer of yarn I would opt for a wool 2 ply and if you can afford it a cashmere wool is great. It is slightly pricier but worth it!  Wool of the finest quality light soft and delicate yet warm this cashmere pashmina wool has excited many women who love quality shawls and wraps.

As we get deeper into the fall season it gets much colder a 3 ply wool shawl is perfect. Some women who feel cold fast opt for the fall / winter shawl in 4 ply which is thicker, warmer and plush in its soft protective comfort.  You can buy a woven shawl it has a flat weave and drapes well. Some women love the close knit shawl in 3-4 ply as it becomes really soft and plush in feel. Other like a loose knit or big stitch knit which looks bulkier. Go with what you can carry and what type of shawl n\meets your needs for that time.

For a warm evening shawl I like the woven shawls in 4 ply cashmere – they look and feel great with an evening dress/gown. I have enjoyed many close knit shawls and scarves. They are slightly more bulkier but not heavy as cashmere is light but warm and women love that. To carry a lightweight shawl that still gives you good warmth is a pleasure. Having said that some women like that bulky wool heavy feel of a big ruana cape wrap so the choice is yours! Certainly Ruana wraps are awesome for long wide all round coverage and warmth and my mother who is a plus size woman seems to think she looks 2 sizes smaller in a ruana. So each of us have a preference depending on our needs.

 Want to be unique try an Indian Jamawar paisley designer shawl in its warm multicolor weaves. Most of them are reversible and it is a great option as the reverse looks totally different so it is almost as if you have 2 shawls at one price. Look for sales on wool shawls and try something creative like an embroidered shawl. For a casual look unitone embroidered shawls are great. For evening wear a black shawl with white or multicolored embroidered designing looks so chic.

Handcrafted shawls with unique seasonal designs are priceless. Experience the uniqueness of designer handcrafted seasonal shawls at www.yourselegantly.com and shop the difference.  YE carries a brand of shawls that are inspiring, creative and stylish elegance. The sale makes unique shawls very affordable and the service makes you want to come back for more.  They constantly have specials like a gift with purchase and free shipping.

What type of Wool Shawl should you buy as a Woman who wants Soft Warmth

Women looking for warm shawls and wraps tend to gravitate to soft fine wool. There are many types of wool shawls and it is good to have some information before you shop for wool accessories for fall winter and spring weather.

Types of wool shawls:

Sheep Wool: Sheep are largest producers of wool shawls they are fairly soft and and very warm. It is a natural fiber and has insulating properties of holding in warmth and is odor resistant. It also wicks moisture so it dries super fast making it a best selling winter cold weather clothing & accessory yarn. Very popular worldwide for shawls wraps and scarves especially in the USA, Canada, Australia and U.k.

Lamb’s Wool is the next popular choice especially for capes and scarves. Some cusumers find lamb’s wool to be slightly coarse but others like the thickness and warmth. Warm yet breathable this wool is popular in the U.K. especially for solid and tartan plaid scarves.

Cashmere Pashmina wool is very fine wool light yet very protective and has in last 2 decades become very popular. It’s demand has grown exponentially so much so that Pashmina has become a brandname for women who want soft stylish shawls and wraps. The demand has grown and women being bargain hunters want it at an affordable price so many shawls have Pashmina brand name but made from viscose acrylic and rayon. Those women that have shopped the true Pashmina from India and Nepal as well as Inner Mongolia know that Pashmina is the finest yarn akin to cashmere less than 14 microns in diameter and finer than your hair.  Ring Pashminas are so thin they can pass through a ring so the question is how does it keep women warm in winter? Cashmere Pashmina is underfur of the Capra Hircus goat and these goats are raised at such low temperatures and their underfur is super soft and super warm. They shed the fur and this is woven into gorgeous shawls and wraps. Cashmere pashmina come from the underfur of the same goat and are sometimes used interchangeably. For fall  and spring weather 2 ply or 2 layers on shawls and scarves are suggested for warmth but in winter a  4 ply cashmere shawl wrap scarf is ideal.

 Wool can be of other types like Angora, Alpaca, Merino, Loden, Melton and women love to use soft wool accessories that ensure warmth, retain their shape, are easy to dye, and these fine wool accessories are protective without being too heavy and cumbersome. Some women like wool and silk blend shawls and that is why the Silk Pashmina with its divine feel has become so popular for year round wear.

