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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Cleaning and Protecting Fashionable Pashmina Shawls

Fashion does not come easily to anyone and everyone. While some of the people might have all the clothes in the world causing only more and more confusion to come in mind, many others might not really be bothered about their dress sense. You may have seen some fashionable women look stellar in solid colored Pashmina shawls draped elegantly over their beautiful gowns on a chilly evening out. The dangle bling on their ears might be adding on to the sparkle that would make them a woman to behold. Pashmina shawls are an affordable accessory today as the Pashmina shawl industry understands they need to manufacture something for everyone to satisfy the general high demand for shawls and wraps especially Pashmina shawls. The Pashmina Wool shawls are pricy the silk Pashmina shawls more affordable and the artificial pashmina shawls used as a brand name are for budget consumers. Stores will stock many varieties but as a customer you decide which Pashmina you would like to opt for. Some women are yarn conscious others just want a unique evening wrap.

Styling up in Pashmina Shawls:

You shall be able to get Pashmina shawls, scarves, designer, shiny silk and embroidered shawls almost from all top online stores. This said, though you might buy these shawls at a good value, you shall have to take care of these. Do make sure that you spend a lot of time in protecting these shawls so they last long and you can get a lot of wear from them. Some women pass them on to their kids especially the upscale warm Pure Pashmina shawls. Dry Clean is recommended though  you might like to hand wash the shawls - you should not just drop them in washing machines or scrub them – here are some useful suggestions on how to care for them.

Do’s and don’ts while washing shawls:

You should avoid washing Pashmina shawls in hot water. Just wash them in lukewarm water with mild shampoo or light detergent like woolite.

You should not use hard chemicals to wash these shawls. Do not dry these shawls in dryers. Do not wring them to dry up since that will loosen the fibers and make the shawl sag look badly soon. Pat them dry to remove excess water.

Yes, these shawls should be dried by placing them flat on a table in the shade so that excessive sun does not fade the bright colors or texture.
Once they are dried you can steam them lightly. You can iron them on a gentle wool/silk setting and roll them or fold them and store in a light fabric bag or plastic bag in your closet. Adding in some cedar wood and moth balls is good too. If you use hangers use padded ones and cover them with a plastic or cloth zipped cover for added protection. This way you get to have a fresh looking Pashmina for long term use. Women cherish these shawls so the right care is important.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Latest Trend In Fashion Scarves for Women

What is a Fashion scarf? How is it different from any other scarf? Well women see fashion scarves as “seasonal scarves that are trendy”. Some women wear light fashion scarves for spring and summer and warmer thicker scarves in fall and winter to keep warm. Some women don’t care for any specific material and hence will use to the search term “fashion scarves” to find trendy scarves that are fashionable for that particular season. Hence you will find a variety of scarves in solid and printed beauty, embroidered scarves, paisley scarves in all kinds of yarns too. If a woman wants a specific type of scarf like a  pashmina scarf she will enter that search term to buy Pashminas online. So fashion scarves is a more general term women use when they do not have a specific type in mind.

Fashion scarves for spring and summer are light sheer airy and beautiful in chiffon silk, lace, metallic netted scarves and wraps. In winter the wool scarves are a fashion trend and some women love cashmere scarves.

Solid fashion scarves are a must have for women to enhance your wardrobe it does not matter the season or age group.  Classic colors in ladies scarves are a must have - ivory white, beige, silver grey, black, green, purple, pink, blue, green and turquoise.
Designer fashion scarves for women have artsy paisley designs, flowery designing, winter snowflakes - in a nutshell it is all about stylish in -season scarves.

The handcrafted seasonal fashion scarves are a niche market and stores like Yours Elegantly have seasonal handcrafted scarves and wraps that are beautiful on sale 50% -70% off with a gift special. These make unique gifts for any occasion especially wedding and bridesmaids shawls that are sure to be remembered.

Check out silk embellished evening scarves and wraps, clearance affordable scarves to uplift your wardrobe at a fraction of the price as accessories are the best wardrobe enhancer. Women dig beautiful scarves on sale as they love bargains. Wear scarves in many styles and look amazing.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Affordable Cashmere Scarves on Sale for Men and Women

Cashmere scarves for men and women are essentials for Winter. Soft, warm and protective these discounted cashmere scarves are affordable for men and women who love the soft feel against their skin and the smart colors.

Women’s warm winter scarves are also available in warm paisley weaves and the paisley designing is reversible and beautiful adding a touch of class to any woman’s winter wardrobe. The warm scarves are mostly 4 ply and the warmth is not overwhelming. They come in the standard length and the longer length for the taller folks. Cashmere Scarves come from Nepal, India, from liquidation sales and overstocks of corporations. Something for all budget points.

There are also wrap scarves that are wider and longer ideal for added coverage. There is so much to choose from in winter scarves – something for every one’s taste and gifts. There are many yarns, plys which means a layer of yarn so the higher the ply the heavier the scarf and its warmth potential. 4 ply is the most popular for winter scarves for men and women. That is because at that ply the warm scarves are comfortably warm and not too bulky.

Gifts a winter scarf today to your family, relatives, friends, colleagues at golf club events as wedding favors and employee appreciation gifts. Buy retails/wholesale and get good service and a gift with purchase. Bulk orders get additional discounts in the wholesale section. Shipping is free over $50.00 and shopping for online winter scarves is convenient and easy. Hurry and save now!

Designer Paisley Cashmere Pashmina Shawls From India Origin & Progress

Women dream of warm winter paisley shawls in Cashmere Pashmina wool. India is the land where these come from in abundance. The weavers have artisan quality expertise and the shawls are a blend of amazing colors and progressive paisley designs mixed with flowery elegance. The artistry and creativity is amazing in these unique cashmere pashmina shawls.

The designer winter shawls in jamawar weaves with the mango shaped paisley originated in 1780 in Kashmir and started with Moghul dynasty. Under the Mughal empire art flourished to a high degree and the paisley shawls were hand woven in great designing splendor.  In 1785 the shawl popularity began spreading. 

The Paisley design origin is rather appealing. It started from a single flowering plant in the Mughal courtyard that captured the interest of the emperor. The weavers specially made hand woven shawls for royalty that were intricate and beautiful in paisley designs. This paisley design then further progressed from a single spray into upright sprays of flowering plants. They acquired a cone shape called as boteh at the time which is now the paisley. This paisley motif evolved from a tiny cone shape to an elongated shape and kept progressing in design.

Kashmir shawls grew in popularity in Europe and demand was tremendous by mid nineteenth century. The shawls were produced by hand looms and took a long time. Due to high demand small pieces were being made by several weavers and patched together. Even today we see the warm cutwork cashmere pashmina shawls available in India.

European manufacturers noticed the increasing demand for the Kashmir paisley shawls  and Britain look leading interest in this. In 1970 imitations of the Kashmir shawls developed. By 1800 the Paisley shawls were produced by Handlooms in Europe. In 1920 the jacquard loom in Paisley made the shawls mass produced as opposed to the smaller cottage industry manner.  They were manufactured in bulk, became more commercial hence cheaper by sub division of labor and specialization. The designs got bolder there were many colors introduced in the design and the industry thrived.

The Kashmir Paisley is still special the weaving technique is distinct and the yarn is Cashmere Pashmina – from the Himalayan mountain goat. The shawls from Paisley Scotland  are more heavier wool. The factory weaves are different and the shawls though beautiful have a different feel. Today the paisleys are mass produced in many countries but India remains the largest producer to date of designer Cashmere Pashmina paisley shawls in amazing weaves that are unique.

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