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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pashmina & Silk Shawls: A Timeless Accessory

Silk is one highly coveted fabric, which is why most women like to wear silk clothes often. Be it official wear or a party wear, clothes made of silk fabric are suitable for every occasion and location. Besides silk dresses, silk shawls are immensely popular in the market. Women like to style their looks with pashmina & silk shawls because of their appearance and finishing. There are various types of pashmina shawls, scarves & wraps that you can try to enhance your fashion quotient, some are mentioned below -

Pashmina Wool Scarves Shawls

Pashmina wool is the underfur of the Himalayan mountain goat, which makes these scarves shawls very warm and a handy accessory in winters. Available in various colors, you can team pashmina wool scarves shawls with any dress to look elegant.

Pashmina Silk Shawls Wraps

With silk being recognized as a highly fashionable fabric, blend of pashmina wool makes for a great combination. The pashmina silk shawls wraps can be worn by women of all ages to augment their appearance and stay warm at the same time.

Pashmina Designer Shawls

What happens when you add designer touch to a basic item? Simple, it becomes more stylish. The same is the case with pashmina designer shawls; beautiful patterns are crafted on pashmina shawls to make the traditional looking shawls more fashionable. This makes these shawls quite handy in formal events as well as parties. Hence, women can drape these shawls with different outfits and look graceful.

In the End

Pashmina & silk shawls have been around for a long time and will continue to be around for many more years to come. If you want to augment your look or want to get noticed, choose pashmina silk shawls & wraps.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Women’s Cape Wrap: Keep Warm and Look Elegant

Cooler Seasons like Fall Winter & Spring are tricky especially if you have to attend a party or an event. If you feel that your favorite gown is not suitable for cold weather because it is not made for a cold and snowy day, you can rely on a cape to rescue yourself from the biting cold and add elegance to your already beautiful attire.

A lot of women prefer wrapping themselves in winters with a cape, whether they are in their homes or outside. There is a cape for every occasion. Let’s take a look at different types of capes available in the market that can help you look beautiful and keep warm, simultaneously.

Types of Capes

Women and fashion go hand in hand, which is why even the smallest accessory for women is available in various styles and types. Here are some types of women's capes wrap that you can get in the market.

Reversible Capes

Going by the name, this type of cape is reversible in nature, meaning that you can wear it from two sides. This feature makes reversible capes highly popular among women. It is a cost-effective option because you can buy one cape and wear it at two occasions, just by reversing it.

Poncho Capes

These capes have simple sleeves and a neckline, hence, these are easy to wear and comfortable to carry. You may wear these with jeans, jeggings, skirts and gown.  Also, these capes are available in various designs and materials that help you enhance your appearance. Besides this, you can pair these capes with your official as well as party wear.

Cardi Capes
These are front open capes known for their comfort and stylish appeal. Cardi Capes can easily be wrapped across your shoulders and hung loose. Wearing a sleeved cardi cape gives a stylish appearance, which is why it is quite popular among college girls.

Lastly, besides these there are other types of capes that are available in the market. You can either search through your local market or look for these on e-commerce websites. Women’s cape wrap makes for a worthy accessory, as it not only helps you to keep warm, but also allows you to style up your appearance.

Top 3 Tips to Select Evening Wraps & Shawls

Getting dressed up for parties in winters is quite troublesome for a woman. You not only need to select the best evening gown or cocktail dress, but also require teaming it up with matching evening wraps & shawls. An evening wrap, if selected properly can add appeal to your attire. Hence, it is advisable to properly match your evening dress and shawl. Let’s take a look at how you can achieve that.

Color of Evening Shawl
Colors are important part of dressing up. You can either play it safe by wearing a shawl that matches the color of the dress you plan to wear, or try a different color combination. Though, playing safe is quite predictable and repeating it can become boring as well. Hence, it is important to get out of the comfort zone and be confident enough to match contrasting colors.

Type(s) of Fabric
Markets are brimming with a variety of shawls made of different grades of fabrics. Shawls differ in their appearance mainly because of their fabric; for instance, Chiffon shawls are thinner and transparent in comparison to velvet shawls that are thicker in appearance. Select the one that best suits your attire and the event you are planning to attend.

Wearing cotton wraps at evening parties often represent casualness. On the other hand, chiffon wraps are quite popular for parties. Moreover, you must try to strike a balance between the fabric of your evening shawls, wraps and attire.

It is generally the occasion that defines what evening wrap and dress you must opt for. Some events require you to dress fancy, while others need casual clothing. Hence, it is always to important to dress according to the occasion.

In the End

Evening wraps & shawls are quite common among women of all ages. Matching wraps can make a simple attire look expensive and elegant. Wraps are generally available in different colors, styles, and designs that make them suitable to be worn on various occasions.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Buy Latest Indian Tunics for Women Online

Indian tunics known as kurtis in India and now a word commonly used worldwide do have a nice loose cut and flow to ensure a sleeker look so women gravitate to Indian tunics for a couple reasons the main one being that it provides good coverage and a flattering sleeker look as the cut and styling assures that.

 Indian tunic designers are fully aware of what designs, styles and cuts flatter a woman and ensure that the embellished design, pintucks, wide flow at bottom all work well and coordinate for a beautiful look.