Acrylic has become the most popular synthetic fiber used for clothing and accessories today. It has so many advantages and in today’s market women love soft warm acrylic shawls capes and wraps as they are very protective, moisture resistant, stay odor free, have good insulation for warmth retention, dye beautifully in pastel and vibrant colors,  and retain their shape yet they are low cost hence great for the budget conscious consumer. Wool is a natural fiber acrylic is synthetic hence available easily in bulk supply at a lower price.

Acrylic scarves shawls and wraps have flooded the worldwide market for clothing and accessories as they can be easily mass produced in factories worldwide and consumers like this low cost option.

So there is a choice factor in play when choosing scarves and shawls for your seasonal pleasure. Any choice you make will be good if that accessory is soft and of decent quality, with an even weave or knit. The workman ship is important too if the accessory has embroidery or embellishment or is handcrafted for you so you have a unique original piece to cherish.

Most accessory sites online carry for retail /wholesale warm scarves and shawls for all budgets and special occasion and corporate gift needs so it is going to be easy to find scarves and wraps to suit your needs in terms of yarn, color, style, size especially if you shop a shawl site that has good customer service.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pashmina Wedding Favors & Styles to Drape on Chairs

Wedding Planners seem to suggest to brides “Pashmina as wedding favors” and the ever favorite technique of “draping Pashmina shawls over the chairs at weddings” is now one of the most popular styles – makes for a beautiful look and guests get to stay warm and beautiful at the wedding and go home with shawl gifts to cherish

The classic style to drape Pashminas on chairs is to drape it over the back of chair and tie it in a bow at the back. Alternative is to tie it in a knot at the back and leave the ends flowing.

Another style to drape shawls over the chairs at weddings or special occasions is to fold them and leave them on the back of the chair a simple practical easy to work with style.
You could also use a pretty ribbon with flowers to secure the shawl after draping it over the back of the chair – looks dainty and appealing.
Very often baskets are used in several locations with pashminas that are folded  or secured with a ribbon so a guest can take a color choice that matches their dress for the occasion. Easy to arrange and practical and fun for the wedding  guests.

You can even have a pretty Rack and the shawls hanging from it in colorful beauty for guests to slide off and enjoy the Pashmina wedding favors.Charming beautiful touch to a memorable any event /occasion. Yours Elegantly online has exceptional service and is always glad to assist with this.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Wholesale Shawls Pashminas for Wedding Event Planners & Wedding Favors

When planning a wedding for any season wedding planners are always looking for an online site with great service to provide them with solid color pashmina shawls at deep discounts. Getting a shawl at a reasonably cheap wholesale price enables decent resale margins and all resellers like that especially retailers and corporations.

Pashminas make unique corporate gifts and it is soft silken in the Silk Pashmina combination and comes in amazing seasonal colors and shades to suit any occasion or event.
Event planners do get very involved and make recommendations on all aspects of the wedding.  My friend Jenna got married recently and her wedding planner recommended the bridal dress shop, the place where she got wedding favors, shawls and wraps for bridesmaids and the bridal party, the flowers, photography and video.  So wedding planners do have to know of excellent online shawl sites that will assist them with colors to match the bridesmaids dresses and colors for Pashmina wedding favors to match the overall color scheme of the seasonal wedding.  Great service is the key to build a relationship with the wedding planners so they know for certain as an reliable online bridal & bridesmaids shawls site you will help every inch of the way with good service, discounted pricing, color and shawl matching suggestions if needed, prompt delivery and after sales service too.

There are varieties of pashminas the average decent quality in silk pashminas ranges depending on quality, sheen, size and where it is imported from. Some event planners like light wholesale soft viscose acrylic shawls due to the vibrant colors they come in and their very affordably cheap pricing under $5.00

Weddings where the wedding guests get a pashmina tied behind their chair in a bow of just draped over the back of the chair lend an enchanting touch of fairy tale beauty to the wedding. Bridal party feels comfortable in case there is a chill outdoors even for pictures.

