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Friday, February 19, 2016

Ruana Wrap For Women In Beautiful Colors

Three of the cool to cold seasons of the year spring fall and winter need the comfort of the long wide ruana wrap. Some women make them as they are easy to make and others love to buy designer warm Ruana wraps in seasonal colors and intricate designs. Wool ruana are very popular and the cashmere pashmina cape wraps are pricier assuring soft warmth and a great investment. Women who have work ruanas can’t live without them. They give ultimate comfort and are very fashionable worldwide. Their universal appeal makes them popular with women of all age groups.

Benefits of a Ruana Wrap

It has a V neckline that keeps it in place on the shoulders – does not slide off like a shawl does not need a shawl pin either.

The length and width is much larger for added coverage and warmth

The long wide styling gives it versatility to be worn in different styles and assures a sleek stylish look

Ruana for a travel wrap provides ultimate comfort and soft warmth
Perfect cape wrap to lounge at home, stay warm in the air conditioning at work, wear it as an evening ruana with a touch of shine over your dresses/gowns – the ruana has become a necessity for women young and old alike.

Wool Ruana can have sleeves but in most cases for added flexibility does not have sleeves. It may have pockets for convenience and style.

Ruanas can be woven, knit, netted soft and warm as well as sheer and airy in chiffon beauty in summer. Hence they are worn almost year round.

Yours Elegantly online offers best quality winter wool shawls ruana cape wraps at deep discounts 50% -70% off plus the clearance section has sweet deals women do not want to miss. The service is good and delivery prompt. Women love a Ruana wrap for its style, comfort, versatility and beauty. Try one today for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pashmina Shawls – Feel Unique and Warm in the Winter & Year Round

Pashmina Shawl collections are famous all over the world for their light weight and extra ordinary fine feel and soft warmth. The word Pashmina has derived its name from the Persian word Pashm or wool. It is basically a type of cashmere wool which is very fine in nature. It is derived from four special breed of goats that are found in this region. They are as follows:

  • The Malra goats which are found in cold regions
  • Special type of Pashmina goat which is also known by Changthangi 
  • Chegu goats 
  • Chyangara goats which comes from different regions, also known as Chyangara

Pashmina shawls and wools are useful for making many different types of woolen accessories like shawls, wraps etc. They are the most famous among all the products made from Pashmina. In fact, these types of shawls have gained popularity all over the world. They are hand woven by the skilled craftsmen who have carried this art for centuries.

Pashmina shawls have a unique feel and very heavenly soft warmth. Pashmina can be easily distinguished from generic cashmere wool by its extra-ordinary fine fiber the diameter of which is just 15-19 microns. It is extremely hard to find this type of shawls because of the scarcity of Changthangi breed of goats that produce Pashmina wool. This special kind of wool is only 0.1% of the total cashmere wool that is produced all over the world. Pashmina wool is so fine that machines, which make them even more rare and costly, cannot process it. These shawls derive its unique features by the combination of super fine rare wool and skilled artisan expertise. The Pashmina Industry has made great strides now as Pashmina today has become a brand name worldwide.

Pashmina is also used for making products like scarves, wraps and stoles. The demand for the Pashmina shawls particularly grew in 1990 that encouraged rayon/synthetic products being sold due to a high demand for budget shawls. The silk pashmina shawls also started as a result of rise in demand for evening pashmina with sheen and a dressier look. These shawls are truly elegant and beautiful year round accessories for women. The Pashmina wool shawl is reserved for cold weather. Best thing about the product is that it is available in countless paisley designs, beautiful solid shawls in seasonal colors in fine Pashmina and silk blend. Shop for evening gold shawls, silver shawls, pastels silk pashmina for spring and summer wear on sale f& darker colors for fall and winter Pashminas. Stay in style for the season and save when you shop a Pashmina shawls sale online.  Buy your favorite collections today and give your wardrobe a big enhancement.

Monday, February 15, 2016

My Favorite 3 Easy Styles To Wear A Shawl?

Shawls can be worn in many styles to accentuate the beauty of the shawl or keep focus on the dress.  The 3 basic favorite styles I like to wear my shawl are seasonal and easy.   

Off Shoulder shawl style for evening wear shawls -  spring/summer seasons

 Scarf style for a street style chic daily wear  look – fall season

Across the opposite shoulder for added coverage and warmth – winter season

These basic styles are lovely to keep in mind for seasonal wear so you always have that stylish elegant look. They are simple hence very easy to wear  - the pictures are self explanatory nothing confusing. There are women who hesitate to wear shawls because they think they do not know how. This simple guide will turn them into shawl lovers.

3 key points to remember:

1.    For women who want simple elegance wear an off shoulder look in spring and summer for your evening shawls

2.    In fall wear the scarf style over your fall coat

3.    In winter the warmth giving style of across the opposite shoulder is ideal.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Where to buy shawls from CT USA

There are many options for women who are looking for shawls and wraps from a CT based business. You can shop online or at the mall other options are the unique boutiques and small local businesses.

