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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How to Choose a Beautiful Shawl for Spring

Spring is round the corner and stores have already started showing spring shawls in all their pastel and vibrant beauty.  Colors this 2015 are quite bright actually like a beautiful sky blue, cornflower blue, bright yellow, rose, antique pink, white, coral and cherry red. Wow! This spring is brightly colorful with strong vibrant tones.

In spring I recommend silken shawls but not too sheer as spring can often be pretty cool and the spring breeze requires a silk pashmina shawl during the day and as it cools maybe a 2 ply cashmere for evening wear.

Chiffons and silk shawls are better towards end of spring and into summer. This year is a year of vibrant colors and tones to tickle our senses and wake us up to life. Full of cheer and energy these 2015 spring trend colors for shawls are just what I love.
Shop the huge sales for casual day shawls and classy evening shawls for all your spring needs. Wear your shawls this spring free flowing and in the evening wrap them around your neck for better protection.

Wear a cashmere scarf with a nice dress and you may not necessarily need a full shawl. If you are like me the warmth of a wide long  cape wrap is so inviting. I love lounging in my ruana shawl wrap at home, I carry one in my car, have one at work and never forget one whist traveling. It’s a must have accessory for me. I do stock up on ruanas and YE sells them at $44.99 soft warm delightful wraps for all age groups as they make you look sleek, extra chic and en vogue.

 Hand crafted shawls look delightful with butterflies, flowers, dragonflies, scrolls, vines, shamrocks and unique designing in custom colors. All that is possible at YE that does handcrafted shawls in amazing designs to satisfy all your varying shawl needs for weddings, bridesmaids shawls, easter shawls and birthday gifts. These are a huge favorite a one of a kind shawl you can treasure for just $39.99 and up.

I shop online to get good deals and I do  love making phone orders and enjoying  great service. I can’t do malls and long checkout lines I have better things to do with my time like sipping coffee and shopping online. Try it – it is a time, money and energy saver!

Beauty of Indian Tunics is much appreciated by Women Worldwide

Indian tunics in soft cotton with embroidered / embellished beauty have made their mark on fashion icons worldwide. The India tunic or kurti as popularly called in hindi in India is a household name for women who love tunic tops.

The passion for tunics is due to the fact that women love style but also crave for comfort and a tunic with its loose flow and bohemian style appeal has the combination of both style and comfort. Cotton tunics for women are in high demand especially if the cotton is machine washable cotton from India. The light hand embroidery is so unique and appeals to women universally. It is classic never goes out of fashion and the Indian artisans have years of experience in coming up with quality tunics tops for women with designer flair.

Tunics have the advantage of giving a sleek look as they are loose and flaired at hips and plus size women love the slimming effect. Even petite women find the loose flowy tunics enticing and airy for spring and summer.

Women crave for soft cotton designer tunic tops as cotton is amazing for the warmer seasons and cotton beach tunics with the breathable airy feel are very popular. The team at YE has designers that come up with fresh designs and many unique styles to suit all the different tunic styles that women crave.
 The embroidery can be handmade or machine made and the designs are par excellence. Some have a dainty delicate embroidered tunic style other evening tunics are heavily embellished with beadwork for evening wear too. I love tunics year round for all occasions and events. I must wear a tunic kurti while vacationing. I wear them on the flight due to their comfort plus feature. Whether it is a day at work or a day to lounge in front of the TV at home my stock of designer tunics and casual cotton tunics comes in handy. Women like me love huge sales and great service a must have combo even from an online site so that is exactly what YE provides a pleasurable shopping experience.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Women Love Wool Shawls for the Warmth & Designer Weaves

Wool shawls are a woman’s favorite accessory for the cool fall season, bitter cold winter weather and breezy spring too. Wool is a natural yarn and there are many types of wool shawls available online and at stores all over the world. Let’s understand basics on wool and the wool shawls industry.

World’s largest wool producers are:
  1. Australia: 25%
  2. China: 18%
  3. United States: 17%
  4. New Zealand: 11%
  5. Argentina: 3%
  6. Turkey: 2%
  7. Iran: 2%
  8. United Kingdom: 2%
  9. India: 2%
  10. Sudan: 2%
  11. South Africa: 1%
Wool is perfect for spinning /weaving as it naturally has crimp and scaling which make the fibers stay together. Wool has more bulk, holds more heat hence insulates both ways and here is the perfect reason why women love some of the bulky wool shawls for their great warmth. Fine merino wool has high crimp and hence the wool is really good quality. Wool is considered hypoallergenic.

The processing involves shearing the wool from sheep, next comes cleaning or scouring and lastly is the wool quality determination. This is done by measuring the diameter f wool. Merino wool is 15-23 microns and very popular for garments and accessories. The world famous Cashmere Pashmina Shawls is less than 19 microns from the underfur of the Capra Hircus Laniger Himalayan Mountain goat. China and Mongolia are top cashmere wool producers. Afghanistan, Iran Turkey, India and Nepal follow. Pashmina are handmade shawls of the Himalayas. Pashm is Persian for wool. India and Nepal are leaders in this pashmina industry. Often the term Cashmere Pashmina is used interchangeably..

The wool Industry has grown since the days of the Indian Kings. The textile industry in India has grown and provided employment to millions. The Indian artisans have expertise and the designer weaves in shawls are masterpieces to behold. The colorful designer shawls and wraps from India and Nepal have been exported worldwide and their demand to date is still growing. Kashmir is the point from which the expertise on the shawl making and designing spread through the world. India / Kashmir are where shawl origins were made. The wool shawl industry is comprised of cashmere pashmina wool, merino wool, angora wool, sheep and lamb’s wool that can be of a higher micron hence not quite as fine as the crème de la crème cashmere. Some women love the light fineness of cashmere pashmina other women love the thicker warmer sheep wool for its bulk and immense insulation/warmth.

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