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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Some Cashmere Scarves Online That Cannot Be Missed

Cashmere scarves are mostly unisex with a 3” fringe they can be solid colors or in plaid or other designer weaves like hounds tooth or herringbone. Mostly cashmere scarves are 3-4 ply for soft warmth and they come in a standard length of 12” x 64”. However, taller women and men do need long and wide scarves so there are cashmere scarfs that are 15” x 72” and then the much longer and wider ones that can be scarf wraps for women and big scarves for men who love the extra yarn. These clearance deals are close to cost and customer can get away with paying $24.99 - $29.99 for clearance winter scarves. The quality is generally good for the price and makes for affordable warm scarf gifts for the Holidays. Great for bulk buys for resale or for corporate events. Promotional companies are always looking for deals on these type of winter scarves for women and men.

Standard Size Cashmere Scarves online are on sale in many colors and you can buy them at a deeply discounted price. They can be a result of an overstock clearance or liquidation sales if they are deeply discounted. The store may have got them at a good deal and with low resale margins passes on savings to the customer. For upscale best Nepal cashmere scarves the price is usually around $39.99 on sale.

The oversized cashmere scarves are a big deal and a best buy at $44.99. Sometimes the warm scarves are from cashmere wool and other times they could have a cashmere pashmina silk blend. The blended scarves are lighter for year round wear. Women love cashmere scarves in brighter colors that are seasonal and the men love the classic grey, black, navy, dark green, burgundy red cashmere scarves and like women men too aspire to get a good deal especially online so they can stock up for unique gifts.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Where To Buy Cotton Tunic Tops Online

There are millions of online tunic top sites and the question is where to shop so as to get cotton tunics in soft India beautiful cotton with a touch of embroidered beauty maybe for spring summer and fall. Some sites carry a wide variety, size their tunics by the American size chart which helps a lot, have good service and quick delivery from the USA - those are sites to focus on when doing your online tunics and tops shopping for a great shopping experience.

Some women wear tunics all through the year as the soft comfort of cotton on all skin types including sensitive skin is what women love and want. The tunics are sized per American size chart so there is no fit issue. Cotton tunic tops for women are meant to run loose with that tunic flow to keep women of all sizes and shapes looking gorgeous and feeling confident. Plus size tunics in cotton fly out the door so shop now and get yourself or a woman you care about a tunic to cherish.

India is a textile capital of the world and women know getting Indian cotton tunic tops ensures them a quality summer tunic with designer elegance as the artisans are so highly skilled  and the designs range from a delicate touch to intricate beauty.

Cotton dyes well with organic dyes too into beautiful pastel and vibrant colors. So if you are looking for amazing bright or light tunics in glorious colors stop the one shop tunics, scarves, jewelry and evening bags site and enjoy a year round sale with a gift with every order. Call in or email with questions and get excellent service. This online tunic site is a cut above when it comes to affordable pricing, best tunics for women  and service to remember.


Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Unknown Secrets Behind Cashmere Wraps Shawls Popularity Over Dresses

Since 1970, using wraps around dress has come into existence and gaining popularity with every passing day. Today, it is widely acknowledged style, especially among women for its sheer characteristics and versatility. only is such style easy to wear, but also gives a sense of comfort that is unparalled. The first time it was used, was of a knitted jersey, conceived by a Belgian-American fashion designer named Diane von Furstenberg.
This design is flexible for both casual as well as professional looks on women, giving it a multipurpose dimension. As defined in wikipedia, this type of style refers to "A dress with a front closure formed by wrapping one side across the other, and knotting the attached ties that wrap around the back at the waist or fastening buttons. This forms a V-shaped neckline and hugs a woman's curves. A faux wrap dress resembles this design, except that it comes already fastened together with no opening in front, but instead is slipped on over the head."

Compared to traditionally old jersey fabric, modern day versions feature versatility, comfort, and ease of wearing, non crease, as well as style. Through these cashmere shawls wraps, the basic design can be completely converted into astonishing creative styles, wherein a single dress can be converted to a multitude of styles, depending on how wraps are used on your body. Specially, when it comes to Cashmere wraps, it is a perfect balance of western and traditional appeal.

