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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Scarves Shawls and Wraps Make Unique Gifts for Women and Men

Gifts for women and men are an important way of saying we care. So let us give a gift the recipient will use and enjoy. Cashmere shawls and scarves with soft warmth are used three seasons of the year so they are a practical, utilitarian and stylish gift for women and men. In spring and summer  cashmere silk scarves and wraps also called pashmina silk are what women in particular want in seasonal colorful solid or designer paisley/flowery weaves. Many come from India, Nepal, Inner Mongolia as these are textile lands where top quality and unbelievable embroidered  Pashminas are made. The artisans are so talented and the shawl industries are a thriving business. Ordering from USA and getting shawls shipping from within the U.S. is perfect no dealing with international shipping which takes long, with custom delays and also sometimes a language barrier just makes purchasing more difficult. So shop online for shawls that ship from USA and get great service and prompt  delivery.

Men love cashmere scarves as gifts. There are unique online sites that carry such a wide variety of shawls for women from chiffon silk shawls, to lace wraps, netted metallic shawls, cashmere pashmina, wool scarves and velvet burnt silk shawls for your gift needs. With the wide choice it is easy to find something you want for every person on your list. Cashmere scarves for men are a best seller as are Cashmere wraps.

Women also like an elegant evening bag, some crystal necklace sets for their evening dresses and Murano jewelry on sale for daily wear to look unique. A gift should say I care and I took the time to get something you would enjoy thoroughly – that makes a thoughtful gift. Designers at Yours Elegantly handcraft the most unique seasonal shawls for your one of a kind gift ideas. You can choose the shawl color and customer the design colors. They have flowery vine shawls, seasonal dragonfly, butterfly motifs, scrolls and shimmery silver /gold accents to make a wonderful affordable yet unique gift. Coupon code YES10 is a bonus. Free gift with purchase and orders over $50 ship free in the USA.
Customers outside the USA do love this unique shawls site for its designer variety in shawls and wraps and the seasonal colors and patterns that ensure that everything is in latest scarf trend. They have tips on how to wear Pashmina, how to shop for seasonal shawls, the staff are friendly and answer emails at sales@yourselegantly.com so if you need help matching a shawl to a dress do call in at 860-355-4184. Brides love this site so they have a stress free experience buying a wedding shawls and shawls for bridesmaids and getting quick delivery with a gift to make them smile.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Evening Wraps : A Must Have for the Spring Wedding Wardrobe

Most weddings happen to fall in spring and summer. And when you are invited to a glamorous reception in a classic city, you have the greatest confusion of your dress code there. To all the fashionistas, it is the greatest tension to select a perfect evening dress. And when the weddings occur in summer or spring, the trend comes with strapless gowns even for bride as well as others. Here comes the most important aspect of the evening wrap.

Evening wraps, if chosen perfectly, can be worn by the bride for light protection and they will enhance her bridal dress and overall appeal. Spring evenings bring an opportunity for you to style your wedding gown with some statement accessory as well as a beautiful evening wrap. Evening wrap may vary from a sheer chiffon shawl, net lace, velvet wrap, embroidered cashmere pashmina  to a knitted hand crafted ruana cape wrap.

People also prefer an elegant look with a simple and chic lightweight silk shawl cover-up. A long scarf wrap is a perfect statement and a workhorse of the accessories world. For any spring wedding in the evening, an evening wrap is a must have accessory in the wedding wardrobe. They are beautiful not only with your white gown, but also great with any other color wedding gowns too. An ivory cream evening wrap works wonders for the bride. Colorful evening wraps for bridesmaids make great bridesmaids shawls and coverups for beach weddings too. Be creative wear a hand painted shawl wrap that is made for you, an original you can customize in color and design. Even a faux fur cape wrap can be a wonderful add on for wedding shawls and wraps.

A sheer chiffon silk wrap can be a wonderful accessory for your wedding dress as would be a shiny silver / gold mettalic net wrap for a touch of glow. A gown with very beautifully designed evening wraps is a kind of signature code dressing for the bride and bridal party. There are certain silk embellished shawls that are perfect for the bride and bridesmaids.

