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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fashion Designers Recommend Matching Shawls & Wraps to the Shoes and Bag rather than the Dress

It is true that any fashion designer will explain to you that trying to match a shawl to a dress especially a tricky color dress is not only very hard but can be frustrating and boring. Matching the shawl in such a case to the accessories like the shoes, evening bag and jewelry will pull the outfit together beautifully for a classy refined look.

Therefore keeping the above in mind accessories typically are the classic white, ivory cream, champagne, black, grey, silver, gold, bronze and pewter. Having shawls in these classic colors are important so you are not in a last minute crazy rush for shawls and then wind up buying an expensive piece you may not really even love. Therefore having a complete wardrobe with classic colors shawls/wraps handy is the key.

Most worn shawl colors for women are silver, gold, black and ivory. For special events our shoes/bags are generally black, ivory white, silver or gold. This is pretty accurate so at least make sure you have these basic must have classic color shawls in pashmina and silk to complete that stylish evening wardrobe.

Now the question arises as to what type of shawl to choose for the outfit. It can be a chiffon for a light silken chiffon dress. It can be an embellished silk wrap or even a light silk pashmina.  If the dress is lace a lace shawl is fine or a delicate net shawl with shine is a beautiful way to match that lace dress. The netted shawls have an ethereal delicate lace like effect and the shine in them looks upscale and classy. Some women love the unique burnt silk velvet wraps which have a strong appeal as they are inherently unique and a rare find. Wear a dressy evening shawl wrap in a style that befits the occasion and you. Everyone has their own sense of style to be the beautiful YOU that you truly are and look graceful and beautiful.

In winter wear a shawl wrap that is warm soft and plush in fine cashmere pashmina wool.  Looking for long wide coverage try a warm wool Ruana cape wrap or a shiny dressy evening Ruana cape with a touch of shine to make you look dressy and elegant. A ruana is split in middle hangs over shoulders in a way that will not slide off as it has a mock neckline to keep it in place. It has full all around coverage and the petite as well as plus sizes love the style and comfort of a cape wrap. Don’t forget to own one faux fur wrap for a classy event or dinner party for the cold fall/ winter special events including the Holidays.

Having a good stock of accessories is as important as those evening outfits, dresses and gowns.  Shop www.yourselegantly.com for unique affordable shawls and wraps - enjoy the huge discounts, flat rate shipping at $6.99 and a gift with purchase and great customer service. YE a brand name in elegant evening shawls that are classy, unique and beautiful at a reasonable price.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Some Tips to help Brides Choose the Right Wedding Shawl & Bridesmaids Shawls

The first thing to bear in mind when shopping for a Wedding Shawl & Bridesmaids Shawls is the Season of the wedding. That will determine to a great extent the type of yarn or fabric you will opt for in the shawl. Wedding dresses are all beautiful chiffon silk and with beaded embellishment and lace to add to the finery. So for a Spring Wedding Brides you can opt for a silken pashmina as the combination ensures some protection from the cool spring breeze.  Silk Pashminas make the best bridesmaids shawls and wedding favors. If you are getting married in the Midwest or North East in spring it is quite cold and a 2 ply light cashmere shawl would be advisable. The goal is to look beautiful, stylish and yet be very comfortable on your wedding day.

For a Summer Wedding there are endless options for summer bridal wedding shawls right from Chiffon shawls that are light sheer and beautiful to chiffon silks with sheen and light cotton or lace for casual chic beach weddings.

The Silk Pashminas make ideal wedding bridal and bridesmaids shawls there is no doubt about that. If you are buying at least 4-5 for bridesmaids shawls too you may even get a discounted price. I highly recommend the net metallic shawls in white for the brides and in silver, gold, turquoise, fuchsia, pink, lilac lavender,  purple, red, yellow, navy and bronze brown for the bridesmaids. These shawls are getting very en vogue and spring 2015 is all about the shiny dressy shawls that will look enticing for the entire bridal party.

For Fall weddings I would go slightly warmer to soft knit plush wool shawls, 3 ply cashmere shawls and thicker pashmina and silk shawls and wraps that have a little more warmth than the usual light silk pashminas. An Ivory warm wedding shawl is a treasure that maybe hard to find but once you do you will be set. The plush look and feel and beautiful soft ivory warmth is sure to set the mood and make the wedding complete.

