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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Shawl Wrap Shopping Guide for Women

Women often need help on choosing the right shawl wrap for their evening dress that is also suitable for the season. Here is a miniature shawl shopping guide for women:

Women shop for Silk Shawls during spring and summer and prefer Cashmere Pashmina Shawls and Wraps in fall and winter. The reason is Silk is cool sheer and airy for hot summer days and cashmere pashmina wool adds warmth and soft comfort for the colder seasons.
 A pure Cashmere Pashmina wool shawl wrap would be very warm yet not too heavy like sheep wool as that yarn by its inherent nature is light and protective. Women are creatures of comfort and style and the look of silk with its sheen for evening wear is very alluring for women so a shawl with a good blend of cashmere pashmina fine wool and some silk ensures an evening dressy look and a fair degree of warmth. So depending on the type of look you want to achieve and keeping in mind the season for the degree of warmth you want you can make that shawl decision wisely.

In a nutshell here are some tips for your seasonal evening shawls:

Go with Cashmere Pashmina  Wool Shawls for the cold winter season.  Once it starts getting cold a pashmina wool shawl or a cashmere pashmina which is just finer quality wool from a special Himalaya mountain goat namely the Capra Hircus is the way to go to get soft warmth and protection. Wool shawls rock for the colder seasons no matter what the wool.  In cold fall and winter time solid dark colors and paisley wool shawls are so much in demand.  A paisley Pashmina  over your winter coat gives you that trendy chic winter  appeal. Buy Pashmina wool shawls for your Holiday gifts.

Silk shawls are beautiful for summer and the sheer light airy feel of silk on a hot summer day or for evening wear is welcoming and beautiful in look and style. Also, netted shawls, lace shawls, chiffon silk, burnt silk shawls are ideal for spring/ summer  shawls. Solid colors in pastel shades and vibrant tones look fabulous in these seasons. This is also wedding season so silk pashmina shawls are beautiful for your bridal & bridesmaids shawls. Pashminas make beautiful wedding favors for the guests and makes the occasion a memorable one.

Following these simple tips will guide you in finding the best seasonal shawls for women and save you time and effort in making a good choice.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Unique Holiday Gifts a Woman Really Wants

  • A cashmere scarf – why? This is because cashmere scarves look great, have thick soft warmth and if you can buy cashmere scarves on sale for Holiday gifts it is sure to make the recipient happy as it is a unisex gift that is unique and useful.

  • A Paisley Warm Winter Shawl – why? This is because women love shawls to give them added warmth  and coverage. Paisley winter shawls in jamawar weaves make ideal gifts for women as they are colorful and beautifully woven by expert weavers with reversible splendor. They reverse into totally different colorful designer weaves in paisley and flowery unique designs that any woman is sure to cherish.  

  • A Wool Ruana Wrap - why? This is because Ruana Wraps are like long and wide shawls with all around long coverage a mock neckline so it stays in place.  Ruanas give a woman that miraculous slimming effect hence it is a gift with universal appeal.  Ease of wear of draping it over the shoulders with mock V neckline holding it in place and a middle split fashionable look, the wool ruana cape wrap for women  enhances  the overall appearance of a woman’s casual / evening look. 

  • Unique Evening Bags Clutch Purses – why? Women love to go out and party and a woman wants a distinctive appeal each time. An evening bag / clutch purse is a necessity for her and a unique one adds to her beauty and elegance. Women don’t like repeating their purses and hence a clutch purse gift is treasured. Must have evening clutch purse colors are black, silver gold, burgundy, pewter and red. That completes her evening wardrobe.

  • Crystal Necklace Set – why? Crystal Necklaces & Earrings add that beautiful dazzle to a simple or ornate dress to make the evening outfit complete in every way. Crystal bracelets are much beloved as a gift. A simple classy crystal single line bracelet or a multiline crystal bracelet gift makes a shimmering uplifting difference and women love to look beautiful at special events and occasions. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Cashmere Shawls Wraps for Women’s Gifts

Cashmere shawls / wraps make unique women’s gifts for any occasion including weddings, anniversaries,  birthdays, thanks giving and the holidays. The soft warmth of cashmere shawls of any grade is luring and women love to accessorize. Prices range widely depending on the quality,  whether it is 100% cashmere, the blend with silk which some women love and the type of hand work it may have like kani embroidery or hand crafting in seasonal motifs. There are some really distinctive Cashmere Pashmina from Nepal and India woven in colorful weaves and paisley flowery designer artistry.

Stock up on colorful soft cashmere shawls and look beautiful in fall, winter and spring as they are going to be needed especially in the bitterly cold Midwest and North Eastern states. States like NC, VA, TX, FL, CA that have cool weather in winter also need the warmth of these beautiful warm shawls which sometimes suffice instead of a winter coat or jacket. Cashmere scarves makes perfect gift for men and women as they are unisex. A women’s ruana cape wrap is ideal for the wide coverage and its stay in place advantage.
A very good price for a standard size 2 ply cashmere shawl is an affordable $39.99 range - online sites can keep pricing low and push volume. Their overheads are super low but retail brick and mortar stores automatically have high overheads and this price is a rare clearance - end of season treat to just move inventory. A higher 3 to 4 ply cashmere shawls would be in the $70.00 range and something with hand embroidery could range higher. Some women will buy a $500 cashmere shawl from a designer store and wear it for special occasions for brand recognition and they will also have a couple affordable cashmere wraps for winter wear.
Some women will pay a high price for a thick warm 4 ply cashmere shawl without hesitation and others will hunt clearance cashmere shawl bargains to get lowest price almost close to cost. The lucky few will get them and this is how some women will get super bargains on Holiday shawl gifts. Most stores have a clearance section with hidden treasures be sure to check them out.

Cashmere is wool of very fine quality from the special Capra Hircus mountain goats. Sheep wool and lamb’s wool is more affordable, heavier and not as fine as cashmere wool. Cashmere is light yet protective and sheep wool is heavy and super warm. Women love to choose shawls for winter depending on degree of warmth they need, the budget they set and the style and workmanship they want.
A white cashmere wedding wrap makes the bride & bridesmaids look beautiful and feel luxuriously warm and classy. A winter cashmere wrap is a must have for every woman’s closet. It ranks very high on a woman’s gift list so gift one today. A distinctive gift leaves a memorable impression. Buy retail and wholesale cashmere scarves shawls and wraps online as online stores have stepped up the competition and the service is getting good too.

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