One such online site for shawls for wedding favors is Yours Elegantly where service is paramount and their wide variety of pashminas and seasonal wholesale shawls and scarves at very reasonable discounted pricing makes it an online site that is a pleasure to deal with. So shop and get prompt delivery plus a gift with your order and courteous service to remember.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

YE Is Designing Artsy Shawls in Pink for a Good Cause

The designers at YE are designing artsy designs on pink shawls all shades of pink in pink ribbon and motif beauty to encourage customers to buy them and donate part of proceeds to cancer research.  Couple times a year there are specials on pink shawls they go on deeply discounted sale, they get unique inspirational words, designs to encourage hope & strength  in our beautiful survivors and everlasting love & remembrance for those who have passed from Cancer.

The shawls can be used as head scarves in soft chiffon silk, cotton, silk pashmina  with pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness. There may be some silver, gold and other color flowery designs embedded in the scarf so they match with many outfits and spread positivity and determination in our universal hope for a cure.

Our designers feel that wearing a pink shawl with a pink ribbon or black shawl or a silver evening wrap with a little pink ribbon looks amazing for any special event or occasion. They have made shawls and scarves with prayers and hopes for a cure. Positive energy is always a good thing. Gifting a pink ribbon scarf is a much appreciated gift as many families know someone who is fighting this disease and  sadly we seem to know someone who succumbed to it be it a friend, neighbor or loved one.

Being creative with scarves with a pink ribbon and some flowery paisley inspirational elegance around it is something we feel inspired to do to make the scarves a beautiful inspiration in our fight against cancer. The owner of www.yourselegantly.com has been a two time survivor and is hopeful that medical research will bring a cure for our future generations and this disease will be curbed and eliminated. May sound like a farfetched hope to some but a positive attitude, inner strength, hope and unending strong research from our wonderful scientific research enthusiasts do go hand in hand. We have conquered many diseases that took many lives in the past but are not as big a threat today due to huge strides in the research /medical field. Our hope is the same be done for cancer.

Breast cancer in women is a terrible disease and its treatment with chemo and radiation is grueling but strength be to all our women survivors that they get through this with fortitude and keep up the hope for a cure soon.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Beautiful Pashmina Shawls Origin and Present day Demand for Pashminas

Pashmina is one of the finest natural fibers that is shed by the Capra Hircus Himalayan mountain goat and is collected for hand weaving it into pashmina shawls & scarves in Nepal, Tibet, India and Inner Mongolia.  The goats that are found in these Himalayan mountains at approx.  14,000 ft. surrounded by great winds and freezing temperatures have this very delicate soft warm under fur.  The word "pashm" means wool in persian and the word pashmina denotes that soft warm light wool. The longer overcoat surrounding the goat surround the under fur keeping its soft delicate beauty intact.  The Indian Maharajas and Maharanis i.e. Kings and queens used to wear elaborately handcrafted Pashmina shawls as at that time it was treated as a prized possession.

Today with the huge demand pashmina factories for mass production have been set up and in addition to hand woven shawls the shawls are machine made but retain the fineness, color & beauty. Good thing is now they are more affordable and every woman wants a pashmina or a couple to enjoy. The cashmere pashmina wool in 2 ply (ply being a layer of yarn used to make the shawl) is great for spring. Silk pashmina shawls are ideal for summer and in fall a 3 ply Pashmina wool shawl provides protection from the cold and in the cold winters the 4 ply pure pashmina wool shawl is a must have.

When talking of Pashmina the word Kashmir Pashmina Shawls cannot be omitted. Kashmir is the place for sought after embroidered pashmina shawls and wraps. The jamawar style Pashmina with hand embroidery is the post popular. Inspite of political struggles Kashmir has kept its Pashmina industry alive and thriving. The local Kashmiri artisans and weavers have unsurpassed expertise in shawl making and handwork.

It is noteworthy that after a flowering plant appeared in the courts of a moghul emperor that became renowned and used to embellish these prized shawls in Kashmir and other places.  The sought after paisley motif was an emblem of royalty and beauty. The mango shaped Paisley design was founded here and the paisley pashminas were hand woven heirlooms. Thereafter paisley handlooms from Paisley Scotland took care of the bulk demand for these shawls. They became mass produced and more affordable.