When talking specifically about unique online shawl sites where you can find all kinds of seasonal shawls - beautiful luxury shawls and wraps with unique and exclusive designs can be within your budget when you shop a good shawl sale.

Anyone would love your silhouette when wrapped in an artistically designed silk evening shawls wraps stole. It will emblazon, delight and carry the rapture of the wedding themes into your day’s festivities.

This summer, walk your city’s streets to an outdoor terrace party in wedding style wrapped in the romance of a Silk Stole Wrap and feel gorgeous.We are always looking to our personal Divas and favorite fashion-forward women both whom we know personally as well as those we see in the digital realm in an effort to decode who naturally has the Je Ne Sais Quoi quality we want for ourselves especially on our Wedding Day!

Chiffon silk, solid shawls for women, floral designer ones, embroidered, embellished wraps are en vogue and there are so many shawl types to choose from for your seasonal wedding gowns. You can select any of these material based on the wedding dress, season, need for warmth,  and color scheme for the wedding to make it all memorable. Select the best evening wrap for your wedding and provide elegance to your personality.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Cotton Tunics For Women Are Perfect For The Beach In Spring And Summer

Cotton Tunics for women are so in demand as cotton is a breathable fiber with a lot of advantages that women love. Cotton is so light yet not transparent, it is soft and naturally allows your skin to breathe and does not trap heat. So you will always feel cool and pleasant in cotton attire. It is a durable long lasting fiber that is low maintenance, stays in shape and easy to care for. The comfort of quality cotton tunic tops is tremendous and Yours Elegantly understands that. India is known for its amazingly soft beautiful cotton and the artisans have high expertise in handcrafted tunics. Sold from CT USA the cotton tunics also called Kurtis is a best buy at this online site. This site cares and takes the trouble to answer questions and help with phone orders.

Tunics look great with any bottom be it shorts, pants, skirts or you can wear them as beach cover up tunics. The cotton is cool and comforting and gives you that beautiful spring summer trendy look. The designers keep in mind “body type” when they design the tunics. The style of embellishment on the evening tunics is strategically placed to make them look good for all the different sizes. Enjoy sizing according to the American size chart in XS to 4X. The loose tunics have a flattering fit and style and women love the fashionable trendy designs and the cool comfort of these tunic Kurtis.

The cotton is soft on the skin and great for women with sensitive skin. The tunics are machine washable and preshrunk so they retain their shape and size and are wrinkle resistant too. The pastel and bright colors with handwork is another attractive feature of the cotton Indian tunics as they can be worn for day and evening wear. Buy from a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business and shop with confidence. Coupon code YES10 gives an extra 10% off the existing sale. Free gift with purchase and orders over $50.00 get free shipping within the U.S. International shipping is reasonable and you are assured of prompt shipping. Shop the sale on beautiful summer cotton tops and look amazing.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tunic For Women - Is It So Different From A Top?

Some women search for a tunic as if it is a life saver and they insist it is as it hides imperfections and makes a woman of any shape /size look beautiful and sleeker. Women obviously dig that. So the Indian tunics sold in USA have become a piece of garment that is the most searched for item online. Is it really so different from a regular woman’s top.

The answer is in some ways like the length it is usually at least hip covering sometimes longer too almost to knees. Tops are generally shorter end below the waist. So the small and medium sizes love the tops but most women that are over a medium prefer the loose flow, longer length and comfort of a stylish tunic top.

The tunic top has the word top in it so in many ways it is just that but with more flow and length. So in short a tunic has more coverage than a regular ladies top. Also tunics are more often than not with sleeves mostly long sleeves for arm coverage and tops can be strappy, halters, short sleeved. Really a fashion tunic is a distinct type of top that originated in India and is also called “Kurti”. This term is a household name among women worldwide that love the designer beauty of the Indian tunic.

