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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Cotton Tunics With Long Sleeves For Women

Women love cool cotton tunics in spring and summer particularly. It is true that many women wear cotton tunics year round. Customers of Yours Elegantly an online tunic site call in to stock up on dark shades in cotton tunics for fall and winter and the long sleeves is so welcome for those seasons. In summer long sleeved cotton tunics keep you protected from the intense heat, cotton tunics from India are so cool and comforting as well as chic in style. Designers worldwide have taken like a magnet to Indian tunic tops and Indian artisans have designs that are unique and artistic. Indian tunics do not cost a high price as India is “land of Textiles” and labor is inexpensive making the tunics affordable elegance.

Women of all sizes, shapes and from all walks of life whether a career woman, a mother, a grandmother all love cotton kurtis an Indian word for the lose flowing Indian tunics that is now a household name thanks to high fashion clothing designers. Models and celebrities have since past decade sported tunics and they have become a worldwide popular clothing item.

Short tunics, long knee length tunics with leggings, short sleeved tunics and the in demand long sleeve cotton tunics are what women want for gifts. So for valentines day, weddings, anniversarie buy your special woman friend or relative tunic tops that she will cherish. Sized according to the American size chart Indian tunics sold in USA are just the right gift. Which woman would not love to hide any trouble areas or look cool and beautiful in the en vogue style and comfort of a fashionable tunic kurti. We all crave tunics in many colors and styles and cotton rules year round.

No matter if you are a plus size woman, or petite women tunics look amazing and give your persona an appealing elegance. Casual summer tunics with jeans or shorts are perfect while vacationing as they are versatile as beach cover ups. Great for travel comfort tunics are ideal for a car ride or flight. Buy one today and experience the magical beauty of a woman’s embroidered long sleeve cotton.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Wedding Shawls Shawl for Bridesmaids Wedding Party Wraps

If you are having a wedding no matter what the season have a beautiful ivory white wedding shawl or a winter wedding wrap is so important. Buy shawls for bridesmaids in colors matching the wedding theme on sale at deep discounts and get a customer appreciation gift at Yours Elegantly.

The Mother of the bride and Mother of the groom need shawls too. Shawls for the entire bridal party are a good idea. Many brides love Pashmina shawls as wedding favors. What a lovely colorful touch to make the wedding elegant and unique. Drape the pashmina wedding favors over chairs, lay them in baskets or on a fancy rack be creative – the wedding planner has many ideas on this.

Yours Elegantly is your online shawls site buy retail as an individual or if you are a wedding planner or event planner buy on wholesale. Great customer service and prompt shipping from CT USA keeps you stress free. Call 860-355-4184 or email sales@yourselegantly.com A wedding shawl must be unique so the handcrafted shawls made in 1-2 days by artists and designers at Yours Elegantly with flowery vines, silvery or gold sparkles and seasonal elegant motifs lends a unique touch to the bridal dress and completes it while keeping the bride comfortable in case the weather turns cool.
Having a beach wedding shawls are always a necessity as the air is crispy cool and taking pictures takes time and if the bride and bridesmaids have shawls and wraps for light coverage there will be many happy smiles. Make the wedding as beautiful and complete as possible by thinking about these fine points for the bridal party hence shawls is a must buy for brides and bridesmaids. Yours Elegantly has beautiful wedding shawls shades of colors, designs, amazing solid pashmina silk shawls and cashmere wraps something for all seasons. Their staff love to assist so please do not hesitate.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Buy Pashmina Shawls And Wraps Retail and Wholesale For Any Occasion

Today women want shawls and wraps as the finishing touch for an outfit especially in unpredictable weather.  Individual customers love Pashmina on retail especially at deep discounts. Resellers, event planners, wedding planners love wholesale pashmina so they can have a good resale margin.