Sash ties goes very well with these wraps, making the style adaptable to many sub styles, likewise ‘twist wrap dress’. There are many sub styles supporting plus size wrap dresses, maternity wrap dresses, and convertible wrap dresses. Unlike most dresses meeting a single size specification, you can still things look remarkable different while maintaining original fashion sense.  nthusiasts dealing in dressmaking and sewing find great appeal in such wraps.
It all depends on the timeframe regarding when to wear a wrap for formal, and when to wear it for informal occasions. Cotton, silk, and chiffon are extremely popular material for wraps. When worn as complete business attire, there is an unmatched appeal to it. A remarkable feature related to knitted fabrics resulting in the crease resistant quality, giving hours of warmth, comfort, and unmatchable qualities without getting worn out.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Why I love the Women's Wool Ruana Cape Wraps Shawls at Yours Elegantly

I love cape wraps and my family has a lot of women in it and we all love Winter shawls ruana cape wraps when it gets cool. Three of the seasons in the U.S are cool to cold and often times a warm large size cape wrap gives that added plush warmth, coverage and a sleek look too. Every woman needs a couple cape wraps as part of her fall winter and spring wardrobe. They can have a fringe or be fringeless some have a ruffled edge it all depends on the ruana style you like, Buying a couple classic colors to suit your entire wardrobe is the key as once you wear capes and ruana wraps you never want a coat again. They are so useful during the 3 cool and cold seasons and you will get a ton of use out of them. Caring and storing them in a cool dry place in a bag with some cedar sticks will ensure they last long in perfect condition.
There are many women who choose not to wear a coat or jacket with the buttoning and zippers being a source of irritation for them. They choose the open ease of draping a cape wrap over their neck and shoulders and letting it hang loose or secure it in the middle with hook or button to keep it together. Black, navy, grey, red, purple, green, mustard, turquoise, teal and dark brown are the favorite colors to have in the warm ruanas. The faux fur wraps are ideal for winter especially during the festive dressy Holiday season celebrations and events. The white faux fur wrap makes an ideal bridal wrap.

Warm ruana wool shawls wraps are great for casual longing at home or on vacation they transition well to evening ruana wraps and at all times with their wide long coverage do ensure a very sleek look that women tend to love. Plush warmth, high style and a sleek look which woman would not like that, right? So Yours Elegantly carries a variety of solid, patterned, reversible warm ruanas to make sure you have plenty of choice to buy something for yourself and beautiful gifts at reasonable pricing on your gift list for any occasion including holiday gifts for women.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Where To Buy Cashmere Wraps In Many Colors And Designs

There are stores like Macy’s and Bloomingdales to buy women’s cashmere wraps and unique online sites like Yours Elegantly to buy Cashmere shawls and wraps on sale in such an array of colors. They have become such a necessity for women as they are great for evening wear and can also be used as a Cashmere scarf over your winter coat. They can be wrapped around your shoulder and neck to add protection and warmth thereby keeping you from falling sick in the cold seasons and ensuring a chic stylish look.

Cashmere wraps at Yours Elegantly come in 2 ply 3 ply and 4 ply and as the ply increases they get warmer, thicker and more plush and soft. A ply being a layers of yarn and we all know that cashmere is a light goat underfur that sheds and is woven in Nepal, India, Inner Mongolia into amazing shawls and wraps.

A Ruana wrap which is like a larger shawl with a mock neckline so it stays in place with all around more coverage is so popular with women.  Buy a women’s cape wrap made from cashmere wool which is the creme de la crème of wool and it will last for years if cared for and stored correctly. The wraps are dyed in many colors and adds that classy touch to your three cool to cold season wardrobe - so it is a small investment to make for fall winter and spring wear. When the yarn is pure there is a matte look when the yarn is combined with silk there is a sheen. Women like cashmere silk for the warmer weather and year round wear but the pure cashmere wool wraps are what give ultimate warmth in the cold seasons.

