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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Do Cashmere Scarves / Shawls make Unique Gifts for Women & Men?

Women love cashmere scarves /shawls for their soft warmth and classic trendy appeal. Women naturally gravitate to any accessory that is luxurious and soft like a cashmere scarf in seasonal colors and plaid /paisley designs. The question is do men love cashmere scarves as much? The answer is most men are practical and love cashmere scarves for a cold winter day for the protection they give mainly. Men in cities know the importance of a good scarf to ward off the winter chill.

There are some stylish men who wear scarves as they like a scarf look. Some men are inherently just the scarf wearing type and others are not. However to ward off the chilly cold air in fall, winter and spring men in big cities that have to take the subway or walk as in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit, Los Angeles, Austin, Charlotte, Baltimore, Denver, DC have started appreciating the luxurious warmth and soft feel of a cashmere men’s scarf in solid colors and plaid designs. Men in urban cities and Metropolis see the difference in warmth and comfort with a cashmere scarf on a cold day and keep a collection of warm scarves that go with their winter coat. So the conclusion is some men will wear cashmere scarves for style some as a necessity.

Cashmere scarves solid and plaid grow on us as they feel so divine and the warmth is perfect not stifling. Try a cashmere scarf gift for men and women this Holiday season it is sure to be a unique gift to give for any occasion or event. Today the trend is towards cashmere scarves for the men at weddings – this trend has picked up and become very popular.

Women crave unique accessories and cashmere scarf manufacturers now mass produce these delicate warm scarves in unique color shades /tones not seen before. There are so many colorful warm winter scarves to choose from that a customer is enthralled by the range and designs. Striped winter scarves, gradient warm scarves, plaid winter scarves have a classy appeal. Wool winter scarves are eternally in demand there are varieties of wool qualities, ply and texture so choose the one that fits your needs and budget. It is important to realize that cashmere pashmina is very fine warm wool from Himalayan mountain goat and mountain goats of Inner Mongolia which is largest producer of cashmere yarn today.

A standard size cashmere shawl is about 24” x 70” a larger size ranges about 30” x  80” some shawls are fringed at usually 3” others have a half inch eyelash fringe and some winter shawls come fringeless. The solid color large shawls are beloved by women for added warmth and coverage especially for travel and on vacation - these travel cashmere wraps are must haves.

Fringed shawls are more popular and men like the added length the fringe gives to the overall look as they wear them as long scarves. Women and Men these days go in for long wide cashmere shawls and wear them as long scarves the added length and width make the tall look good and sophisticated. Cashmere shawls are unisex in solid colors and men buy them for that longer length and width in 4 ply thick warmth. Women love to buy cashmere wraps in standard size for the office and sometimes long wide wraps for travel – women wear cashmere wraps in different styles and depending on their height, the degree of protection they want and the occasion or style they want to wear a shawl makes the final deciding factor of what type of shawl to go in for.

2 Ply cashmere shawls are beautiful and warm 3 and 4 ply get plusher and warmer for winter wear. Cahsmere is light inherently so if the layers go up it still is not overly heavy or cumbersome. Shop the cashmere sale and save 50% to 70% and get a free gift at YoursElegantly.com best of all you get answers to questions and phone orders are welcomed. Known for its huge range of winter shawls and wraps at deep discounts online stores such as this pass savings on to their customers. Shopping online for shawls is fun and easy. Avoiding the long checkout lines at malls during the Holiday season is great. Shop shawl online in Cashmere wool and save time, money and effort.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Retail Wholesale Shawls and Scarves for Unique Gifts for Women & Men

Every woman is a big shopper at heart looking for unique gifts for the women in the family, relatives and friends when a special occasion/event comes up including affordable Holiday shawl gifts. Women use search engines like Google and Bing and search with appropriate keywords like black evening shawl, unique shawls for Holiday gifts, warm winter wool wrap, white wedding Pashmina shawl, white cotton tunic top that are specific to their needs. Such searches will yield better results. Women are bargain hunters so a good discount matters especially when buying many gifts during the Holidays or when she is shopping corporate gifts in bulk for her employer. Then search terms like affordable Pashmina shawls, discount cashmere scarves, Pashmina shawls as wedding favors, bridal wedding & bridesmaid’s shawls on sale, clearance shawls and wraps are good search terms in order to avail of a discounted sale price.

