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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Buy Pashmina Scarves Affordable And Reversible

Beautiful pashmina in designer paisley weaves with a touch of silk are such a nice touch to any outfit. Women love to wear them casual with jeans or with an elegant black evening dress. Women love designer scarves to make the evening dress stand out and feel that confidence that comes from wearing a beautiful unique scarf.
The paisley pashmina scarves are reversible in different colors from the original side so it sure feels like you can have two scarves at one sale price. The 50% -70% off sale makes these scarves a good buy at just $24.99 There are so many intricate artsy designs that they are a feast for the eyes. There are always specials at this site Yours Elegantly which has handcrafted unique shawls, embroidered pashmina wraps, fashion silk scarves and wraps on sale so you women can have amazing scarves as part of your all season wardrobe and make head’s turn.

Women buy Pashmina scarves for all reasons. Those who have been to India and Nepal love the Pashmina wool shawls for their soft, light warmth and coverage. Other love Pashminas for the fashion statement and brand name and still others love silk pashmina for that fine feel on their skin. So you can buy a shawl of your choice, in your budget choose from hundreds of shades of colors to suit your wardrobe and be en vogue in all seasons.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Pashmina Shawls – A Brief History And Origin You Need To Know

For nearly hundreds of years, Pashmina wool shawls have been a part of timeless clothing wear, functioning as the best source to provide warmth, coverage and adding a style statement in any season especially the cold winter, fall and spring too. You have endless options and choices available today, but a proper selection giving an overall nice impact to your personality is crucial. Being timeless, no matter what generation you belong to, it acts as a wonderful piece of accessory that can be wore with any type of outfit casual or dressy. There is no proper information on the whereabouts of the inception of Pashmina wool shawls, but we do have a brief history to share.

The history of pashmina

As per the recorded history, Pashmina wool shawls is a gift from India, carved out of best wool – Pashm obtained in the Himalayas. The reason for such delicate wool is the Kashmiri goat found in the Himalayas, from which many other items are obtained. The wool is so delicate that it can pass through a small space like a ring, without the shawl quality getting disturbed. Body pashmina wraps is another clothing wear having a close resemblance to Pashmina wool shawls, with the purpose of giving warmth during winters.

The popularity of shawls
There is a huge demand of Pashmina wool shawls all over the globe. With the likes of Canada, UK, Russia, France, Europe, USA, and more, there is no corner of the world unaware about these shawls. Many confuse these shawls to be different from Cashmere shawls; however, the fact is Cashmere is the modernized word for Pashmina found in the backdrop of Himalayas. So, when you say Pashmina wool shawls you are actually referring to Cashmere shawls.

How is it made?
Some finest rarest breed of Tibetian goats from Nepal, or Kashmir, for getting the finest hair strands from them, and then refining them to get the best output out. With a full grown goat, you have few ounces of wool obtained in a year, with finest strands obtained through apt refining. New fashion accessories match really well with Pashmina elegance. You can simply drape the shawl with fashion accessories going really well, giving irresistible warmth and glow through a sheer thin fabric, with different patterns making such shawls even much more desirable.

How to differentiate them?
The most expensive Pashmina wool shawls are the ones with an antique royal look resembling a Victorian era. The extremely beautiful ones are fully loaded with gold and silver threading that is just about priceless. You even see floral and paisley embroideries nowadays, making it even more beautiful. Even though Pashmina wool shawls come from high quality expensive wool, today they come at affordable prices than they were used to earlier. Not just shawls, but even a range of Pashmina items like ponchos, capes, tops are available today in the market, for people desiring different clothing choices. Among the most popular designs, you have Pashmina items with monochromatic colors, art deco, paisley, and floral gaining tremendous momentum.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Women And Shawls Go Hand In Hand

When we see pictures of women across the globe roughly 75% have a shawl wrap scarf wrapped in many styles around their neck and shoulders or over their head depending on the occasion and season. Women seem addicted to these accessories for style and protection. So it seems appropriate to say that Women and shawls go hand in hand.

In spring and summer women love shawls in pastel tones and dainty summery dragonfly or flower motifs. They love neck scarves and light chiffon silk shawls and embellished sequin wraps in fine thin sheer splendor to add beauty to their summery outfits. The handcrafted shawls with silvery shine and scrolls are such a unique touch and make beautiful gifts. Try Silk Pashmina shawls for your wedding bridal and bridesmaids shawls and wraps. They make excellent discounted wedding favors and are available at deep discounts for bulk buys.

In fall women feel like warm wool shawls for the cool fall season which also become a necessity. The seasonal fall shawls in orange, green, gold, red and rust tones add so much style and beauty to any casual or dressy outfit. Pantone comes out with seasonal colors as do reputed fashion designers and women wear a lot more shawls and wraps in fall for warmth and a style
statement. Many women say that shawls are a part of their life as they like the feel of a soft warm shawl over their neck and shoulders for protection from the cold and coverage. They claim an evening wrap makes them appear sleeker than they really are and that it covers trouble areas and makes for an elegant confident look. As a woman and a shawl designer for Yours Elegantly I tend to agree with that.