The most popular colors in cashmere shawls are black, grey, ivory, white, silver, beige, camel, navy, royal blue, red, dark red, burgundy, dark grey, dark purple, turquoise, hot pink, blush, orange, and dark green. The shawls in these colors and more are so stunning at Yours Elegantly that customers come back for more of that soft luxurious warmth and amazing colors to add a splash of je ne sais quoi to their attire in fall winter and spring. Buy one today in a designer paisley style – they reverse into a different color such amazing pieces of artisan quality craftsmanship is a rare find. The U.S. Canada, U.K. Australia are fans of cashmere pashmina accessories and the demand is great at sites that care and provide good service. Yours Elegantly realizes that and their motto is unique shawls at reasonable pricing coupled with great service and orders ship from CT on a timely basis with a gift. Orders over $50 get free shipping within the USA. Shop the difference today!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Shawls An Accessory that Women Find A Necessity Rather Than A Luxury

With three seasons fall, winter and spring being cool to very cold in the USA, Canada, UK and many parts of Europe and Australia women have realized the value of a soft warm protective shawl as also the style and warmth of a cashmere scarf. Today women are mostly working and on the go and in big cities commute by trams and subways and hence they always carry a warm shawl wrap and with their winter coat a warm cashmere scarf. From a luxury accessory at one time the shawls have become a necessity today to ward off the cold weather in three seasons. Keeping warm and protecting oneself well in winter keeps your health good which prevents unnecessary visits to the doctor and taking sick leave from work.

Shawls come in many yarns so they can be light for evening shawls for a slight cover for your shoulders and hands in chiffon silk, pashmina silk, cashmere silk, but get warmer once they are made from the fine soft cashmere pashmina yarn for the cooler seasons. Wool is ideal for cold weather and there are many types of wool shawls. Women who like heavy wraps want sheep wool others who want light weight quality warmth prefer Cashmere shawls and pashmina wraps. Since it is the underfur of the Himalayan mountain goat the cashmere pashmina yarn it is very soft, fine and handwoven in all its luxurious warmth.

Shawls used to be customary wear for men and women in India, Rome, Greece among other places. Today shawls are more of a practical accessory and a style statement. Winter wear looks great when accompanied by a solid wrap or plaid cashmere Scarves. Try it and wear it in different styles suited to the occasion or for added coverage and warmth.

Shawls are available at malls, but when you shop online at stores like YoursElegantly.com you get shawl on sale in such a wide variety of seasonal yarns and colors. The designs kept by this site are artistic and beautiful for customers looking for unique shawls. They have designers in house to hand craft shawls and that way you get a shawl that is truly unique for you. Made in one to two days the handcrafted shawls is a niche market they have! The service is amazing as the staff is friendly and caring. Try calling or emailing if you need help matching a shawl to your dress.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Styles To Wear Cashmere Scarves Scarf For Women And Men

Cashmere scarves are very protective and stylish when you wear them in a way that suits you and they ward off the cold so effectively that children teens adults men and women should wear them to be well protected in winter along with enhancing their winter outer wear look.

Even in a restaurant just add on a cashmere scarf for that comfy warm toasty feeling. On a flight I like cashmere shawls and my spouse loves a cashmere scarf. Whilst on vacation in cool to cold weather they are absolute necessities. Here are some styles with pics that are easy to wear.

Wear your cashmere scarves in stylish ways and ways to add more warmth  if needs be. These styles are unisex styles so men and women can wear them in a style of their choice. Once you get used to wearing a warm scarf you will notice it becomes part of your style and always ensures a smart look. It also has an enhancing value to a casual and dressy outfit. Makes the outer wear coat or jacket look amazing too. A winter scarf in soft cashmere wool which is a fine soft wool is an  investment with good value that can be used in fall winter and spring three season wear makes it a must have women and men’s accessory and a unique gift too. It ensures style and the benefit of good health as you keep yourself well covered from the chill and wind on a cold day.

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