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Monday, May 11, 2015

Wedding Pashmina Shawls and Pashminas as Wedding Favors

Wedding Pashmina Shawls in White Ivory Cream in solid and inlaid designs are beautiful and affordable at YE.  Buy Pashmina Wedding Favors for your Bridal Party / Guests in many seasonal colors available in bulk at deep discounts. Shop the Pashminas -  in glorious solid colors and shades for any occasion/event and get 50% -70% off and a gift as YE cares.
Yours Elegantly is an online wedding shawls and wraps site that is a cut above in service and unique shawls for all your casual and formal occasions. It has over thousand shawls in all shades of colors to match your wedding theme or event plans.

Being retail and wholesale you can buy a single shawl at a reasonable price or buy bulk wraps for special occasions as gifts at wholesale pricing. It is a win win situation with the wide variety of ladies shawls on sale and the patterns are enticing and beautiful.  This is the shawl site for all season shawls there is something for everyone as they have custom shawls too. Gift a handcrafted shawl to that beautiful woman in your life to appreciate her. Small customizations in shawl color, design color may be at no extra cost.
The affordable Pashmina wedding favors are available in an array of colors for your spring /summer wedding and fall /winter wedding.  Enjoy cashmere pashmina shawls, wool ruana wraps, chiffon shawls and wraps, silk evening shawls, shiny net shawls, lace shawls, Pashmina and Silk shawls in many colors….. so much to choose from and the service via email /call is tops. The staff are friendly and caring to help you match shawls to your evening dress. They will help with options and flat rate shipping enables you to buy an evening bag add on a crystal necklace set at no extra shipping fees. Wow! Coupon code YES10 gives an addition 10% off in addition to existing sale/clearance pricing online. Have an enjoyable shawl shopping experience today.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Women love Wool Shawls in Fine Quality Soft Warm Wool

Presently women are in love with soft fine wool shawls. The kind of quality wool shawls that don’t itch that give soft warmth on a cool or cold day with a stylish comfortable look.  In the U.S. as in many countries most regions have four seasons three of which are cool and can become very cold. Women have soft warm wool winter wool scarves to wear over their fall winter and spring coats. The scarves ensure warmth, comfort and make a fashionable statement. So women love for beautiful solid color wool scarves and designer patterned winter wool scarfs with hounds tooth, herringbone, plaid type beauty.

Some women love the superior soft light weight cashmere scarves that are pricier as cashmere yarn is very fine quality wool from the Himalayan mountain goat that is actually dwindling so the yarn gets pricier. Inner Mongolia breeds these cashmere goats and has become the world’s largest exporter of cashmere yarn.

Women who are bargain hunters have actually switched to acrylic scarves as they are soft light and no not itch. Acrylic keeps its shape, holds the dyes very well in all pastel and vibrant dark colors and is wrinkle resistant. Best of all it has no special washing instructions so ease of care makes it a good scarf wrap option.

The best part about wool scarves is that it is available in many plys or layers of yarn. 2 ply si good for early fall and spring. 3ply and better still 4 ply is perfect for winter scarves. The added layers give plush warmth and a luxurious soft feel that women love. You buy winter scarves at varying price points as there are grades of wool and even fine wool can be an affordable option at $24.99 up.

Sheep wool can be very soft and a woven wool scarf bought online is affordable and beautiful in sheep wool. Lamb’s wool is another option but make sure to touch and feel for softness before you buy. So a lams wool scarf is better bought at a store than online. Cashmere pashmina wool is superior in any grade and ply so that is a must have from any reputed online site.  Find a site with a wide range of warm accessories, good deals, great service and flat rate shipping so you can buy more and pay one flat rate charge for shipping. Wool shawls and wraps are treasures and are on top of women’s gift list for the holidays and special occasions. A wedding wool shawl is a cherished accessory and Yours Elegantly hand crafts unique designer shawls and wraps from $40.00 up to make an original masterpiece for you and the bridesmaids in 1-2 days. Try it a unique shawl will always be remembered and cherished.

There are some Women’s Shawls and Wraps that are good for all Seasons

Women tend to love Pashmina and Silk Shawls and Wraps as they are beautiful for all seasons. Silk Pashmina accessories are dressy and fashionable evening shawls. They are worn as spring /summer scarves during the day and transition well to formal evening wraps.  In the fall colder weather the soft silk pashminas can be wrapped around the neck stylishly and worn as a long scarf over your fall jacket and the same in winter. Silk pashminas when bunched together around the neck area make heavenly soft scarves for their soft protection and great feel as well as for the stylish classy look they give.

Cashmere Pashmina are terms often used interchangeably in India and Nepal so a cashmere silk scarf shawl wrap is just as ideal year round. Did you know a 2 ply cashmere wool shawl is not super heavy as cashmere yarn is light and protective.  So a 2 ply cashmere wool shawl wrap is a must have for all seasons and occasions.  Cashmere pashminas are by their inherent nature beautifully soft and protective and women do not find that warmth overwhelming hence they are popular as day shawls, travel shawls, evening wraps year round. The dye catches well and the designer weaves made by skilled shawl artisans make them a work of beauty.