Pashminas also enriches the overall appearance of a woman to a more fashionable look and gives her soft protection if the weather turns cool which happens in fall winter and spring. Shawls come to the rescue and are hence the most wanted gift for the Holidays, for Valentines, Birthdays, weddings most of all. Brides love a beautiful white wedding shawl or an ivory cashmere wrap. Shawls for bridesmaids are a must have especially as the girls are so precious and the bride wants them looking and feeling good.  Pashmina wedding favors can be bought on wholesale – drape the Pashmina wraps and shawls on chairs for guests or leave them in multicolored beauty in baskets it adds enchantment to a wedding to make the event one to remember.

Women of all ages love shawls and wraps. A shawl is generally a rectangular shape but these days many women love the triangle shawls, square scarf wraps and most of all in cold weather the bigger wider and longer Ruana wrap is in demand. It gives ultimate warmth, comfort and a sleek stylish look to a woman of any age. I have seen teens, women in the twenties and thirties as well as middle aged women and the more mature sixty plus woman wear a warm Ruana wrap in winter and a chiffon light wrap in spring and summer for that beautiful look that is assured with this accessory. Once you try it you will surely buy more and Yours Elegantly has amazing ones on sale in solid colors and designer beauty.

Fashion shawls can be chiffon silk for the warmer seasons and cashmere pashmina wool for the cooler and cold winter time. Women love seasonal colors pastels in spring, bright summer colors for warm weather fashion scarves and dark shades for winter wraps.

There is a lot to choose from over thousand designs colors in beautiful seasonal accessories with free shipping specials on orders over $50.00 and a gift with each order. This site is unique, customer oriented and prompt to ship from CT USA so shop till you drop as you will love the seasonal scarves wraps and shawls also remember to stock up for affordable yet impressive gifts. Men do love cashmere scarves and women cherish cashmere pashmina wool shawls. There is something for those of you that have exclusive high end taste and a higher budget as well as for those looking for affordable bargains.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Winter Cashmere Scarves Are A Great Way To Add A Funky Look To Personality

Cashmere scarves have been around since ages with an equal popularity among men and women. When you buy such cashmere scarves, nothing else will do. The importance of such scarves cannot be disregarded as they are considered to be the ultimate practical clothing items, becoming a style statement for most seasons.
The main purpose of Cashmere scarves has always been and will always be to give protective comfort during winter or chilling cold winds. It has undergone a lot of modifications with time, with such scarves acting as a great accessory. From just being a mere puzzle, it has become one of the most important parts of a man and woman’s wardrobe for cool to cold seasons. Cashmere silk scarves are ideal for summer wear.

One such recent cashmere scarf trend is a plaid trend. Wearing plain colored scarves is classic and a favorite of most men and women as they are easy to match or contrast with your wardrobe. Most people go for a plaid one because it is wonderful to wear such plaid scarves with different outfits, giving a wonderful blend of uplifting colors to the outfit. For men, plaid cashmere scarves is all about looking more masculine and in style.

People, who like to go for a distinctive classy look or a grunge or a punk style, prefer to opt for plaid cashmere winter scarves as there are so many plaid designs and colors offered. The preference of such people is a combination of red and black, navy and blue, grey and black, dark brown and beige or a mix and match of colors for a stylish appeal. You cannot deny the fact that clothes and accessories matter to men and women. Main thing is the overall personality exuded from wearing a smart scarf to uplift your wardrobe. So stock up for yourself and for cashmere scarves as unique unisex gifts today.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

5 Top Winter Scarves Colors Meant For All

A winter scarf for men is something to give some thought to, especially since men do love warm cashmere scarves for fall winter and spring which are three seasons of the year. It might seem a real small accessory, but when a winter scarf is put on with simple smart clothing, it makes a major impact on the overall appearance of men. Let us have a look at the colors that can make a big difference in transforming the way men looks.

1. Camel color indicates a calm tone, essentially indicating stability and reliability. Hence, it is an ideal choice for white collar people, especially bosses and managers.

2. Beige color with a light texture is a wonderful choice displaying steady character, and an ideal choice for people bored of dark tones, leading to a lively steady balance.

