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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What are my Shawl Options for Fall and Winter

Online there are many shawls and wraps available in different yarns, woven, knit, crochet, in varying ply and weight and degree of warmth and softness so it is hard to decide what shawl is best for the season.  Fall is rather cool and late fall gets colder so I would start with at least a 2 ply warm shawl. Ply being a layer of yarn I would opt for a wool 2 ply and if you can afford it a cashmere wool is great. It is slightly pricier but worth it!  Wool of the finest quality light soft and delicate yet warm this cashmere pashmina wool has excited many women who love quality shawls and wraps.

As we get deeper into the fall season it gets much colder a 3 ply wool shawl is perfect. Some women who feel cold fast opt for the fall / winter shawl in 4 ply which is thicker, warmer and plush in its soft protective comfort.  You can buy a woven shawl it has a flat weave and drapes well. Some women love the close knit shawl in 3-4 ply as it becomes really soft and plush in feel. Other like a loose knit or big stitch knit which looks bulkier. Go with what you can carry and what type of shawl n\meets your needs for that time.

For a warm evening shawl I like the woven shawls in 4 ply cashmere – they look and feel great with an evening dress/gown. I have enjoyed many close knit shawls and scarves. They are slightly more bulkier but not heavy as cashmere is light but warm and women love that. To carry a lightweight shawl that still gives you good warmth is a pleasure. Having said that some women like that bulky wool heavy feel of a big ruana cape wrap so the choice is yours! Certainly Ruana wraps are awesome for long wide all round coverage and warmth and my mother who is a plus size woman seems to think she looks 2 sizes smaller in a ruana. So each of us have a preference depending on our needs.

 Want to be unique try an Indian Jamawar paisley designer shawl in its warm multicolor weaves. Most of them are reversible and it is a great option as the reverse looks totally different so it is almost as if you have 2 shawls at one price. Look for sales on wool shawls and try something creative like an embroidered shawl. For a casual look unitone embroidered shawls are great. For evening wear a black shawl with white or multicolored embroidered designing looks so chic.

Handcrafted shawls with unique seasonal designs are priceless. Experience the uniqueness of designer handcrafted seasonal shawls at www.yourselegantly.com and shop the difference.  YE carries a brand of shawls that are inspiring, creative and stylish elegance. The sale makes unique shawls very affordable and the service makes you want to come back for more.  They constantly have specials like a gift with purchase and free shipping.

What type of Wool Shawl should you buy as a Woman who wants Soft Warmth

Women looking for warm shawls and wraps tend to gravitate to soft fine wool. There are many types of wool shawls and it is good to have some information before you shop for wool accessories for fall winter and spring weather.

Types of wool shawls:

Sheep Wool: Sheep are largest producers of wool shawls they are fairly soft and and very warm. It is a natural fiber and has insulating properties of holding in warmth and is odor resistant. It also wicks moisture so it dries super fast making it a best selling winter cold weather clothing & accessory yarn. Very popular worldwide for shawls wraps and scarves especially in the USA, Canada, Australia and U.k.

Lamb’s Wool is the next popular choice especially for capes and scarves. Some cusumers find lamb’s wool to be slightly coarse but others like the thickness and warmth. Warm yet breathable this wool is popular in the U.K. especially for solid and tartan plaid scarves.

Cashmere Pashmina wool is very fine wool light yet very protective and has in last 2 decades become very popular. It’s demand has grown exponentially so much so that Pashmina has become a brandname for women who want soft stylish shawls and wraps. The demand has grown and women being bargain hunters want it at an affordable price so many shawls have Pashmina brand name but made from viscose acrylic and rayon. Those women that have shopped the true Pashmina from India and Nepal as well as Inner Mongolia know that Pashmina is the finest yarn akin to cashmere less than 14 microns in diameter and finer than your hair.  Ring Pashminas are so thin they can pass through a ring so the question is how does it keep women warm in winter? Cashmere Pashmina is underfur of the Capra Hircus goat and these goats are raised at such low temperatures and their underfur is super soft and super warm. They shed the fur and this is woven into gorgeous shawls and wraps. Cashmere pashmina come from the underfur of the same goat and are sometimes used interchangeably. For fall  and spring weather 2 ply or 2 layers on shawls and scarves are suggested for warmth but in winter a  4 ply cashmere shawl wrap scarf is ideal.

 Wool can be of other types like Angora, Alpaca, Merino, Loden, Melton and women love to use soft wool accessories that ensure warmth, retain their shape, are easy to dye, and these fine wool accessories are protective without being too heavy and cumbersome. Some women like wool and silk blend shawls and that is why the Silk Pashmina with its divine feel has become so popular for year round wear.

Acrylic has become the most popular synthetic fiber used for clothing and accessories today. It has so many advantages and in today’s market women love soft warm acrylic shawls capes and wraps as they are very protective, moisture resistant, stay odor free, have good insulation for warmth retention, dye beautifully in pastel and vibrant colors,  and retain their shape yet they are low cost hence great for the budget conscious consumer. Wool is a natural fiber acrylic is synthetic hence available easily in bulk supply at a lower price.

Acrylic scarves shawls and wraps have flooded the worldwide market for clothing and accessories as they can be easily mass produced in factories worldwide and consumers like this low cost option.

