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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Know your shawl yarn and make the right shawl choice online

Women are budget conscious consumers and buying a beautiful unique shawl in a seasonal yarn at the right price is often their goal. Some women are yarn conscious others just want a good looking stylish shawl. Women love unique shawls and scarves and some are willing to pay a higher price and strive to get a yarn like chiffon silk shawls for the warmer seasons and Cashmere Pashmina wool for colder seasons as these are top choices in ladies seasonal accessories. Some women will tell you they want many shawls and scarves for their seasonal wardrobes and will only buy them at an affordable price. Very price conscious consumers do not care about content as long as it looks and feels good. So satisfying all different needs means a store must have a wide selection of shawls and wraps. Most stores whether at the mall or online like to cater to all the customer tastes and needs so the choice is huge. Shopping such stores is easier when you know what you want so you focus on that and get a great deal. This information should make shawl shopping online easier if you know what you are looking for so you can search the right keywords like silk evening shawls, affordable wool shawls, cashmere pashmina wraps. If you know what you want putting some detail in keywords is a good idea like silver evening wrap or 4 ply cashmere shawls.

Silk shawls are popular for spring and summer in the USA and in many countries popular for year round wear. 90% of silk producers are in Asia. If you are looking for a real fine chiffon silk shawl wrap go in for one made in India, China, Japan, Spain, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam & Malaysia. China is the single most  biggest supplier of silk to the world market since many decades. Silk Trading originated in China and Alexander the great took it to Europe. The major silk consuming countries are USA, UK, France, Germany & Switzerland.
Silk shawls are lustrous, luxurious with a lovely drape and resilient. The cultivation of silk worms in order to produce silk is called Sericulture. It involved breeding the silk worms, feeding the larva with mulberry leaves. Then comes destroying  the chrysalis (which would normally come through as a moth) so that it does not break the silk filament. Followed by Filature which involves sorting and softening the cocoons, reeling the filament onto wheels, then comes formation of the silk yarn, degumming for added softness and sheen and finally finishing the silk fabrics with the dye. Left over silk can be spun and this silk is still good if not as superior. The process has not changed over the years. Many manufacturers have starting producing synthetic competitors like nylon, polyester and acetate but silk retains its superiority.

Fine wool shawls are the biggest sellers for the fall season also called autumn and for winter wear.  Fine wool comes in many varieties like Cashmere Pashmina Shawls and Merino wool shawls that are so very popular for their soft, luxurious and protective warmth. Sometimes lamb’s wool and sheep wool can be slightly coarse hence itchy to very sensitive skin. Cashmere Pashmina from the Changthangi mountain goats around Himalayas is super soft, light yet very protective and most are less than 19 microns and are woven to make beautiful shawls. These shawls are pricier especially those under 14 microns. Cashmere Pashmina wool varies in grade from A to D and all of the grades are really fine and good. Buying shawls online is an affordable proposition as overheads are minimal and this will give consumers a far better deal than buying from a department store at the mall.  Enjoy a unique selection of online shawls and wraps.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Women Use Shawls Mostly As Elegant Evening Shawls

Shawls are used for protection and style. Most women will buy shawls for evening wear over their dresses and gowns for coverage over their bare shoulders and in colder seasons for the warmth it gives while enhancing the look of the evening dress with elegance. That combination of comfortable warmth, protection and a stylish appeal to women seems to be a win-win combination.
Some women wear shawls daily,  others use shawls whilst traveling but women consider having evening shawls a necessity. So most women will shop for evening shawls for their evening wardrobe year round.  Gifting an evening shawl is one of the most appreciated gifts as women love shawls to accessorize. Women often buy a dressy shawl, a beautiful unique evening shawl wrap that will match that particular evening dress for a special occasion/event. Some women plan ahead and have evening shawls already stocked in black, ivory white, beige, navy, burgundy red and silver grey so these shawls can be used with almost any outfit in their wardrobe. Having these classic colors in evening shawls makes you feel ready and confident for any occasion.
In a beautiful sleeveless or strappy evening dress most women who want to cover their arms, part of their backs, the tummy or hip area and the shawl gives that beautiful elegant coverage and enhances their evening look.  So getting good coverage from a shawl is important and women know they look sleeker in a shawl wrap.
In fact the Ruana wrap which has coverage in front, back and sides has become very popular. It makes a woman look taller, sleeker and gives a fashionable appearance to a woman of any age group. Besides Ruanas have a mock neckline so when placed over the neck and shoulders they stay in place which is an added comfort and ease of wear advantage. Women’s Wool Ruanas with a touch of shine have become popular as they look like long cape wraps and women love them for that extra coverage and dressy appeal.

Evening shawls are seasonal and in spring and summer women love the netted shiny shawls, the sheer chiffon wraps, the embellished shawls with crystals, sequins, handcrafted beauty. Silk Pashmina Shawls in spring pastels and vivid summer colors are so in demand due to their silken feel and excellent drape. The shawls used by women in fall and winter are warmer wool shawls. There are different types of wool shawls in the market and women who want warmth gravitate to those shawls. There are alpaca, merino, cashmere pashmina wool shawl options and women look for a balance of comfort, style and budget when making their decisions.

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