3. Burgundy color symbolizes masculinity, confidence and charm. The look can be dashing, to make you stand out in a crowd.

4. Twin colors with the likes of navy and blue is a wonderful alternative for a twin color combo. Navy blue scarves go very well with most outwear. Navy represents steadiness in character, while light blue ones bring in a young breath of fresh air. Hence, having a combined effect of both represents a perfect blend of cool personality.

5. White even ivory white scarves deliver a star image, a classy touch for day and evening wear. It is a favorable color among models and celebrities, and an eye catching color among the streets of Europe, USA, Australia, Canada... Being an evergreen color, you will never feel out of date or misplaced among others. Although it is a prominent color in the USA and Europe, white colored winter scarves are as much popular across the globe.

Although we had a brief discussion on five popular colors among winter scarves, the list can go on and on, depending on what your favorite colors are and what suits you the best. The best part about this whole winter scarves thing is you can experiment and see which one looks best on you.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Why Do Women Love Pashmina Shawls And Wraps

Women are passionate about shawls and wraps especially in countries like India, Nepal, USA, Canada parts of Europe and Australia. It could be that these places have a couple cool to cold seasons that make the shawl wrap a must have accessory to ward off the cold chill. In addition it has the advantage of adding comfort and beauty to the casual day wear, career clothing, travel look and most of all as an elegant evening wrap over a dress or gown. Women know that beautiful Pashmina shawls and wraps can make for a sleeker look with appropriate coverage. It can enhance the overall appearance in any season making it seasonal trendy and classy. Women even gift shawls to other women knowing full well how much such a unique gift is going to be appreciated and put to full use. Well, they even gift cashmere scarves to the men in their lives. Here is a lot of importance on this accessory as fashion designers  worldwide flaunt their latest scarf wrap colors and en vogue designs on the runways.

Women consult the pantone seasonal color trends and look to designers and sites like Yours Elegantly to check out the latest scarf wrap trends. Staying in style makes every woman look amazing. Having your own sense of style is even better as it makes you an original. Hence women wear shawls and wraps in amazing ways depending on the season, the degree of warmth desired, the best style for the evening dress or career suit. Experimenting and coming up with new styles that is all you is great.

Shawls are such a great add on to your outer - wear them as long scarves or as a ruana wrap for enhanced coverage. Some women buy silk pashmina for all year wear and also use them as sarongs in summer at the beach or while vacationing. Shawls are versatile and make good throws in the family room or den. Some use them to style their home with shawl accents and unique touches. Women are creative all the way and come up with amazing ideas to use these versatile wraps in amazing ways. You can combine 2 shawls and make a long wide cape wrap. Paisley designer shawls have an artsy look and make a simple outfit amazing. So shop the sale on shawls and wraps at Yours Elegantly and find unique beautiful items to cherish for yourself and also remember to stock up for gifts.

Drape A Luxurious Shawl Wrap In All Its Beauty

Women love to drape shawls in a way that shows off the shawl beauty and designer weaves. You can pin the shawl in a certain way to exude charm and make it a focal point of the dress. Some shawls that are multicolored look better when worn in a scarf style so the colors inter weave and look amazing.

A shawl pin or broach often comes in handy as it leaves your hands free to get things done if preparing for a special occasion or event. Leaving the wrap free flowing or looping it around the neck for added warmth are all ways to wear a shawl that are up to you to decide.

Draping a shawl be it a Cashmere Silk Pashmina shawls or soft knit wraps comes easy to women but you can experiment with different styles. Since pictures speak louder than words here are some self - explanatory ways of draping a wrap shawl any time of year. This enables you to be versatile and have a classy look for evening wear and chic beauty for a day time casual look.