So there is a choice factor in play when choosing scarves and shawls for your seasonal pleasure. Any choice you make will be good if that accessory is soft and of decent quality, with an even weave or knit. The workman ship is important too if the accessory has embroidery or embellishment or is handcrafted for you so you have a unique original piece to cherish.

Most accessory sites online carry for retail /wholesale warm scarves and shawls for all budgets and special occasion and corporate gift needs so it is going to be easy to find scarves and wraps to suit your needs in terms of yarn, color, style, size especially if you shop a shawl site that has good customer service.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pashmina Wedding Favors & Styles to Drape on Chairs

Wedding Planners seem to suggest to brides “Pashmina as wedding favors” and the ever favorite technique of “draping Pashmina shawls over the chairs at weddings” is now one of the most popular styles – makes for a beautiful look and guests get to stay warm and beautiful at the wedding and go home with shawl gifts to cherish

The classic style to drape Pashminas on chairs is to drape it over the back of chair and tie it in a bow at the back. Alternative is to tie it in a knot at the back and leave the ends flowing.

Another style to drape shawls over the chairs at weddings or special occasions is to fold them and leave them on the back of the chair a simple practical easy to work with style.
You could also use a pretty ribbon with flowers to secure the shawl after draping it over the back of the chair – looks dainty and appealing.
Very often baskets are used in several locations with pashminas that are folded  or secured with a ribbon so a guest can take a color choice that matches their dress for the occasion. Easy to arrange and practical and fun for the wedding  guests.

You can even have a pretty Rack and the shawls hanging from it in colorful beauty for guests to slide off and enjoy the Pashmina wedding favors.Charming beautiful touch to a memorable any event /occasion. Yours Elegantly online has exceptional service and is always glad to assist with this.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Wholesale Shawls Pashminas for Wedding Event Planners & Wedding Favors

When planning a wedding for any season wedding planners are always looking for an online site with great service to provide them with solid color pashmina shawls at deep discounts. Getting a shawl at a reasonably cheap wholesale price enables decent resale margins and all resellers like that especially retailers and corporations.

Pashminas make unique corporate gifts and it is soft silken in the Silk Pashmina combination and comes in amazing seasonal colors and shades to suit any occasion or event.
Event planners do get very involved and make recommendations on all aspects of the wedding.  My friend Jenna got married recently and her wedding planner recommended the bridal dress shop, the place where she got wedding favors, shawls and wraps for bridesmaids and the bridal party, the flowers, photography and video.  So wedding planners do have to know of excellent online shawl sites that will assist them with colors to match the bridesmaids dresses and colors for Pashmina wedding favors to match the overall color scheme of the seasonal wedding.  Great service is the key to build a relationship with the wedding planners so they know for certain as an reliable online bridal & bridesmaids shawls site you will help every inch of the way with good service, discounted pricing, color and shawl matching suggestions if needed, prompt delivery and after sales service too.

There are varieties of pashminas the average decent quality in silk pashminas ranges depending on quality, sheen, size and where it is imported from. Some event planners like light wholesale soft viscose acrylic shawls due to the vibrant colors they come in and their very affordably cheap pricing under $5.00

Weddings where the wedding guests get a pashmina tied behind their chair in a bow of just draped over the back of the chair lend an enchanting touch of fairy tale beauty to the wedding. Bridal party feels comfortable in case there is a chill outdoors even for pictures.

One such online site for shawls for wedding favors is Yours Elegantly where service is paramount and their wide variety of pashminas and seasonal wholesale shawls and scarves at very reasonable discounted pricing makes it an online site that is a pleasure to deal with. So shop and get prompt delivery plus a gift with your order and courteous service to remember.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

YE Is Designing Artsy Shawls in Pink for a Good Cause

The designers at YE are designing artsy designs on pink shawls all shades of pink in pink ribbon and motif beauty to encourage customers to buy them and donate part of proceeds to cancer research.  Couple times a year there are specials on pink shawls they go on deeply discounted sale, they get unique inspirational words, designs to encourage hope & strength  in our beautiful survivors and everlasting love & remembrance for those who have passed from Cancer.

The shawls can be used as head scarves in soft chiffon silk, cotton, silk pashmina  with pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness. There may be some silver, gold and other color flowery designs embedded in the scarf so they match with many outfits and spread positivity and determination in our universal hope for a cure.

Our designers feel that wearing a pink shawl with a pink ribbon or black shawl or a silver evening wrap with a little pink ribbon looks amazing for any special event or occasion. They have made shawls and scarves with prayers and hopes for a cure. Positive energy is always a good thing. Gifting a pink ribbon scarf is a much appreciated gift as many families know someone who is fighting this disease and  sadly we seem to know someone who succumbed to it be it a friend, neighbor or loved one.

Being creative with scarves with a pink ribbon and some flowery paisley inspirational elegance around it is something we feel inspired to do to make the scarves a beautiful inspiration in our fight against cancer. The owner of www.yourselegantly.com has been a two time survivor and is hopeful that medical research will bring a cure for our future generations and this disease will be curbed and eliminated. May sound like a farfetched hope to some but a positive attitude, inner strength, hope and unending strong research from our wonderful scientific research enthusiasts do go hand in hand. We have conquered many diseases that took many lives in the past but are not as big a threat today due to huge strides in the research /medical field. Our hope is the same be done for cancer.

Breast cancer in women is a terrible disease and its treatment with chemo and radiation is grueling but strength be to all our women survivors that they get through this with fortitude and keep up the hope for a cure soon.

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