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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Beautiful Women’s Evening Shawls Cashmere Pashmina Silk Wrap Treasures

Women long to wear beautiful evening shawls in silken radiance in many seasonal colors and hues. For year round wear the cashmere pashmina  and silk shawls are tops on a woman’s accessory shopping list. Do you ever wonder why? I think it could be the amazing designer weaves from India that are so enchanting, perhaps it may be the soft divine silken feel of the shawl against the skin. The demand for these silk shawls is so huge that the shawl industry is producing shawls for everyone’s budget.  There are discount silk evening wraps, silk pashminas, artsy pashminas, warm pashmina wool wraps, cashmere wool wraps… something for everyone.

Evening shawls are must haves for any woman’s wardrobe. I keep a couple silver evening shawls in my accessory collection very handy so as to match almost anything. I have a silver silk shawl, a silver chiffon wrap and a silver evening cashmere shawl for cooler weather. If an outfit is hard to match in color a silver shawl brings the ensemble together with my silver bag and shoes. Add some silver crystal jewelry and you will look amazing!
Another must have shawl is a black evening shawl wrap as that is so very much a necessity! Leave one black wrap in your car for warmth or just a touch of style to that work attire to make it beautiful for an evening out or a dinner party after work. Black scarves and shawls are tops on a woman’s list of must have accessories.
A beige gold evening shawl has immense appeal and sometimes a cream shawl will do just as well.  For valentine’s day and during the Holidays I keep some red silk shawls and red cashmere wraps handy to add to my evening look. Royal blue can light up an outfit with an electrifying look. Best I love a dark navy shawl even a light and dark navy blue paisley works wonders as navy outfits are quite hard to match.

I have noticed when I gift a seasonal shawl to a friend the gift is so very much appreciated and I then realize what a great gift idea a really unique shawl makes. Hence I buy handcrafted shawls especially for spring and summer in dragonfly and butterfly floral beauty – real one of a kind beautiful shawls for me and for that special woman in my life. My mother cherishes the unique shawls I gift her as do my friends.
Looking for amazing wedding gifts and bridesmaids shawls gifts  try the $18.00 silken shawls and wraps in many shades of colors to tingle your senses. I go crazy about a coral shawl, also an aqua silk pashmina shawl. Rich turquoise and greens in paisleys are enchanting and I cannot resist the designer pashminas on sale online.

Some tips while shawl shopping online is to use the right keywords on google or bing because that will narrow down your search substantially especially if you know what you want. You can search for “affordable black evening shawls” or “unique white wedding shawl” even “white 4 ply cashmere shawl “ so you see being specific helps. Peruse a couple sites if you find a site that has a huge variety that always helps. Good service is important so email or call in sometimes. Online shawl sites have good competition going so you will be ensured a good sale on the designer shawls you want. Happy shopping!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Women Speak of Silk Pashmina Shawls with Excitement

Women speak of Silk Pashmina Shawls with Excitement for several reasons:
  • Silk Pashminas are a style statement
  • The silken soft feel is divine on your skin and the drape is beautiful
  • It has a  brand name appeal as Pashmina has become a household brand name and most women have at least one such lustrous light evening shawl wrap.
  • Available in pastels in single or 2 ply for spring and summer and available in dark beautiful colors in Pashmina wool 2 ply, 3 ply and 4 ply for fall and winter these shawls have strong seasonal appeal.
  • A silken shawl makes a Unique Gift idea as women love silk as much as they love perfume. They can’t live without it hence silk evening shawls are biggest selling accessories for gifts for women of all ages.
The variety that is available in the market is wide,  varied and exciting so there is no doubt that Pashminas create an excitement amongst women that is contagious. Touch and feel a silken wrap at an evening event and you are online to get one for yourself.  There are good bargains on line for Pashmina silk shawls and wraps to suit any woman’s unique taste.  Once you find a site for shawls that is customer oriented with prompt delivery and a variety to offer bookmark it and get on their email list to get savings through  coupon codes, free shipping specials and free gifts.  Online shopping can be very fast and pleasant once you have figured out a few sites that work well for your seasonal wrap needs.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

3 Classic Styles to Wear Pashmina & Silk Shawls

Versatile, elegant, lightweight and soft on skin – all these characteristics make pashmina & silk shawls an essential part of your wardrobe. Here are 3 stylish ways to wear these shawls and stand out from the crowd!

