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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Pashmina from Pashm Wool is a Shawl Wrap for Women to Cherish

The word Pashmina conjures up a fine wool shawl with a soft feel and a beautiful drape. All this is true.  Pashm is Persian for wool and this special wool is thin yet warm and used to be handspun into these amazing Pashmina Shawls that in ancient times were a privilege reserved for the royalty and wealthy only. The shawls had embroidered paisley work and they were master pieces of craftsmanship. 

Pashmina which was native to India Kashmir Nepal then flourished in Europe thanks to trade and in Paisley Scotland the machine made paisley shawls produced in bulk in a soft silken quality took over the consumers who delighted in these affordable Pashmina and silk shawls. Pricing was affordable so many women wore Pashminas. Even the fashion designers loved them and the models and celebrities worn them and set a Pashmina fashion trend. In many countries men and women wear the shawls but in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia it is mainly a woman’s accessory. Men prefer the cashmere scarves but women worldwide crave the soft beauty of this shawl wrap.

The pure Pashmina wool shawl is 14-19 microns , can be woven in many ways including a loose weave or a tight weave which is much preferred in the USA.  Due to its very thin fine yet warm texture it makes a lightweight shawl and in a single ply or layer of yarn is what is known as a “Tissue Pashmina” which is great for all seasons. In the USA with winters in Midwest and Northeast being very cold a 4 ply Pashmina wool is preferred as the thickness and plush warmth increases and is exactly what is needed for the winter time. In spring and summer the more economical silk Pashmina is what women want as the silk adds sheen for an evening look and durability too.

Solid Pashmina shawls beautiful bridal wedding and bridesmaids shawls and unique gifts for any occasion.  Shopping for shawls retail and wholesale in the USA online will ensure you good service and prompt delivery. Shop Pashmina on sale and save on delightful solids, paisley silk pashmina shawls, designer woven wraps, embroidered shawls and handcrafted masterpieces made for you by certain niche sites. Today there are many types of Pashmina that are available to suit the varying tastes, needs and budget of women purchasing these shawls. You can buy them retail or in bulk wholesale pricing is available by making a call or sending an email. Online shopping today does enjoy the advantage of good service which is a boon to consumers.


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