For Winter Weddings I would go with 4 ply cashmere shawls, fine wool shawls and wraps in solid colors. Some brides who love colors opt for the colorful paisley wool shawls that are reversible and ethereal in their designer weaves. A warm Ruana also looks great for all around wide warmth and coverage. Not to forget the charm of a gorgeous faux fur shawl elegant and classy all the way for a winter dream wedding.
Next equally important factor is wedding colors which are always seasonal and take into account the brides favorite color scheme for the wedding theme.  No matter what the season most brides love the white, ivory, cream wedding shawls wraps and capes.  The bridesmaids shawls do however need color. Spring is about pastels and this spring 2015 fashion designers have gone with some bright colors and some dusky ones too. Sky blue, midnight blue, coral, raspberry ice, sherbet orange,  champagne, antique pink, light pink, lilac lavender,  dusky blue grey, silver, bright yellow, soft green, aqua and creamy beige.

For Fall Weddings the 2015 colors are more vibrant some darker hues of taupe, grey, pewter, navy, brick red, rust, burnt  orange, amethyst purple, deep coral,  & rose. For Winter 2015 weddings the in trend colors are bold dark red, sage green, dark navy, deep midnight, caramel brown, gold, silver grey, dark pewter grey, wine, burgundy dark green, hunter green,  royal blue, cobalt, cream, cornflower blue, black & bronze.

To sum it up the yarn the ply which means how heavy is the shawl for the degree of protection you want, the design, the style, the length, the color are important factors to keep in mind when shawl shopping for your beautiful ivory white & cream wedding shawl.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

How to Choose a Fashionable Shawl Wrap for the Different Seasons

Buying seasonal shawls and wraps needs a technique as the goal is to look trendy in color and style for that season so knowing the current seasonal color trends needs a quick look at the Pantone Color Trends and also to read blogs from fashion designers who set new trends.

For spring 2015 colors in trend are cornflower blue, midnight blue, coral, antique pink ice, soft yellow, lilac lavender, cream, light green, and silver.  It is just as important to ensure the shawl wrap color compliments really well with the evening dress/gown in fabric yarn and styling.

Typically spring and summer are all about soft color tones and pastels. Some designers do promote vibrant shades of blue and coral during these seasons for a cheery upbeat look. It freshen your style sense when you wear in season colors. It build’s your confidence and you will make head’s turn.  A 2 ply shawl wrap is good enough for cool spring and 3 ply for fall and 4 ply for winter protection.

When wearing chiffon dress for spring/summer try a chiffon wrap. Even a light silken pashmina would be appropriate nothing too heavy or too busy. The colors can be pastel and bright but not overly dark.  If the dress is too busy tone it down with a solid color shawl that is a shade of the dress or even a slight contrast in being darker or lighter than the dress color. Try matching the accessories with the shawl if the dress is hard to match that brings the ensemble beautifully together. So if you are wearing silver jewelry with crystals, silver bag & silver shoes a silver net metallic shawl or a silver pashmina may be perfect.

In fall and winter with wool career suit or wool top and pants go with a soft fine cashmere wool wrap. If the suit is plain go with a paisley designer wrap with a couple colors in it that match the suit color.  4 ply is ideal for cold weather. For your little black dress everyone must have a silver shawl, champagne gold wrap, cream paisley shawl, black chiffon wrap, dark red evening wrap, net shawl with glittering beauty. Develop your own sense of style and be an original. You know what suits you best – experiment with different colors with a dress in front of the mirror is bold for evening wear and street style chic for casual day wear.

Wear your shawl in different styles to suit the dress and occasion. Evening off shoulder shawl look is alluring as is a more protective snug look with a warm winter wrap. So dress for the season and the reason. Step it up with an elegant beaded sequin evening wraps for a wedding or special occasion and keep it casual chic with a silk pashmina, a chiffon silk wrap for a day event. If you like what you wear you will exude confidence and class so be yourself and choose shawls to suit your own specific needs.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fashion Spotlight with Pashmina Shawls

Shawls come in numerous shapes and sizes and in some cases also make creative use of color. Most people nowadays would find it difficult to tell the difference between various kinds of shawls in the market, a situation which is exactly the opposite of what was the case in the past. In the past, there were categories that the various designs and sizes would fall into including scarfs, stoles, and shawls. Scarfs are the smallest in terms of size and are worn around the neck while stoles are slightly larger. Shawls are the largest and cover a larger area that encompasses the shoulders.

Every fashion conscious person who likes to add style to their attire will have a collection of scarfs. It is important to mix and match your attire every time you go out and ensure that you are dressed to impress. The specific type and design of shawl that you wear should depend on the dress, which is the central piece in the equation. Other considerations may include the event colors if you attending a themed event. Shawls also serve another valuable purpose of protecting your upper body against the harsh elements.