Pashmina & silk shawls definitely make a wardrobe staple for any stylish women. Whether you wear these shawls as a scarf, a stole, or a wrap, they are sure to add to your charisma and lend a distinctly elegant appeal. Regardless of their sizes and patterns, the allure of pashmina and silk is undeniable. In fact, it would be safe to say that these shawls are perhaps the most versatile piece of clothing one can ever adorn. Leave it loose & flowing like a shawl,  drape one side over opposite shoulder as a wrap, or fold it around the neck to wear as a scarf, tie it to your handbag as an accessory, or even wear it around your hips as a sarong / beach cover up. All in all, it is up to you to expand your repertoire and work your pashmina and silk shawls in the best possible manner. 

Here are 3 Fabulous Options

Classic Drape
The classic drape style is evergreen and ever stylish. It offers a soft elegant look that works well for evening outings, social dos, and other such events.

Take your pashmina or silk shawl and fold it half in length. Then, bring it from behind to front with the folded edge facing upward. Now, with your right hand, bring the right end of your shawl over your left shoulder, placing the tassels behind. After this you can loosen up the drape as per your convenience

Tip: To add extra zing to this classic drape, try pinning a beautiful brooch just under the rise of your shoulder. You can experiment with different brooch styles.
Elegant Drape
This drape style goes exceptionally well with party attire. If you wish to add some extra touch of elegance to your look, this drape style is a perfect option.

Fold the shawl wrap into half Length-wise, and bring it around from behind your shoulders to the front as shown in the picture. Now, fold your elbows in a manner that the shawl ends on both arms dangle from inside the elbows. An off shoulder shawl drape adds beauty to an evening attire.

Tip: Subtle colors as shown in the picture make an ideal choice for this style. Silk soft pashmina shawls have soft yarn and are so beautiful in their luster, sheen, feel and trendy elegance. You must have one in your wardrobe.

Knot Style
Suitable for both day and night look, this is a chic style of wearing pashmina & silk shawls.

Leave your shawl open and bring it around from behind your shoulders, and then center the knot. Pick a point at right tasseled end somewhere near 30cm in on the outside face of your pashmina shawl, and then, clinch it firmly in your fist and do the same on the left. Bring your both fist together and tie a knot, and ensure the lengths of the tasseled ends of the shawl are equal. Loosen up a bit if you feel the knot is too tight.

You may need to fold down the top edge along your shoulder if your think it’s going to fall down. Adjust it to get it right. All done!

Tips: you can use the same style to make a silk shawl a sarong / swim cover up—tie it up high around neckline for full coverage or around the hips for a sexy alluring summer look.

Sometimes, conventional just isn’t enough to make you look your best. These are the times when you need something special such as pashmina and silk shawls. These shawls can be draped in different styles and are sure to entice you with their rich and lustrous appeal.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Savvy Shopper: The Best Cotton Tunics to Stay Chic Every Season

When it comes to stocking up your wardrobe, online shopping is far more convenient than the traditional way of shopping that requires you to spend countless hours visiting physical and standing in long lines for checkout.  Today, online stores from all over the world are providing the latest collection of trendy and chick clothing. Therefore, if you are a fashion conscious woman, you will definitely like to visit these online stores to explore their unique products and special offers. Moreover, with 2015 around the corner, many online stores are offering trendy clothes at discounted prices so as to make the most from the shopping season clearance sales.

Talking about the latest trend; do not miss out on cotton tunics, especially Indian cotton tunics. You can easily find a wide variety of tunics in the online market. Some of them are depicted below.

Indian Cotton Tunics for Woman: Options Galore!

Gold Embellished Red Designer tunic 

This red tunic with golden work at the neck and back looks classy and beautiful. This fine georgette fabric and designer tunic with long sleeves is ideal for winters as well. You can find such tunics in multiple colors online. You can either buy it for yourself or gift it to your friends and family.

Hot and sizzling Pink Tunic top

This vibrant tunic top is a sheer eye candy. It looks graceful with a slight ruffle touch that looks subtle and appealing. This is a perfect women’s clothing tunic top for casual daywear or eveningwear. You will surely look confident in this tunic. Buy it at a discounted price here.

 Elite Navy embroidered cotton blend tunic

If you are looking for an elegant yet chic tunic, this navy embroidered cotton blend tunic is for you. This versatile tunic is suitable for both casual and formal meetings. Various ongoing Christmas sales online bring you many such beautiful tunics at affordable prices.

Now is the time to add stylish and trendy tunics to your wardrobe. Indian cotton tunics for women not only make a soothing piece of clothing for summers & springs, but also spread the wonders in winter season. Cotton tunics clubbed with woolen wraps or cardigans help you keep the chills at bay. Be an effortless fashionista by rocking your workplace and social dos with well-fitted cotton tunics.

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