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Monday, June 8, 2015

My favorite summer scarves and shawls

As a woman who wear shawls year round I have favorites for all seasons. My summer shawl  scarves that are must haves are the cool airy ones with a sheer  beauty. Also love silk scarves for summer that are light and beguiling.

For summer evening shawls and scarves I love the embellished shawls in white silver gold black lavender lilac blue pink pastel beauty. Iridescent scarves in chiffon elegance are always a delight over a short summer dress or an elegant evening  gown.

Fashion scarves in solid chiffon add that je ne sais quoi to any casual or formal dress – when looking for a simple elegant look. Some women want shawls that make a big statement and others want an understated elegance. Choose an evening summer wrap to suit your needs, moods and the occasion. Make sure you wear a shawl that makes the real you shine out as then only will there be an air of confidence and beauty that represents the real you.

Keep a bunch of casual fashion scarves in your closet or car to quickly change a day look into a more formal dressy evening look, add some bling and lipstick and you are ready for an evening out. Handcrafted scarves and wraps are a cut above they enrich your outfit and can be made in colors of your choice.

Why do women love shawls with their evening dresses

Shawls are the perfect accessory to make your evening dress for any season look beautiful and appealing. Picture a simple black dress for spring and then that same black dress and a chiffon scarf wrap lightly over the shoulders or in an off shoulder elegant look for evening wear. Now the look is classy and chic even more fashionable appealing. Try the same thing on a winter evening dress and add a cashmere shawl or a faux fur cape wrap that enhances the appeal tenfold. Women know that simple fashion scarves in beautiful seasonal designs will uplift your existing wardrobe.

From the past couple decades shawls have been an integral part of a woman’s attire. In some countries women customarily wear a shawl as part of the attire.  Women have always been fashion conscious and now even more so. Some women seek a unique look so that they can stand out in a crowd. Dresses have gone shorter, pants tighter, shoes higher and jewelry, bags and shawls have been evolving in style and designer beauty to ensure uniqueness.

Today hand crafted shawls in seasonal unique motifs are what women love. A beautiful bridal shawl with designer elegance handcrafted for the bride is what brides love. Yours Elegantly has designer original shawls crafted by their designers to give you that perfect wedding shawl wrap. Prices are reasonable and service is good. That is the goal!

Shopping for evening shawls online can be convenient and fun if you have some good sites in mind otherwise it can be a time consuming experience. Thousands of online sites come up when searching for shawls online which can be daunting. Customers worry about what they will get in terms of color, size, yarn, so once you find a site or two you have shopped with especially a one stop shop for accessories bookmark it for the future. Yours Elegantly has beautiful shawls and wraps for women looking for a unique find, in addition buy crystal necklace sets, beautiful evening clutch purses and even tunics. The huge variety gives women a better choice, benefit of good service and phone orders are welcome for customers who prefer that convenience.

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