Some stores keep only evening shawls along with their evening bridal & bridesmaids dresses and others keep a wide variety of shawls for daily wear like the popular Pashminas that women crave. Other shawl types available in the local CT market are  the warm wool ruana wraps,  travel shawls best being the silk pashmina ones, silk shawls, net shawls, cashmere pashmina wool shawls and more…

One unique online CT shawls site has shawls that are way beyond your imagination. They have the most beautiful handcrafted shawls, bridal wedding shawls wraps and embroidered shawls that make wonderful gifts for any occasion. Shawls from this CT based small business are selected by designers with seasonal trends in mind and keeping in mind a wide customer base looking to buy some rare finds. The key is to cater to different tastes and shawl styles and have something for everyone who comes to the site hence the range is so large and selection is distinctive and classy.

The best part is the friendly customer service and customers come back to this site to shop for more as they are assured of great service, assistance in finding a good color match of shawl to their dresses and prompt timely delivery with a token gift as this business cares. Looking for a beautiful evening shawl this is the site to shop at as the sale pricing is deeply discounted and the varying yarns of shawls are beautiful.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

What to Look For In An Evening Shawl

An evening shawl must have a dressy formal look and be a good compliment to the evening dress it is being worn with. Women want their evening shawls to exude elegance style and class. In some cases women wear evening shawls to enhance the appeal of a very simple evening dress. In such a case the shawl must be beautiful with an elegant pattern or colorful weaves as it is the focal point of the evening attire. In such a case a designer paisley shawl, a handcrafted shawl or even an embroidered shawl would be better as they are eye catching and unique.

Looking for the correct yarn in the evening shawl is equally important and the yarn is determined not only by the dress material but more so by the season you are buying the shawl for. Fall shawls are popular in a warm 2 ply / 3 ply cashmere pashmina wool yarn. Winter evening shawls are very warm 4 ply cashmere shawls - soft elegant and usually preferred in classic colors like a black, silver, ivory white, beige, dark purple, royal blue, burgundy, red, turquoise and grey which are must have evening shawl colors. For spring and summer shawls the light sheer chiffon silk shawls, Pashmina and silk shawls, netted lace & velvet shawls seem to be the shawls of choice in silver, gold, beige, cream, pastel shades of blue, pink, green,  lilac lavender, coral, & yellow.


The question often comes to mind when buying an evening shawl as to how dressy it should be. Does it need a shine or should it be simple elegance? The choice of shawl depends on the dress and occasion. If the dress is very intricate and busy match it with a solid shawl. Try to match the shawl to the silver / gold accessories like shoes, jewelry or handbag as that pulls the whole outfit together beautifully. For a very simple dress try a shawl with a paisley design, colorful weaves, handcrafted elegance or even an embroidered shawl to add that special appeal and uplift that simple dress to a higher style level with the shawl being the focal point.

So buying an evening shawls will be easy when you shop online at a shawls wraps site that has a vast selection of evening shawls so it becomes an easy enjoyable shopping experience.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

This 2016 Wear Scarves Shawls & Wraps to Express the Real You

Women love to buy scarves & wraps to express their style sense. Fashion changes but your innate style expresses the real you. So this 2016 wear shawls to express the real You! Be elegant with evening shawls and wraps in trendy seasonal colors and unique styles that express your unique style sense.

Fashion scarves shawls & wraps are a woman’s best friend. This is so because they enhance a woman’s attire and we women love accessories and stock up with new seasonal favorites.

Some women love solid shawls in pastel beauty for spring, slightly bolder brighter colors for summer, dark vibrant hues for fall and real deep colors for winter shawls. Others love designs like the jacquard paisley shawl weaves and big designer paisleys with flowery beauty all intricately woven by expert artisans in India and Nepal to leave you wonder struck.

Beautiful handcrafted shawls with shimmery silver and gold sparkles are dazzling for evening shawls and wraps. Seasonal motifs, vines, flowery designs and dragonfly, butterfly motifs are so charming for spring and summer wear. Having a hand crafted shawl makes you stand out in the crowd as it would be a rare one of a kind piece. You can customize the color of the shawl, choose a design from the many available at Yours Elegantly - a very unique online shawls site with handcrafted shawls scarves and wraps to dazzle your senses. There is a lot to choose from so you are sure to find a beautiful shawl gift for that picky giftee too.

Accessorize with embroidered shawls as it is all about being unique and beautiful. Women love the delicate floral embroidery all over the silk pashmina shawls and they make a unique ladies gift. Men know that embroidered shawls will surely find a place in  that special woman’s heart and will be treasured. Find unique shawls and wraps at this online site that cares about service, prompt delivery and gives you a gift with every purchase along with an amazing 50% -70% off sale with special clearance shawl bargains. Don’t miss this – hurry and stock up on shawls to cherish.

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