Plus size cotton tunics are what women love for spring/summer.  Cotton is an easy breathe airy fiber and the cool feel of cotton tunics for women on a spring /summer day in town or at beach is amazing. Light touches of embroidery at neck, sleeves, bottom of tunics add to its appeal. Cotton looks great in many soft pastel and vibrant colors and these days women do love colorful cotton tunic tops.

The world’s love affair with Indian tunics / kurtis started a decade ago when top fashion designers became entranced with the embellished long tunic splendor. They paired it with leggings to make a casual as well as a dressy ensemble that makes head’s turn. They played with tunics in silk, chiffon, cotton, poly crepe, georgette in solid colors & flowery even abstract designs to capture the beauty and essence of women. Indian movies were huge contributors and now Bollywood tunics are exported from India worldwide. Women seem to see Kurtis as a household name and yearn for sites that have stylish yet comfortable Indian kurtis on sale. Good service, ability to do phone orders, sizing per the American size chart are all key points when shopping for Indian tunics online in the USA. Find a designer kurtis site that is based in USA to avoid huge shipping costs and language barriers when shopping online.

Today shopping for Plus size tunic tops is a breeze so try googling plus size cotton tunics, designer women’s evening tunics, Indian tunics on sale, Women’s Indian tunic kurtis – it is important to search with keywords that will bring results you need and thereby once you find good online Indian tunic sites to shop at you can bookmark them for future use.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What are the Advantages of Buying Indian Tunics from Online USA Tunic Sites?

Women love cotton tunics and from my experience cotton tunics from India are preshrunk good quality soft airy cotton not transparent but that make you feel cool and comfortable especially in spring and summer. The benefit of buying these cotton tunics with light hand embroidery in long sleeves from a USA tunic site are:

If you live in USA shop online tunics sites that are within the USA so you can get very reliable fast service and prompt delivery.

The customer service is excellent by standards you are used to. Sites like Yours Elegantly take customer care to a whole new level when you call in at 860-355-4184 or email sales@yourselegantly.com  they will help with sizing and their size chart is per American Size Chart.

The cotton tunics with white embroidery come in many colors. They are casual cotton spring summer tunics and they come in XS to 4X. They have a loose fit just as a tunic should be so there is comfort and style at one low price of $34.99 each

Soft Blue Cotton Tunic Top $34.99Peach Cotton Tunic $34.99

The designer cotton tunic selection comes with machine embroidery and they are great for day and evening wear: They are available in L to 4X. The embellished beauty is artistic and with elegant. Add on a chiffon cotton blend scarf and make it an en vogue look that will make head’s turn.

Designer Cotton Tunic $ 34.99 Purple Designer Cotton Tunic

Plus Size Tunics Tops at YE in soft Indian cotton are beautiful and soft. Machine washable and designer elegant the tunics for women come in many colors and designs with a loose fit to ensure a sleeker look and are a huge customer favorite.

Shopping for tunics is easy and online sites have best deals do ensure you are shopping a tunic site that is within the USA as dealing with overseas sites can have a language barrier, extra-long shipping times and costs and they will not do returns and exchanges making online shopping a bit more hassly.  It is important to use correct keywords on Google /Bing when shopping for tunics. Be more specific in what you want if you want evening tunics type that keyword. For affordable cotton tunics are specific if you want women’s cotton tunics mention that and then search so you will get better results. If you like a site bookmarks it for future purchases too. Call in a phone order sometimes to check on service. Be an informed customer!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Designer Shawl Collections at Yours Elegantly

When you shop online for shawls try online unique sites like YE that have beautiful collections of designer shawls  portraying many styles, weaves, yarns, seasonal colors & trends. The shawl in each collection are available in many colors so remember to choose a color from the drop down menu. The seasonal shawl colors range in tone from pastel to bright vibrant & dark tones.  There is something for everyone and all occasions and especially for women’s gifts at this online site. A hand picked vast and unique shawl collection that will make you feel exhilarated. Need help call or email them and get a quick response with help to assist you in making a good selection.

Evening Shawls with shine, embellished sequin beauty and netted styling are en vogue for spring and summer 2015. YE a brand name in unique yet affordable shawls is a trend setter. Read about the spring summer fall & winter 2015 color trends.  Stay in touch on what is en vogue and buy what makes you feel like the beautiful YOU stay true to your style as fashion keeps changing but your unique sense of style must always show. Wear hand crafted shawls from $39.99 up to feature seasonal motifs, colors and yarns so you can have an original shawl a masterpiece to your liking.

Brides the choice of bridal wedding shawls  is tremendous and the relief you get from the 300 shades of bridesmaids shawls available is unbelievable. There are color charts all you need to do is specify the shade. Done! Enjoy dedicated phone service at 860-355-4184 and answers to emails at sales@yourselegantly.com Shop and feel the difference at this store as they care that you get a shawl you love.

The design team is happy to look at your dress picture by email or swatch you send at Yours Elegantly 9 Lillinonah Ridge Rd. New Milford CT 06776. They will gladly make suggestions on shawls to match the bridal party needs. Use coupon codes YES10 and get a gift with purchase plus extra 10% off the already up to 70% off sale on beautiful seasonal shawls and wraps. Shopping online is a treat when accompanied by the good service from the  YE dedicated team.

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