Plus size women love tunics and they have so many advantages that that is understandably so. The Indian cotton tunics cut, style, length, strategic embellishment all work wonders together in making women look sleeker, more alluring and stylish. The petite XS and S sized women do love tops but have a passion for tunics too. The extra slim sometimes want to look fuller and like the loose tunic flow and length so in many situations it is a personal choice or desire to look different and unique. Tunics suit all body types whereas with tops the fit could make some body types feel self-conscious due to the fitted nature of most tops. Hence to some women tunics are life savers!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Pashmina Scarves Enhance Your Seasonal Style

Pashmina scarves in pure pashmina wool or even silk pashminas seem to be the answer for the most appropriate scarves to wear as winter wears off into spring and summer. The soft light feel of this scarf is actually an all season favorite. It is generally preferred in colorful paisley designs or beautiful seasonal colors.

A light jacket with a beautiful fashion scarf makes for a delightful en vogue look for women and men. It is utilitarian and works wonders to enhance your seasonal wardrobe at almost any budget you may have in mind especially if you buy them on sale. Add two or three scarves every season to your closet and you will feel it works wonders for a new smart look at the office or when traveling and most of all for evening wear.

The Pashmina scarves can be 12” x 64” or 15” x 72” or even 26” x 76” with fringe. Petite women like the petite scarf size and taller women love long wide scarf wraps. Wear your scarf accessories in many styles - loosely flowing over the shoulders and fringe ends hanging loose or you can take one fringe end and drape it over the opposite shoulder for a smarter look. You can loop the scarf around the neck or tie it in a knot or bow. Experiment different ways to wear a scarf to see what works for you and the occasion you are wearing it for. For an evening occasion you can add a scarf pin or broach.

Scarves are one of the most wanted accessories on a woman’s gift wish list. Reason being they are versatile can be worn as a fashion scarf/wrap, sash, hair tie, beach cover up, add that light coverage we sometimes need at the office when the air conditioning is too high or at a restaurant for comfort and style. Men and women of all ages love the versatile scarf.

Women’s scarves cost a fraction of what it would cost to buy a new wardrobe and they have the magical effect of enhancing the outfit tremendously. Women are smart consumers and fashionistas that know that saving and yet managing to look stylish and feel protected is a win - win situation. So add some paisley Pashmina scarves to your closet and mix and match with many outfits as you know you will get year round wear from this purchase. It also makes a gift to remember so gift one for an anniversary, birthday or wedding gift. These silk pashminas or the light warm pashmina wool scarves are great for year round wear. Gift one to that special woman you wish to appreciate and show her you care with a soft unique gift she will remember for a long time.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Buy Indian Tunics In Soft Cotton To Look And Feel Cool

Beautiful soft cotton tunics for spring and summer wear are a necessity and what women love for spring and summer wear. Some women wear them year round. Versatile and beautiful the cotton kurtis from India are basically what we American call cotton tunic tops. India is land of textiles and the cotton is superior and soft, machine washable, breathable and wrinkle resistant. What a combination of good points. No wonder women love them as beach tunics and cover ups.

My love for Tunics comes from my visits to the grand bazaars in India with small stores and beautiful choice of fabrics and the hand work is a cut above – artisan quality on the beautiful kurtis on sale. When in the USA I prefer to buy from local online U.S. sites for their great service and good quality products with prompt delivery.

Cotton tunics invoke in me a picture of cool comfort and high style. They have casual chic elegance and look beautiful with cotton leggings, pants, capris, shorts and skirts also last but not least as a swim cover up at the beach whilst on vacation they are such a must have! Pastels, bright colors, light handcrafted chic embroidery make them perfect for day/evening tunics.

Women from all parts of the world –U.K. Australia, Canada and not just U.S.A. love the undeniable beauty of womens tunics popularly called kurtis.  They originate from India and are works of art. The handwork on them takes days and is so beautiful and delicate. They are sized per the American size chart and women find them to have a lovely tunic fit and ensure sleekness. If you have not worn an cotton Indian tunics before you are missing out on a world famous very popular attire. Fashion designers love designing the short and long tunics in embellished beauty or plain for the fashion conscious women today. We see TV anchors, movie stars, celebrities, political figures wear cotton tunics and look chic and gorgeous. So can you try one today buy it on sale online from a U.S. based company.

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