So you beautiful shawl loving women wrap your shawl in a drape that is beautiful, appealing and suited to the shawl, the occasion and season. Pashmina wraps shawls have beautiful artsy designs that can be pinned in a manner to emphasize its beauty and so experiment with your own unique styles and look amazing.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cashmere Scarves Look Good For Casual And Dressy Wear

Cashmere scarves are such an integral part of a woman or man’s attire and they exude class with a casual outfit and make an evening wear item look amazing. Picture a man, any age in jeans and a solid tee or shirt with a cashmere scarf and then without one. The image with the scarf looks so much better in your head as it does in reality. This is because scarves accent an outfit perfectly. They add style and class to any attire.

Most cashmere scarves vary in ply or layer of yarn so if you want a thick cashmere scarf choose a 4 ply rather than a single ply especially as this yarn is very light and fine. Cashmere scarf online sites carry the scarves in a standard 12” x 64” fringed or fringeless or with a half inch eyelash fringe. Many sites understand that woman and especially men like long wide cashmere scarves so they carry scarves sized at 15” x 70” which are popular. For the robust and very tall people there are the very wide and long scarves 24” x 80” substantial for any bigger person.

Cashmere wool is warm soft and available in many solid colors as the organic dye (chemical free) catches pretty well. There is a big process that cashmere scarf manufacturer’s go through to manufacture a beautiful plush scarf and it is very involved. The end product is amazing and men love cashmere scarves just as much as women do so gift one without hesitation.

Women look fabulous in cashmere scarves solid and plaid over their daily casual wear as well as for formal evening wear and at the office. A scarf is staple in a woman’s attire. Many stylish women and designers know how this relatively small investment will enhance a woman’s look by leaps and bounds. Scarves are such a beautiful accent to any outfit any time of year. Fall winter and spring weather is cool and can get bitterly cold so worldwide the cashmere scarf has become man’s best friend in winter. Some people cannot leave their home without a scarf. It is a necessity! I tend to agree that a good winter scarf is needed to stay warm, protected from the cold air and that way less trips to the doctor. Often if the attire is simple a scarf uplifts it instantly. If you are a scarf person stock up on winter scarves on sale online. If you are yet not a big scarf person buy one today - you will never want to go outdoors in the cold without one. Try it and you will like it! The soft comfort of a scarf on a cool day without a jacket is just good enough so you are sure to get a lot of wear from your scarfs.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Shawls For Gifts In Different Seasons

It is important to know what kind of shawl to gift in a particular season also keeping in mind the occasion for the gift, the budget you have planned on and the closeness you feel to the recipient. Shawls are truly seasonal in color, texture, yarn, design and style. Having said that the silk pashmina shawls are year round en vogue and look great as wraps in spring and summer for weddings, bridesmaids shawls and wedding party shawls. They are great as fall and winter scarves with the soft divine feel around the neck that women find so enticing. Perfect gift idea for women.

In spring I would shop for 2 ply cashmere shawls for myself and for gifts because they are light and plush but not too light. They are great to protect you from the cool spring air and keep you comfortably warm. Also the silk pashminas are practical for this time of year for soft light protection. Women do love chiffon shawls and silk wraps for evening wear in spring and summer. As summer comes along the sheer chiffons and netted shawls and wraps are the in thing. Great in light sheer and open weave design these metallic net shawls are ideal for summer wear with your casual or evening wear.

Fall is much cooler so a 3 ply cashmere wrap or a cashmere pashmina on sale is an ideal gift for women for more protection and coverage. The pashmina wool shawls as better than the silk pashminas as fall in some parts of the U.S. is pretty cold. In the west and south where it is just cool the 2 ply cashmere is great! Also velvet shawls and wraps burnt silk velvet in very beautiful in fall and women love that attractive luminous look. Ruana wraps are great in this cool season for coverage and high style.

Winter gets bitterly cold and ideally the 4 ply cashmere shawls and cashmere wraps are just what women need. Great wide coverage full 4 ply plush warmth in a wrap shawl is what we women love. Also Ruanas, capes and wraps are great in the cooler not too cold states in the U.S. The extra coverage of the ruana, it’s ability to stay in place over the shoulders and its thick warmth is so beautiful for fall and winter wear. Gift one too!