Another beautiful all season shawl is a velvet wrap. Popular since decades this velvet shawl offers a classic look that is eternal. Burnt silk velvet shawls  are designer works of elegance and style. They have a sheen, beautiful texture and color  tones which make them ideal as evening shawls for women who love a classy look.

A Ruana  wrap is longer on all sides and is a full coverage accessory loved by women who want all around coverage for warmth and a sleeker  look. The wool ruanas are great for travel especially on a flight and also convenient as they stay in place. The middle spit long cape look makes it versatile to adorn in many styles for the different seasons.  Ruanas can look amazing in silk pashmina, in chiffon and of course the lovely warm wool ruana is always a hit with women of all age groups who love stylish comfort.

The net metallic evening shawls are ideal for spring and summer but have not lost their charm down south and some parts of the west coast even in winter.  The net shawls and wraps are intertwined with silvery metallic rayon woven in a small netted style or big fish net weave. They are dressy and see through shawls which makes the evening dress/gown even prettier.

So wear the shawls mentioned above year round and stock up on them when you find a shawls online site that has a wide selection and color range of shawls at deep discounts.  Enjoy shawls on sale online and get shipments from Yours Elegantly  a U.S. CT based caring online site that ships orders promptly and with a small gift to show they care. Enjoy good service as that is their top priority.

History of the Shawl to Todays Ever Popular Silk Pashmina Shawls

Women since the ancient days have adorned themselves with a Shawl to accessorize and look beautiful while keeping luxuriously protected at the same time.
To go back to origins Shawl comes from a Sanskrit word that means a simple cloth to cover the shoulders, upper body, arms and head. It can be of varying shapes, rectangular, aquaria, oblong, triangular… Oldest known shawls hail from Kashmir. The most prized ancient Shahtoosh shawl was made from beard hairs of the Ibez which is now no longer allowed. It was so fine as to pass through a small ring. Kashmir has produced embroidered shawls that are floral intricate and masterpieces in woven splendor.  The naksha a Persian machine like the jacquard loom that was invented much later enabled woven shawl masterpieces in India. The amazing Kashmir needlework exclusivity was damaged with the jacquard loom in Europe and the mango shape paisley shawl was made in Paisley Scotland from where its name stuck. The famous Kashmir motif paisley no longer was exclusive to Kashmir but open to mass production thereafter.

The paisley design is 250 years old and evolved from the lovely floral and tree of life designs found on ancient Mughal dynasty tapestries. The paisley was popularized as a popular motif In Indian textiles due to the Mughal connection.  This paisley design was imitated in Paisley Scotland that gave it its name “Paisley Shawl” which is used in even today worldwide.

The first shawls or shawls were made in Assyrian times. They spread to the middle east. The Kashmir embroidered shawls were worn by men too due to assimilation with Persian culture.  They became a high fashion statement in mid – 1800s in Europe. Silk shawls were made in first decade of 1800’s in China.  Embroidered fringed shawls were available  in Europe and The Americas by 1820s. They were called China Crepe Shawls or just China Shawls and in Spain they were called Mantones de Manila as they were shipped to Spain via the port of Manila. Their popularity declined in the late 1800s but had a huge revival in 1920s as Spanish Shawls and became part of the dress in some placed like Madrid. They were used in the opera Carmen and then became popular as Spanish Shawls rather than China Shawls.
 Pashmina or Pashm is wool of the Capra Hircus goat found near Himalayas. The wool is soft light and under 14 microns. The pashmina was made and embroidered in beautiful designs. The Indian Emperor Akbar popularized Do Shalia or two shawls so they were sewn back to back and had reversible wear.  Now Silk Pashminas are in demand due to their sheen for evening wear and affordability. The 70/30 Pashmina and silk Shawls in solid colors and flowery paisley jacquard paisley beauty are very popular worldwide. Wool shawls especially Pashmina Wool Shawls with Kashmiri embroidery are in style classics even today.

The popular patch work shawls from Kashmir were woven in pieces in different shapes and sewn together.  Thereafter triangular lace knot shawls became popular too now giving us in present times an amazing array of shawls to choose from. The hand weaving Pashmina continues to date but the machine made shawls are less expensive and help keep the supply in line with increasing demand for discounted affordable shawls in glorious weaves and designs in multicolored beauty. The shawl is a classic must have women’s accessory and makes a fine gift idea for any occasion. A shawl today adds refinement to any casual and dressy outfit and is an all season best belling accessory for women. Women can’t resist the comfort and style factor that a shawl gives in all seasons. Seasonal shawls in many colors and designs are available at online unique shawl sites at competitive pricing and with good service. So from an ancient rare commodity it is today one of the fastest moving women’s accessories.

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