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Monday, July 13, 2015

Beautiful Pashmina Shawls Origin and Present day Demand for Pashminas

Pashmina is one of the finest natural fibers that is shed by the Capra Hircus Himalayan mountain goat and is collected for hand weaving it into pashmina shawls & scarves in Nepal, Tibet, India and Inner Mongolia.  The goats that are found in these Himalayan mountains at approx.  14,000 ft. surrounded by great winds and freezing temperatures have this very delicate soft warm under fur.  The word "pashm" means wool in persian and the word pashmina denotes that soft warm light wool. The longer overcoat surrounding the goat surround the under fur keeping its soft delicate beauty intact.  The Indian Maharajas and Maharanis i.e. Kings and queens used to wear elaborately handcrafted Pashmina shawls as at that time it was treated as a prized possession.

Today with the huge demand pashmina factories for mass production have been set up and in addition to hand woven shawls the shawls are machine made but retain the fineness, color & beauty. Good thing is now they are more affordable and every woman wants a pashmina or a couple to enjoy. The cashmere pashmina wool in 2 ply (ply being a layer of yarn used to make the shawl) is great for spring. Silk pashmina shawls are ideal for summer and in fall a 3 ply Pashmina wool shawl provides protection from the cold and in the cold winters the 4 ply pure pashmina wool shawl is a must have.

When talking of Pashmina the word Kashmir Pashmina Shawls cannot be omitted. Kashmir is the place for sought after embroidered pashmina shawls and wraps. The jamawar style Pashmina with hand embroidery is the post popular. Inspite of political struggles Kashmir has kept its Pashmina industry alive and thriving. The local Kashmiri artisans and weavers have unsurpassed expertise in shawl making and handwork.

It is noteworthy that after a flowering plant appeared in the courts of a moghul emperor that became renowned and used to embellish these prized shawls in Kashmir and other places.  The sought after paisley motif was an emblem of royalty and beauty. The mango shaped Paisley design was founded here and the paisley pashminas were hand woven heirlooms. Thereafter paisley handlooms from Paisley Scotland took care of the bulk demand for these shawls. They became mass produced and more affordable.

Raffel, Papier Mache, Aari embroidery are some examples of intricate hand embroidery still used on pashminas. The handwork is very involved and par excellance. These designer shawls come in various price ranges for $10 to thousands of dollars depending on the extent of handwork, beading, sometimes hand painting work involved and the type of pashmina yarn and ply.
Buying Pashmina online is easy convenient and some sites have unique hand crafted Pashmina shawls that are custom made in a day like a site in CT USA. YoursElegantly.com has handcrafted shawls at least a hundred to choose from and you can customize shawl color, design color for all your evening shawl needs. Gifting a handcrafted shawl is a great idea if you want that woman in your life to have a unique gift she will cherish. Brides love the handcrafted wedding shawls and you get an original piece to cherish forever. That is pretty special to a woman!

Looking for Shawls for your Evening Dress

Women’s Designer Shawls – These designer jamawar shawls have everything women are looking for in terms of unique designs, beautiful weaves of jamawar and protection. Best of all they are reversible and available at reasonable prices at unique shawls and wraps stores online.

Solid Shawls for your beautiful dressy gowns -  these solid color shawls are perfect for year round wear for all your special occasions & events. Stock up on solid shawls for unique gifts too. If you have a very dressy outfit wear a solid shawl with it. You need not match color of shawl with dress tone on tone. Designers recommend a shade or two darker of lighter is great and makes for an attractive ensemble. Many women like matching the shawl especially in silver gold with their accessories like their shoes evening bags and jewelry. Therefore having a silver shawl, gold evening wrap, black pashmina shawl, beige paisley wrap, navy winter wool shawl, purple 4 ply shawl, ivory silk pashmina are just a few ideas for completing your all season wardrobe.
Evening Embellished Shawls with Sequins look formal for a dressy occasion / event. A black embellished shawl with see through sheer elegance enhances a black dress or any color dress. Every woman needs a formal black shawl with silver sparkles or unique hand crafting to stand out in a crowd.

Lace and netted shiny sheer shawls are a beautiful touch to a prom dress, an evening cocktail dress, or even a formal gown. Net shawls have a shimmery shiny elegant beauty and appeal to all age groups. The young teenagers and ladies love the open weave and shimmery lustrous look and the older mature women feel wonderful in these dainty beautiful light shawl wraps.

Embroidered Shawls are great for spring summer and warm wool embroidered wraps are ideal for fall and winter.  You can choose them in seasonal colors and designs to add that unique appeal to your day and evening dresses. Hand crafted shawls are tops on the list of unique shawls for women that want to have a very distinctive rare look and appeal. You can buy shawls with small seasonal motifs or all around border designs and look amazing.  Hand painted shawls are a cut above and require no extra care. They can have custom touches in terms of the shawl color, designs, color of the design and highlights for a shimmery dressy look.
Soft Cashmere shawls and pashmina wool wraps have a soft protective feel that is beautiful over your neck and shoulders and are in high demand though pricier. Silk Pashmina shawls are light silken and divine in feel – great for all seasons. Cashmere Silk shawls are wonderfully light and appealing and make the best gifts.

 There is so much available online for women’s shawls and wraps that you can try many beautiful designs, colors and look gorgeous. Women are smart customers they know that shawls and scarves are an easy way to life up their existing wardrobe without over spending hence they always stock up on good bargains. Scarves add a stylish flair to any summer dress and are especially a style must have for spring fall and winter as they give you good protection too. Evening accessories are the highlight of your evening attire as they make you look classy.

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