Winter shawls are so beautiful to uplift your cold weather wear as what you wear beneath does not matter too much. It is the outer wear namely the shawl, wrap and scarf that is the focus in winter time. Women do spend a lot on cashmere scarves for their luxurious warmth and the beautiful classy look they give a woman for casual and evening wear. Women love winter wool Cashmere Pashmina shawls and wraps in solid colors to add on to their career wear, for travel wraps and evening wraps. You can go with a shawl to match the dress in the same overall color as the dress but in a darker shade for an attractive look. If you have a purple dress you could add on a dark purple shawl to make it standout more in winter. Also with the purple dress an inlaid paisley design shawl in a purple and dark purple two tone beauty would look classy and unique. Am embroidered wrap, a designer big paisley masterpiece of a shawl wrap from India - an antique Jamawar wool shawl would add immense grace for a winter occasion. So there is a lot to choose from and it is a question of personal preference.

Yours Elegantly is an online Cashmere Pashmina Silk shawls and wraps site with immense variety in colors, textures, designs, size of accessories to make it a useful one stop shop for women.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

3 Ways To Fix Right Kind Of Knot With Wool Scarves

Scarves are a wonderful accessory for both men and women. Especially, when it comes to wool scarves meant to provide protection against winter. You will find wool scarves made up of different material ranging from cotton, polyester, silk, wool, and cashmere. But how do you tie them after buying them? One way might be ideal for one person, but not for others. Let us check various tying ways matching right occasion in terms of color, and fabric.

Balance knot is a knot ideal for winter scarves clothing. These wool scarves are such that will go perfectly well on loose outer wears. They are targeted towards reducing the dominating appeal of jackets, and add a certain kind of right balance between beauty and comfort. The most suitable environment for such a knot is wearing it outdoors. Choose between bright colors of green, orange, or pink for women and classic black, beige, camel brown, navy and grey for men.

If you are young enough, you have many choices. For men, stable colors like dark brown and navy will go brilliantly well. Even grid style is a wonderful choice. It goes like this, wrap scarf around the neck, and makes a cross through knot, with front end going around the neck, while end wrapping from behind. Ensure to keep equal length from both ends for maintaining right balance. The knot should pass through the gap between neck and scarf.

Another knot popular with wool scarves is slim knot. Make use of solid colors to have wool scarves go well over turtle neck sweaters, or other sweaters. Such knot goes appropriately well with a coat. Choosing a wool scarf in two colors is a good choice especially when wore over sweater coat or low neck sweater coat. To tie it, wrap around the neck, and another in the front. It is an effortless way of tying knot needing least efforts.

Graceful knot is an ideal choice for square wool scarves. When choosing pattern scarves in place, choose solid color shirts, and patterned shirts to match them. Office is the best place to tie this knot. Purple colored scarves look great with a coat of light color. There are four steps to tie this knot. First fold wool scarves into triangle and roll from longer edge. There has to be enough space for next step. Have a triangle shape on chest and remaining in back. Make adjustment.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How To Shop Quickly And Efficiently at Yours Elegantly

Online sites like Yours Elegantly specializing in shawls and wraps of all yarns and styles for your seasonal wear as well as affordable spring summer and winter cashmere scarves have a lot to offer. Shopping here is a one stop shop as they also carry tunic tops, evening bags and affordable crystal Murano gemstone jewelry. Women love this site for the unique handcrafted shawls, embroidered wraps, men love the solid and plaid cashmere scarves so it is important to know how to navigate this site quickly to find what you want.
The search box on the top right hand corner is an ideal shopping too. If you want a blue shawl just put blue shawl or just blue. If you want a red tunic put that in search box. The “Shop By Color” tab in the categories bar is so lovely for those who want to see shawls in a certain color option but not sure of the shade. There are boxes with color options you can click to see all items in that color. If  you click the red color box all red color products show helping you see your options. I love this shopping tool to help find products faster.

Use the shop by color tab online  at Yours Elegantly – makes shopping easy.

The categories are easy so in winter just click on the “Winter Shawls Ruana Wraps”  tab and under it there are solid shawls, designer shawls, faux fur, handcrafted and embroidered as subcategories so if you know what you want it makes shopping easy. If you don’t know exactly what kind of shawl you want browsing this section and its subcategories will give you good ideas for a beautiful shawl to compliment your outfit. There is a separate category for Winter Scarves, for Pashmina, for bridal bridesmaids shawls and pashmina wedding favors and for dressy evening shawls. Remember there are subcategories  too making it easy to shop.  For a chiffon evening shawl go under Dressy Evening Shawls and choose the subcategory Chiffon shawls. That way you see options in the shawl type you want to buy.

The best thing to do is add shawls to shopping cart to narrow down your options later you can remove the ones you do not want. When buying shawls check out the bags and jewelry at this one stop affordable online site for unique gifts for women. Orders over $50 get free shipping within the USA The order that are less than $50.00 have the advantage of low flat rate shipping at $4.99 even if you buy more than one item. There are many quicker and expedited overnight shipping options available.

Orders ship from CT USA with a gift a small token of our customer appreciation. There is a coupon code YES10 that gives you an extra 10% off over and above the 50% -70% off sale.  You will get an order confirmation by email and another shipping notification when it ships per the option you chose in your online order. So shop and enjoy an easy breezy shopping experience. Best of all phone orders and customer service is available at 860-355-4184 or email sales@yourselegantly.com  and get a quick response.

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