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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Evening Wraps to Excite You Women Who Love Style

Women love their evening wraps for style and protection. A stylish hand crafted evening wrap gets a woman all excited as it ensures a unique wrap that you can call your own original. Women get excited to have unique handcrafted evening wraps styled per their specs on sale so they get beauty and affordability too.

On a woman’s list of priorities fashion, style and comfort rank on top. An evening wrap must add style and make the formal outfit more beautiful.  Having the plush soft warmth and comfort of a cashmere wrap for cold weather is very enticing for women. In warmer weather silk evening wraps, sheer chiffon wraps or netted dressy evening wraps work wonders.

Evening wraps must have a fiber or yarn suitable for that season and that also compliments the dress and occasion well. Women get excited when their evening wear is elegant and dressy. They want heads to turn and even the more demure love to get compliments on pulling off a beautiful evening clothing ensemble.
The embellished evening shawls in silver, gold, black, navy, lavender lilac, turquoise, blue,  coral,  ivory cream, white and beige are shawls and wraps to stock up on for evening wear. The petite women love wraps for high style and for their beautiful feel. Some women love the long fringed evening wraps others prefer the fringeless chiffon shawls.

Ruana cape wraps are just an exciting choice for long, wide coverage in a cape wrap for day/evening wear and especially for travel. A quality wool Ruana has soft added comfort for winter and a chiffon Ruana looks alluring for summer. They make a big fashion statement and are high style accessories.Women love shopping online and choose beautiful dressy silk evening wraps to make that fashionable statement at every special occasion. Choose yours today from a very wide selection of shawls and wraps online at Yours Elegantly. Enjoy unique products and dedicated customer service a winning combination for online shopping.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

What's so special about Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina Shawls are soft, light and have a beautiful drape. They are a cut above and slightly pricier too. Online Pashmina shawls on sale can be bought in a wide price range depending on whether they are solid colored shawls blended with silk that gives it a sheen and makes it more affordable or whether it is an intricate handcrafted masterpiece that is a rare find. Simple Silk Pashmina shawls are available on sale at $19.99 online as resale margins are low generally and websites have overall  very low overheads. It is noteworthy that the silk in the shawl cuts down the price considerably. Something similar may sell at department stores with huge overheads at $49.99 so buy Pashmina shawls online as it assures you a good deal and these days online shawl sites give great service too so many women love shopping online from their computers and mobile phones.

Pashmina wool shawls are pricier as the pashmina wool /Pashm is a fine low micron light wool from the Himalayan mountain goat. It is very soft, light and has a divine protective feel unlike some sheep wool which can be bulky and itchy. Women like the protective yet light weight feeling of a Pashmina wool shawl. These range depending on grade of wool from $29.99 to $99.99 pricing also depends on the extent of handwork involved. Embroidered shawls are pricier as are handcrafted shawls and wraps as the handwork is time consuming and requires a high level of expertise. These days Pashmina is used as a brand name and those pashminas are cheaper as they may contain rayon bamboo viscose or acrylic. Women who are looking for shawls in the $4.99 - $9.99 range will find these Rayon Pashminas affordable. Others looking  for the Pashm yarn will have to up the budget and find elegant pashminas on sale.

Many U.S. online sites buy their Pashmina stock from Nepal, India, Turkey, Scotland, & Inner Mongolia where Pashmina Industry is thriving. At Yours Elegantly the Pashminas come from these lands as well as overstocks of companies that liquidate, and many miscellaneous suppliers to ensure a wide variety at different price points so there is something for everyone with unique designing and style. A lot of the shawls are embroidered from India in artsy designs to ensure you a beautiful designer shawl. The team of artists and designers in CT also do handcrafted shawls which you can also customize in design and color. These can be made for you in 1-2 days. Enjoy buying Pashmina shawls online and get a unique shawl you will enjoy for a long time. They make an ideal gift for women.

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