How to Wear Your Pashmina Shawl
Knowing the right shawl to wear without the right knowledge on how to wear it is rather inconsequential. You need to know a variety of ways to wear your shawl so that you can utilize them accordingly. Drape the pashmina loosely over both shoulders leaving it free flowing a great spring shawl style. You can drape one edge of shawl over the opposite shoulder to get more protection from it in winter.  You can wear the shawl with a belt for a casual street style. Put the front 2 openings together in centre with a trendy broach/pin. You can wear it in the form of a casual knot around the neck that is the most common method. Another method is the classic knot, which involves a knot just like the casual type with the major difference being the two ends, which are supposed to be aligned to your front part of the body. You can also tie it in a chain-like series of knots or twisted knot.  Experiment with the styles to find which one works for you in terms of comfort and style.

Final Thoughts

Pashmina is known for its elegant look and classic designs. Regardless of your taste and the occasion, you are sure to find a perfect design while buying Pashmina shawls.  This is because some online stores carry a vast selection of pashmina shawls, solid shawls, paisley shawls, designer shiny evening pashminas and cashmere pashminas to suit your style/color needs.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring is Wedding Season so Buy Amazing Wedding & Bridesmaids Shawls

If you are looking for unique hand crafted wedding shawls the beautiful shawls at Yours Elegantly will make you look like an amazing bride on your wedding day. The collection of bridal & bridesmaids shawls is vast, elegant and unique. There is something for every bride a solid white pashmina, an ivory silk pashmina wrap or a cream chiffon wrap whatever suits the dress and your style sense.

 Want to step it up a notch go with an ivory white wedding shawl with some hand crafting starts at $39.99 up. Select a pattern from the hundreds available and have it done on a shawl color of your choice. Look splendid in a shawl you can call truly your own! An original masterpiece of a wedding shawls!

Spring weather can be cool so a silk pashmina is a good option shawls start at $16.00 and up. Chiffons are beautiful airy sheer and enticing available in pastels and vibrant tones. Personally I do like the netted metallic shawls and wraps they have shine and a stylish look.

Buying shawls for the bridesmaids can be challenging. Certain shawl colors are hard to find in an exact match. Fashion designers do emphasize that going with a silver or gold shawl to match accessories in some cases is an attractive and easier option. Try a shade lighter or darker than the dress shade that way it compliments the bridesmaids dresses beautifully. My suggestion is to go with a unitone or two tone inlaid designer shawl at $24.99 as it has a classy accent. Make this spring wedding one to remember gift the guests Pashmina Wedding favors when you buy in bulk you can avail of a huge discount. Get great phone service at 860-355-4184 for matching your shawls to your dresses/gowns. Enjoy a pleasurable shopping experience!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Know Which Warm Winter Ruana Wrap is for you

Ruana, a poncho-style but longer wider coverage accessory has been in fashion for quite some time now. Teaming up a warm winter ruana wrap with your winter outfit will not only protect you from the cold of the weather but also make you look stylish, even when you don’t have many choices to try on. Regardless of the winter chill to cool breeze of spring, a graceful warm winter ruana wrap makes an ideal accessory choice for you. Celebrities too wear such ruana shawls with poise.

Which Ruana winter shawl should I buy

Ruana poncho has an open neckline to keep the wrap in place. Ruana shawls are very much popular with women from all walks of life as they have stylish comfort value.  A variety of ruana shawl and wraps are available in multiple color ranges giving you enough room to select a matching wrap with your outfit.

Black Ruana Wrap for every Woman

Regardless of your age, a black or navy blue, elegant looking ruana shawl will surely keep you warm while also looking classy. The black textured ruana wrap looks chic and is always a popular choice of most of the women around the globe. So, whether you are going for a date or a family lunch, this black ruana poncho makes a perfect winter accessory for you.

Ruana Wrap for Older Woman
For older woman a thick 4 ply Cashmere ruana shawl available in classic colors such as black, camel, navy, dark purple, royal blue, and burgundy is a must have for the cold season. Warm cashmere shawls mostly from India, Nepal Mongolia & England are soft, warm and beautifully woven by experienced weavers and artisans.

Deep Vibrant Color Ruana Wraps for independent Woman
For women who like vibrant colors, you can buy warm ruana wraps and shawls available in a range of deeper colors such as mustard, green, purple, burgundy... Spice colored ruana shawls will add exuberance in your daily routine.  They will make you look bold and confident. 

From Where To Buy Warm Winter Ruana Wrap
Warm winter ruana wraps are popular with women as they have all around—front, back and side— coverage. Some women prefer shopping ruana shawls from a retail store but many find it tedious and time consuming hence prefer shopping online. In fact, when you search for ruana shawls online, you are flooded with endless site options, each one promising to sell quality product at minimum price range. Don’t get allured by the low price range, always buy a ruana shawl from an online store that is known to provide a wide variety of affordable products. Refer to testimonials before you purchase anything from an online store.

Hope this guide helps you understand, which ruana shawl will suit you the best.

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