Raffel, Papier Mache, Aari embroidery are some examples of intricate hand embroidery still used on pashminas. The handwork is very involved and par excellance. These designer shawls come in various price ranges for $10 to thousands of dollars depending on the extent of handwork, beading, sometimes hand painting work involved and the type of pashmina yarn and ply.
Buying Pashmina online is easy convenient and some sites have unique hand crafted Pashmina shawls that are custom made in a day like a site in CT USA. YoursElegantly.com has handcrafted shawls at least a hundred to choose from and you can customize shawl color, design color for all your evening shawl needs. Gifting a handcrafted shawl is a great idea if you want that woman in your life to have a unique gift she will cherish. Brides love the handcrafted wedding shawls and you get an original piece to cherish forever. That is pretty special to a woman!

Looking for Shawls for your Evening Dress

Women’s Designer Shawls – These designer jamawar shawls have everything women are looking for in terms of unique designs, beautiful weaves of jamawar and protection. Best of all they are reversible and available at reasonable prices at unique shawls and wraps stores online.

Solid Shawls for your beautiful dressy gowns -  these solid color shawls are perfect for year round wear for all your special occasions & events. Stock up on solid shawls for unique gifts too. If you have a very dressy outfit wear a solid shawl with it. You need not match color of shawl with dress tone on tone. Designers recommend a shade or two darker of lighter is great and makes for an attractive ensemble. Many women like matching the shawl especially in silver gold with their accessories like their shoes evening bags and jewelry. Therefore having a silver shawl, gold evening wrap, black pashmina shawl, beige paisley wrap, navy winter wool shawl, purple 4 ply shawl, ivory silk pashmina are just a few ideas for completing your all season wardrobe.
Evening Embellished Shawls with Sequins look formal for a dressy occasion / event. A black embellished shawl with see through sheer elegance enhances a black dress or any color dress. Every woman needs a formal black shawl with silver sparkles or unique hand crafting to stand out in a crowd.

Lace and netted shiny sheer shawls are a beautiful touch to a prom dress, an evening cocktail dress, or even a formal gown. Net shawls have a shimmery shiny elegant beauty and appeal to all age groups. The young teenagers and ladies love the open weave and shimmery lustrous look and the older mature women feel wonderful in these dainty beautiful light shawl wraps.

Embroidered Shawls are great for spring summer and warm wool embroidered wraps are ideal for fall and winter.  You can choose them in seasonal colors and designs to add that unique appeal to your day and evening dresses. Hand crafted shawls are tops on the list of unique shawls for women that want to have a very distinctive rare look and appeal. You can buy shawls with small seasonal motifs or all around border designs and look amazing.  Hand painted shawls are a cut above and require no extra care. They can have custom touches in terms of the shawl color, designs, color of the design and highlights for a shimmery dressy look.
Soft Cashmere shawls and pashmina wool wraps have a soft protective feel that is beautiful over your neck and shoulders and are in high demand though pricier. Silk Pashmina shawls are light silken and divine in feel – great for all seasons. Cashmere Silk shawls are wonderfully light and appealing and make the best gifts.

 There is so much available online for women’s shawls and wraps that you can try many beautiful designs, colors and look gorgeous. Women are smart customers they know that shawls and scarves are an easy way to life up their existing wardrobe without over spending hence they always stock up on good bargains. Scarves add a stylish flair to any summer dress and are especially a style must have for spring fall and winter as they give you good protection too. Evening accessories are the highlight of your evening attire as they make you look classy.

Monday, June 8, 2015

My favorite summer scarves and shawls

As a woman who wear shawls year round I have favorites for all seasons. My summer shawl  scarves that are must haves are the cool airy ones with a sheer  beauty. Also love silk scarves for summer that are light and beguiling.

For summer evening shawls and scarves I love the embellished shawls in white silver gold black lavender lilac blue pink pastel beauty. Iridescent scarves in chiffon elegance are always a delight over a short summer dress or an elegant evening  gown.

Fashion scarves in solid chiffon add that je ne sais quoi to any casual or formal dress – when looking for a simple elegant look. Some women want shawls that make a big statement and others want an understated elegance. Choose an evening summer wrap to suit your needs, moods and the occasion. Make sure you wear a shawl that makes the real you shine out as then only will there be an air of confidence and beauty that represents the real you.

Keep a bunch of casual fashion scarves in your closet or car to quickly change a day look into a more formal dressy evening look, add some bling and lipstick and you are ready for an evening out. Handcrafted scarves and wraps are a cut above they enrich your outfit and can be made in colors of your choice.

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