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Friday, July 29, 2016

Pashmina Shawls And Wraps Evolution Over Time

Are you a fashionable women who yearns for a soft Pashmina Shawl? Well you are no different from millions of other women all over the world who want that too. I too am a shawl enthusiast looking for unique colors and artsy designs in shawls and scarves. It is true that pashmina scarves have been a trendy accessory for women for decades now. Pashmina is known to be a super soft, light and fine natural fiber and the Pashmina Industries in Nepal, India, Turkey, Inner Mongolia have through time evolved from the hand woven Pashmina to mass machine production to satisfy the high level of demand.
The real Pashmina yarn is basically the inner fur of the hilly goats called 'Changthangi' that live typically at very high altitudes. This yarn is shed by these goats and collected - it is soft to the touch, light, unique & so fine even for sensitive skin. This has made it a popular clothing/accessory yarn and has indeed made women from all over the world crave it for their all season wardrobe. Manufacturers have been forced to cater to women of all tastes some want the Pashmina wool shawl which is warm, other women want a silk pashmina shawl with sheen for evening wear, still others want designer paisley shawls and others go for Pashmina as a brand name which it has become in many parts of the world. The Pashmina Industry in Nepal has struggled to maintain the authenticity of its Pashmina but it looks like the worldwide fashion industry seems to dictate what it needs.

When we go back to the history of Pashmina, we find it was so pricey that only the royalty mainly the Indian Maharajas and Maharanis, the royal emperors of that time could afford it. With time the Pashmina demand diversified in its needs, price point,  and style so much so that today it has evolved as a household brand name.

It started with the mid-twentieth century, when the richest of Kashmir's kings used to stock the Pashmina Shawls from Nepal and other higher regions of the Himalayas. This further led to the evolution of a highly flourishing cottage industry in Kashmir as well. With time, there are many Pashmina Industries and factories that have sprung up to cater to the insatiable demand for various types of Pashmina in the fashion industry.

Women wear pashmina shawls in different styles. In some countries shawls are worn almost daily part of the attire like in North India for example. For daily wear budget shawls and pashmina blends have become popular. For special occasions women still buy the pure pashmina which costs more but is worth the amount.

The pastel and vivid solid color Pashmina shawls and also those with intricate paisley designs are all in demand as the fashion Industry, celebrities, Bollywood and Hollywood stars have created a real craving for these beautiful shawls and wraps amongst women all over the world. Whether you are an office going woman or a college student, you can wrap your pashmina in a scarf or wrap style depending on the occasion. With shawls available in all budgets there is something for every woman's budget. The Pashmina now has evolved into a fashion statement.

Browse the ever increasing range of pashmina shawls at online stores and feel the difference of pashmina shawls by experiencing their soft light yet protective feel. For a summer wrap try a silk pashmina which is divinely silken and drapes to perfection. Do not wait anymore drape a Pashmina in your price range and enjoy a beautiful shawl experience.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Why Did The Hand Weaving Of Cashmere Shawls And Wraps Decline?

Cashmere shawls in ancient times were all hand woven and it took months to make an intricate hand woven cashmere shawl. As demand for these lovely soft warm shawls grew there was a need for fast increasing supply which lead to the machine made shawls mass producing the shawls to meet the demand.
Also the Cashmere wraps used to cost a fortune but with factories springing and machine  made shawls being abundant the demand supply situation stabilized and brought down the pricing to a more affordable level. In today’s winter wear accessory market a cashmere shawl depending on the ply / layer of yarn whether a thin single ply or a warm thicker 4 ply, quality of cashmere wool, intricacy of handwork all determine the price of the shawl and wraps.
With mass production prices are very competitive. On sale, a cashmere shawl can be $39.99 upwards. Overstocks and Cashmere Shawls sales are the best time off season to pick up amazing bargains and stock up as cashmere appeal is classic and eternal. Cashmere scarves makes unisex beautiful gifts for the Holidays/ weddings/ Birthdays/Anniversaries for men and women. In fact in some states where fall winter and the spring seasons are cool to cold the cashmere scarves become like a necessity and even a style statement.

Some women like a silk cashmere Wraps blend as the silk makes the shawl even more divine and not quite as warm and that enables it to be a year round accessory. A scarf for fall and winter and a light flowing wrap shawl for spring and summer in silken cashmere blend is a lovely way to enhance your look.  Women seeking a high degree of warmth will wear a pure cashmere wool shawl with a thicker ply. 2 ply is great for spring and fall cool air but for colder winters a 4 ply wrap is ideal.  The beautiful seasonal shawl and wrap colors helps you stay in trend for that season. Paisley warm cashmere pashmina from India are trendsetters and having a couple of them greatly enriches any woman’s outer wear collection.

Men love cashmere scarves especially at a reasonable sale price in solid smart colors like navy, grey, dark green, black, brown, burgundy red and camel beige.  If you want to buy a unique Holiday shawl gift the winter handcrafted shawls and wraps at Yours Elegantly are so unique it is sure to make the recipient feel very appreciated and cared about!

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