Let’s not forget the faux fur cape wraps that women so love for protection and looking fashionably great in cold winter weather with their evening wear. You can buy a full faux fur cape wrap or a faux fur trim wrap as you wish. Some have little rose accents to add a touch of elegance for a unique ladies gift.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Cashmere Scarves Buy Retail And Wholesale For Gifts & Wedding Favors

Many women wear cashmere scarves for the practical necessity of protection from the cold over their winter coats but cashmere scarves are a great accent to your evening dress or pant suit and look classy and keep you feeling warm and snug.
There are women who love to wear cashmere scarves to the office and leave the scarf on all day. It evokes a stylish and distinctive look and appeal. So the style the cashmere scarves give you is undeniable. Wear them in many styles look flowing in a double loop around the neck in a now or knot or across the opposite shoulder for added warmth.

Solid cashmere scarves can be worn in the same color palette as your outfit color in lighter and darker shades of that color or you can wear a color that is a good compliment to the outfit. Many of the younger women love contrasting colors for that popping effect wherein the cashmere scarf becomes a focal point of the outfit.  Women love stripes, checks, plaid, paisley designs, herringbone and hounds tooth weaves for a designer flair. Women love gifting unique gifts so they love to buy more on sale. They can buy retail or wholesale cashmere scarves and get good savings. They make affordable unique wedding favors as well as  gifts for any occasion and the holidays.

Men love cashmere scarves just as much as women and  prefer the classic black, grey, navy, burgundy, red, dark green and  beige camel colors. Many like the plaid and wear the scarves for warmth and high style. Some men are all about scarves and wear scarves in spring summer and fall in addition to winter scarves. Today scarves are a fashion accessory that is unisex. Hence they make an excellent gift for the holidays. You can buy one on retail or bulk wholesale for all the giftees on your gift list and get a discounted price. Call Yours Elegantly at 860-355-4184 or email sales@yourselegantly.com if you want special pricing for bulk wedding favors or corporate gifts. Even if you are an individual wanted bulk winter scarves you can avail of the discounted bulk pricing and prompt delivery from CT USA Great service is always a bonus when shopping online and a gift with purchase shows they care.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Cashmere Scarf A Soft Winter Wrap Adds Elegance To A Woman’s Outfit

In winter the soft classy elegance of a cashmere scarf works magic adding elegance to a woman’s cold weather attire as does a warm plush winter wrap. Women love to wear scarves and wraps especially in winter as it is a necessity to ward off the cold air, keep protected warm and in good health whilst looking fashionable and chic.

Think about it the innerwear like the dress and tops can barely be seen as women in winter even at the office prefer to add on a scarf wrap for added protection. At an evening party a light cashmere scarf or wrap works wonders especially at a wedding where pictures are outdoors and then you go back indoors and that beautiful cashmere wrap is the perfect weight and beautiful with an evening dress/gown.

Career women and home makers especially busy moms love to have scarves lying in the car or a wrap too so the kids can cuddle into it or if the weather is cool there is no need for a heavy coat the cashmere wrap would do fine. At home cashmere wraps make beautiful throws over chairs and couches and are so useful and snuggly.

Whist traveling a 4 ply travel cashmere wrap is just heavenly for a car journey or flight. At the airport, on vacation these scarf wraps are of immense value and so important to carry in your hand luggage. Even if you travel from USA to Canada or U.K. or other parts of Europe you will see the weather pattern vary and change so that having these useful accessories is a life saver. Being comfy and stylish is what women love and cashmere scarves and wraps ensure that. So buy them on sale in amazing colors and designs to look gorgeous. These are useful in 3 seasons and some mature women wear them year round so they make an ideal Holiday Gift, a great wedding gift, perfect wedding favors to cherish.

Last but not the least the soft warm wool antique jamawar shawls with paisley and flowery weaves in magnificent mix of colors are so worth buying especially since they reverse and look so different. Women love these as each piece is super unique and a piece that is all hers. So these make beautiful gifts.

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