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Monday, April 24, 2017

Origination Story of Indian Tunics

The Indian Tunics also called “Kurta Kurti” originated in India and is now a worldwide favorite tunic top for men and women. In ancient times in India the scholarly folks, the political leaders mostly men wore them coupled with a shawl for a distinguished look. At that time it was made from cotton or linen, long in length and simple solid colors like khaki brown, cream, or white were used.  Later silk tunics got popular and women started wearing them for day and dressy evening occasions. Women love fashionable outfits and so the tunic style kept changing to suit the needs of women wanting them for casual wear and also for dressy evening tops.
Indian Tunics evolved from a simple long top to an elaborate dressy evening wear fashion item. With time the tunic evolution reached its peak  it turned into a fashion statement and top fashion designers worldwide were taken by it. A lot of the Hollywood films followed the tunic Kurti style from Bollywood movies in India. Celebrities to this day love the artsy flair, loose comfort and high style of the Indian tunic.

Today tunics are very popular with women and plus sizes love the hip covering or knee length with a loose flowing  style that makes a beautiful curvy woman look and feel gorgeous. Well it is no wonder that women love Indian tunics. Petites like it just as much so the tunic is known to be a top that originated in India that has universal appeal with women of all shapes and sizes.  Most of the Indian Kurtis have artisan quality embroidery / embellishment and designs for day and evening wear.

The long tunics got paired with tight pants called Churidars and became a “Salwar suit” with a long scarf called dupatta to complete the outfit.

The tunic dress became very popular with the hippie movement in 1960’s and the tunic dress was embraced and popularized. The Bohemian and free flowing tunic dress with a strappy look, short sleeves was the trend and it is not surprising that it remains en vogue today too.

Cotton tunic tops have become the fastest selling tunic as cotton is a breathable, light cool summer fabric and in the heat it is just ideal. Cotton beach tunics are so beautiful and comfortable and women gravitate to them.

Women today love to shop for online tunic tops on sale as they are interested in stocking up with quality Indian cotton tunics. Women in the U.S. love to shop from a tunic site online that ships from within the USA to get prompt delivery and great service. The tunics sized by the American size chart work well and women can buy with confidence. Women in Canada, U.K. Australia love Indian tunics just as much and give them for unique gifts that are sure to be appreciated for any occasion. Yoga studios love to buy bulk cotton tunics and yoga scarves / shawls. Online sites like Yours Elegantly provide retail and wholesale tunic tops, India cotton Kurtis and Pashmina shawls on sale. Hurry stock up on unique beautiful pieces that will tickle your senses.


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