Women also love social media as a help to shop and find unique online shawls and wraps. They go on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and these days there is a craze for Pinterest when shopping online for unique shawls and wraps. Pictures speak louder than words and the pinning is so helpful and informative. Women love social media and use it to their advantage.  Online gift stores do have the advantage of low overheads so they can pass savings on to the customer. The resale margin is not so high as in a high end department store or a designer store. Women are astute and realize that plus the comfort of shopping at home or from the office when on lunch is enormous.

Women need shawls sometimes one beautiful black evening shawl for a special occasion. At other times they are assisting their daughter with her wedding and need to buy bridal and bridesmaid’s shawls and Pashmina as wedding favors for all the guests. They love to shop a one stop shop where they can get retail and wholesale shawls and scarves. Beautiful seasonal shawls in pastels and vibrant colors for spring summer fall and winter. Unique handcrafted wedding shawls, evening wraps for that special event. Bulk shawls at deep discounts for wedding favors with good service and timely delivery. Men love cashmere scarves so they make good gifts for weddings and other events and special occasions plus they are a must have accessory in winter hence the perfect Holiday gift for men. The overall experience counts so online shoppers tend to book mark sites that care to give good service, do phone orders and assist them all the way.The above information should help you in shopping online and getting a fulfilling experience for beautiful shawls every woman desires and smart winter wool scarves the men so love.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Women’s Shawls for Dresses

Every woman loves accessories and ranking high on her list of favorite accessories are shawls and scarves. Women have a passion for soft heavenly scarves around their neck in beautiful colors for all seasons. It sure makes a style statement and most women are innately stylish.

If you are looking to buy women’s shawls for your dresses do choose silk pashmina shawls for good weather seasons like spring/summer and for the colder fall and winter seasons we suggest a cashmere Pashmina wool shawl with soft warmth and 2-4 ply. The ply determines warmth thickness and degree of protection you will get. Higher the ply or yarn layers higher the warmth and plush protection from that winter wrap.
Match your shawl to your evening dress in a stylish way. You do not have to have a shawl that is exactly the dress color. A shade or two darker, lighter or a contrasting color works attractively. Also another way is to match the accessories like a gold shawl with gold shoes and a gold bag works wonders.  If you have a busy dress buy a solid shawl in one of the colors in the dress you wish to highlight. A gradient shaded shawl looks casual chic too. If the dress is plain you can contrast colors to uplift it, add a shawl pin /broach or wear a paisley shawl with inlaid beauty. Designer woven colorful Indian cashmere pashmina are in demand for a unique touch.

Women’s shawls come in seasonal pastels and vibrant dark color tones for all your in season trendy scarf needs. Wear a shawl as a long scarf as a wrap and look unique and fashionable for daily wear. Evening shawls lend that classy formal touch to your evening dresses and make them look classier and en vogue. Shawls are magical in transforming a simple dress to a more formal elegant outfit.

Women love shawls as gifts that is why brides choose bridesmaids shawls that the girls will treasure and get a lot of use too. Pashmina Wedding favors have become so popular as they lend beauty when draped over the chairs and give an enchanting touch to the wedding. Shawls are a unique women’s gift for the Holidays and any special occasion/event.

Buy shawls and wraps as well as the bigger, longer and wider Ruana cape wraps from YoursElegantly.com as the variety for all seasons and 300 shades of colors is sure to enthrall you. There are silk shawls, velvet shawls, lace and netted mettalic shawls, evening wraps in cashmere pashmina splendor in solid, paisley weaves and embroidered/handcrafted elegance. Women love unique wedding shawls and there are so many unique bridal & bridesmaid shawls and wraps for all seasons. Shop seasonal shawls for women for all your needs today as the sale is full of savings. Get great service as the site staff loves to help customers match shawls and take phone orders. Shop the difference!

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